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Ironically enough, it ends up happening on their wedding day.


It starts on Yunho's birthday, February 6th.


Yunho wakes up, rolls over on his bed, ready to see his soon-to-be husband wish him a happy birthday and give him a present (he expects some strawberries and a blowjob - which, together, would be even better).


Instead, he gets an empty bed, warmed with the sunlight streaming through the windows rather than Changmin's body. 


He pouts a little, staring at the empty space, until he realizes - today's their bachelor party, and both of them had decided to have separate ones. Just for extra fun. (It was mostly Changmin's idea.)


He sighs out loud, he misses Changmin. Yunho knows why they decided to have separate parties, they both came to terms and agreed upon it, but he's still allowed to miss his husband -- his soon-to-be husband.


Instead of moping over it though, Yunho decides to get ready, he has his day planned out anyway.




Hojoon's already made himself comfortable on the living room couch by the time Yunho's showered and dressed, ready to go out for their outing. 


"Comfortable hmm?" Yunho asks, a small smile on his lips as he walks to shoe rack near the door, bending down and putting on a pair of shoes.


"Completely," Hojoon grins back. "Your couch is really amazing you know. I have to get myself one of these."


"I'll ask Changmin where he got it from," Yunho replies. "Come, let's go."


Hojoon nods and springs up, happily walking out with Yunho, a small bounce in his step. He's planned a great day ahead. It's Yunho's first, and last, bachelor party - Hojoon wants his friend to have all kinds of fun that he can have.


"So what's on the agenda?" Yunho asks, buckling the seatbelt. 


Hojoon just smiles even more widely and wiggles his eyebrows in return. "Great fun."


Yunho lets out a loud, open laugh, his eyes full of mirth as they scrunch into small crescents.




"Changmin," a finger pokes Changmin's side. "Asshole."


Changmin replies with a muffled grunt, rubbing his face on his pillow and curling further into his blanket.


"Hey," the annoying voice just doesn't stop. "Changmin."




"Changmiiin," Kyuhyun's lilting and repeating his name in his irritating, sing-song voice now.


"I heard you the first ten times, asshole," Changmin replies. "What do you want?"


"Really?" Changmin just knows from the way Kyuhyun says it that his eyebrow is raised, his judgmental look on, his body's weight balanced on one foot.


"Really what," he's getting annoyed, he just wants to sleep.


"What day is it today, Chang~dollie?" Changmin's skin prickles -- he doesn't like it when someone other than Yunho calls him that, and, oh. Oh. Wait.






Marriage.'s his bachelor party. Separate from Yunho's. Right. That's why he's crashing at Kyuhyun's apartment, and not in his and Yunho's. 


"Fuck," Changmin fumbles, getting tangled up in the blanket as he tries to sit up, first, and then get out of the bed. "Fuck, fuck, fuck-- I completely forgot."


Kyuhyun, the asshole that he is, just laughs at Changmin, doesn't help him one bit and then walks out of the room, still chuckling, after chiding him and telling him to get dressed because "wow, you stink."


Changmin groans, rubbing a hand over his face to get rid of the sleepiness as he moves towards the bathroom. As he brushes his teeth, his stomach grumbles and Changmin angrily spits out the foam.


Kyuhyun better have ordered breakfast.




Changmin's day actually goes pretty well - his party's fun, they game, drink some booze, go to a club, then go to a KTV, drink some more booze, and he enjoys all the effort that his friends put into the party. It's a drunk and fun party, Changmin couldn't have asked for anything better.


Well, he could have. It would be better if Yunho was there...which is precisely the reason why Changmin now stands, in front of his and Yunho's shared apartment door, completely drunk and wanting to see his soon-to-be husband's face.


It takes him five tries before he manages to knock hard enough on the door, and then realizes that there's the doorbell right next to the door. After which, it takes him another four tries before he pushes the bell, pressing it down as it incessantly rings.


"Coming!" Changmin, in his haze, hears a voice from the other side.


Happy, he stops, and tries to balance himself on his two feet, wondering whether a smile would be better or a scowling face. The door opens just before he can decide and he's forced to settle with a grimace.


And, that's...that's not Yunho.


"You're not Yunho hyung," Changmin narrows his eyes, trying to scan the face of the person who's in front of him. "Where's hyung?"


"Oh, Changmin," Hojoon smiles, a bit confused. "You'"


"Yunho hyung," Changmin repeats, his eyebrows furrowed now with a scowl on his face.


"Yes," Hojoon sniffs a little, he can smell the beer in Changmin's breath. "He's here - you wanna come inside?"


"It's my apartment," Changmin retorts, trying to regain his bearings as his head spins, slightly fuzzy, when he walks in.


Yunho's sitting on the couch with a bowl of strawberries in his lap. He's biting one currently, lapping his tongue on his fingers to lick away all the excess juices. Changmin can't draw his eyes away.


When Yunho reaches for another strawberry, licking his lips as he finishes the previous piece, Changmin lets out an accidental, guttural groan. 


"Changmin-ah?" Yunho looks up, his eyes wide as he finally notices the other's presence. "What are you doing here?"


Changmin isn't even near to being sober enough to put together a coherent response. Instead, he lets out a mixed, unintelligible mumble of curses and moves forward, in three big steps, leaning down and kissing Yunho.


"Mhmf-" Yunho's eyes are still wide open as Changmin tries to lick into his mouth, taste all the traces of strawberry. He places his hands on Changmin's shoulder, the smell of the beer too strong for this to be even remotely enjoyable right now, and pushes the younger away.




"Hyung," Changmin's lips are slick with saliva and very pink under the light in the room. Yunho looks back up into Changmin's eyes.


"Changdol, what are you doing here?" Yunho questions, his hands holding onto the younger's now.


"I," Changmin pauses, running his tongue over the back of his teeth, trying to formulate a plausible and sound reason. "I wanted to see you." 


Bravo, Changmin scowls internally.


"Oh, Changminnie," and Changmin doesn't know whether to be annoyed or happy with the fond tone that Yunho's using. It's the same one he used to use whenever Changmin got something completely wrong when he was younger and still trying to figure out Yunho's relationships with others. "We were going to see each other tomorrow though."


"I couldn't wait," if Changmin's started this, he's going to see it through.


Watching Yunho lick his lips as he thinks is enough to clear up Changmin's mind, or perhaps it makes it hazier, Changmin's not so sure anymore. Sitting down for a while helps too. At least the room isn't shaking now.


"Okay," Yunho acquiesces, after thinking for a while. "Go clean up, and sleep okay? I'll come in a while. Hojoon's also sleeping over tonight."


And then, Changmin remembers. Hojoon is here too. Right.


He turns to look at the other person in the room, who's now amusedly staring at him. Changmin narrows his eyes again, and then turns back to look at Yunho.


"What is Hojoon-ssi doing here?" Changmin asks, arms crossing over his chest.


"Oh, he planned the bachelor party for me," Yunho smiles, looking over Changmin's shoulder to grin at Hojoon before shifting his gaze back to Changmin.


"So, you went out on a date with him," Changmin's mind isn't in the best condition, really. "And then he was planning to sleep over too?"


"Changminnie," Yunho's eyebrows furrow, a mix of a small pout and frown on his face. "It's not like that."


"Uh huh," Changmin's suddenly annoyed right now. "I'm gonna go clean up. And sleep in the guest room. Hojoon-ssi can take the couch."


"Changmin-ah," Yunho calls out after the younger, but the latter doesn't listen to him, resolutely walking to the bathroom and shutting the door behind him.


Yunho lets out a frustrated sigh, and then looks over at Hojoon, concern etched on his face.


"Are you really okay with the couch?"


Hojoon smiles softly. He's dealt with this many times before, Yunho knows it too.




When Yunho finally walks into his and Changmin's shared room, long after Changmin's left to go to sleep, he finds the younger buried under the covers on the bed, fast asleep.


Grinning, Yunho makes sure to tell Hojoon to sleep in the guest room before he himself goes to bed.




More than Changmin would like to admit, he surprisingly likes cheesy, romantic ideas. Well, at least, he likes them when they're Yunho's ideas.


So, as one of Yunho's suggestions, their wedding day is on February 14th. Valentine's day.


The decorations are all up, the food and drinks just finishing setting up and the ceremony begins in under an hour. 


It's a simple wedding with their closest friends and family, although not quiet by any means. When Heechul, Kyuhyun and Jaejoong are all in one place, it simply can't be a quiet area.


The wedding goes smoothly, Hojoon delivering the best man speech for Yunho while Kyuhyun does it for Changmin, with Minho joining in here and there, all wide smiles and bright eyes.


It's after the wedding really, after they've exchange the "I do's" and slipped the ring on each other's fingers, had a long and slow kiss, that Changmin becomes jealous. And, really, it's not his fault. Yunho shouldn't be looking that happy as he hugs Hojoon. And Hojoon shouldn't be feeding Yunho strawberries from Changmin and Yunho's wedding cake.


That's...that's what Changmin supposed to do.


So, instead of marching over to Yunho and taking him away from Hojooon, Changmin goes for the most rational and logical choice. When he's sure that Yunho's looking over at him, Changmin envelopes Minseok in a tight, long hug. He also makes sure to have a blissful expression on his face. A kiss on Minseok's forehead after they pull away just as an extra effect. 


Minseok's ears burn red and he's flushed as he congratulates Changmin once more, before he's pulled away by Luhan, whose face is a mix of a grin and a disgruntled expression. Luhan adores Changmin as a senior, but Minseok is his.


Yunho looks amused as he walks over to Changmin, hands in his pocket and an almost bashful grin on his face. 


"Changdollie," Yunho's grin is wider now, and so beautiful. "Are you trying to make me jealous on our wedding day?"


Changmin scrunches his nose, lets out a whine and then mutters, "Well, YOU started it."


Yunho laughs out loud, bright and full of sunshine, pulling Changmin closer to him.


"Changmin-ah," he whispers, resting his forehead against Changmin's. "We're married now."


Changmin mumbles out an "I know," as Yunho laughs again, softer this time, before leaning closer and pressing his lips against Changmin's in a gentle kiss.