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Misunderstood, Misinterpreted, and Moggie

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Alec groaned and fisted his fingers in dark curls, tugging the eager mouth away from his neck so he could claim a rough kiss. His cock slipped free and Alec took the opportunity to flip his partner face first into the sheets, shoving the younger man roughly into position so he could push back in in one hard movement.

"Fuck! Needed this" Alec growled. His fingers clamped onto his lover's hips. "Make some noise you little shite. Let me hear you."

The dark haired boy keened beneath him, scrabbling at the sheets with slim fingers as Alec fucked into him mercilessly.  He rutted against a fold of duvet that bunched under his hips as the large blonde targeted his prostate. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" he panted with every thrust.  "Make me... Fuck.  Make me..."

"I'll fucking make you..." Alec watched his cock drive into the pale begging man. "So fucking need to... Fuck!" He came, cursing the little shite for being too fucking good. The boy shuddered and came into the bedding with a grunt.

Alec pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, rolling over to check the clock. An hour before he needed to be out the door. Time to get things moving.  He slapped the young man's arse, not even giving him time to catch his breath. "Don't get comfortable sweetheart, time to go."