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Ropes and roses

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‘Hello. This is my first time talking about this, but I have no one to talk to near me so I guess this is second best.

I’m a gay man who just turned 18. I’ve had sex with men before, but lately I’ve been getting curious about BDSM. I have no lover and no contacts to the gay scene. I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there with a similar experience who could give me some advice with how I should go about meeting someone with similar interests.

Thank you in advance


With sweaty palms, burning cheeks and a pulse so hard that it might pop a vein Suga re-read the text on his screen for the umpteenth time. Licking his dry lips, he hovered the mouse over the “post” button.

This is crazy. I shouldn’t do this.

Eyes flicking between the post and X button in the corner of the screen, Suga contemplated again. With a sigh he was almost going to close the window, but just as he was about to move the cursor a noise outside his bedroom door made him jump (but he definitevly didn’t yelp, not a chance), and post the thread on accident.

Staring in horror, Suga looked for the delete button, but before he could find it a reply already popped up beneath his original text.

‘Aw, poor lil’ babe. I’ll tell you all about it. But maybe you prefer demonstration? ;)’

Suga recoiled. Not the response he was expecting. Not a response he was comfortable with. As he sat contemplating if he should reply more replies started dropping in ever so steadily.

‘We could meet up and I’ll show you.’

‘What do you think about when you jerk off?’

‘Can’t wait to wreck you pretty little ass. Too bad you’re not a virgin.’

Suga blinked, blinked, and blinked. He stared and scrolled down the wall of replies, waiting for the next one, until he looked at the clock and realized he had been doing so for almost twenty minutes. Definitely not the responses he wanted. He could barely even believe some of the things that showed up in the comments. Appalled, he was about to log out, but when he opened the drop down menu to do so he noticed he’d gotten a message. Frowning, he took the plunge and opened it.

‘Hey, I’m guessing you might not want to reply to this after all those nasty idiots commenting on your thread, but I wanted to tell you something.

You probably wouldn’t, but I don’t think you should hit up any of those commenting. It’s obvious they want to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and force themselves on you. Instead of going with some creep on the street, you can ask me if you have any questions about bdsm, I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have. I don’t know how much you know, but it isn’t safe to try hardcore stuff just for the sake of it.

Anyway, you should take the thread down, it’s just attracting a lot of perverts.

Once more Suga was stuck re-reading, trying to discern what this particular person wanted. From the comments he guessed everyone on this site were moving with an ulterior motive, but at the same time the message seemed sincere enough.

Squinting suspiciously at the name, coolvolleyXX_king, Suga clicked it and read the profile. The user was male, no surprise there, and stated his age to be 18 as well, even if that was easy to forge. His bio said he was an exclusive top and his sexual interests laid in casual relationships and BDSM. His hobby was volleyball, a pleasant surprise, but how that was relevant on a site for unconventional kinks Suga had no idea. But still, this guy seemed several times more trustworthy than the rest of the userbase.

Returning to the message, Suga started typing out his reply, figuring it couldn’t hurt to take the help of someone more experienced, as long as he wasn’t being slimy about it.

‘Thank you for the warning. I saw on your profile that we’re the same age. If I’m supposed to ask questions I’d like to know how experienced you are. I don’t mean that in a creepy way though.’

He only had to wait a few minutes for the reply, deleting his thread in the meantime that hadn’t gotten a single helpful comment.

‘Haha, I don’t think you sound the least bit creepy. I’ve been having sex since I was 15, with varying degrees of bdsm kinks depending on my partner. I’ve done most things and know about more, so you can ask me anything.’

Gawking, Suga found it hard to believe that this guy had been doing it from such a young age. Frowning, he expressed his doubts in his next message. The reply he got baffled him even more.

‘My family has always been very open about sex, and I was curious so I did it. I’ve had no trouble finding partners, so I guess I just did it naturally. You know, if you’re so suspicious you should turn to someone you can trust.’

“But I don’t know anyone like that…” Suga grumbled under his breath. He really couldn’t imagine himself talking about this with anyone. His parents were out of the question by default, just like his younger siblings, and Daichi didn’t even know he was gay. Well, no one knew he was gay, but that’s beside the point.

‘Well alright. I’ll ask you, I don’t have anyone else to talk to about this. Though I was kind of hoping to get into contact with someone I could try it out with.’

Immediately after he set the message he was regretting it, wanting to kick himself for his terrible habit for being overly honest over the internet. Well, the probability this guy was even in his area was so small it was a one in a million chance anyway.

‘Well, if you’re somewhere in the vicinity of Sendai, I’m all for it.’

One in a million just happened.

‘Really? You live in Sendai?’


One week later and Suga had let himself get talked into meeting the helpful, strangely charming coolvolleyXX_king after a lot of reassurances and promises. They’d be meeting at a café, not late, there’d be a lot of people there. Nothing to worry about, something both his internet friend and Suga himself had told him countless times already.

The train was full of people that afternoon, leaving Suga standing pressed up against the door in order to not seem like a molester to the group of girls standing next to him. He didn’t like this cramped space; it felt like everyone knew what he was doing and that is something he’d rather avoid. One of the girls kept glancing at him too, making him break out in a cold sweat of nervousness. He hoped she wasn’t an esper.

When the doors opened he breathed a sigh of relief, hurrying out onto the platform. He checked the location on his phone again, making sure he was at the right station before he made his way to the stairs. The sky was grey with heavy clouds, a sure sign that it would rain soon. With a hutter, Suga decided to inform his ‘date’ that he was almost at the café before he made his way there. Then he pocketed his phone, waiting for a response. It came a mere minute later.

‘I have already arrived! I have a red umbrella with a limegreen handle with me, I’ll place it by the booth door.’ the text read, and Suga took a sharp breath. This is it, there was no going back now.

With a short reply that he was coming in a minute, Suga made way for the café with a booming heart and sweaty palms. When he saw the sign dingling out from the wall he felt cold come over him. He could turn around now, excuse himself and never ever speak of this to anyone again. But at the same time, all the anticipation, all the fantasies he’d had, they almost forced him to move forward and open the door.

The inside smelled like coffee and sweets, not all that surprising. Suga looked around and saw that a lot of the tables were taken, but no booths.

“Welcome! A table for one?” the barista asked, smiling politely at him.

“Huh? Oh, no, I came to meet a...friend. He said he was in a booth…?” Suga hated how he sounded so nervous, and the barista gave him a slightly puzzled look before pointing to the right.

“The booths are in that corridor. Would you like something to eat and drink?”

Biting his lip, Suga knew it would be rude to not order anything, but he was far too nervous to eat. Looking over the list of drinks, he settled for a cup of hot chocolate and brought it with him. He was glad it had a lid, or else he would’ve spilled, probably.

Walking into the corridor, he saw an umbrella standing outside the booth furthest in, and he breathed a sigh of relief; the chance of anyone overhearing so far in would be abysmal. With a calming breath Suga walked forward, trying to imagine what this person, coolvolleyXX_king, would be like. Online he seemed nice enough. He probably liked volleyball, maybe even played himself, which in turn would mean he’d have a fairly nice body…

Stop thinking about irrelevant things!

Suga gave himself an inaudible slap, steeling his nerves as he started pulling the sliding door. He cleared his throat, about to call out in greeting when his eyes found the other pair that was already inside the room.

The words caught in his throat.

He froze.

His eyes were almost popping out of his head, because the one sitting in the room wasn’t some unknown man he had never seen before, no; it was someone he never thought he’d meet like this.

Oikawa Tooru was sitting there, a cup of something oozing and a pastry in front of him, looking up with eagerness until a flash of recognition swept over his face. The spoon that had been in his mouth was released and they stared at each other for a second, then realization struck at the same time.

“Oh, are you--

“I-I--I’m sorry! Wro--


Suga was staggering backwards but Oikawa was quickly up from his seat and grabbed Suga’s wrist, effectively stopping him from fleeing. Suga could feel the red riding up his face from below his scarf. He cursed it, now he couldn’t even pretend like he had actually just stepped into the wrong booth. His stomach suddenly clenched and he whimpered but kept his eyes to the floor, too humiliated to do anything else. Japan had a population of millions, it was just his luck that it was someone he knew--Oikawa to boot--that he had happened to arrange a meeting about his kinks with.

“Sorry, I think I should go--

“Why don’t you come in and sit down?” the tone was surprisingly serious, completely new to Suga’s ears. He knew that if he walked out now he’d seem so scandalous, blushing up to his ears and all. The cat was already out of the bag, so it couldn’t get much worse anyway.

“Ok…” he squeaked and let Oikawa lead him inside, sitting down on the empty seat across from the occupied one.

After Oikawa settled there was a long pause. Suga didn’t dare to look up, just staring at the papercup in his hands and taking the occasional sip. The air was so tense, or maybe it was just him, because Oikawa was leaning one of his elbows on the table and seemed to eat his cake calmly. When he was finished he didn’t move for a while and Suga wondered what would happen. After a few minutes of waiting and nothing happening he dared to raise his gaze a little though, meeting the other’s intense stare uncertainly.

“U-um…” he started, but was swiftly cut off.

“You finally looked up,” Oikawa said with a grin.

“Uh...I…” Suga was at a loss of words, but he couldn’t turn his gaze away, there was just something about the way Oikawa looked at him that made him unable to.

“It’s alright. I didn’t expect you either,” Oikawa chuckled and twiddled the little spoon between his fingers. “My offer still stands though, if you are still interested.”

A new burst of colour exploded over Suga’s face, making him hunch his shoulders forward. “I-I don’t know...I was thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad with someone I didn’t know beforehand but…”

“I understand, you did say you hadn’t told anyone, about being gay or a masochist,” Oikawa sat back and nodded to himself, ignoring Suga’s sputtering.

“I-I--how can you just say that?!” Suga whimpered in mortification.

“I’m pretty used to it, and it’s nothing strange. I’m a top and pansexual, so I’m not far off from your spectra,” Oikawa explained as if he was telling the weather the next day, “you really don’t have to be embarrassed you know.”

Suga resisted the urge to whine like a dog again, twirling the paper cup between his hands. “I-I don’t know if I can...with you…” he trailed off, then realized he sounded extremely rude, “I mean that I don’t know if I could do it with anyone I know! It’s not you specifically…”

Though it might be a little bit of that as well, Oikawa hadn’t exactly left the best of impressions during their matches, character-wise. Not that he needed to know.

“That’s fine, but you know, the me on the court is very different from the me in bed,” he smiled, cocking his head, “you can get to know me anew.”

Suga frowned. Well, it was obvious people were different depending on the level of intimacy, but the base of a character could alway be visible. Oikawa’s base seemed to consist of cunning and deviousness.

“Besides, I already know your secret, so why not give it a try?” the smile was far too sweet to be innocent.

Yup, definitely cunning.

“I-I guess…” Suga muttered before taking another sip of his chocolate.

“Great!” Oikawa clapped his hands before leaning forward, “so, have you done your homework?”

“H-homework?” Suga blinked in confusion.

“I believe I told you to look up some things you thought you might be comfortable with trying, you know, best to not start at expert level,” Oikawa reminded, happily almost.

“Oh...Well, I don’t know what’s ‘expert level’ or not, but I did,” he raised his hand to tug at a grey strand of hair, “ a little r-research.” Oikawa clapped and made a motion for him to continue. “Uh…do you promise not to tell anyone?”

Oikawa frowned, then set his hands down on the table. “Actually, forget what I just said. I think there’s some things we need to discuss before taking a step to even talk about doing something.”

“Oh-k…” Suga felt his face twist in confusion.

“I’ll explain the basics of the basics to you, since you don’t seem to be all that read up on them,” Oikawa said sternly, then smiled, “but it’s not like it’s your fault, I was in the wrong for jumping ahead.”

“No! It’s nothing…” Suga felt his voice shrink when the other looked at him.

“Wrong, it is everything. A sadomasochistic relationship is built on two things; trust and respect. The submissive must trust the dominant one to respect their wishes and limits. If there’s no trust or respect it’s simply abusive, so communication is key,” Oikawa was serious, a different kind than Suga had seen him have on court. Now he wasn’t smiling, he was making absolutely sure that Suga knew nothing he said was a joke, or unimportant.

“It might be hard for someone like you who is used to keeping everything in, but most BDSM couples talk before every single time they have intercourse, going through what they will do and what they feel comfortable with, so if you are serious about this, you need to do that,” Oikawa said, gaze meaning.

“I...I had no idea,” Suga mumbled and suddenly felt a little...stupid. No, naive was a better word.

“Well, not much in media represent the reality of BDSM, so I can’t really blame you. But you need to know that if you decide that you want to try with me--and I certainly have nothing against it,” Oikawa winked mischievously, “I will listen to everything you have to say, so don’t be afraid to ask or tell me to stop, because I will do it.”

Suga felt his heart clench, he wasn’t prepared for such a heartfelt declaration. Suddenly a lot of the doubt within him was washed away, because he couldn’t hear a shred of lies in Oikawa’s words. So, he nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

“Splendid. If you have any questions, just ask,” Oikawa smiled before leaning forward and bit his lip, deviously, “so, shall we talk about the homework now?”

Suga raised his shoulders and hunched a little, glaring stubbornly over the lid of his cup, “you don’t have any shame, do you?”

“I’m an S, of course I don’t,” Oikawa smirked and lowered his eyelids to give Suga a sultry look, “that’s more your thing.”

Grumbling at the annoying self confidence, Suga set down his cup again, “p-promise you won’t laugh.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” again, a sudden burst of seriousness. It made Suga wonder just what Oikawa’s real personality was.

“Uh, alright then,” Suga set his hands down in his lap and let his gaze fall to the table, he couldn’t bare to look at Oikawa as he spoke, “I-I looked up a few things and...I guess blindfolds and some kind of uh...r-restraint…”

Oikawa hummed in understanding but said nothing. Suga was squirming in his seat, he had a few more things he had seen that seemed interesting, but from what he had just been told he didn’t know if it was too “high level”, as it had been put.

“Is that all?” Oikawa asked then, “I’m sure you’ve seen some specific things you’d like to try.”

“I-it’s not all but…” Suga trailed off.

“Hey, it’s not like you have to do it now,” Oikawa laughed, “tell me, then I can help you decide what you should start with. Not all tops are good with beginners, in case you decide you want to try with someone other than me.”

Suga thought he heard a little resignation in the last statement, but was sure he just imagined it.

“A-alright… I-I looked up some slangs and I saw s-shibari…” Suga felt his throat clog up on him, “and uh...roleplay and toys… there, t-that’s it.”

Oikawa sat still for a few moments, then touched his chin in thought.

“Hm, I think shibari is something you should wait with. Both you and your partner should go to someone experienced to make sure you learn the basics right,” Oikawa nodded, “and that kind of restraint is something where you’d have to leave your safety entirely in the hands of another, if your hands are tied up, so you should definitely wait until you trust them with it.”

“Uh, do you not know the basics?” Suga asked uncertainly, then felt like slapping himself when he saw Oikawa’s surprised--then childishly pleased--face.

“I do, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn them as well. Besides, it might be more uncomfortable than you can handle right now. You have to inure yourself,” Suga hoped that last part was a joke.

“Anyway, a simple restraint like handcuffs--safety ones I might add so you can get out of them yourself--should be no problem. Just be clear with how tight and restraining it should be. A blindfold is fine too, a lot of people do that in vanilla relationships,” Oikawa explained calmly, then narrowed his eyes, “but what kind of toys do you want to use?”

Suga blushed again, with Oikawa being so calm and serious, he almost forgot they were talking about sex here. Specifically, how he wanted to have sex.

Whimpering, Suga covered his face with his hands as he mumbled out his answer, “v-vibrators and dildos a-and a...b-beads…”

“Analbeads huh,” Oikawa tapped his fingers against the table, “that should be fine. You’re not a virgin, so I think you could handle small ones. Same with dildos.” As he pondered a sudden flash of horror came over his face.

“Sorry, it’s not me who can say what you can take, it’s just I think that would be for the best, then if you don’t feel comfortable you should just say so!” the hurried excuse took Suga aback, he hadn’t expected the brunet to make such a 180.

“It’s fine, if you hadn’t told me all this I would’ve...well, I would probably have dived headfirst,” Suga said awkwardly, coughing into his hand.

“Then I’m glad I did,” Oikawa smiled, sincerely.

“But you didn’t say anything about roleplaying,” Suga tried to sound nonchalant, but he got quiet at the last word, much to his own shame. He wanted to sound as confident as Oikawa, but it was far off the mark.

“Hm, well, it all depends on what you want to roleplay and the kind of person you are. Some can do it right off the bat, other has to know their partner better. If I’d have to guess, I think you’re the latter,” Oikawa pointed at the other, then grinned, “but we can try it if you want to.”

“You seem awfully confident I won’t turn you down,” Suga scoffed, he couldn’t help being swept up in Oikawa’s pace.

“Well, right now I think my chances are about fifty-fifty, so might as well try and tip the scale to my advantage,” Oikawa put on a seductive face again, leaning closer to Suga over the table, “because like I said earlier, I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

“You sure about that?” Suga asked lowly, unconsciously leaning forward as well.

“Absolutely, you’re exactly my type,” Oikawa smiled, letting one of his hands slide over the table to graze against Suga’s fingertips, “I wouldn’t mind teaching you either.”

Heart beating fast, Suga bit the inside of his lip as he looked into Oikawa’s lusty orbs. He couldn’t deny that the mere thought of doing it with the skilled captain was...intriguing, but he was still uncertain. Maybe they weren’t compatible, so this conversation would just run out in the sand, or if they tried nothing would go right. But the possibility that they could fit together was still there, and then Suga could finally get some of this insistent curiosity and sexual frustration out of his system. It was a gamble, but one that he felt himself more willing to bet on as the seconds passed.

“I-if you really want to tip the scales, you should kiss me,” Suga frowned so much he seemed angry, but the almost glowing blush on his face worked to make him as intimidating as a puppy. Oikawa laughed.

“If that’s what it'll take to convince you,” Oikawa licked his lips before standing up in his seat, reaching forward to place a hand on the nape of Suga’s neck to tug at his hair. Getting the hint, Suga raised his chin, looking up at Oikawa and feeling his breath hitch at the intensity of the hot gaze. Breathing was suddenly something he had to think about how to do, because when their lips touched he forgot he needed air all together.

It was nothing like Suga expected; no kind of reservation or doubt. Oikawa immediately opened his mouth to bite on Suga’s bottom lip, then sucking harshly on the reddening flesh. Suga whimpered before he tried to return the favour, only to have Oikawa’s tongue gliding along his teeth. Trying to not just get swept away, Suga forced his tongue past Oikawa’s lips, only to whimper in pleasure when it was mercilessly sucked at. It almost felt like something more obscene was being sucked, but Suga didn’t have time to think about that because the moment he lost a little concentration Oikawa took advantage of it. Suga’s eyes had closed somewhere down the line, sinking into the feeling of having his mouth invaded. He desperately tried to keep up, massaging his tongue against the other’s as it thrust inside his mouth. Feeling as if he was unable to do anything to match, Suga merely let him do what he wanted, moaning as he was forced to yield according to Oikawa’s actions. He didn’t mind though, because it felt good, really good.

When Suga thought he was going insane from the sensuality, Oikawa suddenly pulled away. Dazed and disoriented, Suga blinked his eyes open, panting and aware just how much saliva that was in his mouth. He swallowed as he realized that Oikawa was grinning triumphantly.

“I can take this as a ‘yes’?” Oikawa motioned to his shirt. The shirt that Suga had gripped so tightly his knuckles were turning white.

When did I do that?

In a hasty movement Suga let go and leaned back, brows coming together in an embarrassed frown.

“So?” Oikawa’s eyes sparkled, filled with anticipation. He definitely thought he had this one in the bag. Which he did.

“Yes,” Suga nodded, “yes, I’d like to t-try with you.”

“Wonderful,” if you could look sin in the eye, that was what Suga was doing the moment his consent was confirmed. It made a warm shiver run down his spine.

“A-are we going now?” Suga asked, glancing at the clock on the wall. It was near seven.

Oikawa sat down again and shook his head, “we both have school tomorrow, and we still need to discuss the details.”

“Oh…” Suga felt stupid, it was the first time they met like this and he was already expecting things.

Oikawa didn’t seem to notice his disappointment or embarrassment, or he didn’t address them, “First, let’s decide what you want to do.”

“What do you think would be good to start with?” Suga felt like he had to leave this in Oikawa’s hands, he was far too inexperienced to make demands.

“Like I said before, a blindfold and handcuffs might be enough the first time. I could bring vibrators too,” Oikawa tapped his cheek in thought, “how do you feel about dirty talk?”

“Dirty talk?” Suga cocked his head in question.

“Yeah, like describing what I do and shaming. Basically, I’ll be mean,” Oikawa’s mouth twitched up with mischief.

Suga bit the inside of his lip again. He had fantasized about it, heck, he’d even masturbated to the thought of being violated on the train, this should be the least he could take.

“I think I’ll be fine with that,” he nodded.

“Just so you know I can get a little carried away, so if I say something you don’t like, like if I call you names and stuff, tell me,” Oikawa then lit up as if he had just remembered something, “which reminds me, we need a safe word.”

“Safe word?” Suga had heard that was used, but he didn’t really know what it was.

“In BDSM the usual phrases like ‘no’ and ‘stop’ doesn’t carry the meaning they do in a vanilla relation. It’s kind of part of the sex that you protest, usually. Instead there’s a safety word and when either partner says it the sex stop, regardless of one being a second before orgasm or whatever. It stops,” Suga recoiled at the angry growl, Oikawa had turned his face down, but Suga could see the raw fury in the other’s expression.

“A-alright…” it made Oikawa snap back, blinking blankly a few times before smiling in apology.

“Sorry, I get kind of angry at the thought of not having a safety word,” he scratched the back of his head sheepishly, “do you have anything in mind? Something easy to remember and say.”

Suga’s nose wrinkled as he thought about it. Easy to say and remember but hard to mistake for something else, probably. It was harder than he thought, since he didn’t want to have something that was a total mood-killer, in case it was just something minor that needed to be fixed.

“How about ‘foul’?” he suggested, almost regretting it when Oikawa laughed.

“That’s perfect. Easy to remember,” Oikawa smiled and pulled out his phone, “I’ll write it down, ok?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Suga didn’t know if he was expected to answer, but might as well.

“Now that that’s out of the way, should we plan?” Oikawa set his chin in top of his hands, child-like eagerness twinkling in his eyes.

“I think I’ll let you take the lead with that one,” Suga made a stiff motion, letting the responsibility fall upon the other.

“I guess,” Oikawa stopped to think for a moment, “for the blindfold I’ll bring a material we can tie around your eyes and a pair of handcuffs. Do you prefer with or without fur?”

“Is there a difference?” Suga let out an amused huff.

“Without can hurt a bit more, and there’s the aesthetic, but other than that, nothing,” Oikawa shrugged.

“Then bring whatever you want. It doesn’t really matter to me,” Suga said, because it really didn’t.

“If you say so,” Oikawa had his phone out again, probably taking notes, “I’ll bring a small vibrator can decide when we meet up if you want to use it or not. Oh, I forgot to ask, do you want to go all the way?”

Suga raised an eyebrow, “I thought that was the point?”

A hearty laugh, “yeah, I guess you’d think that! It’s not necessary, the play is enough if you want to.”

Suga twisted his hands against each other under the table. Again, color was on his cheeks as he looked at Oikawa, who was patiently waiting for an answer. Suga had come here expecting full intercourse and to be honest, he’d probably be disappointed if it didn’t happen.

“If you don’t mind…”

“Don’t worry, Suga-chan, I am definitely all for it as long as you give me permission to,” Oikawa’s smirk was so sinfully suggestive Suga almost expected him to jump over the table and do it right now.

“That’s...fine then,” Suga felt his heart trying to make a break for it as he confirmed his consent. He was actually surprised at himself he could even sit here and say ‘yes I would like to have sex with you’ to Oikawa’s face. He must be going mad.

“Wonderful!” Oikawa exclaimed, clapping his hands together, “you know what you have to do to prepare yourself, right?”

Suga nodded.

“Well, just make sure to bring the stuff you need and we’ll go to a hotel,” Oikawa waved his hand at Suga’s concerned face, “it will be fine, the place I have in mind is the kind of place that has special bondage-rooms, they won’t lift an eyebrow at us coming through the door. But if you really do mind we can arrive separately.”

“No, I don’t think I’ll be able to go inside on my own,” Suga covered his face again, embarrassed by the thought of the receptionist giving him an unimpressed once-over.

“Let’s decide on where to meet up then. The hotel is two stations from here, so it would take twenty minutes to go there from here,” Oikawa hummed in thought.

“We can meet at the station? I take the train anyway, so I can just go over there at once,” Suga suggested.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea, I come by train as well,” Oikawa wrote down the location on his phone. Then he looked up, one eyebrow raised, “what day should we meet?”

Suga laughed, it was kind of funny neither of them had thought about that. “I’m free from Friday evenings…”

“Me too,” Oikawa smiled, “but maybe we should take Saturday evening? You could tell your parents you’re sleeping over at my place and you can take the day to prepare. I don’t think coming directly from club-activities would be good for your first time.”

“I-I agree,” Suga said, “what time should we meet up?”

“Well, the hotel has a deal from eight to stay the night until ten the next day, so half past seven at the station?” Oikawa pondered, looking up at Suga for his opinion.

“That’ll be great,” Suga smiled, feeling a strange sense of lightness coming over him. It was as if his lungs could suddenly take in more air, that his blood could travel faster in his veins. It was kind of like just before a match; the excitement of playing.

Oikawa gave him a look, analyzing, but then shifted his attention down on his phone again, “I’ll send you what you need to know like the time and place, then, everything you need to do is show up.”

“I will,” Suga nodded eagerly.

“That’s good then,” Oikawa grinned at the enthusiasm, then checked the time, “sorry, but there’s a train that leaves in a few, and I’d really like to catch it…”

“Oh! T-that’s fine! Sorry for keeping you…” Suga excused himself, realizing that his train was also closing in, “mine is coming soon as well.”

“It’s fine, we can go to the station together,” Oikawa stood up and began gathering his things; a muffler, gloves and a trenchcoat that made him look like a model, but Suga wasn’t about to tell him that.

“You don’t like the cold, do you?” Suga asked as they walked out the café. It was raining outside.

“No, I hate it when my hands freeze,” Oikawa shuddered at the damp air and opened his umbrella, unique in more ways than having a lime-green handle, “come on, let’s share.”

“Is that volleyball prints?” Suga snorted as he looked up at the mainly red fabric that had opened over him.

“Yeah, I got it from my school’s sponsor,” Oikawa wrinkled his nose, “it’s nothing to laugh at!”

“Sorry, I just didn’t think,” Suga was interrupted by another sudden giggle, “that you of all people would have one like this.”

“Then what should I have?” Oikawa pouted.

“I don’t know! I’m not an umbrella expert!” Suga chuckled and pulled Oikawa’s sleeve when he was about to wander out on the street when the light was still red, “but I guess it suits you, in a weird way.”

Oikawa just huffed, “you’re much blunter about these kinds of things.”

“Huh?” Suga frowned; what was he talking about?

“But I guess you’ll get used to more intimate topics soon,” Oikawa smirked mischievously.

Suga didn’t have a comeback to that, other than a sudden explosion of colour on his face. Oikawa just laughed at him. After that they walked in silence to the station, saying their goodbye as Oikawa got on his train. Suga was left on the platform for a few minutes where he could think today’s events through. Half of him wondered if he was stupid, the other was getting unbearably excited. Had he had a part left it would probably pat him on the back for being so brave to actually go through with it.