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[Podfic] Sell Your Body to the Night

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cover art by me

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This Is My City - Timothy Victor

If you want to download/stream each chapter individually, please go to the second chapter. :)


Note: There's only a version WITH music this time. There is, however, only music at the beginning and at the end of the story, not between the different chapters, so I hope that'll be fine for you if you usually prefer podfic without music. :)


First of all, I'd like to thank Dira Sudis for giving blanket permission for podfic, and writing this amazing fic. If you enjoy it as much as I do, please make sure to go leave some feedback. ♥

As for the fic itself - I absolutely adored it when I first read it and it's probably my favourite prostitution fic ever. I admit, I was worried about a couple of tags before I started reading it - fisting and watersports was something that's always turned me off a fic before... BUT the summary looked so promising that I decided to give it a try despite my initial hesitation, and GOD, am I glad I did. If those are the tags that make you hesitate about giving this podfic/fic a try? Don't let them. Those two scenes are really intense and ended up giving me so many FEELS, so just... give them a try unless you really have a problem with those kinks.

Please note that there's also a sexual assault tag - if you want more information about this particular scene, please go to the fic and read Dira Sudis' end notes, which have a brief description of the scene in question.

Then... the podfic. I felt like challenging myself and recording something really long, and since I loved the fic so much, this was my first choice. I had so much fun recording it, and I hope the end result doesn't disappoint and does the fic justice.

I thought it would be interesting to keep a record of how much time I spent working on this - for science! - so here are my stats:

- I started working on this on September 30th and posted it on November 4th.
- I had 18 recording sessions and recorded a minimum of 23 minutes and a maximum of 173 minutes per day.
- By the end, I had about 23 hours of recorded, unedited material; the finished podfic ended up being pretty much exactly 11 hours long.
- The editing process took about 51 hours.
- So all in all, I spent a total of about 75 hours on this, spread over the course of about a month.


The music... I had a different song in mind at first, but I really love This Is My City, and I thought it fit since there's so much about San Francisco in the fic, so... it just kind of fit.

Sooo... yeah! I hope you like it, and... feedback makes my day. ;)