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not quite sophistication

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There’s a laugh from the other side of the stockroom, and “Oh my God! AJ, have you seen this?”

AJ probably has. She’s the one who works here, after all. Still, she makes her way across to where her girlfriend’s knelt by a cardboard box of toys that are soon to be distributed around the shop.

“What is it, Paige?”

Paige lifts something out of the box, and AJ can hardly tell what it is because Paige is doubled over with laughter. AJ can’t quite help a laugh, too: not at the toy – just at Paige’s ridiculousness over it.

“You’re lucky Nikki lets you in here while I’m working,” she tells Paige. “You’re lucky she isn’t in here right now.”

Nikki, the store’s owner, doesn’t particularly appreciate it when Paige makes fun of her wares. She likes Paige well enough, but probably would a lot more if Paige didn’t think it was funny to line up a whole display’s worth of vibrators on the checkout counter and watch them buzz on the surface like jumping beans.

AJ thinks Paige just enjoys winding Nikki up: when AJ brings something home from work, Paige sure as hell isn’t immature about using it.