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*Insert Inappropriate Joke about Snowballs Here*

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It was the first time the couple had been able to spend any time together, just the two of them, since their little one was born.

“I can’t believe it’s just us,” CJ said as she walked over to the couch, handing Danny a mug of her spiked hot chocolate.

“I know,” he responded, taking the mug from her.

CJ cozied up next to him on the overstuffed couch, tucking her legs underneath her. She wrapped her hands around the hot cup and absorbed the warmth, both from it and from the peppermint schnapps.

Danny enfolded her in the thick comforter. “The fire is going strong. You ready to watch your favorite Christmas movie?”

CJ giggled. “You know it’s still November, right? We haven’t even gotten to my birthday or Thanksgiving yet!”

“I know,” Danny responded, “but now that the baby is here we’re not going to have very much time to sit and watch these kinds of movies... or any non-Disney movies for a while, either.”

“I know.” She leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for doing this.” She paused then said, “I’ve missed you. This. Us.”

He smiled and turned his head, “I’ve missed you, too.” He gave her a gentle kiss on her crown then pressed play.

“Wait!” CJ stopped him. “Hit pause!”

Danny looked at her. “What? It hasn’t even started yet!”

“I know! But we need popcorn!” CJ set her mug on the coffee table in front of them and scrambled up into the kitchen. “Ooh! Do you think there’s an air popper here? I like that so much better than the microwave stuff.”

“I don’t think so. If I didn’t think I’d get caught in the snow I’d offer to run out to get some for you but I think we’re stuck with microwaveable.”

CJ let out an affected sigh. “Fine. I guess you’re not the provider I thought you were!” She laughed as she put in a bag of extra butter popcorn.

“Yeah, well, it’s too late now. You’re stuck with me,” Danny joked back.

Two minutes later, CJ pulled the bag from the microwave, dumped the popcorn in a big blue bowl and walked back over to the couch. She handed Danny the bowl as she cozied up next to him under the blanket, again, and grabbed her mug. She took a healthy pull from it and a handful of popcorn.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” She asked, playfully.

“You’re good now? Don’t need to use the facilities or maybe you want to stoke the fire?” Danny flashed her a big cheesy smile. “Maybe you want to put on a different sweater?”

CJ smacked his shoulder playfully. “You’re lucky you’re good at killing spiders ‘cuz I’d leave you! Just push play already?”

Danny chuckled and reached for the remote. “You’re sure?”

“Danny!” CJ grabbed a handful of popcorn and tossed it at him.

Danny set his mug down and did the same. CJ caught some in her mouth and giggled. He pulled the bowl away from her as she reached for another handful.

“Hey! No fair! You have the ammo!”

“I know,” Danny laughed. “But I also have this,” he said putting his hand around the back of her head, pulling her in for a deep kiss.

CJ reached for the bowl as Danny moved it to the table. He moved his now free hand to intercept her before she got to the bowl and pulled her hand into his, interlacing their fingers along the way, giving it a gentle squeeze before coming to rest on his lap.

When their kiss broke moments later, CJ opened her eyes and looked at Danny, “I’m sorry, what?”

Danny smiled. “Works every time.”

CJ laughed, “hey!”

Danny reached in to repeat the maneuver but was stymied when she’d clearly caught on and dodged him, reaching for the bowl of popcorn.

“Don’t make me launch another attack!”

Danny threw his hands in the air, “truce?”

CJ narrowed her eyes and looked at him. “Fine. But I’m holding on to the bowl.”

“Fine by me,” Danny playfully sighed, “gives me free reign to do this.” He reached under the blanket and let his fingers explore her lap, walking up and down and in between her thighs, finding their way to her zipper and slowly taking it down.

CJ giggled, “Danny! I thought we were going to watch the movie!”

Danny leaned in and took her earlobe in his mouth, “we’ll get there.” He flicked it with his tongue as his fingers slid into her jeans.

He gasped and pulled back. “You’re…”

CJ grinned at him and innocently asked, “what?”

“You’re not wearing any panties. God!” Danny took her mouth in his before she could respond and almost immediately began flicking her clit with his dangerously skilled fingers.

CJ moaned into his mouth.

Danny’s fingers worked their magic in a way only he knew how. He pulled his mouth from hers and nuzzled her neck, whispering dirty things in her ear.

“I love how wet you get for me baby. It makes my cock twitch.” He slid a finger inside her and placed his thumb over her clit. “Does it feel this good when you touch yourself?”

CJ gasped a barely audible, “mmm,” as she began to rock against Danny’s hand.

“You like that?”

CJ nodded her head, closing her eyes before resting it on the back of the couch, her breathing getting deeper and more labored. “I…” she panted.

“You what, baby? Tell me.” Danny’s hot breath covered her neck as he slid another finger inside her.

“Oh god!” CJ moaned as her orgasm creeped closer. Danny felt her insides tensing.

“Cum for me,” he growled into her neck, gently nibbling just below her ear. Before she could respond, Danny’s mouth once again enveloped hers.

CJ groaned and came, her breath hitching in her throat. Her thighs tensed and her hips rose as Danny’s ministrations continued. He removed his thumb but continued on inside her. He made a “come hither” motion with them, teasing CJ’s G spot.

Her fingers dug into the couch cushions and she started seeing stars before moving her hand on top of his to steady his movements. Danny stilled his hand, not removing it, as her body collapsed into the seat.

He slowly withdrew his fingers and watched her face while doing so, waiting to see the grin that’d soon wash over her face. Her hips twitched twice then she giggled softly.

“Mmm,” she smiled. She reached over to pat him on the chest or stomach or wherever her arm happened to fall, “thank you.”

Her breathing slowly returned to normal, her eyes remaining closed. She sighed, finally opening them and looked at Danny. “Movie?”

Danny snickered, “sure.” He reached for the remote and pressed play. As he leaned over to grab a sip of hot chocolate, he felt some movement next to his lap.

“What? I thought we were watching the movie.”

“We’ll get there. Do you honestly think I’d let your hard cock go to waste? How long have you known me?”

Danny smiled and sat back, letting CJ take what she wanted. She gave him a big smile before burrowing under the blankets.

The Twentieth Century Fox logo started to play as CJ reached for Danny’s zipper. She giggled and lifted up the blanket. “You really wanna be staring at Bruce Willis while you’re getting a BJ?” She squeezed his cock for emphasis.

“Oh!” Danny came back to his senses and began fumbling for the remote. “Where the hell did it go? I just had it.”

CJ took all of him in her mouth and proceeded to suck on him quickly. Danny’s hips twitched as once again he forgot what he was doing.

CJ popped him out of her mouth then slowly slid her teeth gently along his shaft.

Danny hissed, “oh god.”

She giggled again and pulled off, replacing her lips with her hand, stroking him slowly but deliberately. “Something you want to tell me about a newly obtained affinity for John MacLane?”

“Oh, god. No. Where’s the fucking remote?” CJ giggled while venturing back down under the afghan and flicked his head with her tongue.

The room got quiet.

“Finally,” CJ said with a grin.

“Well, I wish I could take credit for that but I think the power just went out.”

CJ raised her head to look around the room, confirming that it had in fact gone dark.

“Guess some higher power is on my side,” CJ said, kissing his head once again.


“Well you obviously weren’t giving me the attention I so rightly deserve here so the power went out. Now you have no choice but to sit back and enjoy.”

“But I swear I couldn’t find…” CJ interrupted his whine by deepthroating him, effectively taking away his power of speech.

He groaned, “oh my god, CJ.”

“Mmm,” she hummed, with him fully down her throat.

He hissed again, throwing the blanket off of them. “Fireplace.”

“Hmm?” CJ asked while continuing to bob her head.

“I wanna enjoy this show. Let’s go over by the fireplace.”

CJ pulled off of him and stood, wiggling out of her jeans. As they fell to the floor, CJ turned and bent over in front of her husband to grab the blanket off the floor. “Kay.”

She walked toward the fireplace and arranged the blanket on the hard wood floor then turned to face him, reaching to pull off her thick cream-colored sweater.

Danny remained seemingly rooted to the couch, stunned, watching the show CJ started to put on for him. She swirled a her tongue around a finger then proceeded to run it down her in between her breasts while subtly pointing out to Danny that she wasn’t wearing a bra, either. Said finger made its way to one of her nipples and began circling it, bringing it to a stiff peak.

Her eyes followed it before looking up at her audience. She cocked her head to the side, bit her lower lip, then beckoned in her most seductive voice, “come fuck me Daniel.”

The use of his birth name never failed to get his full attention, especially when CJ said it. He rose from the couch, expertly side-stepped the corner of the coffee table, without breaking eye contact, and walked over to her.

CJ wrapped her arms around him and pressed the full length of her body against him. She went to kiss him but Danny had other ideas. He dropped his head and bit down on her other, non-erect nipple. CJ gasped and threw her head back, running her fingers through his reddish curls.

His tongue flicked it from between his teeth, his beard scratched her soft flesh, providing a welcome contrast.

Danny dropped to his knees, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his mouth. CJ lifted her leg and rested it on his shoulder.

“God, Danny! You’re so good to me.”

Danny nipped at one of her lips then lavished her with a deep, all-encompassing kiss.

CJ’s hips bucked.

Danny reached for one of her hands as he sat back on his heels and looked up. “C’mere,” he said, tugging on her hand.

CJ, too, knelt in front of Danny. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back. With a grin and an arched eyebrow, she commanded, “now lay down. Mama needs a ride.”

Danny peeled his pants and shirt off and tossed them aside, then lay down on the blanket to make himself comfortable.

CJ stood up and walked away.

“Uhh, CJ?”

“Hang on,” she replied. She walked over to the couch and grabbed a pillow then returned and positioned herself over him, expertly lowering herself over his hips.

CJ leaned forward, pushing her breasts into his face, straddling his hips keeping herself just barely out of reach. She placed the pillow under Danny’s head then kissed his neck. “Gotta make sure my man is comfortable.”

She flicked his earlobe once then began to shimmy down his body, letting her nipples graze his chest.

Danny’s hands ran down her back and settled on her ass as CJ reached down and positioned him just beneath her.

Again, she bit her lower lip and looked him in the eyes, “tell me how badly you want me.”

“Oh my god,” he started, “my body craves your touch. Your scent drives me mad.”

She grinned and ran her fingernails over his bare chest, digging in just enough to leave a trail of evidence.

“Mmm, continue,” she said beginning to lower herself on him. She let out a long sigh as she began to adjust to his girth within her.

“Oh fuck baby,” Danny said fighting to concentrate.

“Gonna need more than that,” she said with a wicked grin. And just to reinforce her point, she flexed her muscles around him.

“I… ohgoddon’tstop… um, well?” He stopped to re-gather his thoughts, “it physically hurts when I have to withdraw from you…I actually feel a void.”

CJ quickly and unexpectedly sobered and looked at him then leaned down to kiss him. “I thought it was just me.” She exhaled quietly then planted her lips firmly on his once again and rocked her hips, only this time there was no sense of urgency. What seemingly started out as mommy and daddy playtime had turned into the opportunity to reconnect they didn’t know they so desperately needed.

It amazed them both how quickly fucking could turn into love making. Their bodies molded into one another’s. Their mutual thrusts were met with expert timing.

Danny lifted her head from his so he could look into her eyes. But before he could articulate what he wanted, CJ stopped him with what he was about to ask, “I want you on top of me.”

In one not-so-swift movement, they had repositioned themselves, Danny on top of CJ, CJ under him, settling into a sense of complete security. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him into her.

Danny’s thrusts were deep and meaningful. CJ’s arms enfolded him; no visible light could pass between their bodies.

She began to feel the familiar burn deep within her and broke their kiss to make her needs known. “Danny? Harder? Please?”

He grinned and continued at his torturously slow, albeit, sensual, pace.

“Oh fuck! Danny! Please?” She begged.

Danny’s thrusts became deeper and more deliberate as he, too, felt that familiar sensation building within him. He felt CJ squirm below him before seeing a look of pure determination settle on her face.

She reached up and peeled off her socks then planted both of her feet on the wooden floor. Gaining traction, she started fucking him back.

Although Danny had half expected this maneuver it still surprised him when, again, she took what she needed.

CJ braced her hands against Danny’s chest as she felt her orgasm continue to build and dug her nails into his flesh when it hit her: she’d lost all power of speech and all she could manage was an ineloquent guttural moan, seeming to originate from her toes.

Her internal spasms contrasting with the prickling of her nails into his chest spurred Danny on harder and faster and deeper before he, too, joined her inability to speak. He buried himself deep within her.

CJ moved her legs and arms back around him, slowly, as Danny began to rest his chest on top of hers. They kissed gently again, completely lost in the moment, the feeling of their bodies joined as one.

Danny softened and slowly slid out of her then then consciously scooted down a bit, resting his head on her chest. CJ whimpered almost imperceptibly but Danny felt it. He lifted his head and placed a tender kiss between her breasts. “Sorry baby. It’s hard to stay inside you when I’m no longer harder than a diamond.”

She smiled. “I know. Can’t blame me for missing you, though.”

The couple laid there feeling the warmth from the fire and the cool air on their sweaty skin for a few minutes before CJ burst into laughter.

Danny raised his head and looked at her, “what?”

“Nothing. I was just thinking about what I just said, you know, a minute ago, about me missing you?”


“How cheesy did that sound?”

Danny chuckled, well luckily this is off the record so no one has to know. Although I may keep it in my back pocket for future reference.”

“Danny!” CJ placed her hands on her face and, with a laugh, covered it, still embarrassed.

“Hey, I didn’t say it’d be for public use. Just maybe when I royally screw up or something? You know, like a get out of jail free card?”

The lights flickered.

“Hey look, we might not have to have stale popcorn for dinner after all.”

CJ opened her eyes and saw the power flicker on. “Who would have thought a log cabin in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm would make us lose power?” She raised up and rested on her elbows, “hey, get up, I need to use the loo while we still have power.”

She scrambled up from underneath him and headed towards the bathroom.

“Uh, you know we can still flush if the power goes out, right?”

“I know,” she yelled back, “but I uh, like to see what I’m doing?”

Danny laughed. “You are weird.”

“Yeah, but you married me! What does that say about you? Besides this way we have hot water so we can clean ourselves up a bit.”

CJ finished in the bathroom to find a re-clothed husband and two reheated (and re-spiked) mugs of hot chocolate on the table next to the couch. She walked over to the fire place, threw on her sweater and another log and grabbed the blanket. She slide into her jeans then picked up her mug and took a sip as Danny walked over and sat next to her.

“Look what I found,” he said holding out his newly found source of entertainment. “A can of whipped cream,” he presented it proudly.

“Too bad we didn’t have that 15 minutes ago. Our food fight would have turned out much differently!”

“Yeah,” Danny laughed, “we wouldn’t have gotten our deposit back on this place if we had.”

He squirted a dollop on to her mug and did the same with his before taking a healthy hit from it. Danny gave a big smile, held out the can above her mouth, and raised his eyebrows seemingly asking if she wanted some.

“Of course,” she said before opening wide, sticking out her tongue. Danny filled her up mouth and leaned in for another kiss as soon as she went to close it, sliding in his tongue.

“You know?” He asked swallowing the last little taste, “this stuff tastes better on you. I wonder what it’d taste like on your nipples!” His eyes grew wide with curiosity.

“Nuh uh. Not now,” she said pushing him away from her. “Now it’s time for ‘Die Hard’. I LOVE this movie!”

She reached forward and hit play on the remote then snuggled back into him. He tried to hide his pout.

CJ took a finger full of whipped cream and smeared it on the tip of Danny’s nose then promptly licked it off. “What’s with you? You usually need a bit more downtime than that. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.” She laughed and asked jokingly, “what? Did you take a little blue pill or something?”

Danny’s face flushed. “No.”

CJ sat up. “Oh my god! Did you?”

“No! But I have one. And I wanted to talk to you about it before taking it. I knew you wouldn’t buy a ‘renewed vigor’ story so I figured I’d try asking how you felt about before trying it.” He raised his eyebrows and begged “please don’t judge me” with his eyes.

“Danny. You are so sweet. After the movie? Or maybe tomorrow. You didn’t have any plans to go out tomorrow, did you? We could spend it Christening every room in this place. Ooh! And the hot tub,” CJ added excitedly. “Ha! That gives new meaning to snowballing, huh?” She snickered at her own sophomoric joke.

He sat back and looked at her, “okay, one? Gross. And two, are you serious?” Danny asked, almost incredulously.

She smiled and nodded, taking another sip of her hot chocolate.

“And what’s the deal with this movie anyway?”

“Yeah,” she replied, “and I told you, it’s my favorite Christmas movie. It was one of the only movies my brothers and dad and I could all agree on to watch around the holidays and it takes place just before Christmas, so it just sort of became a thing. Plus? Bruce Willis is hot. I just wanna…” she trailed off then looked at Danny, “I mean, I love you.” She flashed him a big toothy grin and planted a sweet “forgive me” kiss on his lips.

He smiled and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer. “No worries. You know me and my thing for that lady with legs that won’t quit on that tv show about the white house and the president and all the people that worked for him? Yeah. The one you wouldn’t watch with me because you said it hit too close to home?”

She laughed, “Yes dear.”