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"I'm seeing things again."

Yagami Hikari, in baggy pajamas and with messy hair, told herself this in an empty bedroom. Taichi, her older brother, was taking his shower, and their parents were watching television. She was alone, so she could risk saying something like this. No one would worry if she did, at least not to her face.

Because she had been seeing things. Some things. One in particular stood out, but only because she knew it so well.

Sometimes, wherever she walked, Tailmon walked with her.

She never looked over, which was sad, fitting in a way. But Hikari understood that, it was likely she couldn't see her.

That was how it had worked before.

"I'm not crazy," she told herself gently. Because it was true now. Up until a year ago, she could have been. But she wasn't, Koromon, the Digimon, Tailmon, all of them had proven that. They were real. So she wasn't crazy.


Instead, what was she? Weird?


She placed a hand over her chest, the place where, only a week before, her crest had shined a warm pink. Now, it was gone, and she was left with a strange emptiness that was filled but not filled, there but with nothing. There was power with nowhere to go.

She yawned. It may not be a big deal. Maybe Onii-chan was seeing Agumon and just hadn't said anything.

That was unlikely, as sad as it was.

"Hikari, you can brush your teeth now." Said older brother walked back into their room, rubbing his drenched mop of hair dry. "Better hurry before dad runs in after his beer."

Hikari giggled and went to obey. Her problem was forgotten in the lieu of her evening routine, in the comfort of her family and their everyday life.

It came back to haunt her in her dreams, where her ears were full of songs.

When she woke the next morning, the song was still there. Warm and bright and something like fire. It made her think of her dear older brother. Speaking of which, she was going to have to tell him about this.

But how?

She went on to school, like always. She hung out with her friends, went to parties. She treated the world like it was ordinary because that was what you did as a child. You acted like everything was fine because it was. The music sometimes changed, but it wasn't too distracting to her. It was warm sometimes, and cold others. But there was always a dragon at the back of her mind whenever she thought about it.

"That's not Agumon," Taichi would say whenever she told him about it. He would laugh about it, of course, but there was always worry lining his face.

Hikari, unfortunately, was aware there was something to worry about. There always had been but as a toddler, she had never thought of that. Then again, no one could see it, so why worry?

For once she was home alone, as Taichi's soccer practice had run late. It was so quiet. Even the song was quiet. She refilled Miko's bowl, and then started at the gentle sound of a beep. The beeping came again, from her room. Without hesitation, Hikari went to see it.

Her Digivice beeped all the louder as she picked it up. By old impulse, she looked towards the balcony window. At her first blink, she saw herself. At her second, it was Tailmon. She walked towards it and placed her hand on the glass. Tailmon mimicked her, a little wide eyed but very solemn. That was her cat: sober but full of wonder. Vamdemon hadn't taken that away.

She blinked a few more times, and the spell was broken, leaving her staring at the city outside. The Digivice went silent. Hikari frowned to herself, confused. Tailmon had seen her that time. Did that mean she was coming here?

Then it was obvious, wasn't it? Hikari would have to meet her, somehow. Before she got catnapped, or something. But first, she had to tell Taichi. What if the other Digimon needed to come through too? They would all need to know.

So. That thought kept firmly in mind, Hikari went to do her homework. She saw her Digivice's screen flash green, but thought little of it, knowing it was not important until Taichi got back.

It wasn't, right?