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Countdown To Christmas Fics

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Spike’s fingers moved quickly over the console, his eyes glued to the little animated man running across his screen firing at the zombies. He quite liked computer games, the gorier the better. He might have a soul now but he was still a vampire.

His little man died and Spike scowled. He’d rather hoped to level up but Angel had to ruin everything as usual.

Spike still couldn’t quite believe it had happened. He couldn’t work out why it had happened either and he was left feeling puzzled and nostalgic and lonely. Damn Angel all to hell anyway! Just because he loved a good brood and was never happier than when he was miserable didn’t mean the rest of the world felt the same. He didn’t feel the same. He was happy to… well, be happy.

He’d left Wolfram and Hart after it happened, glad of the disturbance in the foyer as Gunn tried to deal with a difficult client and Angel had been forced to assist. Who knew where they would have ended up otherwise.

Spike still couldn’t get his head around it. Angel, Mr Tall Dark and Brooding, had kissed him!

It had come out of nowhere and completely blindsided him. One minute he and Angel had been arguing about Christmas and how Angel needed to lighten up, and the next thing Spike knew Angel’s hands were on his shoulders and Angel’s lips were on his and Angel’s tongue was stroking his and Angel’s body was pressed against his, and Angel’s cock was stirring and his…. Spike clamped down on that train of thought. The past was best left where it was, in the past.

A knock came at the door and Spike threw the console on the sofa as he got up. He could hear no breathing or heartbeat on the other side of the door, so he used the peephole, a low silent groan vibrating through him when he saw Angel standing in the hallway.

He dithered, but curiosity got the better of him, so Spike opened the door. “What?”

Angel wasn’t surprised by the less than courteous greeting. “Hello to you too, Spike.”

Spike left the door open and went to the fridge; alcohol was going to be needed if he had to deal with Angel. “Don’t suppose you want one? Be a mite to merry for you, I suppose.”

“I’ll have one.” Angel closed the door, looking around the small apartment, searching for some sign that Spike called it home. There was none. It wasn’t homey any more than his more spacious living quarters at Wolfram and Hart.

Spike opened the beer bottles and handed one to Angel, watching him warily as Angel sank down on the sofa, glancing at the TV to see what Spike had been doing prior to his arrival.

Why had Angel kissed him? The thought had been churning at the forefront of Spike’s mind since Angel’s lips touched his. How dare he act as if they were friends. How dare Angel awaken memories best left deeply buried. Angel’s kiss had burned into Spike’s psyche and he fervently wished it hadn’t. He wanted nothing more to do with Angel.

“You kissed me.”

Oh good one mate, Spike thought crossly. Just the way to prove Angel hadn’t affected him one iota, bring it up!

“Yeah,” Angel looked uncomfortable.

Although Angel offered no excuse, Spike noticed he didn’t apologise for it either. Now things really made no sense. He’d assumed Angel was here to beg forgiveness in a way only Angel could.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Angel began.

“Well I’m stayin’ so you can sod off!” Spike snapped.

Angel looked annoyed. “I didn’t mean L.A. I meant you shouldn’t be here,” Angel waved his arm in a circle. “You shouldn’t be on your own, Spike.”

“Nothin’ much to do about that,” Spike said, taking a swig of his beer.

“Well, there is,” Angel said slowly. “You could come and stay with me.”

Spike’s eyebrows shot so far up his forehead they almost disappeared into his hairline. “You want me to live with you? After one bloody kiss? Next thing you’ll wanna get married.”

Angel rolled his eyes, an amused smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “The kiss… it’s all part of the same thing, Spike. We got along alright when we lived together before, didn’t we? For the most part I mean. We should try it out. Be friends.”

Spike grinned. “How do I know you’re not goin’ ta ravish me in my sleep?”

“Because you aren’t that lucky,” Angel retorted.

He considered Angel for a moment or two. “What’s this really about? First you kiss me an’ now you want us to move in together. What’s goin’ on in that overly gelled head of yours?”

“It’s the holidays,” Angel said, a sulky look on his face at being forced to explain himself. “Another Christmas morning in a quiet house. I just thought it would be nice if you were there. If there’s one thing you aren’t, it’s quiet.”

Realisation hit him. “You’re lonely.”

“So are you,” Angel shot back. “And the holiday’s are for family and whether we like it or not, we’re the only family the other has left.”

“I’m not a bloody pet you can pick up an’ take home with you just so that you got somethin’ else in the house besides you an’ your bloody dark an’ gloomy thoughts.” He folded his arms across his chest, beer bottle dangling from his fingers. “A Spike is for life, not just for Christmas.”

“For life?” Angel looked dubious; although a little thrill of excitement raced through him. When he had kissed Spike, Angel figured he’d at least have Spike for one moment if he couldn’t have him completely. Now it seemed taking a chance had paid off tenfold.

“Oh,” Spike waved his hand dismissively. “It’ll fly by.”

Angel grinned. “Either that or it’ll seem like eternity.”