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Minseok loves doing this, loves going down on Luhan - so slowly that it wrecks him. He loves watching Luhan's cheeks flush, his breathing getting a bit heavier because Minseok's so beautiful when he tips his head back slightly, lets Luhan look at the muscles stretching and becoming taut, shiny with sweat and colored pink with a little bit of flush.


Minseok's eyes are half lidded, kohl lined, and Luhan moans when Minseok sinks down, Luhan's cock fully buried inside him. It makes Minseok grin sharply in return, bite back a moan of his own. He shakes his head slightly, to get his hair out of his eyes, a bit sweaty and some strands matted to his forehead. Luhan's nails press down on Minseok's thighs, marking him, and Minseok retaliates with a slow roll of his hips, making Luhan arch up, thrust into Minseok.


"Fuck, Minseok," Luhan whines, panting a bit, his legs slightly shaking as he resists the urge to thrust up again.


"No," Minseok replies, his voice low and tone firm as he slowly grinds, rolls his hips. "Stay still."


And Minseok's too much—so much—and Luhan loves all of him, all of this. So he lets Minseok take over, ride him at a torturously slow pace, shivering when Minseok's fingers decide to play with his nipples, hands resting warmly on his chest. Minseok grins again, looking down at Luhan, who's barely being able to resist the urge to not fuck into Minseok, and leans down, takes one nipple into his mouth, grazing his teeth gently along the nub and feeling so victorious when Luhan lets out another low moan.


"Luhan," Minseok murmurs, his breath warm against Luhan's chest, and guides one of Luhan's hands on to his ass - Luhan gets the hint easily and he pulls back his hand, reaching for the lube on the bedside table and after pouring some out, he goes back in, his fingers fluttering along Minseok's stretched rim, filled with Luhan's cock.


"Go ahead," Minseok says, emphasizing his point with a slow grind, pushing his ass back into Luhan's hand and Luhan complies easily, slowly fitting in a finger next to his cock, eliciting a drawn out moan from Minseok.


"Good," Minseok gasps and sits up, letting Luhan's finger fit snugly into him, and then he starts again.


He doesn't pull out that far now, wanting to keep Luhan's finger in him along with the cock.


"Another," Minseok says, after another three thrusts, "give me one more, Lu— ah—"


The second finger slips in easily, stretches open Minseok even more and finally, finally Minseok shows a sign that he's breaking down too, that it's not just Luhan who's slowly being wrecked by Minseok's actions. And then, when Minseok pulls up and comes down again, with Luhan's cock and fingers filling him completely, making him feel so full, Luhan's cock brushes past his prostrate and Minseok's breath hitches, thighs quivering and fingers curling into Luhan's waist, his nails digging in and marking the soft skin like Luhan had marked him earlier.


"Luhan, Luhan, Luhan," Minseok bites down on his lip, then lets it slip past his teeth and shine under the lights as he swipes it with his tongue and leaves a sheen of saliva on it. "Fuck, ah— just fuck me."


And there it is - this is what Luhan was waiting for, had been waiting for even though he enjoys it, loves it, when Minseok rides him. And just as Minseok begins to lose his rhythm, his thighs losing their strength, Luhan thrusts up into him, feet flat on the mattress, slightly tangled in the forgotten, rumpled blanket. 


With one hand on Minseok's thigh and the other wrapped around Minseok's leaking dick, jerking him off, Luhan gives it his all, thrusting into Minseok, hitting his prostate and bringing him over the edge. And Minseok's so, so beautiful when he comes, face flushed and the eyeliner messy, lips a bit too swollen. His eyes are full of love though, and they're only on Luhan, only Luhan's name slipping past his lips as Luhan milks him of his orgasm, lets Minseok's cum paint his chest.


And Luhan's so lost, so mesmerized by Minseok's orgasm that his own hits him by surprise. With Minseok's rim fluttering around his fingers and cock, his walls squeezing around Luhan's cock until Luhan comes into the condom, filling it up, his back arching up, towards Minseok. A litany of curses slip past his mouth, mixed in with Minseok's name, and Luhan feels heat spread through his body.


It takes a while, for the haze to pass and clear up. And when they come down from their high, Luhan gently shifts, pulling his fingers and dick out of Minseok, tying up the condom and throwing it away. He makes Minseok rest, lie on the bed because, you deserve it Minseok-ah, let me do this for you, and gets the washcloth himself, from the bathroom, giving Minseok a little ass show, swaying and shaking his naked butt a bit on the way and smirking when he hears Minseok groan from the bedroom.


After wiping away the cum, he peppers Minseok's face with kisses before softly capturing Minseok's lips with his own, smiling into the kiss as Minseok's fingers card through his hair while Minseok nips at Luhan's lips.


"Another round in half an hour?" Minseok asks, raising an eyebrow suggestively as his hand reaches down and lightly traces over Luhan's ass, slipping in between the cheeks.


Luhan moans and presses his face into Minseok's shoulder, shuddering while repeating "yes, yes, yes" and dropping wet kisses along the collarbone.