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Love Comes in Spurts

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Stiles so did not apply to UC Santa Barbara because that’s where Scott’s step-brother Derek was going, and he was tired of the not-so-subtle implication that he did.

Sure, Stiles may have suffered from a little hero worship when he was younger and Derek was this cool older guy that could drive and listened to the Ramones and wore a leather jacket. But, Stiles didn’t think it was fair that everyone was constantly reminding him of the time Laura Hale had found the passport photo of Derek that Stiles kept in his wallet. He'd only been thirteen at the time, and Derek was the living breathing epitome of cool. Everyone made a bigger deal of it than it really was, the only reason Stiles had taken the photo was to prove to Danny Mahealani that he really was friends with Derek Hale, which was a completely legit reason.  

It had been five years since the wallet-photo incident but when he announced to his dad that UCSB was his number one college choice his dad laughed, “Now why doesn’t that surprise me?”

Stiles was mortified when Scott and Derek's mom had a similar response to his news, it was so embarrassing for everyone to make out like he was still some kid that was obsessed with Derek Hale. Apart from the occasional family barbecue over summer and holiday meals, he'd barely seen Derek since he’d left for college three years earlier. He was not obsessed with him. Scott had applied to UCSB too! Nobody accused him of being obsessed with Derek. Everyone in Beacon Hills was so lame.

“So can we get an apartment together if I don’t get into UC and have to go to City College?” Scott's head was hanging over the edge of his bed, looking at Stiles on the floor, hitting a pillow with his drumsticks.

“My dad is not going to let me get an apartment. He thinks I’ll set the place on fire if I don’t have adult supervision. You have to get into UCSB! Otherwise I’m gonna have to live with someone that's not you, and dude, that is so not in my five year plan.”

“Maybe Derek will let us move into his house?"

“Like your brother is gonna want to live with freshmen.” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“He's always complaining about one of his roommates. He might be desperate.” 

“Dude, the last time Derek even said a word to me was two years ago at fourth of July when he grunted, ‘way to take the last of the potato salad Stiles.’ He's never going to let me live in a house with him. Plus my dad will never agree.”

Scott laughed, “Derek was being a moody bitch to everyone that fourth of July. Bad break up. He has no ability to deal with his feels.”

“We both need to get into UCSB and live in the dorms.”

“Then we can get a radio show together!” Scott added with a grin.

“I’ve been thinking about that, I’m wondering if we should just start a podcast now, you know build up the hype so when it’s time for us to try get a college radio slot they’ll just be like ‘please, Stiles and Scott we love you so much.’”

Scott jumped up on to his feet with excitement, “I’ll be like Jonathan Laroquette and you can be Seth Romatelli. I’m definitely the more chilled out one, you’re all crazy energy, definitely as funny and weird as Seth.” 

Stiles threw his drumsticks in the air before he caught them, “Are you trying to seduce me? Because it's totally working.”

“Dude, don’t even joke. Erica has like a sixth sense for this sort of stuff, she’s already accused me once of trying to turn you gay.”

“But you’re not gay for me,” Stiles said, still throwing around the drumsticks distractedly. 

“Try telling your girlfriend that.” He flopped down on his bed dramatically.

“She is not my girlfriend,” Stiles tried to argue.

Scott's eyebrows lifted towards his hair line, “Since when?”

Stiles shrugged, “I’m graduating soon, she’s only a junior, it’s not going to work. Plus there's the whole, she's a mormon, I'm totally not thing.”

"So, that's your only reason?"

“Yeah...” Stiles didn’t believe a word he was saying.




It didn’t really surprise anyone when Stiles got his acceptance letter to UCSB, everyone was even less surprised when Scott didn't get in and had to enroll in Santa Barbara City College.

The only truly unexpected outcome to Stiles was his dad agreeing to let him live with Scott in Derek's house instead of the dorms. Stiles was shocked his dad had agreed to let him live outside of a dorm, but even more so that Derek had actually agreed to let them move into the empty room come September.




Scott and Stiles laid back on the well broken-in couch, pizza in one hand, ranch dip in the other, with a Beverly Hills 90210 marathon playing on cable. They’d been living in their new house for a day but had yet to meet a single one of their four roommates, even Derek hadn’t shown up yet. It was pretty much a perfect start to college life.

“You know what would be better?” Scott said with a mouthful of pizza. “If we had beer.“

It was at this moment that two of their new roommates walked through the front door, carrying a box of beer and laughing loudly with each other. One was a tall African American guy and the other was a short red headed girl, they both stopped mid-sentence when they saw Stiles and Scott on the couch.

“Who are you?” The girl's head was tilted to the side, her tone suspicious.

Stiles stood up on reflex and shot his hand forward to shake their hands, even though they stood five feet away. “Stiles, and Scott. We’re in Greenberg's old room.”

The guy grinned, setting the beer down on the table before wrapping Stiles in a hug, “I already love you. I didn’t think we were ever going to get rid of that guy.”

"Thought he graduated?" Scott said.

"He graduated from our house, thanks to Derek's puppy dog eyes and his sad story about his brother who needed somewhere to live," the guy grinned.

The girl laughed and walked towards them, “I’m Lydia, this is Vernon, but don’t ever call him Vernon because he’ll sit on you until you relent and call him Boyd. Which one of you is le petit Derek?”

Scott blushed, and Stiles rolled his eyes. He was never going to be able to understand Scott’s predisposition to turn into a pile of useless goop every time a pretty girl spoke to him. “Derek’s my step brother. But since I was, like four, so you know…” he babbled out.

She reached down, messing up his hair, “Aren’t you just adorable? So... you must be the friend that must be tolerated?”

Stiles’ face shifted from cool to what-the-fuck in an eighth of a second. “I am not to be tolerated. I tolerate other people. People love me. Just ask my four hundred followers on tumblr.”

Boyd and Lydia both laughed loudly, before Boyd leaned down, pulling out four beers from the case, handing one to each of them. “Here’s to the most awesome house on Camino Venturoso!”

They all knocked their drinks together before Scott waved a finger between Lydia and Boyd, “So, are you guys…?”

Boyd and Lydia both laughed, shaking their heads, “Boyd is gayer than a two dollar bill. But we share the big room by the bathroom. My boyfriend Aiden is on a baseball scholarship in SLO so I'm up there most weekends. Works pretty well.”

“So the only person we have yet to meet is Isaac?” Stiles commented.

Lydia furrowed her brow, “How do you not know Isaac? He’s Derek’s best friend.”

“Derek doesn’t really come home very often,” Scott said a little uncomfortably.

Stiles put his arm around Scott’s shoulders, “Honestly, we don’t even know why Derek let us move into his house, but hey, I’m not one to knock a gift horse.”

Lydia threw herself down on to the couch next to Stiles and took a piece of pizza from the box. “The best thing about Derek, is he acts all cool, but it’s only because he is the biggest dork ever and has to cover it up.”

Scott laughed, nudging Stiles with his shoulder, “See I told you.” Then Scott leaned forward to face Lydia, “Stiles thinks Derek is like, James Franco, he doesn’t believe me that Derek is really Michael Cera.”

Boyd laughed loudly, taking a piece of pizza as he sat on the other side of Scott, “This is gonna be fun. Living with bitchy siblings.” 

Scott looked genuinely offended, “I’m not bitchy, I love my brother. I just like teasing Stiles for loving him even more than I do.”

Stiles grabbed a cushion from the couch and whacked Scott over the head, “I don't. Dude. Please don’t make jokes like that around Derek because he might believe you.”

Lydia looked between them for a moment before dipping the crust of her pizza into the ranch dressing, asking Stiles, “You’re gay too?”

As Stiles shook his head, “No.” Scott nodded his head saying, “Yes.” Which led to Scott being tackled by Stiles. 

Boyd casually put his arm between them, shaking his head, “Now boys, in this house, being gay isn’t an insult, it’s a point of pride.”

Stiles and Scott pulled apart, embarrassed at the implication they were being homophobes. “We’re not. I mean. Dude!” Scott said. “I wasn’t trying to offend Stiles. Trust me.”

Boyd looked at them dubiously. Lydia just seemed amused, then shrugged her shoulders. “First and only warning okay freshmen?” he said seriously as both Scott and Stiles nodded nervously.

“So, what the fuck has Valerie done now?” Lydia kicked her feet on to the coffee table. “I think if I had to choose to be any 90210 character I’d be Valerie.”

“Don’t look at me,” Boyd said, “What white straight character do I relate to most? Fuck ya’ll.”

Lydia pouted, “Don’t ruin my favorite show by pointing out social injustices I’m not ready to acknowledge yet.”

“I’d be Brendan,” Scott said, completely ignoring the discussion between Boyd and Lydia. “Stiles, you are straight up David Silver and Erica is Donna Martin!”

Lydia stopped scowling at Boyd and turned to Scott with interest, “Who’s Erica?”

Scott answered before Stiles had a chance to open his mouth, “Erica is, was, Stiles’ girlfriend. Super hot, but super religious.” 

“You mean, you’ve never gave her the hot beef injection?” Lydia asked with an evil smile.

Stiles looked scandalized, “How did you make that sound a million times dirtier than Judd Nelson?”

Lydia shrugged with a smile, “It’s a gift. Really though… your girlfriend is Mandy Moore in Saved?”

“She’s not my girlfriend, we broke up. But yes, she is slightly more devoted to her faith than most. She’s a mormon.”

Boyd shook his head then took a sip of his beer, “Dude, that’s dedication, dating a mormon chick. I didn’t know they were even allowed to date outside of the religion.”

“Valerie killed her dad because he raped her when she was younger and now her mom is telling her to forgive herself,” Scott interrupted, giving Stiles a wink. Lydia made a sound of acknowledgement and Boyd nodded his head. Stiles was glad that everyone let the mormon girlfriend thing go because he'd had that conversation enough in high school.

“Oh, I remember this one,” Boyd said.

“Hey! I thought you hated 90210?” Lydia laughed.

“No, I said I couldn’t relate to any of the upper middle class white straight characters, doesn’t mean I didn’t watch the hell out of this shit when I was a kid.”




Stiles was grabbing a water from the fridge a few days later when Derek and Isaac finally showed up. 

“Dude, I swear to god I thought he was legal,” said the guy Stiles assumed was Isaac as they walked into the kitchen. “Oh, hello. You are not the brother which makes you…”

Derek growled. “Still off limits,” he then turned to Stiles with an almost smile, “Stiles meet Isaac.”

It had been a few months since Stiles had briefly laid eyes on Derek but he looked even more handsome than the time before, which really wasn't fair. Why he never had a girlfriend Stiles would never understand because the guy had not only been blessed with the most perfect face he’d ever seen but also had a body that Stiles would kill to have. “How often do you work out?” Stiles asked, eyes focused on Derek’s bare arms in his singlet. Isaac laughed loudly, but Derek just frowned a little.

Derek turned to Isaac and pointed, sounding unamused, “You are a child,” before he turned back to Stiles with a smile, “You. Stay out of trouble.”

Isaac was still giggling, making Stiles feel really embarrassed about asking Derek how often he worked out. Derek grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge before dragging Isaac out of the room, leaving Stiles feeling a little weird without really knowing why.




Stiles had been living in the house for a month before Derek actually spoke to him. He'd been lying on his bed finishing a paper on his laptop when Derek had walked past his door and actually peeked his head into the bedroom.

“We’re all heading out to Edomasa if you're due for a study break.”

Stiles’ eyes widened, Derek had barely acknowledged him in all the years they’d known each other and even less since he’d been living in the same house. He didn't have the time to spare, hell he wasn't even hungry, but there was no way he was passing up this opportunity. “Yeah, let me uhh, just grab my wallet.”

Derek hadn’t stopped to hear Stiles’ response. But it didn't matter because Derek had spoken to him, and asked him to hang out! Stiles was glad for once that Scott wasn’t around to accuse him of being in love with his brother because the little victory dance and grin on his face would be completely misconstrued. 

A few minutes later Stiles was piling in the back of Boyd’s car with Lydia, Derek and Matt. Matt was a friend of Derek's that always seemed to be around at their house. Stiles didn't really have a good reason to dislike him, apart from the fact that he was always stealing his Cherry Coke. He also just didn't really understand why Derek would be friends with someone so boring when Stiles was right there living in the same house, not boring at all and totally ready to accept the position of close personal friend.

“Hey freshman,” Matt said as Stiles fastened his seat belt.

“Aren’t you a only sophomore?” Stiles tried to defend his freshman honor.

Matt rolled his eyes, “Better than a freshman.”

Lydia turned around from the passenger seat, “Now now boys, behave or you won’t be allowed to eat awesome sushi with us.”

“Where’s Scott tonight?” Boyd asked looking at Stiles in the rear view mirror.

“Late lecture,” he answered.

“Are they even called lectures at city college?” Matt laughed.

“Matt. That’s my brother,” Derek said coldly, Stiles felt Matt’s body stiffen next to him in the back seat.

“It was just a joke,” Matt said pathetically.

“Joke about someone else then,” Stiles had never really spent much time around Derek away from Scott, or even with Scott really. He really hadn't been prepared for the cuteness that was Derek defending Scott's honor. Stiles bit down an inappropriate smile, while Matt pouted next to him.




“Cabin in the Woods is the best movie I’ve seen all year. Hands down.” Boyd took a sip of his beer.

“Agreed. Well, it's kinda tied with Moonrise Kingdom,” Lydia said.

Stiles was mid bite of his sushi but he nodded along, “Loved Moonrise Kingdom. Best Wes Anderson movie since Rushmore. But I gotta say, Cabin in the Woods, beyond exceptional. I’ve never been so fucking excited to see a merman.”

Derek smiled at Stiles, which Stiles definitely noticed because Derek never paid any attention to him. But then stupid Matt leaned into Derek and whispered something in his ear taking his attention away from Stiles. Stiles really didn’t like Matt. 

“So,” Lydia said with a bright smile, “Stiles, how are you settling in?”

“My classes are awesome, my roommates are awesome,” he flashed a corny grin, “now I just need to get a job. I can’t find a part time job anywhere, I feel like I needed to be here like two months ago just to get a shitty part-time job.”

“Pretty much,” Boyd laughed and tilted his head, “Such is life in a college town.”

Stiles put down his chopsticks, “If I don’t find something soon I’m never going to be able to eat again. My dad said he would pay my rent if I covered food and gas and other expenses. ‘Oh no big deal’ I told him.”

“You’ll find something,” Lydia said reaching out across the table to grip his hand. She looked across to Derek with a doe-eyed expression, “Maybe Derek can hook you up?”

Derek scowled at her, which made Matt ask, “You have a job?”

Lydia giggled but Boyd nudged her to stop. Derek didn’t answer him. Instead he reached over to the bowl of edamame and popped a few beans into his mouth. Stiles looked between all of them and said slowly, “Okay.” 

Lydia poured everyone a shot of sake, and sneakily pushed one towards Stiles who was way too underage to be allowed to drink in public. “To Camino Venturoso!” 

Everyone drank their sake, but Stiles didn’t miss the ‘sorry’ Lydia mouthed to Derek. Lydia caught Stiles eye, leaning her face forward on her hands, “So Stiles, we’ve got a bet going on whether or not Scott and Isaac are actually,” she wiggled her eyebrows, “You know, doing it.”

Stiles dropped his chopsticks in surprise and looked to Derek who shook his head before putting his hands in front of his face, “I refuse to be part of this discussion.”

Everyone was still looking at Stiles for an answer but he just shook his head, “Y’all are crazy. There’s no way! That’s just… what makes you even think that?”

“The long heated stares, the unnecessarily wrestling on the coach for the remote, seeing the two of them come out of the bathroom together after the other has been in the shower, the giggling…” Boyd said while Lydia and Matt nodded enthusiastically.

“Maybe Scott needed to shave when Isaac was in the shower?” Stiles said, he was sure Scott would tell him if he were gay, wouldn’t he? 

Boyd tilted his head and said to Derek, “When I shower with a guy, it's not out of practical necessity. What about you Derek?”

Matt and Lydia laughed; Derek looked unimpressed and Stiles’ mouth dropped open, “You’re gay?”

Apparently that was funny because the entire table burst into laughter at his comment, even stone face Derek cracked a small smile. Nobody answered him though, so either it was a yes or ‘what a crazy suggestion.’




A few days later Scott and Stiles were playing basketball in the driveway as Derek walked out the front door towards his car. When he said, “Bye Stiles,” it was significant for two very important reasons, the first being that Derek never said Stiles’ name and the second was that he had only said goodbye to Stiles and not his brother. Stiles didn’t know where this was coming from, but the little spark it gave him pushed him to steal the ball from Scott, making the point .

“Fuck yeah. That is what I’m talking about,” Stiles said in a Gru voice and danced around the driveway.

“If you marry Derek we’ll be brothers for real,” Scott tried to distract him with the thought, snatching the ball back off of him.

“And if you marry Isaac, Derek and Isaac can be brothers for real,” Stiles smirked taking the ball back as Scott's mouth dropped. Stiles didn’t actually believe there was something going on between Scott and Isaac until that moment. But his expression was one of conflict and guilt. Stiles stopped running, putting his hand on Scott’s shoulder, “Holy shit.”

Scott sat down, resting his back against the garage and Stiles followed him down. “So it’s true?” Stiles asked.

Scott shrugged, “There’s nothing going on, but I kind of wish there were?” He looked at Stiles with an uncertain expression.

Stiles put his arm around Scott’s shoulders. “I’ve watched enough TV to know that dating your roommate can often end in disaster, but as long as we apply the theories we’ve learned from popular sitcoms to your romance with Isaac I’m sure we can avoid those pitfalls.”

Scott laughed at him, “It doesn’t freak you out that I’m crushing on a guy?”

“Crush away, but if you score, you have to promise to use his single room and not our shared. And it’s got nothing to do with all the gay sex you’re gonna be having. I just don’t want to hear, see or smell any Scott sex. I love you too much man to go there with you.”

Scott grinned, “Fair enough.”

“So does Derek know?”

“That’s kind of why nothing has happened. We kissed the other day, and then nothing. Derek is just being unnecessarily overprotective of me and I'm probably going to die of sexual frustration because of it.”

“Did Derek talk to you about it?” 

Scott nodded, “Well, he stood behind me an ominously told me that if I wanted to date guys I should date guys my own age. That my mom wouldn't forgive him if he let me get involved with Isaac.”

Stiles made a frustrated sound, “That’s so evil slash cute. I mean, he’s like totally fucking up your life but he’s doing it because he thinks he’s being a good older brother.” 

“You could talk to him, he’d listen to you, maybe get him to back off so Isaac isn’t scared of me anymore.”

Stiles head falls back as he laughs, “Dude. Derek has said like ten words to me since we’ve lived here. I’m pretty sure he hates me, he isn’t going to listen to me, but maybe you should just talk to him again?”

Scott looked at Stiles like he was crazy, “Derek is weird but he doesn’t hate you. If he didn’t like you he wouldn't have called your dad to help convince him to let you move in.”

Stiles shook his head, “Hold up. What? Derek called my dad?” Stiles could feel the heat in his cheeks from embarrassment even though Derek wasn’t anywhere near.

“Your dad didn’t tell you? My mom got Derek to call to promise that you weren't going to do anything stupid if he let you move into the house. Then your dad grilled him for like an hour about illegal activities. You know, standard Sheriff questions.”

Stiles stood up, reaching a hand out to Scott who let himself be pulled up. “I am so beyond embarrassed.”

Scott slapped Stiles on the back, “Dude. Why would you be embarrassed? You’re so weird sometimes.”

Just then Stiles phone rang, it was the girl from Red Bull, she told him that they just loved his enthusiasm but they weren’t looking for any more promo guys this year. Call back next year if he still needed a job she said. Stiles wasn’t in the mood for playing basketball after his 500th or so rejection for a part time job.

He waved bye to Scott, walking inside to slump over the Craigslist job listings for the tenth time that week trying to see if there was anything he’d missed. He was disappointed to find out that as a male he could not in fact donate his eggs for $700.




Stiles was handing out his resume around the shops and cafes in Downtown Santa Barbara the next day when he spotted Derek sitting alone in a cafe. He hesitated for a moment before walking inside and sitting down next to him, “Hey Derr,” Stiles smiled.

“Don’t ever call me Derr again,” Derek scowled

“So... because I’m the best friend in the world,” Stiles started as he leaned forward on to the table, “I was wondering if maybe you might want to just let Scott and Isaac—“ 

Derek rolled his eyes, “Stiles, can we talk about this at home? I’m actually waiting for someone.” 

“I’ll do you one better, we don’t even have to talk about it at home if you just tell Isaac that you won’t cut off his balls, or whatever it was that you threatened to do if he dated Scott and just let them make their own decisions.”

Derek’s eyes had diverted to behind Stiles, when Stiles turned around to look he saw a good looking older guy in a suit walk towards their table. “I’ll think about it, just go now. Please?” Derek said curtly.

Stiles stood up and put his arms in front of him defensively, “Pushy pushy. Can’t you just say you will back off? That way I don’t even have to sit at the table right over there and wink at you for the next hour.”

“Fine,” Derek huffed out, before his face set into an even deeper scowl.

“Derek!” the man said from behind Stiles. Derek’s face shifted into a fake smile as he stood and shook the mans hand. 

“Chris. Good to see you,” Derek sounded so uncharacteristically professional to Stiles, who was still standing there gawking at the two of them. Derek coughed to tell Stiles to leave. Stiles was turning away when the man shot out his hand to Stiles.

“Chris Argent. You’re joining us for lunch?” he asked with a charming smile.

“Stiles was just leaving,” Derek said pointedly.

Stiles nodded his head and held up the stack of resumes in his hand, “Door knocking. It’s surprising how difficult it is for a young attractive eighteen year old man with no skills whatsoever to find part time work.”

Chris Argent flashed an even bigger smile as he gestured to the empty seat Stiles had just evacuated, “Sit.” Derek glared at Stiles but he just shrugged apologetically to him before he took the seat. “Tell me Stiles, have you ever been in front of the camera before? We’re always on the look out for fresh young talent. We’d have to do a screen test of course, but they don’t call me the maker of Princes for no reason. I can spot raw talent.”

“For?” Stiles narrowed his eyes but the blush spreading on Derek’s cheeks answered all of his questions. He then surprised both Derek and himself by asking, “How much does it pay?”

Chris smirked, “Cut right to the important questions, good for you. If the company chooses to hire you we will start you off with a solo that pays $600, it’s our version of an audition, but it almost always leads to more work. What you can earn once you’re part of the company, well it depends on what you’re willing to do and how popular you prove to be. But with those lips. You’ll give sour face over here a run for his money.”

Derek’s eyes bugged out at Chris, “Stiles is my younger brothers best friend. He’s only 18.” 

Chris waved off Derek and looked to Stiles, “Ignore him. He was 18 when he started with us too, and now look at him. How much did you make on the last picture you made Derek?” Derek’s mouth tightened and he looked away from Chris refusing to get drawn into the conversation. “He made six thousand. Derek has carved out quite the niche market for himself.”

Stiles’ mouth dropped as he looked at Derek who looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up. “I’ll do it,” Stiles said, without hesitation. 

“Stiles,” Derek warned. 

Chris handed Stiles his business card, it just said, CHRIS ARGENT. Argent Studios. “Give my secretary a call.”




Chris Argent stood up a few minutes later to take a phone call, handing Derek an envelope before he walked out of the cafe. Stiles clasped his hands together, “So…”

Derek gave Stiles a look of warning as he tucked the envelope inside his jacket pocket, “I actually have no words. What the fuck Stiles?”

Stiles’ head jerked forward and his mouth shot open defensively, “Hey. You’re the one who is a secret porn star having back alley meetings with smooth guys in suits.”

“Back alley?” Derek rolled his eyes. 

“Can I watch your porn?” Stiles grinned and leaned forward on the table, head in his hands.

“No,” he said as he stood up.

Stiles followed Derek out of the cafe. “Does anyone else know?”

“I’m not talking about this with you Stiles,” Derek’s pace was at least half a step faster than Stiles’. 

“Derek. Dude. I’m not going to tell anyone,” Stiles grabbed Derek’s shoulder as he walked through the parking lot behind the cafe. 

Derek turned, moved his head from side to side as if he was considering his best option before he said, “Lydia, Boyd and Isaac know. That’s it. It’s going to stay that way. And you’re not calling Chris Argent.”

Stiles straightened up his shoulders, “I can if I want.”

Derek tilted his head to the side, “Yeah, actually no. I promised your dad I would watch out for you, and I’m fairly sure recruiting you into gay porn is pretty much the exact opposite of that.”

Stiles’ jaw dropped in shock, “Gay porn?”

Derek’s head tilted back as he laughed, “Stiles. What did you think it was?”

Stiles shrugged his shoulders, “I hadn’t really thought past the $600 to jerk off…” He couldn’t get the sudden image of Derek naked with another guy out of his mind. “You fuck guys?”

Derek rolled his eyes, “That’s generally what happens in gay porn Stiles.” 

Stiles stood there a little stupefied and more than a little turned before he noticed that Derek had driven off already.

He looked down at the stack of resumes he was holding, then threw them in the trash as he walked along State Street to his car. He pulled out his phone and dialed the number on the card and by the time he’d reached his car he’d made an appointment to come in for an audition for Argent Studios later that week.