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Baekhyun sees it during his daily coffee run. He was just going through his list of items to get (no coffee for Jongin - he doesn't like coffee at all -, a caramel latte for Junmyeon, a mocha for himself and some chocolate muffins for all three of them) when the sign board caught his attention.


It is for Valentine's day, as in, today.


Baekhyun's smile begins to grow wider as he reaches the end of the writing on the board, and as soon as he finishes reading it, he takes out his phone and takes a quick picture. Once he has the picture carefully saved for later use, he pockets his phone and continues on his way to Minseok's cafe.






"Come on," Baekhyun whines, pouting excessively. "Jongin, loosen up, we should totally do this."


"Hyung," Jongin turns to face Junmyeon, puppy eyes mode fully activated. "Let's not."


Junmyeon's gaze flicks between the two younger males, both facing him with best cute face they could do in order to push Junmyeon's decision to their side. Scratching his neck sheepishly, Junmyeon gives his best sorry smile to Jongin before turning to Baekhyun and grinning.


"Let's do it."


A groan and a cheer is heard in unison as Jongin covers his face with his hand and Baekhyun jumps on Junmyeon, embracing him in a tight hug.






"Let's just go back hyung," Jongin whines, nervously looking around to see whether anyone had seen them or not. "This is too embarrassing."


"Jongin," Baekhyun begins, his fingers lacing together with Jongin's jittery ones. "You've been married to Junmyeon for three years now. You should be used to the embarrassment. Get over it."


Junmyeon laughs out loud at Baekhyun's statement, holding onto the younger's shoulder, but says nothing to dispute it, he knows it is true.


"Yeah, okay," Jongin counters back, squeezing Baekhyun's hand. "But with you involved, the increases tenfold."


"That, it does," Baekhyun grins, easily agreeing. 


"So...can we not do this then?" Jongin tries persuading the two older men. "For the sake of me not getting embarrassed and living a peaceful life?"


"Nah," Baekhyun smirks, shaking his head, pulling both Jongin and Junmyeon along into the bistro. "We're definitely doing this."


Junmyeon simply smiles softly at Jongin, moving next to the younger to gently rub his back and lessen the pain of embarrassment that is bound to come now.


Junmyeon takes the lead inside, Baekhyun staying close and Jongin just tries to make himself smaller and hide behind his two partners.


"Hi," Junmyeon easily greets the waiter. "Table for three?"


"This way sir," the waiter says, leading them to a nearby table and giving them each a menu.


"Can I confirm something?" Baekhyun's eyes are twinkling, and, oh no, Jongin knows what is coming now.


"Yes sir?" The waiter smiles and turns to face the questioning male.


"Is the writing on your sign board actually true? Like, are you guys giving out meals for free?" Baekhyun's tilting his head up, resting it on his hands. 


"Uh," the waiter grows a bit flustered. "I- yeah? I mean, if, both the husband and the boyfriend or the wife and the girlfriend come, I guess?" His gaze nervously shifts between the three seated men. "I don't think anyone would make their infidelity obvious though?"


"Oh," Baekhyun picks up. "But, what if it isn't infidelity?"




"What my boyfriend here is trying to say," Junmyeon intervenes. "Is that, Jongin here is my husband, and we're both dating Baekhyun. Polyamory is okay too right?"


Beside Junmyeon, Jongin puts his head on the elder's shoulder and lets out a slightly muffled groan. How did he ever agree with this?


"Oh, uh, um, I," the waiter's ears are flaring red as he shuffles away from their table. "I'll go ask."


Baekhyun lets out a peal of laughter once the waiter leaves, wiping away nonexistent tears from the corner of his eyes as he reaches out to pet Jongin's head. Jongin's ears too are flaming red as he nuzzles and hides his face in the nook of Junmyeon's neck.


"Come on Jongin-ah," Baekhyun smiles, softer, kinder now. "It's not too bad, yeah?"


"It's horrible," Jongin moans and refuses to look up.


Jongin's whining causes the other two to break into another bout of giggles and soft laughter, until the water comes back, his face flushes and his voice cracking and breaking as he quickly assures them that yes, polyamory works too. They get the food free. And then he rushes away once more, unable to handle the nervousness he feels.


Baekhyun grins at the answers they've gotten, "See? It completely worked."


Junmyeon hums along in happiness, glad that their plan worked. Jongin...decides to just deal with and order something for himself. It's Valentine's day after all, and a free meal is a great gift.