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Countdown To Christmas Fics

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Angel was sitting up in bed reading when Spike and Willow came into the room. He barely glanced up, but he noticed the mischievous gleam in Spike’s eyes. Before he could ask just what Spike was up to, Willow spoke.

“What are you doing up here by yourself?”

“Just reading. Some of Spike’s favourites, actually.” He turned the book to face Spike. “Poe.”

Spike scowled. “Haven’t you got anythin’ better to do?”

Willow smiled and sat beside Angel on the bed. “Can we distract you?”

“You can, if you like.” Angel shot Spike a look. “He’s a pain in the ass no matter what he’s doing. Did you have a good time, Willow?”

“Oh yes,” Willow said. “I wish you’d have come with us though.”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “Why? He’d only suck all the fun out of the night and you’ve been lookin’ forward to the switchin’ on of the lights all week.”

Willow let out a little sigh, she was used to Angel and Spike needling each other every chance they got, but she much preferred it when they got along, which they could do when they wanted to. She liked them to do things together, all three of them, but Angel had passed on coming out to see Los Angeles all lit up for Christmas. She understood the festive season was hard for him and wanted to make it as easy as possible. It was a good thing none of them celebrated the holidays, she hadn’t participated in Hanukah for years and when it came to Christmas, Spike could take it or leave it. He enjoyed himself all year round; December was no different to Spike.

Spike grinned, coming to stand at the foot of the bed he gave Angel a long look. “Been busy broodin’ I suppose?”

“It’s called reflecting and repenting,” Angel corrected. “It’s just the time of year for it too.”

“Dull and depressin’. Wouldn’t expect anythin’ less from you. You’re nothin’ if not consistent, Peaches.”

“Shut it, Spike.”

Spike produced a small sprig of mistletoe from his pocket. Angel’s eyebrows drew together in confusion as he watched Spike twirl the leaves and white berries between his fingers. “Where’d you get that from?”

“Stole it.”

“You would.”

Swiping his tongue along his lower lip Spike tilted his head and caught Willow’s eye. “Let’s make Angel merry, baby. What do you say?”

She nodded, catching her lower lip between her teeth for a moment. “I say that’s a good idea, Spike.”

"Got somethin' more interestin' for you than that book," Spike said, drawing Willow to him and tucking the mistletoe behind her ear. Turning Willow to face Angel, he began to undress her, lingering over it in a way that made Angel sit up straighter, following every move Spike's fingers made.

Undoing the buttons on her blouse Spike pushed it from her shoulders, rubbing his cheek against her hair. "Strawberries," he murmured. "You always smell like strawberries."

"You always smell like smoke and whiskey," she said, smoothing his cheek and kissing him lightly.

His hands flexed over her hips, moving to undo the button on her pants. He watched Angel through lowered lashes, sucking the soft skin of her throat into his mouth. The brooding git was looking far less broody than he had been two minutes ago.

Willow's hand slid behind her, fumbling with the button on Spike's jeans as she kicked herself free of her pants, a stuttering breath leaving her when his hands ran over her stomach, fingers tracing the edge of her panties.

Sliding his hands into her bra, cradling her breasts he whispered in her ear, "Take it off, love."

Willow did as he asked and Angel scowled, Spike's hands prevented him from seeing anything at all. Spike let out a groan when she finally managed to get his jeans down around his hips and her hand curled around him. A flash of jealousy showed in Angel's eyes, he wanted to be a part of it, and yet he enjoyed watching them together too.

Kneading her breasts gently, Spike allowed a nipple to peek through his fingers every now and then. Angel watched avidly for its appearance and Spike chuckled. "Hard they are," he said, offering Angel a glimpse of both nipples. "Wanna taste? Wanna take one in your mouth, feel it pass your lips and press against your tongue?"

"Yes," Angel rasped. "Come here."

Spike gave Willow a pat on the bottom, which she interpreted as "go to the bed". She climbed on beside Angel, tugging the sheet down from around his waist as Spike undressed. Just as Willow had anticipated, Angel was naked. He usually slept naked. They both did. She still couldn't manage it, in spite of them having seen her naked too many times to count.

Taking the mistletoe from behind her ear, Willow trailed it across Angel's chest, and where the mistletoe went, Willow's lips followed. Angel let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

The bed dipped as Spike joined them and then Angel had the duel experience of human warmth and the cooler touch of the demon. The mistletoe brushed a nipple, there was the warm lips of Willow pressed against him in a kiss followed by the cool swipe of Spike's tongue.

The mistletoe trailed across his ribs; Spike's lips brushed against him, a cool caress, behind it came the wet warmth of Willow's tongue, and Angel shuddered.

The mistletoe continued its teasing pattern across his chest, his arms, his neck, his torso; he sank down into the pillows closing his eyes, never sure where they would hit next. His hand slid into Willow's hair, twining the long red strands around his fingers while his other hand touched to the back of Spike's neck, seeking the downy softness of the hair at his nape.

The tickle of mistletoe leaves touched his leg, a cool hand running along his skin, a warm hand stroking the inside of his thigh.

A warm caress across the flat expanse of his stomach. A cool tongue went back the opposite way.

Suddenly he felt the brush of Willow's peaked nipples against his chest as she leant over him. Cracking his eyes open Angel watched as her lips met Spike's in a deep kiss. Turning so that they were cheek to cheek, they looked down at him and Angel was struck by the duel effect of blue and green eyes, shining with lust and greed.

"Look's like you're gettin' merry," Spike said, giving Angel's cock a pointed look.

"I'm getting there," Angel agreed.

Willow smiled and touched the mistletoe to his nose, giving him a light kiss which made him laugh. "Close your eyes."

Angel did as she asked, and felt the familiar tickle of the mistletoe across his lips and then against the head of his cock. Squeezing his eyes tightly shut, Angel went very still as he tried to anticipate which one of them would touch him where.

They moved together; Willow's lips capturing his and Spike's mouth engulfing his cock. Angel groaned, his arms going around her, pulling her closer, deepening the kiss, the faint taste of Spike on her lips. Fire raced through him, chased by a hot gluttonous desire for more.

Grasping Willow's hips, Angel hauled her over his chest, his arms sliding between her knees keeping her legs spread apart as he brought her up his body, urging her to lower to his mouth. Using his thumbs to open her up, Angel delved right in to where it was warm and wet and wonderful.

Willow cried out as Angel's tongue thrust inside her, grabbing hold of the headboard as she shifted against his mouth with a wanton twist of her hips.

It was that duel sensation of warm and cold again. The warmth of Willow against his mouth and her legs pressed to his shoulders and Spike's cool and devastating mouth on his cock and hands kneading his balls.

Spike's teeth scraped against him and Angel moaned, his hips bucking upwards. His moan vibrated through Willow and she whimpered, pressing down against him. Fisting one hand in Spike's hair, Angel cupped Willow's behind with the other, urging them both on as he balanced on the precipice.

Angel's back arched, an uninhibited cry of pleasure leaving him when Spike drew him in deep, two slim fingers breaching him at the same time.

Even with his head between her legs Willow recognised the muffled sound of Angel's completion. It echoed through her and she shivered, a hand dropping into Angel's hair. He found her clit, suckling softly driving her closer and closer to the edge.

"Spike," she whimpered, her hand reaching behind her, fingers flexing. She knew what she needed to tip over and Spike knew too, for he was behind her, hands covering her breasts, thrumming her nipples with the pad of his thumb as his mouth descended on hers.

Angel and Spike together; they sent her sailing and Willow came with a harsh cry into Spike's kiss, her hips rocking down against Angel's mouth.

She collapsed back into Spike's shoulder and Angel carefully untangled his arms from around her legs. Once she was free Spike tumbled her back on to the bed, laughing at her surprised squeak. Angel caught her ankle, pressing a kiss to the sole of her foot as Spike slid easily inside her on a long groan, thrusting once, twice and emptying himself inside her.

A tickling sensation over his butt made Spike look back at Angel over his shoulder. Angel was holding the discarded sprig of mistletoe. "Interesting little toy you have here."

Spike smirked. "Had a feelin' you'd like it."

"Are you merry now, Angel?" Willow asked between panting breaths, grinning impishly at him.

"I think its safe to say I am," he agreed.

"The mistletoe has rules," Spike began.

"Mistletoe kisses," Willow murmured, her hand running down Spike's spine.

"I think I got it," Angel winked at her, his mind plotting out the route the mistletoe would take over her body.

Spike grinned, his eyes glowing. "You know you just touched my butt with that, don't you? What are you waitin' for?" He wiggled his hips."Kiss my arse, Angel."