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Shower wall

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He pushes Derek against the shower wall and relishes in the moan he gets in return. He tightens his grip on Derek‘s wrists, slides them up and leans into him. He can feel Derek‘s heart pounding against his chest and he turns his mouth so he‘s right there, breathing in Derek‘s left ear.

“Such a good pup, my little well behaved boy. Submit so good,” he purrs. Derek shivers and Stiles feels him sag under his grip.

“Please sir,” Derek says and Stiles wants to tease him for that. Begging before Stiles even starts. This is a reward though, so Stiles decides to be kind. He squeezes Derek’s wrists once and whispers, tone low and dominant.

“What does my little pup want, huh? Do you want me to touch you?”

Derek nods so fast his head hits the wall and Stiles winces in sympathy. “Please sir, I’ll be so good for you.”

Stiles leans down to lick a nipple and Derek keens. “Hold your hands up pup. If you move them down, I stop touching you.”

Derek’s hands tense and Stiles looks forward to seeing Derek’s abs quiver trying to hold his hands above his head. Werewolf strength or no, he’s going to have to work for it.

Stiles let’s go of Derek and trails his hands with light feather touches down his body. First he slides them through the thick dark hair on his head, pulling slightly only to get Derek to purr so softly, it’s such a wonderful sound.

“Of course you’ll be good pup. Such a good sub, all good grades and an excellent job with the cheerleading squad during my game,” Stiles whispers into Derek’s skin as he maps out his face with his mouth.

Derek pushes at the praise, and almost too low for Stiles to hear, he says: “Didn’t even do that much. I’m just lifting the girls.”

Stiles has reached Derek’s chest by then, moving with soft touches and hot breath, but as Derek downplays himself, he twists a nipple and growls, his eyes flicking to red. Derek lowers his head even more at that. He still looks at Stiles, eyes shining yellow with pain that Stiles is still inflicting.

“What have I told you, Derek?” Stiles gets out, harsh and edged. “Don’t talk yourself down.”

“Sorry Alpha. I’ll try to be better for you sir,” Derek is automatically baring his throat, trying desperately to do something to please his Alpha and Stiles deflates. He nuzzles Derek’s neck, nipping with his fangs and trying to convince Derek’s wolf at least that he’s a good pup for Stiles.

“My good boy doesn’t need to be better for me, so perfect for me. You just need to be better for yourself. Say you’re my good pup, Derek,”

“I’m,” Derek starts and Stiles’ heart breaks a little at how uncomfortable Derek is, how he smells faintly of annoyance, but more of disappointment.

“I can’t lie to you Alpha.”

Stiles almost crumbles, but he pulls himself together, Derek cannot look at this as a failure.

“You wouldn’t be lying pup. You just need to believe it before it can sound like truth.”

He knows Derek doesn’t want him to hear the uptick in his heartbeat when he says the words.

Instead of prolonging the conversation and make Derek even more uncomfortable during his reward non-the-less, Stiles leans slightly away to unbutton his lacrosse pants. He pushes them slightly down, only so his cock can spring free.

“You wanna’ get on your knees for me pup? You wanna’ suck my cock here in the showers? Go ahead.”

Derek looks so relieved, happy that Stiles almost doesn’t notice how he lets himself fall on his knees. There’s no care to it, no elegance and Stiles hurries to catch him before his knees hit the floor.

“Derek watch yourself. My pup shouldn’t dole out pain where I have not ordered it. You need your strength for more fun things than healing broken knee shells.”

Derek only nods, he looks like he can’t wait a second longer so Stiles directs his cock to his mouth.

He moans as the warm, wet mouth takes him in and immediately deep throats him. He knows Derek is smelling his groin, so desperate to connect to the musky scent of Alpha.

“My good little pup. Is it a good reward? Does my little Beta like being on his knees for me? Your mouth is heaven. If you get me to come real soon, I’ll take you back to our bed and fuck you there.”

Derek groans around Stiles’ cock and he’s pretty sure Derek’s going to get him there soon.