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Bending Dancers

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Asami gingerly unwrapped her feet, whoever said that dancing was easy had obviously never tried to perfectly do a grand jetai. She rubbed her feet a little before standing up and leaving the mirror lined room. Other girls, and a few guys, were mingling in the halls; classes were out but they all still had their private practices. Asami ignored the looks people sent her way, she got that a lot because of who her father was; the president of Sato School for The Arts. Most people whispered that she was only in the school because her father was the president; but that was not the case.

She had worked her ass off in auditions and lessons to get here, she’d even used a fake name on the audition form to ensure the judges would base her acceptance or denial on her talent; not who her father was. Asami walked to her locker and pulled out the books inside, not only did she have all her dance, acting, and singing courses; she also had all the normal school required classes to muddle through. Asami was tall, long bodied and thin. She had pale ivory skin and long raven black hair with pale green eyes. She was a little bustier than most the girls in her class, but she learned to be thankful for that; guys seemed to like her body more than the other girls. Asami paused as she neatly placed her books in the bag at her side and grabbed a clean towel to wipe her face with.

Once she had what she needed she walked out into the cool evening air. Sate Art School was different, it was a private school that generally had their students live on campus. They had the normal school day hours and then four more hours in the late afternoon where the art classes were focused on. Once you went through all the classes you then had to maintain a minimum of one hour practice on your own time plus homework and eating. Going to this school took dedication and work, going here meant you wanted to do this more than life itself.

Asami sighed as she felt the warmth of the sun on her face, she was glad it was Friday and she would have the next two days to do homework and maybe get in some more practice. She also needed to replace a few articles of clothing and do laundry, no rest for the weary that is for sure. Asami paused as she heard the thumping beat of music off in the little common area that separated the dance studio building from the auditorium and acting class building. A group of dancers, all in street cloths, were dancing to some up beat song. Asami moved closer so she could watch, if there was street dancing happening then she would here; and Asami never missed the chance to watch her dance.

The group was in a hald circle with one dancer doing all kinds of outrageous and amazing moves in the center. Asami stood there through two songs and was about to give up hope when she spotted her, Korra Avatar. Asami was not sure when she started looking for her, or even why she did; but she did know that whenever she roamed campus she kept an eye out for the lovely girl. Korra was shorter than Asami by a couple inches. She was toned, well defined muscles rippled across her body. She had darkly tanned skin and chin length brown hair which she always covered with a hat. Her most striking feature were her eyes, a beautiful shade of blue that Asami sometimes imagined in her dreams.

Korra jumped in the circle and began to dance like no other. She did flips and twirls her arms going from stiff robotics movements to movements that looked like water in seconds. She was amazing at this kind of dancing, Korra was really quiet good at several forms of dance. Street dancing/hiphop seemed to come naturally to Korra, but she was all very good at Jazz and Tap. The only thing she seemed to really struggle with was Ballet, and Asami was not surprised. Ballet was strict, every part of your body had a specified way to look and you had to nail that look perfectly to be of any notice. Korra wasn’t horrible, she just needed to tighten her movements and train her body to do everything the way she told it without fail.

Asami didn’t notice as Korra stepped out of the circle and looked up at her. She was about to smile and wave when someone came up behind her. “Hey Asami! Want to grab something to eat?” Mako asked coming up and sliding an arm around her waste.

Asami sighed as she watched jealousy boil in Korra’s eyes, leave it to her to piss of the only girl that could be worth getting to know. “Yeah lets do it! You want to change first or eat and go practice together?” Asami asked with a flirtations smile. She did not really need to practice more, but it would give her an excuse to let Mako lift her up and hold her.
“Lets stay in our tights that way we cane come back. I need to work on my lifts, I’m partnered with Opal this term and I don’t want to drop my brothers girlfriend.” He said giving Asami’s cheek a kiss.

Asami rolled her eyes and Mako turned her and they walked away. “So dropping your girlfriend is preferable?” She asked playfully. Mako laughed and they walked out of hearing.

It was not that she hated the Sato girl, she did not really know her. But she dislike that Mako was with her, he was an amazing dancer and one of the best on her street dance crew. But the fact that Asami Sato, some stuck up Ballet cheerleader was dating him grated her the wrong way….certainly did not have anything to do with the fact she like Mako.
Korra shook her head, she could not afford to screw things up with Mako right now; she needed him for the up coming competition. But once it was over she was coming at him hard, Sato or no Sato she would try to win the boy over.

Korra had worked hard to get into this school on a full scholarship. She spent a lot of time in the library being tutored in math and English, and even more time in the Dance studios practicing. People like Asami drove her crazy, people that had everything handed to them. Asami’s dad owned the school so of course she had gotten in; from the rumors Korra heard she did not even audition her dad just waved her through. Korra ground her teeth before turning and walking towards her dorm, since the term was restarting she would have a new roommate and she was hoping she’d be there to meet. Korra walked into Sato Hall and walked the stairs to the third floor. Her dorm was 2H, she pushed open the door and was surprised to see that the new girls stud was already set up; although she was nowhere to be seen.

Korra looked over at the new girls stuff, she seemed to really like the color of deep red. There were also posters of cars and a couple of schematics for complex machinery. Korra smiled impressed, a girl like this one should be an awesome roommate. Korra flopped onto her bed with a groan, she was exhausted and starving.
Several hours, and couple packages of instant noodles, later Korra was finishing up her homework when the door jingled as it was unlocked. And in walked…..Asami Sato.

“Hi nice to meet you I’m….” She stopped as she looked up at Korra after closing and locking the door. She looked at Korra in surprise and Korra had to hold back the eye roll she so badly wanted to give. “Korra what a surprise!? This is so great!” Asami said ignoring the look of unease that Korra was giving her.

“Hold up there rich girl, that’s your stuff over there? All the cars and blueprints and stuff!” Korra said not believing that a suppose stuck up snob could be into those things. This time Asami did pick up on the subtle hostility being blow in her direction.

Asami sighed and walked over to her bed, throwing her bag on it and grabbing her toiletries. “You obviously won’t believe me when I say yes so what does it matter. I’m sorry you didn’t get a roommate you approved of, I’ll make sure to stay out of your way.” She said and started walking to the door, she paused as she reached for the handle. “I kind of hoped we could be friends, you didn’t seem like the others….” Asami said softly and then walked out to shower.

Korra watched her go with a shocked look, then she flopped back in her chair with a groan. “Good job Korra you hurt her feelings. When she comes back say sorry and lets try to get along.” Korra muttered as she finished her homework. Asami came back in and she seemed more stiff than before, even worse was the nasty laughing following her into the room.

Korra was about to ask when she spotted it, Asami’s once black hair had a redish tint to it; the girls had messed with her shampoo. Korra had heard about some of the rich girls on campus doing that, she had always assumed Asami was one of them; but now she was a little confused. Korra pushed out of her chair and opened the door, lightly pushing Asami out of the way.

“Hey Ballet Bitches!!” She yelled into the hallway and group of four girls crossed their arms and glared at her. “Mess with my roomie and I’ll personally shred all your tutu’s.” She finished and then slammed the door shut for emphasis. Asami looked at her shocked, she was clutching her toiletry bag to her chest. Korra side and rubbed the back of her neck angrily.

“Sorry about earlier, I pegged you as one of them. I’ll try not to be such a jerk in the future.” She said and offered Asami a half smile. Asami smiled back at her and Korra could have sworn she saw a tear in her eye.

“Thanks Korra.” She whispered.

Korra was not sure how this was all going to go, she still did not care for Sato; but if she was roommates with might as well make sure she does not have to deal with her crying over her hair all the time.