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“hyung, do you even like coffee?” baekhyun asks, tearing a small piece of the croissant and eating it. they’re sitting in junmyeon’s most frequented cafe, where he comes almost every day for the food, if not for the drink. “or do you just like the barista or chef or whoever he is?”


junmyeon fumbles at baekhyun’s straightforwardness and quirked up eyebrow. so, okay, maybe junmyeon isn’t a big fan of coffee, but he does like the pastries and other food there’s available at the cafe!


“i have my own reasons for coming here,” junmyeon tries to reason with the younger. “and the food here is great too.”


“uh huh,” baekhyun rolls his eyes, smiling a little at junmyeon’s clear denial. “so the cute and tiny chef is by no chance a part of your reasons for coming here, is he?”


with the way baekhyun’s eyes are twinkling, junmyeon knows he’s brewing some trouble. but, junmyeon can’t really deny that the tiny chef-cum-barista was mainly the reason he came to this cafe again and again.


“fine, so maybe i do like the chef or barista or whoever he is,” junmyeon pouts, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back in his chair. “but that is a perfectly fine and valid reason, in my opinion. he’s just so tiny and cute. and his food is great too.”


“thank you,” a foreign voice comes from behind junmyeon, smooth with slight amusement laced in. “but i’m not tiny.”


junmyeon almost tips and falls back with his chair when he turns and realizes who’s behind him. the tiny chef quickly reaches out and steadies junmyeon, and oh, he’s right behind them. and he heard it all. fuck.


“i’m kyungsoo,” and wow his smile is heart shaped and he’s really the cutest, junmyeon thinks. “i’d prefer being called that over ‘tiny chef’.”


baekhyun chuckles and junmyeon’s ready to strangle him but first, first he has to introduce himself too. without stuttering or tripping over his words.


“hi kyungsoo-ssi,” junmyeon tries his best smile. “i’m junmyeon.”