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The Bloodline That Plays Together

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Part One

Three weeks after Tara had performed her new routine and Pam had proposed the idea of inviting Eric into their bed, Tara found herself wearing nothing but a tan belted robe as she paced back and forth in front of the bed she shared with Pam, nervously casting glances at the bedroom door in anticipation of Eric’s arrival.

“I’d promise he won’t bite,” Pam drawled, her voice full of gentle amusement as she watched Tara pacing in the mirror of her ladies dresser, “but that would be a lie,” she continued, smirking as she ran an ivory handled brush through her blonde her.

“If that’s how helpful you’re gonna be, you can keep your comments to your damn self,” Tara muttered darkly, pausing just long enough to level an unamused glare at Pam before she began to stalk back and forth once more.

“I don’t know why you’re worrying,” Pam commented lightly as she continued to brush her hair, utterly unfazed by Tara’s snippy tone and expression.

“Not all of us have been fuckin’ our way across continents havin’ threesomes and orgies for over a century,” Tara muttered, throwing another unimpressed look Pam’s way. 

“Orgies?” Pam murmured, smiling as she lifted a questioning eyebrow at Tara.

“Probably,” Tara muttered, glaring at Pam, which only made the blonde chuckle.  “In any case, you’ll have to excuse me if can’t exactly be blasé as shit about this.  It’s more than a ‘lil outta my comfort zone, you know.”

“For now,” Pam murmured, her lips curving up into a playful smile when Tara’s eyes met hers in the mirror, and Tara couldn’t help the little smile that touched her lips even as she shook her head at Pam in frustration.  “But that’s not what I meant,” Pam continued more seriously a moment later, and Tara looked back over at her.

“Then what did you mean?” Tara asked curiously as she took up restlessly prowling in front of the bed again.

Pam was quiet for a moment, watching Tara thoughtfully in the mirror, and then she put down her brush and rose to her feet before sashaying over to where Tara was pacing.  When she reached her, Pam took hold of Tara from behind, and dipped her head down to kiss Tara’s neck. 

Feeling Pam’s lips on her skin, Tara’s sighed softly and automatically leaned back into Pam’s body.  Pam hummed happily as Tara relaxed against her and dropped her hand down to Tara’s thigh so that she could slowly run it up the inside of Tara’s leg until her fingers brushed against Tara’s bare sex. 

Tara moaned at the feeling of Pam’s fingers parting her and running along her heated flesh, and she angled her head up and lifted her hand so that she could drag Pam’s mouth down to hers.

“See,” Pam whispered against Tara’s lips.  “Baby vamp hormones,” she sighed contently, remembering all of the times Tara’s newborn desires had left her limp and exhausted, thoroughly and deliciously fucked out.  “As soon as his clothes are off, you won’t remember what worries are,” Pam breathed out.  “You’ll barely remember your name,” she purred as she ran her hands over Tara’s body, delighting in feeling gentle curves beneath her hands.  “All you’ll want to do is fuck.”

Tara wanted to object to Pam’s characterization of her as some kind of hormone driven hump monster, but she could feel her body warming and her pussy moistening as Pam’s hands ran over her body, and she knew that what Pam said was true.  She had always had an active, healthy sex drive, but since being turned – or more accurate since she had experienced sex with Pam after being turned – she’d been insatiable.  She wanted Pam all the damn time, even – or maybe especially – when it was inappropriate.  On more than one occasion since Fangtasia had re-opened, Pam had been forced to drag Tara into the back room and finger her on the desk until Tara came because the waves of lust Tara was projecting to her through their bond were making it impossible for Pam to get any work done – or even just sit on her throne without squirming.

“If you keep touchin’ me like that, Eric isn’t gonna have anythin’ to do when he gets here,” Tara breathed out, arching her hips into Pam, not trying in the least to hide her increasing arousal from her maker.

Pam chuckled softly at that.

“As if you ever get tired,” Pam husked, squeezing Tara’s ass.  “My head could be between your legs for hours and you could still ride him ‘til sunrise,” Pam purred, her words making Tara whimper slightly before she lowered her mouth to Pam’s neck and began nipping and sucking at the pale flesh, almost painfully aroused.

“Let’s test that theory out,” Tara moaned, bucking her hips against Pam again, hungry for Pam’s mouth on her pussy now that Pam had planted the idea in her mind.

“I don’t think so,” Pam breathed out, though her voice was surprisingly gentle. 

She could feel Tara’s desire through their bond.  She knew how genuinely and desperately aroused her progeny was, and that it was not a time to be glib with her. 

“I’m no baby vamp,” Pam continued softly.  “I won’t be rushed, and I won’t let you be either.  Trust me,” she purred, brushing her lips against Tara’s cheek.  “You’ll come so much harder if you simmer for a while longer.”

“I don’t wanna simmer,” Tara whined, kissing Pam’s neck.  “I want you,” she whispered as she captured one of Pam’s hands and drew it between her legs.

“I know,” Pam said softly, the feelings bombarding her from Tara’s end of their bond making her a little breathless.  “And you’ll have me,” Pam promised, running a soothing hand down Tara’s back.  “You’ll always have me.  But tonight, you’ll have Eric first,” Pam whispered, and Tara trembled in her arms.  “And once he’s made you come and spent inside of you,” Pam husked, smiling when Tara groaned lowly, “I’ll suck every drop of him out of you until you come again, and you’ll see that the simmering was worth it,” Pam said, her voice low and rough with desire, and Tara groaned and clutched at her, so turned on she thought she might actually pass out.

“Jesus Pam,” Tara choked out, beside herself with need.  “You can’t say things like and then not fuck me,” Tara groaned.  “It’s diabolical,” she whispered before she lowered her head to Pam’s shoulder and bit at Pam’s flesh desperately.  “Please,” Tara moaned, knowing that Pam had almost no ability to resist her when she begged, like really begged.  “Baby, I need you,” she breathed out.  “Feel how much I need you,” Tara moaned, and Pam exhaled raggedly because she could feel how much Tara needed her.  She could feel Tara’s burning need through their bond and on her fingers which were drenched in Tara’s need.

Pam felt her resolve begin to weaken.  She had outplayed herself by getting Tara so worked up and thinking that she could resist her.  She wasn’t at the mercy of baby vamp hormones the way Tara was, but she was practically helpless in the face of Tara’s desire.  Pam wanted her progeny just as much as Tara wanted her.  She was able to mask the signs of her desire better, but she still felt it.  She still ached for Tara constantly.  She still burned for her.

“O…” Pam began to say, unable to deny Tara what they both so desperately wanted.  However, before she could continue speaking there was a knock at the door and Pam breathed in deeply, the scent of the ocean in winter washing her almost immediately. 

Eric, she thought, and though it was a struggle, she managed to pull back from Tara. 

“He’s here,” Pam breathed out, stroking her fingers down Tara’s cheek, and a current of white hot desire tore through her as Tara clutched at her tightly and moaned in anticipation. 


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