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Airports and Playlists.

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Beca never liked the holidays. Something about the pressure to have your life together before all your relatives interrogate you always made her nervous. Then again she would always just stuff her mouth full of the typical holiday food and ignore everyone. But that would require her to eat more than she ever planned and then she'd spend the next 3 days regretting all the food she consumed. It's not like she didn't have her life together though. She worked at a record label and was quickly becoming the most popular producer of her age, she was engaged to someone far out of her league and was currently living in San Francisco. She just knew that to her relatives it wouldn't be enough. She could tell them that she was the President and they'd still ask if that's what she should be doing. Holidays were rough at the Mitchell house. Last year she got in a huge fight with the step-monster and ended up eating alone in her room, texting the Bellas to come save her in an all too dramatic rescue mission. This year would be different though, her and Chloe were going to her mom's house. That meant there would only be a handful of people there and none of them knew about her shenanigans at Barden or The Bellas. Pus, she could always talk about Chloe when questions about her dating life came up. It was hard to believe that they had been engaged for almost 4 months now. Although Chloe and Aubrey were always chatting about wedding planning, they had never had the time to sit down and actually talk about it.

"I'm so excited to see your mom babe!" Chloe gave Beca her million dollar smile and continued to pack her suitcase. They decided that they would spend Thanksgiving with Becas mom, Christmas with Chloes family and then stop by her dads a few days before New Years so they could be back in San Fran for New Years.

"Uh huh, yeah babe." Beca was not paying attention. She was determined to make a playlist before they got on the plane because she knew Chloe would either sleep or want to catch up on the movies she bought earlier. Since working in the studio for almost 9 hours a day she had a general idea of what she wanted to listen to - old remixes, new songs that haven't been released to the public yet and instrumentals that she planned to match her voice to.

"When do we have to leave Becs? Cause you haven't packed and I would like to be at the airport early." Chloe was getting antsy and it was unlike her, but she had only met Becas mom a few times and now she was going to introduce herself as Becas fiance - something she was still not used to saying.

"Dude, we still have like 4 hours and I'm almost done. Can we get lunch on the way to the airport? Someone ate all the pancakes this morning before I could wake up..." Beca knew that Chloe was nervous and she kind of was too. This trip was a big deal, but it was only a few days at her moms and then they'd be back in the safety of their own apartment. She laughed at Chloe as she started looking around the apartment for the person that ate all the pancakes. They only made pancakes before they left for a trip, even if it was a day trip. Traditions were something they were both used to - being a Bella made old habits die hard.

"Lunch sounds good but you have to pack or else I'm going to do it for you and I'll pack all dresses!" Chloe gave her best evil laugh impression and Beca just rolled her eyes. She knew that Chloe was serious but she only had a few more tracks to add and she needed to have a sense of accomplishment before they left.

"Give me 2 seconds and I'll be done. Why don't you go take a shower or something. For someone who has it all together you're still in your pajamas." Beca looked Chloe up and down and laughed at the sight of Chloe. Her hair was in a messy bun, her Barden tshirt had a hole in it and the shorts she was currently wearing were a little too tight - but Beca would never complain about it. Before Beca could say anything else Chloe spoke and Beca lost all her thoughts.

"Well since you're almost done why don't you join me?" The redhead winked and proceeded to take her shirt off throwing it at the shorter girl who was currently left speechless. She knew that Beca couldn't resist. There were plenty of mornings when they were both late because of they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Chloe started laughing as she made her way into the bathroom and she knew that Beca was still in the same spot as before.

"Actually, I have to pack but you go ahead. I think I'm going to hire a private investigator to see if we can figure out who ate ALL THE PANCAKES." Beca could hear Chloe laughing and the sound of Chloes laugh sent the younger girls heart on a rollercoaster. She heard the shower door shut and decided that now would actually be the perfect time to pack. She took out her suitcase and started throwing things in. She hated packing, folding all the clothes and cramming it into a tiny box was never fun.

After a slew of curse words and Beca sitting on her suitcase she finally finished packing. She knew that they only had about 2 hours before they needed to be at the airport, which left plenty of time for lunch and traffic. It was a Saturday and she knew that the airport would be busy since it was so small. Beca walked over to her desk and started packing up her laptop and mixing equipment. There might be some downtime and you never know where inspiration could come from. Plus her mom would probably want to hear what she had been working on. Ever since her mom found out about Chloe she was interested. She supported her daughter in all her adventures but never figured that she'd be serious enough to settle down - especially with her best friend. Every Wednesday they would talk on the phone for about an hour. Beca would ask about her dog that they adopted when her dad left and then it was time for her mother to ask her typical 50 questions. The questions always started with "How's work?" and then turned into "Are you excited about your wedding?" and honestly Beca hated that question.

She knew nothing about weddings, nothing about floral arrangements and absolutely nothing about writing vows. She wasn't having second thoughts, just a small fear at messing everything up for Chloe. She knew that Aubrey would take over the planning and she would just sit back and work on the music for the reception and she was fine with that - but she was still worried. This trip would be interesting for sure knowing how her mother was with wedding planning.

"Hey babe, are you almost done? We should probably pack the car and grab some lunch." Beca was starving and could hear the water in the sink running, which meant that Chloe was almost done getting ready. Beca was never the one to be on time but if food was involved she'd be there early just to be second in line - behind Fat Amy of course.

"I'm done now! Lets get this vacation started!" Chloe was far too excited for this trip, but Beca thought it was adorable. They picked up the few things that were scattered around the apartment and grabbed their bags and started to head out the door when Chloe stopped in the doorway. Beca was almost down the hall before she noticed the redhead wasn't behind her.

"Chloe what the.." That's all Beca could say before Chloe crushed her in a passionate kiss. 'Of course Chloe would do something like this' Beca thought to herself. Chloe was always one for the dramatics or just the public displays of affection. Beca had gotten better with the PDA but Chloe was always one step ahead of her. Kissing her in line to get coffee, holding her hand when they were sitting across from each other at dinner, putting her hand in the back pocket of Becas jeans when they were walking down the street. Chloe was always letting the world know that she was in love with Beca Mitchell through her PDA, but Beca always let the world know through her music. It was the only way that she could get her feelings across and Chloe knew it, the older girl never seemed to mind and that's what made their relationship work the way it did.

"This is how we should always start our vacation." Chloe smiled at Beca and the older girl immediately noticed the shade of pink creeping up on the younger girls face. Chloe loved that even after all this time Beca still acted like someone who just got their first kiss.

"Now where do you want to get lunch?" Beca just rolled her eyes and followed Chloe out the doors of their apartment building. This was going to be a long vacation but she didn't want to spend it with anyone else.