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Harry Potter and the Magic Mirror

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of J.K Rowling. Copyright belongs to J.K Rowling.

Quick note about this story... it detaches from the regular story during book two. Harry did NOT break his arm during the first Quidditch match of the season. So that whole thing with Lockhart screwing up the healing spell never happened. Harry retires to the locker room with his team after their win.

Harry was tired from the match. It had been one of the most fierce games he had ever played. This was probably due to the fact that it was the first time he faced Malfoy on the pitch. It wasn't until the game began that he fully realized just how important it was to him to win. And not just for his team. He felt a real personal NEED to beat Malfoy. This was only made all the more urgent by Oliver Wood saying "It'll be down to you, Harry, to show them that a Seeker has to have something more than a rich father. Get to that Snitch before Malfoy or die trying, Harry, because we've got to win today, we've GOT to." As the hot shower ran over his tired body in the team locker room, he didn't have the energy to really think about what other emotions his competitive urging had stemmed from. But those would become clear soon.

The team had celebrated with the rest of their house mates for a couple of minutes on the pitch before heading into the locker room. Most showered very quickly and headed back to the castle to join the party in the common room. Harry knew the party would be going on for a while and he preferred to recharge a bit with a long shower before heading out. He was a bit sore from the match and thought that a nice hot shower would do him some good. Harry figured that by lingering behind it would also be an all too rare opportunity for privacy, allowing him to indulge in his new found hobby (the one that most boys discover around his age). He couldn't shoot yet but the dry orgasms were a feeling he was quickly becoming addicted to.

Oliver suspected the reason for Harry's lingering behind but didn't let on. He'd lingered in the past, and for the same reason, a number of times himself. As he headed for the door Oliver told Harry to make sure the room was locked securely behind him when he left.

Harry turned off the water shortly after he heard Oliver leave. He stood naked for a moment in front of the full length mirror on the damp floor just outside the showers, his towel over his shoulder. The mirror was very convenient as it never fogged up, no matter how much steam the showers produced. This was due to some spell no doubt, Harry thought, as he casually fondled himself. He made a mental note to ask Oliver if he knew what spell the mirror was enchanted with to make it do that. He looked himself over and lamented the fact that he had virtually no pubic hair yet around his cock and that it was only about 3 and a half inches when fully hard. Since he was only 12 he figured, and hoped, that there was probably still some growing left to do there. Two fine hairs were starting to sprout and, still unbeknownst to Harry, that meant that his orgasms wouldn't be dry for too much longer.

He saw that his game uniform was still dirty and in a pile on the floor. Seeing his team naked a few minutes ago, he was already well on his way to full mast but he decided to deal with the laundry before his wank since he knew that he'd be in no mood after. So he picked up his wand and cast a cleaning spell on the clothes. He had wanted to practice a few common household spells anyway (he wouldn't live with the Dursleys forever and wasn't really sure about getting a house elf) and figured this was a good a time as any to try some out. He gestured with his wand after the cleaning spell was done to float the clothes over to his locker and have them fold themselves neatly inside. But just as he cast "Alohomora" on his locker to open it he lost his footing slightly on the wet floor and the spell went off in a random direction. He managed to catch himself without falling but his uniform had dropped to the floor. So he repeated the process and this time successfully got locker door open and the uniform inside, neatly folded.

As he turned back towards the showers to get some soap, the only lube available, he caught his reflection in the mirror and it made him pause. His reflection had shifted slightly and was now at a slight angle. On closer inspection he could see that one side of the mirror had come away from the wall a bit. He pulled on it slightly and the mirror swung out silently on hinges to reveal a secret passage behind. The door opening spell that went astray a must have hit the mirror, he quickly realized. This both surprised and intrigued him. Where did the passage go? Why was the mirror mounted this way and in this spot? With the mirror swung open he could now see the back of it and he had a sneaky suspicion about the answer to his second question at least. From the back, the mirror was a perfectly transparent window. Anyone behind it could see right into the locker room as well as having a full view of the showers. The opportunity for spying was obvious. Looking at the level of dust in the corridor beyond, it seemed that nobody had been inside for several years if not longer. This made him feel a bit better; knowing that there had never been anyone lurking behind there during HIS time in the locker room.

Curiosity quickly supplanted any feelings of trepidation and he decided to explore the passage, holding up his wand to light the way, completely forgetting his own nakedness. As he progressed, there were no stairs or openings in the floor that he could see. Since the locker rooms were the only building connected to the Quidditch arena (aside from a couple of small storage sheds) he wasn't surprised to see that the passage didn't go very far. There seemed to be nine sections in all, each leading to what seemed like an identically enchanted mirror into the each of the eight locker rooms, girls and boys, for each of the four house teams. The ninth section ended in what as basically a blank alcove. The only think breaking the monotony of the walls in that section was a small metal shape attached to the wall. In another context, Harry thought it might be a soft of medallion, the kind worn around the neck. Odd that it was here. A noise from anther corridor caught his attention and it was forgotten. The sound came from the only other path, besides the one he'd come from, that was lit. This one lead to the Slytherin boys locker room which, as he thought about it, made sense. The Slytherin team had no girls this year, and he'd seen his own female teammates go right back up to the castle with the crowd skipping the locker room. So that would be the only one in use.

Harry had suspected for a while that he preferred boys over girls. His heart started beating rapidly at the prospect of being able to check out other boys without having to be surreptitious about it the way he had to be in front of his house mates in the showers. He hadn't told anyone about his gay feelings and he didn't yet know enough about the wizarding world to be able to guess how the other students and the teachers might react. So he kept it to himself. He didn't even confess these feelings to his best friend Ron.

While his cock had deflated a bit with the distraction of exploring the passages he grew hard as he approached the end of this lit branch of the corridor. As he rounded the corner and approached the glass, he saw the entire Slytherin team chatting and clowning around in the showers right in front of him! Harry remembered that their own "mirror" never fogged up and now he fully understood why. He never would have been able to see through it had this extra spell not been added. He had never suspected that there had been any other motivation at work other than to make the mirror more functional for the people in the locker room using it. And it seemed like there was still another spell he hadn't been aware of before: all of the sounds on the other side of the mirror came through so clearly it was like the glass wasn't even there. This allowed him to both see AND hear the showers running and the playful banter among the Slytherin team.

While not his favorite people in the world the boys were still OK looking (at least in Harry's somewhat limited real life experience) and his gaze lingered longer on the smooth ones, especially Miles Bletchley and Malfoy. Harry, himself almost completely smooth from the neck down, wasn't a big fan of body hair. The rest of the team were older them himself, 4th years and above, except for Malfoy. Having now seen all sides of him Harry could tell that Malfoy had, like himself, no body hair. Just the shockingly light blond hair on his head, though this was slightly darker now that it was wet. Harry was forced to admit to himself that Malfoy was more than OK looking, he was actually very cute without the sneer that Harry usually saw on his face.

Most of the Slytherin team was playing around and there was a bit of banter back and forth, but none of the joviality of Harry's team. Their spirits were deflated after the loss and they seemed to be deliberately lingering in their locker room as well. Harry guessed it was because they were in no mood to face the disapproval from the rest of their house mates after the defeat. But there was actually another reason as well; one that Harry was about to discover.

Malfoy, while not hiding himself, wasn't really participating to the light horseplay. He actually seemed to be a bit on edge. Harry wondered if perhaps he was just shy about his own nudity being so much younger than the others? But truth be told, Harry didn't really care just then. We was really enjoying spying on the naked forms of the rival team.

While still coming back to linger on Malfoy's wet body under the shower, Harry was constantly moving his gaze back and forth among the team. It was all so much take in. He had been casually, almost subconsciously, fondling himself with his free hand while he was watched the seven boys showing and recovering from game. But his need to get off finally made its way to his conscious mind. He cast a quick cleansing charm to clear away the dust from the floor in front of the enchanted mirror. He extinguished his wand and put it off to the side on the floor. Plenty of light was coming through the mirror and he realized that he didn't need the wand's light. He spit in his hand and started wanking properly. With all this naked flesh strutting around just a few feet from him, Harry was very quickly getting close. This was the first time he'd been able to wank while watching other boys naked; unlike his prior experiences of having to leave the showers and wait until he could snatch a moment of privacy sometime later in the day. As such, he came within a couple of minutes (boys his age not being know for their staying power anyway) and sank to his knees, moaning loudly, as his dry orgasm overcame him. He panicked for a moment when he realized that his moaning might have been audible through the mirror, but no one on the other side seemed to give an indication that they heard him. It seemed that this was yet ANOTHER feature of the mirror. Just as light only passed through it in one direction, it seemed that sound behaved the same way. Harry was still enjoying the view and was in no rush to move, so he relaxed into a post orgasmic high and sank back onto his heels to keep watching, still kneeling.

On the other side of the mirror Malfoy WAS nervous, but not from being nude in front of others as Harry suspected. For the last several days, when his team mates thought he couldn't hear them, Malfoy had caught a few snippets of conversation alluding to the initiation of new players on the team. It was discussed in very hushed tones and he only ever heard enough to know that it was going to happen, and probably today, but he had no idea what they would do to him. He figured there would be some sort of humiliation involved but was actually more worried that it might be a beating. He had a low tolerance for pain. He'd spun all kinds of scenarios in his head about this initiation but none of his suspicions came close to what his team mates ACTUALLY had in mind for him.

He was the last to finish and stepped out of the shower area to towel off in front of his locker. As he was drying himself he felt the presence of people behind him. When he turned around the other members of the team were gathered around, still naked and slightly damp from the showers. He knew that something was about to happen and tried to head it off by saying: "If you hurt me my father will..."

"Shut it Malfoy!" the team captain, Marcus Flint, barked. "When your father donated the new brooms for the team he pulled me aside when you weren't looking. He said that he'd heard that there was an initiation ritual for the Slytherin team and that it was important for you to go through it just as anyone else would. Said that it would help shape your character and make you a true part of the team." Both he and the team chuckled after this last part. Malfoy didn't, partly out of fear and also because he didn't understand the full meaning that was implied. "Of course, I could tell by the expression on his face that he had no idea what the ritual was. He probably thought, like you seem to, that we'd beat you somehow. If he knew the kind of "beating" we had in mind, I doubt he would have surrendered you to it so readily." He and the rest of the team sniggered even more at that and leered at Malfoy in way that amplified his nervousness.

"This is going to happen whether you want it to or not. So you can either take it like a man," another chuckle from the team "or like a bitch. But either way, it IS going to happen. Which will it be?" Malfoy hesitated for a moment and then drew himself up to his full height, even though he was shorter than them, to show his resolve. "Good boy. Now go over to the mirror, turn around to face us, and get down on your knees."

While not knowing quite why they'd ordered Malfoy to that specific spot and position, Harry glad for it. It gave him an up close, and VERY personal, view of Malfoy's most private areas and Harry was turned on by what he saw. He scooted forward very close to mirror's surface and was less than a foot away from the blond's rather perfectly shaped ass. Despite having orgasmed only a few moments earlier he felt his cock start to stir again. This was caused both by having Malfoy just a few feet away, naked and on his knees, as well as by the prospect of what the team was going to do to him. He relished the thought of his rival being taken down a few pegs. Various possibilities immediately started swirling around in his mind. What happened next though, went well beyond even the wildest expectations of Harry's young mind.

Malfoy's six team-mates, still naked from the showers, gathered around his crouched form in a tight semicircle. They could all see themselves and their other teammates easily by looking in the mirror. 'This explains why they made Malfoy kneel here' Harry thought. From his vantage point Harry could see Miles Bletchley at the edge of the group produce a wand that he'd been hiding behind his back and brought it up to cast a spell, but Malfoy couldn't see this from his crouched position and so wasn't on guard for it.

"Look me in the eyes, open your mouth wide, and stick out your tongue; do it NOW," ordered Flint. The intensity of his command made Malfoy comply quickly and without thinking. This had obviously been discussed in advance because no sooner had Malfoy obeyed than Miles murmured a spell that Harry didn't catch. A small shudder went through the blond's body and he was completely frozen, tongue still out.

"That spell allows your eyes to move, and you can blink, but that's about it. You're frozen. Your senses are unaffected so you'll see, hear, feel, smell, and taste everything that we do to you. Oh... your vocal cords won't work either. Go ahead, just try and scream." A pause, during which there was only silence. "See what I mean? Now blink twice to show that you understand me." Malfoy did so. "Good. Now... don't move" he said, jokingly. More giggles from the team.

Flint looked over at his teammate, "Bletchley, go ahead." Miles cast a spell that Harry also didn't recognize but immediately figured out the purpose of. It was a lubrication spell and Miles cast it on his five standing team-mates, most of whom were fully hard by this point, as well as himself before tossing his wand onto his nearby pile of clothing. [Harry immediately committed the lubrication spell to memory as he was quite sure he'd be using it a lot.] All six boys then proceeded to start wanking their cocks while standing in a semicircle around Malfoy looking alternately between him, themselves, and each other in the mirror.

Harry was frozen in shock when all of this first started happening but that faded quickly. He was hard again and he felt around for his wand with his free hand, not wanting to take his eyes off the action happening just a couple of feet away. His searching hand quickly found his wand and he stood up to get a better view. He used his newly learned spell knowledge on himself to lube his cock and moaned with the feel of it. The spell was incredible! Not only did it make his cock amazingly slick, but there was no actual liquid that could drip or remain on his hands to rub off on things when he touched something else. Amazing!

Harry watched as the circle jerk unfolded. He also noticed something else: while each member of the team jerked their cocks, their other hands were not in front of them or laying at their sides. A quick peek around showed Harry that they were teasing their teammate's asses and, to Harry's astonishment, their holes. One even looked like he was reaching a bit past to poke at his teammate's taint. The whole Slytherin team must be gay, or at least bi, Harry thought. Teenagers aren't really known for their staying power either and these six were no exception. It wasn't long before their rhythms increased and soon Harry could hear the "fwap fwap fwap" of their masturbatory motions getting louder, accompanied by ever more moaning.

Miles was first. He thrust his midsection forward and shot 5 times, his load first hitting Malfoy's hair, then his forehead, his mouth, and the other two on his cheek. The rest of the team cheered him on as shot after spewed onto the kneeling blond. Miles sighed contentedly as his orgasm subsided but kept the standing wall of boy flesh in front of Malfoy intact, his free hand continuing to tease the hole of the boy next to him. His load hadn't even started to drip down Malfoy's face before another player also went over the edge. This one was a big shooter: seven huge globs of cum went all over Malfoy's head, splattering his face in the process.

Each player took a turn. Six loads were spewed onto the head and face of the still frozen 12 year old blond boy kneeling in front of them. As each of them shot their loads onto Malfoy, they continued to cheer each other, with the big shooters getting loud whoops. They all made a point of getting at least one shot in Malfoy's mouth. They knew that he'd be able to taste it and, given that he couldn't spit it out due to the freezing spell, he also would have to swallow. Flint was the last to climax and as he did so Harry also went over the edge with an orgasm even more powerful that his first.

By the time his team was finished, Mayfoy's face was completely covered. Parts of his hair were matted, and large trails of cum were slowly dripping from his jaw line down onto his shoulders and chest. As Flint's orgasm subsided the team went back into the showers for a quick rinse and then got dressed. Malfoy was still frozen in place by the spell, with cum slowly dripping down his face and body, and still more of the cum on his face slowly slid its way down and into his mouth. Each boy finished dressing and left; Flint lingering a moment. "The spell will wear off in a few minutes. Tell NO ONE what happened here or, not only will you be off the team, but we'll make your life a living hell for the next few years!" He left.

This initiation ritual was obviously meant to be degrading to Malfoy. Harry almost felt bad for him. Almost.

Even if he had, looking back on it later, Harry was sure that the lust he was feeling would have more than buried that emotion. He kept replaying the last 10 minutes over and over in his head. As he came down from his latest orgasm Harry sighed with bliss, but then also had a pang of frustration. He wasn't feeling bad for what he'd just witnessed. Rather, he wished fervently that he'd had a wizarding camera on him just now. Imagine the full motion snippets that such 'pictures' would have captured! But then he realized that he might have other opportunities like this and the disappointment faded somewhat.

As promised, the stunning spell they'd used on Malfoy wore off, abruptly, a short time after his teammates left. Within a few seconds of being able to wiggle his fingers and toes, Malfoy slid around to face the mirror, still on his knees. Harry expected him to go right to the showers for a very VERY long wash. But instead, he paused and stared at himself in the mirror. Harry panicked for a second as Malfoy seemed to look right AT him. But that fear quickly faded as he remembered the magic mirror was in place. Malfoy's expression (towards what he thought was a mirror even though Harry was kneeling just on the other side of it) was dumbfounded for a moment. Harry could only imagine what emotions were going through the blond's head, but he didn't have to wonder for long.

To Harry's complete astonishment, Malfoy's cock got hard very quickly and a look of sheer lust and longing overtook his face. Harry saw, feeling a small degree of pride, that Malfoy's three inches was a bit shorter than his own cock when hard. But we was quickly distracted from that thought as the blond ran one hand along his chest to collect a gob of cum and then, again to Harry's surprise, used it to start rubbing his cock! With his other hand he did the same to his face and then sucked and licked his hand clean. He did it again and again, searching for every last bit of boy juice on his face and in his hair that he could find. Malfoy studiously licked each drop off of his fingers, moans continually escaping his lips as he did this, all the while continually beating off. At one point, between licking his fingers, he moaned "Merlin! I never knew it could taste this good." Then he gobbled down some more of his team's seed.

Seeing this was all too much for Harry. Despite his two recent orgasms he was hard again. He refreshed the lubrication charm and joined Malfoy in his wank, now matching him stroke for stroke. Once the cum was gone from his face Harry saw Malfoy gather a large amount from his shoulders and chest into the his hand. Harry expected him to slurp it up as well, since he obviously loved the taste, but was surprised yet again. Malfoy reached behind himself and began fingering his rosebud, using the cum for lube. His voice jumped an octave when his fingers found their mark, pushing past his ring a bit. And all the while he continued to emit ecstatic whimpers. Hearing Malfoy's voice go higher, and become a bit effeminate, turned Harry on even more (though he didn't know, or care, why).

Seeing him close his eyes in concentration Harry guessed Malfoy must have started picturing some fantasy in his head because after a few more seconds Harry heard him moan, "Oh yea! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Let me feel you shoot inside of me." Then Malfoy suddenly stopped wanking, began trembling, and leaned forward slightly as his dry orgasm overcame him. Seeing Malfoy on his knees, climaxing right in front of him and leaning forward, conjured an image in Harry's mind of his rival sucking him off. That was all it took for Harry... he came for the third time about 20 seconds after Malfoy went over the edge.

They both stayed like that for a bit: breathing heavily, head slightly dizzy with pleasure, coming down from their orgasms, sitting back on their heels. And while just a two feet separated them, the blond had no idea of the other's presence. After a moment Malfoy began to stir and that snapped Harry out of his revelry. Though only guessing at how much time had passed, Harry figured that he'd probably be missed if he didn't get up to the celebration party in the Gryffindor common room soon. Malfoy got to his feet, took another long look at himself in the mirror, and headed towards the showers. Harry's gaze lingered on Malfoy as he stood there, and once Malfoy walked away from the mirror he eyed the blond's butt for a moment then headed back to his team's locker room.

Taking a closer look at the mirror on his team's end of the corridor, Harry inspected the edges and found the locking mechanism. It was a simple set of levers and bolts and there were a few words on the back next to an arrow. It read, "Aim your unlocking spell here." Exiting the secret passage he noted that there now seemed to be no dust at all in the corridor. Harry guessed that his cleansing spell earlier must have cleared the entire floor of the passageway. He pushed the mirror closed behind him and heard the snick as it locked back into place. He tried his spell again to make sure that he could open it and found that he could. Harry then mentally berated himself for having left it open this whole time! Anyone who came looking for him would have seen the open passage and caught him in the act. He made a mental note to close the mirror behind him next time he used it. He hoped he would have another chance to get behind it very soon.

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