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Minseok taps his fingers on the steering wheel, trying his best to keep a neutral, pleasant expression on his face. It's been approximately half an hour—probably more—since he came to the car wash. His car's been cleaned with water once and is now soaped up, waiting to be cleansed, but the employee is instead dawdling around, still rubbing the wet, soapy sponge on the hood, winking and smiling greasily at Minseok every other minute.


A deep breath in. Out.


Junmyeon had recommended this car wash, said it only took twenty five minutes max to get the car cleaned, nice and shiny like a new one. And Junmyeon's car always did look so clean, so nice—unlike his room and apartment. So Minseok had nodded, agreed and decided to try out the place, before he went to Junmyeon and Jongdae's apartment for their weekend brunch.


Taking a sip of his now lukewarm latte, Minseok decides to check on the employee's progress in the past five minutes. He leans back and tries to look out of his window, but it's too foamy to make out much of what's happening outside. Sighing, Minseok lets his gaze shift forward and then the thump sounds.


The employee is now resting his hips against the side of Minseok's car, leaning back and bending his back to wipe at the windshield. He's trying so hard, and Minseok guesses that the employee can get kudos for that, even though Minseok can see how the employee is dangerously close to slipping on the soapy surface of the hood, the dull brown pants too wet with water and slippery with soap. He's trying to regain his balance and school his face into what Minseok guesses is supposed to be a sexy expression, perhaps even seductive, but it's too funny, and Minseok has to stifle his laughter behind another sip of his coffee. 


It takes another ten minutes of awkward—supposedly sexy—and excessive soaping up of Minseok's car before the hose comes back out.


"Thank God," Minseok whispers under his breath, but then curses when he realizes he was too quick to feel thankful.


Rather than washing down and cleaning the soap off of the car, the employee has now decided to give Minseok a show as he washes himself with the hose, head tilted back and eyes half lidded as the water hits him and makes his thin, white tank top almost see through. 




And okay, okay, so the guy is pretty hot, if Minseok has to be honest, and his lean muscles visible under the wet clothes are quite enticing but it's also been forty minutes and Minseok's butt is pretty tired from sitting on the car's seat, so he's having trouble appreciating the show. 


Minseok awkwardly shuffles and squirms in his seat, trying to become more comfortable when he notices the employee quirk an eyebrow up at him, biting down on his lips and Minseok groans, loud enough that he's pretty sure that the employee must've heard it. He thunks his head down on his steering wheel and misses the slight pout on the employee's face at the clear rejection.


When Minseok decides to raise his head again—he's pretty sure that it's been at least ten more minutes—he's pleasantly surprised to find that at least from the front, the car looks pretty clear of the soap. Interest piqued, he tries to get a better look from his window, which now is also squeaky clean, only to be met with a very...unexpected sight.


The guy is right in front of his window, and Minseok can see the defined ab lines even better now that the white tank top has suspiciously disappeared, and- Oh god. This isn't what Minseok signed up for, so he tries to avert his eyes, turn away before the flush that's crawled up his neck and is burning his ears reaches his cheeks too. 


His eyes still, unwillingly, find their way back on the guy's naked chest. He's now leaning over, muscles flexing and well, fuck. This isn't what Junmyeon meant when he recommended and gave endless praises to this place, right?


Minseok's latte's cold by now, so he lets it rest in the holder and instead lets his eyes linger on the man's soft skin. And okay, this would be creepy, would be blatantly ogling and too sexualised and not something Minseok would do at all but the man had been hitting on him for the past forty five minutes and Minseok was tired of resisting being endeared by the cheeky smile and sparkling eyes, resisting how the man went from smooth to dorky in a matter of seconds and now he was just appreciating


Yes. Appreciating. Precisely that.


In fact, he's so lost in appreciating that he fails to notice that the abs are gone from the window. Instead, a smirking—too smug—face is in front of it now, looking at Minseok's almost dazed face.


"Hey," a muffled voice comes and snaps Minseok's out of his daydream, and immediately, he feels his eyes widen almost comically and his face flush, because, fuck, he wasn't supposed to be caught. "Like what you see?"


And it's so cheesy, so typical, but Minseok falls for it anyway.