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"Are you sure the guy is trustable?"


"Of course."




"He is."




"Fine, so he had maybe one or two fuck ups, but other than that, he's completely trustworthy! You can ask Changmin that too."


Yoochun's wiggling his eyebrows and he has that smile on his face which is half way between an angelic smile and a smirk and Yunho's really not sure about this.


Getting fake IDs can get them into a lot of trouble. A lot.


"Hyung," Yoochun places one hand on Yunho's shoulder, and really, Yunho can tell how mockingly sympathetic Yoochun is being. "Think about the end result, about why we really are getting the IDs."


Yunho sighs. They did look really cute and Yunho wants them so much.


"Fine," Yunho acquiesces. "Let's do this."


Yoochun grins in reply.




"Yoochun..." Yunho is warily eyeing the platinum blond haired seller who's eyes seem to be fixated on Yoochun's lips more than the exchange.


"Hmm hyung?" Yoochun's still inspecting the cards with one hand, his other hand tightly clutching the envelope full of the money that they had collected over the past two weeks through numerous small odd jobs.


"Can....I talk to you," Yunho wraps his hand around Yoochun's arm. "For a minute?"


"Huh?" Yoochun looks at him, a bit disoriented as Yunho doesn't wait for an answer and pulls Yoochun aside, ignoring the spluttering from the seller.


"That guy," Yunho jerks his chin towards the seller who is now excessively pouting and blatantly ogling Yoochun's butt. "I don't think-- He's kind of-- He just doesn't look very trustworthy, to me."


"Hyung," a smirk is beginning to spread across Yoochun's face and, oh, oh no. "Are you jealous?"


"No." Fuck, Yunho can feel his ears burning. "I'm just-- Is this really worth it?"


"Of course it is hyung!"


"No, but, I think the IDs are worth more than the actual fish we're going to buy," Yunho pouts.


"It's okay, hyung," Yoochun smiles. "I got Jaejoong to lower the price for us a bit."


Yunho's eyebrows furrow and he tilts his head slightly to look at Jaejoong, who still hasn't taken his eyes off of Yoochun yet. 


"How did you do it?" Yunho turns back to face his boyfriend. "Lower the price, I mean."


"Gave him an offer he couldn't resist."


Yunho narrows his eyes.


"I accepted his offer to go out for drinks later," Yoochun gives in, sheepishly looking down at the ground.


"Yoochun!" Yunho groans, rubbing his face with his hand before loudly sighing and looking at Yoochun. "Let's just pay him the full price. The fish can wait."


Yoochun raises an eyebrow, questioning Yunho's sudden decision. Yunho nods, takes the envelope from Yoochun, counts the money and goes up to Jaejoong.


He hands the envelope silently to Jaejoong, until his guilt kicks and he mutters out a "thank you" before leaving and going back to Yoochun, who hasn't yet moved an inch from where he had been standing.


"Come on," Yunho smiles at his boyfriend. "One more week, and we'll get those goldfish!"


And Yunho sounds so enthusiastic that Yoochun really can't stop the identical, equally excited smile from spreading across his face - all thoughts about the drinks with Jaejoong gone from his mind.