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The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix)

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Date: Oct 23 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Engaged


If you'd meted out as much vengeance to scorned and lovelorn women as I have and then been dumped by your fiance on top of that, you would never have given me that idiotic leap of faith advice. I'm just supposed to assume Severus is unlike every other man on the planet? Do you know what happens when you assume? Never mind. As unlikely as it seems, it turns out you were right.

I had a long talk with Dumbledore. Yes, I know he's dead, but look at how many people we know who've come back, and no, I didn't perform any kind of dark magic. Wizarding portraits and photographs contain the memories of the people they represent. Honeyduke's makes these chocolate frog candies that come with images of famous people, and I found one of Dumbledore. He was very nice to talk to. I learned a lot.

For example, I hadn't known that Dumbledore had told Severus to shop at The Magic Box. It had something to do with a spell and tracking something called a deluminator. I didn't follow it completely but Severus needed Hellmouth-energized herbs to locate that Potter boy and make sure he ended up with some sword. That's hardly the important part. Naturally, since you weren't there, you have no idea how many times Severus insulted The Magic Box and said that I should be grateful he deigned to shop there at all. Well, all the time he was saying those things he had to shop there because he needed herbs energized by my Hellmouth. As you can imagine, after I'd learned that I was ready to move onto Giles' couch right then and there, but Dumbledore told me to stay – not specifically to stay with Severus but to stay and continue our conversation. I'm not sure why I obeyed. I mean, I'm glad I did because what Dumbledore said next means I can marry Severus, but Dumbledore is merely an image on a small trading card. I don't know why he became a professor. He would have been so good at sales.

I'm sure I've told you that Severus' obsessive and long-term devotion to Lily was the result of a spell. Ha, I was right. Dumbledore confirmed it. I was worried that the spell had forced Severus to be loyal, which means he wouldn't necessarily be loyal to me or at least that he might not be loyal to me without having another spell put on him, and of course I can't put a spell on the man that I love. Severus is very good at magic. He'd be sure to notice. But Dumbledore said that the original spell, the one that had made him so devoted to Lily, had worked with Severus' existing personality. This means that Severus is naturally loyal and devoted to the woman he loves. So we can go ahead and get married because Severus would never abandon me or cheat on me. Dumbledore didn't put it exactly that way, but that's what he meant.

Anyway, with that and your advice, I have agreed to marry Severus. He was a bit huffy at first because I hadn't accepted him immediately but did understand when I said I was sure I loved him but not if I could trust him. Severus did look a bit askance when I said Dumbledore changed my mind, I'm not quite sure why. I do wish Dumbledore were alive. I'm sure he'd bring a wonderful wedding gift.

I'll talk Severus into apparating me to LA so you can see the ring. Would you be a bridesmaid? We're thinking of having the wedding at the start of Christmas break so we can take our honeymoon during the vacation.