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What Dreams Are Made Of

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Detective Inspector Jack Robinson had a grisly day. An armed robbery, an assault on an elderly couple and a brother attempted to murder his sister for their mother's money. All suspects were in the cells and the initial paper work had been completed.

Weary and tired he came home to Wardlow, he was greeted by Mr. Butler with a kind smile and a suggestion that he relax by the fire. Jack thought it an excellent suggestion, so now he had settled in with a neat glass of whiskey and his Zane Grey novel in a comfortable wing-backed chair by the fireplace. Phryne was due home in an hour from a charity luncheon at her Aunt P's, so he knew, that he would be able to unwind for a bit, until she came home.

Jack opened his book to where his bookmark was and began to read, slowly the exhausted man drifted off to sleep...

...Sheriff Jack Robinson walked down the street of the frontier town where it was his duty to uphold the law. He was dressed all in black except the crisp white shirt. Black pants, chaps, boots and vest. A long black duster and his black stetson that he adjusted to protect his clear blue eyes from the setting sun.

Suddenly two figures stormed out of the tavern breaking the peace of the small frontier town. They stood a few feet apart, screaming at each other. He was by an alley way, which would block him from their view, he rolled his eyes, as soon he recognized one of the voices as his beloved partner. He leaned against a wall in the alley, crossed his arms and watched, waiting to see if he would be needed.

"I don't care who you say you are, no mere woman is going to tell me how to behave!"

"Behave?! You have no idea of the definition of the word!"

"And that is another thing! I don't understand a damn thing you say! It's female gibberish!"

"Is this simple enough for you? Do not harass the girls in the tavern or I will arrest you."

The sidewinder laughed at her. It was an ugly laugh that made the Sheriff mad. "You arrest me?!"

Deputy Sheriff Phryne Fisher pulled out her gold six shooter and said, "Yes I am right now! Throw your gun on the ground, you are under arrest."

The angry man looked over the beautiful woman, she was a tiny thing with dark hair. She was dressed in white buckskin with a gold vest and chaps. And she wore a white stetson hat that had a gold band around it. He threw his head back and laughed again. "Ha!"

The Sheriff quietly moved out of the shadows and snuck up behind the man to back up his partner. Phryne saw Jack quietly walk behind the man and said, "You have one more chance, throw down your weapon..."

"Or what?"

"Or this," said Jack, as he hit the man in the head with tail end of his six shooter.

"I was perfectly fine, Jack."

"I know."

"So why did you interfere?"

"I really didn't feel like another gun fight, we have had a quiet night."

"And what makes you think there would have been a gunfight?"

"Because this idiot would have stupidly attempted to attack you..."


Jack smiled at the love of his life, as he moved toward her and he replied, "I really would like a nice quiet night with you, instead of having to fill out all the paperwork."

"I do understand," she whispered as she felt his hands pull her close and her hands went up into his hair, pulling him toward her. He slid his arms around her waist even tighter, kissing her passionately, feeling her open her mouth so he could deepen the kiss...

...Jack could feel her warm body on his lap, as he enjoyed the feel of her lips, the taste of her tongue, her soft hands making feather like touches in his hair. When they pulled back his eyes blinked open and looked into twinkling blue eyes. "That must have been some dream?"

"It was, I was the Sheriff..."

"Oooh, and was I your deputy?"

"Yes, you were so beautiful and sparkling in the setting sun, all in white buckskin."

"And you all in black?" Jack nodded as he caressed her cheek and nibbled her ear. "Mmmm, maybe at Aunt P's next Fancy Dress Affair?"

Jack's mouth quirked into a wicked smirk, "I actually think I would like that."

She stretched her neck out to give him more room to explore and purred, "Zane Grey does have a remarkable affect on you, Darling. As soon as I sat on your lap, you pulled me in for a passionate kiss."

"I always kiss you, when you sit on my lap..."

"When your asleep?"

"Well I wouldn't know about that, would I?" His hands found her bare back where gown cut away and enjoyed feeling her warm skin against his eager fingers. "Sweetheart, would you like to continue...?


"Yes Ma'am"

"Not a bad western accent, come along Sheriff..."

"Yes, Ma'am, I will come quietly." Jack said with a wide smile, as he followed her upstairs for more adventures, then Mr. Zane Grey could ever have dreamed of writing.

The End