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Madness Thrust Upon 'Em

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"Did I tell you why I'm really here?"

"Yes," sighs Alice. Im Eun-Soo tells everyone who will listen why she's here. According to the doctors, she says with pride, she is an egomaniac and a compulsive liar, and a sapphist to boot, but the last one's on all their files whether or not it's true. It's not their fault none of them can pretend to be fond of the calibre of men they usually meet here, or of what is done to them by those men.

"No, why I'm really here." Eun-Soo blows her nose on her shift hem. Alice Kirkland and Amelia Jones sit up and look curiously at her. She looks down at the filthy floor and pauses until they think she's forgotten what she was about to say. Finally she says "My little brother killed a man who tried to hurt me, and my parents thought I did it."

Honda Sakura will not break the code of the Striped Stocking Society, but she sighs quietly. The Honda and Im families did business together before their respective daughters both entered the Asylum; while they weren't very close they met a few times, and the girl jokingly called her eonni and borrowed her best writing pen. Eun-Soo doesn't have a little brother.

Alice squints across the corridor into the cell the Asian girls share, her green eyes fixing on an empty spot. "Is that him next to you? The lad in the green jacket?"

"Oh, yes!" Eun-Soo says, clapping gleefully. "He wasn't going to leave me, after all."

Come to think of it, Sakura remembers, Eun-Soo's older brother died when she was very small... Has she mentioned the green jacket in front of Alice before? Probably.

Nobody really has to ask why Alice is here.