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Date Night

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Part I

Pam sensed Eric’s presence behind her, but she didn’t turn around.  She knew that he would announce his arrival eventually, probably in the most obnoxious way possible.  He’d been far too amused by her lately for her tastes, and though she could no longer feel his emotions, she had still spent more than a century with Eric and she knew that he wasn’t going to stop looking at her like she was an especially cute kitten anytime soon.

“It’s almost eight,” Eric commented as he walked into the room.

“I know,” Pam drawled irritably, tossing a slinky red dress that looked great on her but still wasn’t right onto the growing pile of dresses on her bed that also looked great on her but weren’t right either.

“You know that she won’t care what you’re wearing,” Eric pointed out sensibly, and Pam stopped scanning her closet for a moment so that she could turn and glare at him.

“I care,” Pam muttered turning back to the closet.  “A woman’s outfit of choice is her first line of defense … or offense,” she added sassily, realizing that her first brief reply could have been taken for sentiment, which she didn’t want – even though it was true. 

“Based on the sounds I’ve heard coming from this room, you aren’t particularly interested in defending yourself from her,” Eric drawled, and even though she wasn’t looking at him, Pam could tell from the tone of his voice that he was smiling.  “It would be hard to find such willing prey … even in the washrooms at Fangtasia,” he continued moving closer towards her, and Pam couldn’t help the pout and petulant expression that came onto her face because she knew that it was true.

She wasn’t submissive by any stretch of the imagination, and in all of her sexual encounters since being turned – except those with Eric – Pam had made of point of being on top, of being in control, even if she had to fight her lover for dominance.  But it was different with Tara.  Tara was hers, and out of affection and respect Pam had made the decision to give up some of her control to Tara, to allow Tara to dominate even though Pam was stronger than her and could have taken control if she’d wanted to.  She gave herself to her progeny and she had found great pleasure in the act of yielding.  What she didn’t enjoy was being teased about it by Eric. 

“Baby vamps,” Pam muttered as Eric came to a stop beside her and looked over at her with a knowing smile.  “Sometimes fighting with them is more trouble than it’s worth.”

“I remember,” Eric said in a commiserating tone, and Pam narrowed her eyes at him before huffing irritably and turning her attention back to her closet as Eric chuckled.

“You have too many clothes,” Eric said peering into the expansive walk-in closet.

“Take it back!” Pam exclaimed and Eric laughed before placing a placating hand on her back, and moving it up and down gently, soothingly.

“You look lovely in everything,” Eric said softly, his voice sincere and loving, and any irritation Pam had felt for him over the past few days or the past few minutes evaporated in an instant.  “Whatever you choose, she’ll adore it, for she adores you … completely,” he breathed out, and unconsciously Pam’s hand lifted to cover her heart and her eyes slipped shut as she focused on the maker/progeny bond between herself and Tara, suddenly needing to feel Tara’s presence and being calmed by it when she did.

“I just wish she’d tell me where we’re going,” Pam said a few seconds later as her eyes fluttered open.  “I’m gorgeous and have impeccable taste, but I like to dress to match my surroundings … which I can’t do if I don’t know what the fuck my surroundings are going to be.”

“In that case, allow me,” Eric said and he took a few steps into the walk-in closet and turned a keen eye onto the clothes in front of him.

“You know where we’re going, don’t you?” Pam asked, crossing her arms and cocking her hip to the side as she watched Eric move hanger after hanger to the side as he sought out the perfect outfit for her.

“Of course,” Eric replied without looking away from the legions of clothes before him.

“Tell me,” Pam said and Eric laughed.

“I don’t think so,” he replied and Pam sighed.  “Ah,” Eric declared a few moments later, victoriously holding out a draped satin Carnelian midi dress in Pam’s direction.  “Perfect.  Put this on,” he told her moving closer to her so that she could take the dress from him.

Pam’s lips curved into a delighted smile as she took in his selection.  It was a classically beautiful dress with a silver-screen sensibility which meant that wherever Tara was planning to take her was chic, which pleased Pam.

“Really?” Pam asked, eyeing the dress with almost as much delight as she eyed Tara these days.

“Really,” Eric confirmed, controlling his urge to smile. 

Pam was never giddy, which was something he greatly appreciated, but since arriving at the safe house after fleeing the Authority Headquarters, she had been more relaxed, and at moments – around Tara – even girlish and it pleased him to see her so happy.

“Eric …” Pam began beseechingly.  “Fader … snälla,” she added softly in Swedish, father … please.  “At least give me a hint.”

That tone and his mother tongue had a way of making it very hard for Eric to resist Pam, but he forced himself to remain steadfast and silent on the matter of her date with Tara. 

“Get dressed Pamela,” Eric said, walking past her towards the door to the walk-in closet, however he paused just inside of the doors and plucked a wide black waist belt off of the wall to the left.  He turned and handed that to Pam as well, then continued into the main part of the bedroom.  “Are you in the mood for a little glitter?” he asked a moment later, opening up the top of her jewellery box and beginning to riffle through it as Pam slipped on the dress he had chosen for her.

“Aren’t I always?” Pam replied and Eric smiled before reaching into the jewellery box to produce a pair of earrings that perfectly complimented the dress Pam was now wearing.

“Perfection,” he said, holding them up by the side of her face when she sashayed within distance of him.

“Goes without saying,” Pam drawled, “but I do love hearing you say it,” she continued smiling, and Eric shook his head affectionately before brushing her hair to the side so that he could slip the earrings into place.

“There,” he declared clapping his hands together, like an artist who had just finished another masterpiece.  “I’m afraid you’re on your own for your hair though.”

He’d always had an eye for what looked good on a woman, but he’d never developed a passion for hair styling.  That was Pam’s department.

“I’ll manage,” Pam said dryly, and Eric smiled and then nodded gentlemanly in her direction before heading for the door.  “Eric,” Pam called out, just as he reached for the door handle.  “Thank you,” she said tenderly and Eric turned around.

“You’re welcome,” he replied gently.  “Now hurry.  Your lady awaits,” he went on, his lips curving up in amusement, and then he was gone.


“Stop it,” Tara snapped irritably, pausing in the cycle of pacing she had embarked upon ten minutes before in order to level a glare at Jessica.

“I’m not doin’ anything,” Jessica said, and it was true, she was just sitting on the couch in the living room watching Tara pace.

“You’re lookin’ at me,” Tara grumbled, knowing that it sounded ridiculous even as she said it, but not being able to stop herself because she was nervous as hell and nervousness made her moody.

“You keep walking right in front of me.  Where else am I supposed to look?” Jessica asked, pointing out the ridiculousness of Tara’s accusation.

“You’re smiling,” Tara muttered, changing tactics, since Jessica kind of had a point about her walking back and forth in front of the redhead.

“Sorry,” Jessica breathed out, holding up her hands exasperatedly.  “Didn’t mean to be cheerful in your immediate vicinity,” she continued, and Tara sighed deeply upon hearing her words and felt like a total asshole for being so short with Jessica for no real reason – especially since Jessica had been the only one to completely embrace her relationship with Pam.  Sookie and Lafayette accepted it as reality but they weren’t really thrilled about it, which meant that Jessica was the only person she really had to talk to about Pam.

Jessica had been a really good friend to her over the past few weeks and she didn’t deserve to have Tara’s nerve induced bad mood directed at her.

“I’m sorry,” Tara said, her voice brusque, though her expression and posture were contrite, showing that she meant it.  “It’s just … I mean what’s takin’ her so long?” she asked anxiously, allowing some of the nervousness she was feeling to show through since she wasn’t fooling Jessica anyway.

Jessica watched as Tara bit down on her bottom lip and turned towards the hallway that led to the bedroom she and Pam had been sharing.  Her lips quirked slightly, but Jessica managed to clamp down on the urge to smile, knowing that Tara would not appreciate how adorable she found her anxiousness.

“She just wants to look nice for you,” Jessica said softly, drawing Tara’s gaze over to her.  “She’s probably as nervous as you are.”

“Pam?” Tara scoffed disbelievingly, unable to conceive of her maker being uncertain about anything.

“Yes, Pam,” Jessica said, pausing for a moment to look around her and make sure the coast was still clear before she continued.  “It’s probably been a while since she’s been on a date.  Like a date-date and not doing things with strippers in the backroom of Fangtasia,” Jessica went on, drawing back nervously a second after she had finished speaking when Tara’s eyes narrowed menacingly.  “Not that I have any knowledge of Pam doing that a lot in the past,” Jessica said, knowing that she was starting to ramble but unable to stop with Tara looking at her like that.  “Or at all,” she added when Tara continued to glare at her, and then she offered Tara a weak smile before looking down at her lap.

“Strippers?” Tara questioned.

“I only know about one, and that was like a year ago,” Jessica offered, scratching at a non-existent spot on her jeans so that she wouldn’t have to look up at Tara.  “Anyway, my point was that you make Pam have feelings, and from our talk when we were locked up together, feelings aren’t something that have bothered her for a while, so … yeah, she’s probably pretty nervous too,” Jessica said, finally looking up to meet Tara’s eyes.  “I bet she’s going through like a billion outfits right now so that she can find the perfect one for you.”

“Any outfit she’s in will be the perfect one,” Tara said before she could think better of it, and upon hearing the sweet reply, Jessica couldn’t stop herself from beaming over at Tara.

“What?” Tara demanded peevishly, knowing that her previous comment was beyond cheesy.

“Nothin’,” Jessica said, giving Tara a break.  “Just … don’t worry about it okay.  You’re her girl.  She’s gonna come out here, she’ll look amazing, you guys’ll go on your mysterious date, and it’ll be awesome.  You know why?” Jessica asked.

“Why?” Tara asked softly as she looked over at Jessica.

“Because you’ll be together and that’s all either of you really want,” Jessica said simply and Tara couldn’t help but smile at her.

Jessica’s lips parted to say something else, but before she could speak, a clacking sound registered in the hallway and Jessica and Tara both turned towards the sound knowing that Pam was finally about to emerge.

“Everything’ll be awesome,” Jessica whispered to Tara who nodded her head, repeating Jessica’s words in her brain to try and calm down her nerves which were starting to spin out of control again.

The sound of heels on tile got louder and louder, and then Pam appeared in the doorway, and Jessica brought her hands up to her mouth and covered it with them as a smile spread across her lips.  Pam looked amazing!

Jessica turned her head to the side to see Tara’s reaction, and she pressed her hands more tightly against her mouth to stop herself from making any sounds that would give away how precious she found the two of them.  Tara was staring at Pam with a dazed expression on her face, as if she couldn’t believe that something so beautiful could be real and could be hers, and it made Jessica just want to grab her and hug her.

“I’m just gonna …” Jessica said trailing off, knowing that they weren’t really paying attention to her anyway, and then she zipped out of the room, leaving the lovers alone.

“Wow,” Tara exhaled softly, still looking and sounding awed.  “Wow,” she breathed out again, unable to think of a word that better describe the sight of Pam in that dress.

Pam smiled at Tara, basking in her progeny’s appreciative gaze for a moment, and then she began to walk, sashaying across the room with the grace and attitude of a runway model, and though Pam didn’t think it was possible, Tara looked even more enthralled by her than she had before.

“You like?” Pam asked, stopping less than a meter away from Tara and posing prettily for her.

“I like a lot,” Tara breathed out before closing the distance between them and drawing Pam into her arms.

“You’re going to ruin my lipstick,” Pam said, knowing the look in Tara’s eyes well.

“You can reapply,” Tara husked, and then her lips were on Pam’s and Pam was kissing her back with just as much eagerness and desire as Tara was kissing her maker with.

“You look lovely,” Pam whispered when they pulled apart, slowly, reverently drawing her fingers down Tara’s arm as she spoke, “Took my breath away.”

Tara was wearing a smoky lilac ruched Jersey asymmetrical neck dress that hugged her slim hips and highlighted her toned arms, and Pam had been quite as taken upon seeing her as Tara had been when she laid eyes on Pam.  She was dazed, dazzled and enthralled by the sight of her progeny; one-hundred plus years of life had just made her better at controlling her outward reaction.

“Thank you,” Tara breathed out shyly, looking away from Pam’s eyes as if she were embarrassed, and Pam made a mental note to tell Tara more just how beautiful she found her.

“Shall we go?” Pam asked gently, linking her fingers with Tara’s as she spoke.

“Yeah,” Tara breathed out, Pam’s question causing her to emerge from the fog she had been in for a last few minutes.  “Let’s,” she continued smiling up at Pam, and then, hand-in-hand, they headed out of the safe house.


9:30 pm | A dark stretch of road outside of Shreveport LA

“Are we there yet?” Pam drawled from the passenger seat of Eric’s Porsche, managing to sound both bored and impatient at the same time.

“Yeah,” Tara replied without missing a beat, not sparing Pam a look as she continued to drive down the dark Louisiana road.

“Do you think we might make it to your mysterious destination sometime before sunrise?” Pam asked, tilting her blindfolded head in Tara’s direction.  “I’d prefer for our first date not to be our last,” she continued dryly.

“No worries,” Tara murmured, looking away from the road for a moment to smile over at Pam – even though the blonde vampire couldn’t see her expression.  “With all the shade you throw the sun’ll never touch us,” Tara continued, and despite herself Pam’s lips momentarily curved into a smile.

“Seriously Tara, we’ve been driving for half my fucking life.  Where the hell are you taking me?” Pam huffed a moment later.

“Seriously Pam, if we’d been drivin’ for half your life we’d be halfway to Jupiter,” Tara replied dryly and Pam turned and glared at her even though the effect of it was lost due to the blindfold covering her eyes.

“Has anybody every told you that you’re a smartass bitch?” Pam drawled, still looking in Tara’s direction though she couldn’t see her progeny.

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘takes one to know one’?” Tara sassed back, and Pam released an irritable sound and then pointedly angled her head towards the window to convey her displeasure, though when Tara glanced over at her she could see a small smile tugging at the corners of Pam’s lips.

“Will you please tell me where the fuck we’re going?” Pam asked, still in the direction of the window.

Pam sounded morose, but despite her complaining she hadn’t removed the blindfold Tara had asked her to put on when they arrived at the car or even asked Tara if she could take it off, so Tara knew that most of Pam’s attitude was just Pam being Pam.

“Jesus take the wheel!” Tara exclaimed, lifting her hands from the steering wheel and holding them up to the sky even though Pam couldn’t see her.  “Did Pamela Swynford De Beaufort just say ‘please’?  The Mayans were fuckin’ right. Twenty twelve really must be the end of the world,” Tara continued, smiling when Pam released an epic sigh.  

“You’re such a twat sometimes,” the blonde muttered peevishly in response a moment later drawing a smile and then a laugh from Tara.  “I’m being a very good sport over here and all I’m getting is sass,” Pam continued when Tara’s laughter abated, reaching up to adjust the blindfold over her eyes as she spoke.

“I know,” Tara breathed out, her voice soft and gentle now as she looked over at Pam.  “Thank you,” she murmured, reaching out to take Pam’s hand into her own.  Pam really had been on her best behavior all evening.  “We’re almost there,” Tara continued before bringing Pam’s hand up to her lips and pressing a kiss against the cool, smooth skin.

“We better be,” Pam said, but her voice was soft in the way that always made Tara want to just collapse against her and have Pam wrap her in her arms, and when Tara pressed another kiss to the back of Pam’s hand, Pam smiled.  “This blindfold is ruining my hair,” Pam breathed out a few moments later, lifting her hand to touch the piece of cloth.

“Oh hush,” Tara said, reaching out to lightly push Pam’s hand away from it.  “You’re gorgeous, and ain’t no blindfold gonna do a thing to change that.”

“Yeah?” Pam asked, her voice soft and almost shy as she turned her head towards Tara.

“Don’t act like you don’t know you’re sexy as sin,” Tara said, her voice a little lower and a little rougher than it had been a moment before as bashfulness and desire warred for dominance within her.    “You even looked good in that Walmart track suit,” Tara added a second later, and Pam laughed, full and free, and it made Tara feel warm like she was being bathed in sunlight.

Pam’s hand moved up to the blindfold again.

“I wanna see you,” Pam breathed out, toying with the cloth but not removing it.

She’d told Tara she’d keep it on, and she’d keep it on until Tara said otherwise, even if it was torturous.

“Then take it off,” Tara said softly, longing to feel Pam’s eyes on her anyway. 

Pam communicated so much through her eyes that Tara felt like she was only catching a fraction of what the blonde was communicating when she couldn’t see them. 

With a flick of her wrist, the blindfold that had been covering Pam’s eyes was removed and her azure eyes focused on Tara, languorously tracing her features before Pam lifted her hand and stroked her fingers across the dark flawless skin of Tara’s cheek.

“I could spend eternity looking at you,” Pam whispered, not even aware that she had voiced her thoughts until Tara’s lips curved up into a smile that almost dazed Pam with its brilliance.

“Yeah?” Tara asked teasingly, mirroring Pam’s earlier response, but Pam could hear the vulnerability beneath the playfulness in her tone.

“I can’t wait,” Pam breathed out sincerely, and though she didn’t think it was possible the smile that lit up Tara’s face was even brighter than the one that came before it.

“I could barely resist you when you were being mean as an old dog,” Tara murmured, her lips still slightly curved as she glanced away from the road to look at Pam.  “I don’t know how I’m gonna survive you being nice.”

“Tara,” Pam purred, “I’m never nice.  Not completely,” she whispered, and as her lips curled up wickedly, her hand found its way to the inside of Tara’s thigh and began to creep slowly and teasingly up the naked flesh.

“I’m gonna crash the car if you keep doin’ that,” Tara gasped, squirming slightly beneath Pam’s hand.

“Then pull over,” Pam husked, still moving her hand higher.  “Wherever you’re taking me will still be there when I’m done with you,” she whispered, biting down on her bottom lip a moment later when her palm pressed between Tara’s legs.

“Yeah okay,” Tara moaned not bothering to even try pretending that she wanted anything other than Pam, and Pam smiled with devilish promise before she deftly slipped her fingers beneath the silky material of Tara’s panties and began to work her considerable charms.


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