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Stiles was on his way to hang out at the Argents.

Stiles was on his way to hang out at the Argents

Yeah, even he had to think that one more than once to make it stick in his head. The few weeks he had been stuck in hospital, after almost having his guts completely leave and decorate the forest floor thank you Allison, had been spent sleeping, making a pathetic attempt at eating and pretending to sleep when he had visitors that he just didn't have the energy to deal with.

All this sleeping and pretending to sleep conveniently shored him up in terms of energy for his night-time visitor, which no it wasn't like it sounded, no matter where Stiles' brain went when he was having special alone time. Chris was there completely innocently, after visiting hours, without anyone else knowing...after spending several months following Stiles around the quaint little werewolf infested town they called Beacon Hills. Completely innocent. And even if they hadn't both been pure of thought and intention toward one another Stiles doubts he would have had the energy to act on anything. Turns out getting shot with a cross bow sucks, and then just keeps on sucking.

So with all the naughtiness that wasn't happening he and Chris had to occupy their time somehow. So they talked, sometimes played cards or did the crossword. Chris still had the half finished rather dog-eared crossword book that Stiles had brought him on Chris' own recent hospital visit. Stiles hadn't over thought the fact that he had kept it at all. At all.

Stiles being the human shaped sponge of knowledge that he is managed on occasion to weasel some interesting stories of supernatural hijinks and hunter lore out of Chris in snippets. Tiny little, irritatingly vague snippets and half stories which Chris always let him lead them away from when he got distracted by a tiny little part...and then he'd fall asleep and never hear the end of the original tale. The falling asleep thing with Chris there was nice though, Stiles hated being in the hospital room alone.

A few nights before Stiles was due to leave Chris let slip that his family kept a library, a hunter's library or real life books. Stiles magnanimously let that bit of information slide for then, but stored it with pride of place in his mind under 'shit to follow up later'. There were some truly embarrassing things in there which he had shoved aside to do with Scott, his Dad, one cringeworthy one relating to Danny...and more recently some horrifying questions his mind had come up with for their resident supernatural furry friends. Some of the latter would hopefully be answered by the library of hunter's books Chris had hidden away somewhere.

So Stiles had kept to himself for the first week after he was released. Sat at home, watched some television, played some video games. He'd gone to sleep to the whir of his computer fan cooling down and the light of his alarm clock.

He caved a week to the day and text Chris.

So, I hear you're the man I need to speak to if I'm interested in books on all things supernatural and hunter-ly.

Have you heard of the phrase 'curiosity killed the cat' Stiles? Chris returned almost immediately even though it was getting pretty late. Stiles grinned and sunk further into his pillows.

Dude, I met that cat, he has nothing on me.

I'll bet.

Come ooooon. You know you want to. And boy did Stiles want him to want to, he thought idly.

I'm going to regret this. Score one for the Stilinkski charm, Stiles totally had him!

Probably ;)

The wink might have been overkill. Stiles didn't care, he was totally riding the high of being awesome and irresistible at the moment.

Come over tomorrow night. After seven.

Okay, see you then.

Goodnight Stiles

Stiles didn't respond, he was too busy bringing himself off to the image of Chris pinning him to a bookshelf.

And you would think that little exercise would have made him less tense, certainly this morning when he woke up or the long, long shower he had taken before leaving to go to Chris' should have also helped. But no, here he was outside the Argent's house panicking just a little bit.

He was regretting the fact that Scott and Allison were no longer an item, which is something he really, really didn't think he'd ever be feeling. But at least if they were still together he could have text Scott and subtly found out Allison's whereabouts. He doesn't know what he'll do if she answers the door when he knocks. 'Oh, hi Allison. You're dad invited me over to rifle through your super-secret hunters library. And hopefully to give in to the wonder that is Stiles and fuck me senseless.' Yeah, no.

Luckily (or you know, not), Chris opened the door and raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you going to stand out here all night?"

"No." He walked the short length of the pathway outside the house and stopped on the porch. "Is Allison home?" he asked. And it may possibly have come out in at a quiet, possibly whisper type volume.

Chris rolled his eyes. "No she's not. Get in here," he huffed and disappeared into the house, door left ajar behind him.

Well that wasn't exactly safe was it, what with him being a hunter of supernatural type things, and this town crawling with supernatural type things. It was for Chris' own safety really that Stiles darted inside, almost tripping over his own feet in his haste, and shut the door behind him.