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They do it whenever one of them achieves his goal. This time, it's Junmyeon.


It's Junmyeon's turn to be praised, to be appreciated. He managed to do sixty push ups this time, without stopping. He managed to do six reps of his bench press, after increasing the weight. He deserves this, he has earned it.


It starts when they're in their private gym. Junmyeon finishes his sixty push ups and lays down, rolls over and smiles at his two boyfriends, both of them invested in their own workouts as the pump up music plays in the background. Minseok's running on the treadmill, his legs moving fast and his hair, wet with sweat, clinging on his forehead.


Jongdae's doing squats, with weights, and god, is that a sight to see. Junmyeon pants softly, his tongue swiping over his bottom lip as he watches Jongdae's biceps and quadriceps flex at the same time. Minseok and Jongdae, they're both so beautiful, and Junmyeon- Junmyeon can call them his. They're both his boyfriends.


Minseok's the first one to notice. When he finishes his next kilometer, he slows down to a slow walk to catch his breath and it's then that he sees Junmyeon smiling at him while lying, spent, on the mat, on the floor.


He raises an eyebrow in question, to which Junmyeon just responds with another, larger grin and twinkling eyes. Minseok's curiosity overrides his desire to continue his workout - he's near the end of it anyway - and he turns off and steps off the treadmill, walking over to where Junmyeon's lying.


"Did you reach it?" he asks, gulping down some water from his bottle as he waits for the younger's response. Minseok can see, from the corner of his eyes, Junmyeon's eyes following his adam's apple as he drinks the water and a small smirk forms on the edge of his lips. "Junmyeon?"


"Hmm hyung?" Junmyeon's eyes immediately flit back up on Minseok's face, so attentive, so willing. "Yes, sixty - without stopping."


Minseok understands, from Junmyeon's bright grin and the proudness just dripping from his voice, what is going to happen tonight, and he feels a smile stretch across his own face in anticipation.


"Let's wait for Jongdae to finish," Minseok says, pulling Junmyeon up and intertwining their fingers together. "Then we'll celebrate."


Junmyeon's eyes sparkle and Minseok finds himself falling a bit more in love with the younger. 


jongdae's workout finishes in the next ten minutes, and he immediately understands when he sees the other two waiting for him with matching smirks on their face. Jongdae, then, simply puts away the weights and joins the two, kissing them both on the lips once, before wordlessly pulling them along to their shared bedroom. Perks of having a gym in the house. 




They stumble into the bedroom, messy but graceful, all sweaty limbs sliding against each other and sloppy kisses. 


Minseok's mouth trails down Junmyeon's neck, the younger baring it as he rests his head on Jongdae's shoulder, Jongdae pushing Junmyeon's shirt up to play with his sensitive nipples. A litany of moans and swears spill from Junmyeon's mouth as he feels Minseok's mouth wrap around a nipple and Jongdae's fingers, still, pinching the nipples. A twin moan results from Jongdae as he feels Minseok's tongue against his fingers, licking and flicking at Junmyeon's nipples.


Junmyeon is too impatient, his nipples too sensitive, he can't help rolling his hips back, grinding against Jongdae's erection that's straining against the gym shorts. One of Jongdae's hands, the one that is free from Minseok's mouth, immediately holds on to Junmyeon's hip, stopping the older from pleasuring himself.


"Relax hyung," Jongdae whispers, his breath hot against Junmyeon's ear. "You've earned this, let's take it a bit slower. We have to appreciate you, and your achievement."


Minseok hums in agreement, kissing back up Junmyeon's chest, "Jongdae's right Junmyeon-ah, just relax. You were so good today, you deserve this reward. We're all yours."


Junmyeon shudders at the praise, at the open confession, embracing it, absorbing it, and allowing himself to indulge in this. 


Minseok captures Junmyeon's lips in a slow kiss, taking his time, showing Junmyeon just how much he appreciates him. One of Minseok's hands cups Junmyeon's face, softly caressing the cheek while the other tangles into Junmyeon's hair, pulling the strands slightly, and Junmyeon can't hold back his moan. He lets himself go, voicing out his pleasure at the contrast, the gentleness of Minseok's lips moving against his own compared to the rough, slightly painful, pulling of his hair.


Jongdae takes over the bottom part, pulling down Junmyeon's shorts and helping him step out of his shoes and socks, until the only piece of clothing left on Junmyeon is his sweaty tank, shoved up to his armpits. Jongdae kneels down, kissing down Junmyeon's back, holding up the elder by the firm grip he has on Junmyeon's thighs, which flex under his hands ever so often.


Jongdae also takes his time, massaging the back of Junmyeon's thighs, spreading them slowly and kissing Junmyeon's ass cheeks, soft and plush under his lips, before licking at Junmyeon's perineum and eliciting a long, drawn out moan from Junmyeon. And Minseok takes advantage of the break to pull Junmyeon's shirt over his head, completely undressing him. 


"Jongdae, Jongdae, Jongdae," Junmyeon can't think of any other word, can only repeat Jongdae's name, until Minseok wraps his hand around Junmyeon's pulsing cock and Junmyeon's voice cracks. "Hyung."


"Shh," Minseok kisses the shoulder blades of the younger, gesturing at Jongdae to undress himself as Minseok indulges Junmyeon in a little bit of teasing.


Together, Minseok and Jongdae make Junmyeon lie down on the bed, before completely undressing themselves and joining their boyfriend on the bed. It's all about Junmyeon today - about him, his achievement, his reward, his pleasure, and their love for him. And Junmyeon's so beautiful, gasping and moaning as they kiss his body, undoing him from within, making his heart melt and his skin burn with need and want.


Junmyeon's so beautiful in the way he breaks down, when his voice starts to crack and his throat becomes rough and raw with all the moans and groans and whimpers, as he writhes on the bed. Minseok takes him, deep throats him, in one go, nuzzling the soft pubic hair at base with his nose. Junmyeon's fingers grip the bed sheets, his knuckles growing white with how tightly he clenches the sheets, until Jongdae intervenes, slowly takes Junmyeon's hands, letting one hold on to the soft strands of Minseok's hair and the other hold up his own thigh, offering Jongdae a full, open view of Junmyeon's ass as Minseok shifts his body to the side.


"F- uck, hyung." And Junmyeon sounds so broken, as he gasps and shakes when Minseok's hand slightly fondles Junmyeon's balls as he continues to bob his head up and down Junmyeon's hard dick, licking just below the head and tonguing the slit from time to time.


He knows Junmyeon's weak spots like the back of his hand, and he uses his knowledge of each of the spots slowly, picking apart Junmyeon in a torturously slow manner. Junmyeon's too broken to do much other than moan and feel, his fingers gripping Minseok's hair tightly, but barely being able to do much other than just hold on. 


Minseok's fingers press down Junmyeon's hips from thrusting up as his other hand tweaks and pinches, playing with Junmyeon's nipples. When Jongdae's tongue swipes against Junmyeon's perineum once again, Junmyeon can't hold back the curses that fall from his mouth, mixing in with the groans and gasps. 


Jongdae pulls back slightly, smirking as his finger traces the clenching hole, "Enjoying yourself hyung?" his voice lilts at the honorific, he knows how much Junmyeon loves being called hyung, he knows how much Junmyeon loves Jongdae's lilting voice.


"You're gorgeous, hyung," Jongdae whispers and then complies with Junmyeon's whines, going back in and eating out Junmyeon, slowing easing in a finger and then licking around the digit.


They've done this so many times before, but the tension and the pleasure never decreases - instead, it seems to only increase each time, build up into something better, something even more beautiful each time.


Jongdae's finger crooks and pushes against Junmyeon's prostate at the same time as Minseok deep throats and swallows around Junmyeon's cock, sucking in and hollowing his cheeks, moaning just for the extra effect. The vibrations run through Junmyeon's body and he shakes, breaks and falls apart under his boyfriends' ministrations. 


He isn't going to last much longer, the pleasure is just too much, too overwhelming, when he's being taken down by both of his boyfriends. Jongdae slowly pushes in another finger and scissors Junmyeon, opening him up further, until he pulls out both of his fingers, drawing out a whine from Junmyeon, before chuckling at the impatience of his hyung, and then goes back in with his tongue, thrusting into Junmyeon.


The sound that Junmyeon makes is gorgeous. He sounds so broken, so completely swept up in the pleasure and euphoric feeling, his voice cracking and lilting and he writhes on the bed. It's just too much to handle. In his haze, he somehow manages to tap Minseok's cheek just seconds before the twisting arousal in the pit of his stomach breaks through and he jerks, coming into Minseok's mouth.


And Minseok's a champ, he swallows down everything, milking Junmyeon dry and sucking him even after his cock starts to go flaccid. Junmyeon whines, shaking, over sensitive and pushes at Minseok's head, bringing his legs down to ask Jongdae to come up to. The scene after that unfolds right in front of him almost makes him hard again, his cock twitching. 


Jongdae and Minseok kiss open mouthed, strings of saliva and Junmyeon's cum being exchanged between the two as they caress each other, hands roaming the sweaty and aroused bodies. 


"Jongdae," Junmyeon breathes out, his chest heaving slightly. "Hyung." 


Jongdae and Minseok softly laugh in unison, Junmyeon could get extremely clingy and snuggly after sex. They break apart and bend down, Minseok pressing a small kiss to Junmyeon's lips and Jongdae continuing off, making the kiss filthier as he makes Junmyeon taste his own cum. 


"What about you two?" Junmyeon asks, a bit breathless after the kiss. "Let me help you guys as well."


Junmyeon reaches out, trying to wrap his hands around his boyfriends' erections but both of them shake their heads, Minseok holding back Junmyeon's wrists with his hands. 


"This was about you hyung," Jongdae whispers, lying down next to him. "We'll be fine, we can jerk off later in the shower. But for now, this is your moment, your time to be pleasured."


Minseok hums in agreement, lying down and wrapping his arm around Junmyeon's waist.


"Jongdae's correct," Minseok presses a small kiss to Junmyeon's cheek. "You earned it today, and this was all for you. We'll have our time later, but for now, it was to show how much we appreciate you."


"How much we love you," Jongdae continues, pressing a kiss to Minseok's cheek as well as he interlaces his fingers with Junmyeon's.


"I love you," Junmyeon breathes out, soft and so completely in love. "I love you both, so much."


"We love you too," Jongdae and Minseok whisper back simultaneously, cuddling closer with Junmyeon.