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Kurt was never exactly sure how his 'harem' was formed.

He had been friends with Brittany Pierce since the age of seven years old, when they had attended the same contemporary dance classes together and befriended each other. Their ability was stellar and that, plus Kurt's effeminacy and Brittany's dreamy way of asking farfetched questions, made them somewhat the outcasts of the class. The other children stuck to each other and stayed away from Kurt and Brittany wherever possible. Strangely, Kurt and Brittany did not seem to mind this, though, as each other's choreographic ideas and motifs were designed around the two of them. Their performance prowess was well beyond the usual realms of what a typical seven year old can achieve and their teacher recognised this. Instead of teaching them the basic steps and routines that she had been teaching the other students, she instructed them to complete complex choreography tasks and come up with a routine that was fresh and innovative and, if it met her standards, she would allow the duo to perform it at the recital as an added number. Excited by the prospects of a spotlight routine, Kurt and Brittany got stuck into the work, meeting several times a week for practice sessions, neither one complaining about the advanced nature of their assignment. When the other kids began to display several signs of jealousy, they took it out on Kurt, who they believed to be the vulnerable little boy of the group. Brittany was always there to defend Kurt, which the small boy appreciated. Kurt could handle what they threw at him, but it was always nice to have somebody in his corner.

From then on, Brittany had become fascinated with the man that Kurt Hummel was rapidly becoming. The tragic, sudden death of his mother meant that Kurt was growing up much earlier than any child should ever have to. At the age of eleven, Kurt was far more emotionally developed than any of his peers, and Brittany recognised this. Kurt understood what to say and when to say it, whilst grasping people's sensitivities to certain subjects. Instead of being a loquacious pre-teen, Kurt spoke and behaved more like an adult. This jarred Brittany somewhat, as sometimes she felt that she didn't know what to say around Kurt. She felt that anything she might say would be too childish and immature for him. That was when she realised that Kurt was still a child, but acted more like an adult when around other people. Brittany was the one person that he could be a child around. Everybody else had Kurt erecting his emotional shields and holding them in place, become more lackadaisical with each conversation. His interests were the same and his conversations were based around the same things as before, but he processed and expressed them in different, more mature methods. This had spurred Brittany on to be smarter and more observant. She continued to worry that Kurt would leave her behind and make older friends, with who he had more to discuss. Brittany learned new words and remembered when to use them in her speech. She worked harder in school to try and be as clever as Kurt. She watched people whenever she could and realised that people vastly underestimated her.

Except for Kurt. Kurt had always been the one person that she could safely call her equal. He never judged her for the things that she said or the things that she did. If he said something that she did not comprehend, he would take the time to explain it to her, rather than dismissing her altogether. She appreciated that and she loved him for it. He was her first friend.

Their friendship progressed throughout their teenage years. Brittany had realised that Kurt was gay when they were thirteen. She had never before really looked out for any signs but, now that she knew what it was, she clicked on to it quickly. Kurt was yet to tell her, but she knew that he would when he was comfortable. By this point, they were more akin to siblings than best friends. They confessed their deepest secrets to each other, including Kurt coming out to her (which happened during freshman year) and Brittany telling him that she was attracted to a girl on the Cheerios with her. Kurt, being Kurt, had obviously not made a big deal about this fact, but when Brittany made it clear that she was still interested in boys, that had stumped him.

Kurt had researched being gay on his phone (where his dad couldn't see his Internet activity) but he lacked understanding of bisexuality and had previously dismissed it as not being a viable state of sexuality. When Brittany had told him about herself, he had felt terrible that he had misjudged the situation entirely. Brittany had expressed it in such a manner that he felt guilty for having ever doubted its feasibility in the first place. Brittany had opened his mind considerably and he had thanked her for that. Their friendship wasn't one that many people caught onto, because it wasn't paraded around the school, but it was sacred and the bond the two shared would last forever and there was nothing they wouldn't do to protect each other. Brittany had yelled at a jock for pushing Kurt into a locker, which had gotten Brittany insulted, which had spurred Kurt on to insult him back (rather impressively, Brittany had thought) which started a regular cycle of the two looking out for each other. Kurt couldn't stand to see Brittany hurt or upset, so tried to keep the bullying from her, unsuccessfully.

When Kurt had played straight during their sophomore year and had wanted to make out with a girl and asked Brittany, since they were already comfortable, Brittany had sat him down and gently lectured him about why it wasn't a good idea. She encouraged his individuality and reassured him that his dad loved him, no matter where Finn was. Kurt had avoided having his first kiss be with a girl, his childhood sister of all girls, and continued to be proud of the person he had become. Brittany thought he was pretty awesome and that was good enough for Kurt.

His friendship with Quinn Fabray had begun in freshman year, when (believing his heterosexuality) he had been waiting for Brittany outside of the gymnasium after Cheerios and she had asked him out, noticing his attractiveness and making a move. Kurt had been speechless. He had not expected to be asked out by the head cheerleader and did not know whether to decline or accept. Thinking of Brittany's words when he had come out, he had politely declined, though had proposed an offer to go shopping with her after hearing of the vast depletion in her shoe collection. She had heartily accepted and the two had gone on various shopping excursions afterwards. Quinn was impressed with his eye for fashion, and had quietly asked him if he was gay. He had just nodded, not wanting to say it aloud just yet. He was still properly accepting it himself. He briefly debated the merits of outing himself to the head cheerleader, but he had done it as he had found himself strangely interested in the girl. He thought she was simply marvellous and she loved his company just as much.

It had helped that Brittany liked Quinn, too. The two blondes were active in the Cheerios together and now they had Kurt in common too. Quinn was slowly becoming a member of their weekly sleepovers and shopping trips. When Quinn started dating Finn, just before sophomore year, it had struck a potential rift in their friendship. Kurt liked Finn and Brittany knew that. When Finn had lovingly picked her up from Kurt's house, he had bolted back inside, not being able to stand to watch them dotingly kiss each other outside of his house. Brittany had felt bad for Kurt and asked Quinn politely not to do it again. When Quinn had asked why, it had been Kurt who had told her. Quinn had admitted his courage for telling someone that he liked their boyfriend but she didn't mind and would respect him enough not to commit PDA while Kurt was around or talk about him to them. Kurt was very appreciative of Quinn's actions, and that had only made him like her more.

From then on, it was the three of them. Quinn resisted against the tempting pull of popularity that threatened to drive a wedge between her and Kurt, simply liking the boy too much to not be friends with him. She had been knocked down a few rungs in the popularity ladder and had not batted an eyelid. It was the trio against the world.

Kurt's friendship with Tina Cohen-Chang began long before Quinn arrived on the scene. They were casual friends at elementary school, but hadn't really cemented a bond between them as of yet, so they didn't make much effort to see other. However, when they did at school, the conversation was effortless. Kurt thought Tina was great, if not a little shy. As they gradually grew up and Tina began to stutter, Tina was in awe of Kurt's confidence and resilience. She saw how the other mean boys knocked him down every day about his voice and his clothes and she also saw how he picked himself back up and refused to let it bother him. This had inspired her to become more confident within herself. She had asked Kurt how to become more confident and he just said:

"You do it by liking yourself and knowing that you are being exactly who you want to be. And even if you don't like yourself particularly much, tell yourself that you do and the confidence flows through. By liking who you are, or displaying pseudo-fondness, you don't let other people tell you about yourself and you just walk around proudly. But you should love yourself anyway, Tina Cohen-Chang, because you're pretty great." When Tina had asked him if he liked himself, it was that moment that Kurt knew that they would be friends. Her absorption of his answer and quiet observations had resulted in Tina seeing things about Kurt that nobody else besides Brittany did. She knew it was a mask, a façade that he conjured to make people think that their words and actions couldn't affect him. Tina was silently sure that Kurt let his emotions best him in the privacy of his own bedroom, though she would never ask him.

It wasn't until freshman year, though, that Kurt and Tina really connected and became close friends. They had both signed up to McKinley's Glee Club, Rhythm Explosion, on their first day, and decided that they would go for it together. They were together in their mutual distaste for Rachel Berry and her daily attire. They were together in their quest to get solos. They were together in everything Glee-related and, gradually, everything else too. Tina had warmed to Brittany rather speedily, which Kurt was thankful for. Brittany liked the other girl just as much, though realised that there was a lot she didn't know about the girl.

When Quinn had entered the situation, Tina had been somewhat frightened. She had confessed to Kurt that having the head cheerleader around make her nervous, but Kurt had assured her that Quinn was lovely and, even if she was a little judgmental sometimes, she had pure intentions. Tina had, rather surprisingly, found out that Quinn was a lovely person and the girls had not clashed as Tina was scared that would. Kurt had a quartet. He loved his girls and was happy that they loved him. Things were going smoothly for him in the friendship department. He wasn't desperate for heaps of friends and acquaintances like one Mercedes Jones, but was rather content with a few extremely close friends. That being said, Kurt had never expected the fifth addition to their group.

His friendship with Santana Lopez was fresh at the end of freshman year. Kurt had been appreciative of the girl's talent in Glee Club and her brutal honesty outside of it, something which he thought was an admirable trait in a person. It was then that he had finally pieced together the puzzle and gleaned that Santana was the girl that Brittany liked on the Cheerios. At first, he had suspected that it was Quinn, because everyone seemed to like Quinn (and Finn's love for her had absolutely nothing to do with that, at all, no way) and the girls connected well. When Kurt had first seen Brittany and Santana together in Glee Club, he had thought that they were very close friends, nothing more, as Santana was recognised school-wide for her sexual promiscuity with boys, and he had never sensed anything more with her.

When Kurt had realised that Santana Lopez was the most guarded person since himself, everything clicked like one huge-ass jigsaw. Santana was a lesbian and hid her sexuality by compensating with boys. When Kurt had found out about Finn sleeping with Santana, he was at first jealous, but then after he learned of Santana's sexuality, he was angry. He and Finn were almost kind of not really stepbrothers and he looked out for his almost kind of not really family at whatever cost. He was angry that she had snatched his virginity in her talons (once the pangs of jealousy and curiosity had worn off of course) but he was more angry at her for how she had been treating herself. Despite his insane notions of playing straight for his dad's attention, Kurt had never considered sleeping with a girl. That Santana would open herself up (literally. Ew, gross, Kurt had thought) to something that she was not attracted to just so she could hide who she really was, saddened him a little bit. He had sat her down and talked to her about being gay, something which she was reluctant to hear out loud, but, internally, she required it. She needed a lesson in self-acceptance and who better to give it to her than the King of it all?

Santana had truly opened herself up to Kurt (not like that, gross) about everything. Once Santana felt that she could trust him, which surprisingly had not taken her long, she confessed to him about her façade, something which he returned, her fear of judgement, her insecurities (although Kurt reassured her that she was hot, "you know, for a girl and all") but she was insecure about her personality and about Brittany. She figured that she wasn't deserving of loving Brittany, who was so open and carefree whereas she herself was not and preferred to hide who she was in favour of lying to everyone. Kurt had not commented on her worthiness, because in his eyes nobody was worthy of Brittany, but had pointed out that she deserved whatever made her happy. Santana was miffed because she had never thought of it like that, but also appreciative because Kurt had slotted all the pieces into place.

Something that all four girls had in common was their love for Kurt Hummel. He loved them just as much and, although the girls were close with each other, Kurt was the never-fraying thread that sealed their friendship. Their relationships with each other weren't dependent on Kurt, but he glued him together and balanced their differences out. He was the calm zone. He was the anchor.

And that is how Kurt Hummel's Harem of Hot Bitches (Santana's idea) was formed. And the thing to note about the harem is that once somebody is screwed over, the other four go for the jugular of whoever committed such an act.

But when somebody hurts all four of Kurt's girls, nobody will know where to even look for the body.

Noah Puckerman committed such a foul, loathsome act.

Noah Puckerman was about to experience the full power of Kurt Hummel once and for all.

Noah Puckerman would rue the day he ever messed with a member of the KHHHB (Kurt Hummel's Harem of Hot Bitches) because what Kurt had planned outweighed every single bad thing he had ever done in his life, bar none.

In other words, shit was about to go the hell down.