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Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning

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Harry and Lauren both took off of work today just so they can catch up on the time they lost.  He was at his apartment waiting for his godmother to show up.  He spent all the evening cleaning to make sure it was perfect for her.  There was a knock at the door.  He went to the door, peaked into the peep hole, and opened the door.

“Hello, Harry,” Lauren smiled.  She looked completely different without her doctor’s coat.  She was wearing a long sleeved black dress with black leggings, and black heeled tie up boots that go up to the knee.  Her long wavy brown hair was tied back in a pony tail.

“Hello, please come in!” Harry smiled as his godmother took his offer and walked into the living room.

Lauren examined the place, “You have a lovely home.”

“Thank you.  Would you like something to drink?”

“Oh no, I’m fine,” she replied as she sat down on the sofa.

Harry sat next to Lauren.  It was a dead silence.  Harry didn’t know how to start the conversation and neither did Lauren.

“I would like to…” they both laughed because they started talking at the same time.  Lauren motioned for Harry to start.

He decided to get straight to the point, “I want to ask you something.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Where have you been all these years?  Why do you all of a sudden just appear in my life?”

Lauren exhaled, “It’s a long story and I know we have time because we both took off just to catch up.  So, here it is.  When your parents died, I knew that your mother and father wanted Sirius and I to raise you.  I found out through Hagrid that you were safe so I went to get you.  Albus, on the other hand, had another plan for you.  Because your mum sacrificed her life to spare yours, he thought that placing you with Petunia that you would be safe.  I thought he was a big loon for thinking such nonsense so I argued.  When I threatened to take you, he threatened back with he would make it to where I wouldn’t be able to see you again.  I decided to challenge him.  I wanted to call his bluff so I took you.”

Harry hung his head knowing what happened next, Lauren continued, “When Aurors showed up at my house, I was brought before the Wizengamot and a trial was held.  A restraining order was placed against me.  I couldn’t see you or talk to you.  It was as if you didn’t have a godmother at all.  I became so furious with Albus that I stopped showing up at the Order of the Phoenix meetings because he put you into an abusive living environment and he disobeyed your parents’ wishes.  Oh Harry, could you ever forgive me?”

“I can’t believe that Professor Dumbledore would do something like that to you.  I’m not mad at you.  I’m glad you went against his wishes.  He had no right to forbid you to see me.  Why did he not see what was in my parents’ will to see where to place me?”

Lauren shifted her weight on the sofa, “Minerva told me when you arrived at Hogwarts that Albus did see your parents’ will.  What he saw, he was shocked that his name wasn’t even mentioned about anything to do with your well being.  He also kept some important information from you all these years.”

“What?  I’m tired of people hiding things from me!”

“Alright, calm down.  I only want to keep this peaceful.  You can go destroy Albus’s grave after I tell you this,” she cleared her throat and took Harry’s hands in hers, “Harry, your parent’s never truly died the night Voldemort came to your home in attempt to kill your parents…”

“Wait, what?”

“Please let me finish.  Your mum and dad came to Sirius and I after Trelawney made the prophecy asking us if we knew how to place them into a deep sleep instead of dying in the killing curse.  I knew a tribe of powerful elves who knew how to escape the killing curse; Ronal and the Northern Elves.  They are located ten miles north of Hogwarts.  I arranged a meeting and Ronal performed a ritual on them.  After that Halloween night, I brought your parents to Ronal.  He took care of the arrangements of where to place them.  Where they are placed, I don’t know.  You will have to talk to Ronal yourself.”

Harry didn’t know how to react to this.  His parents are alive!  After all these years of believing they were dead, he could actually have his parents with him on his wedding day and they would be there with him when he and Hermione have children!

“Harry, please say something.  I’m worried,” Lauren lightly squeezed his hands to get his attention.

He gazed into her eyes, turned his head looking at a picture of Dumbledore’s Army giving him an idea, “I want to go see Professor McGonagall.”

Lauren was puzzled for a moment then caught on to what he was thinking, “Harry, are you sure that’s wise?  Talking to Albus’s portrait is only talking to a memory of him.  Talking to the actual person would be better; however, that would take some time altering that we don’t have connections to.”

Harry smiled and Lauren caught on, “What?  You have a way?  All time turners have been destroyed!”

“I don’t have a time turner,” he got up and walked into his bedroom.  He returned into the living room with an hour glass.  After placing it on the table, Lauren picked it up to examine it.

“Harry, this hour glass is extremely familiar to me.  I remember seeing this before,” Lauren snapped her fingers and a book appeared.  It was an aged brown leather book with no title.  When she opened the book, it had her family tree in it.  Harry noticed her family was extremely powerful.  He even noticed on her father’s side, Albert Boyd, was Merlin’s apprentice!  Lauren feverishly flipped through the book then found the page with the hour glass.

“This is Father Time’s hour glass.  How did you get this?”

Harry explained to his godmother everything from buying the desk to meeting Father Time.  Lauren was in total shock.  She didn’t know how to answer that. 

She finally was able to speak, “Harry, do you know what you can do with this opportunity?  You can change the past for a better future.”

“I am going to do just that.  I’m starting with fourth year then I’m saving Sirius.”

Lauren had tears in her eyes, “Harry…”

“Listen to me, you and I both had to suffer at the loss of friends and loved ones.  It is time for us to be happy.  I can’t be completely happy without Hermione, you, Sirius, and my parents.  I already have Hermione and I just got you back.”

“Time is ticking…”

“And we have three and a half years to correct things that happened in the past that shouldn’t have.  I want to talk to Professor McGonagall.  If I can’t get an answer out of Dumbledore’s portrait, I’ll contact Father Time.”

“Wise move…”

“Come with me?”

Lauren shifted her weight then hurriedly got off the couch and began pacing the floor, “Oh gosh, um…I don’t know if I could face even a portrait of Albus after everything he’s done.  I would love to see Minerva again.”

“I thought we would face Dumbledore as a team and he would have no choice but to talk.”

Lauren stopped pacing, faced Harry, and smirked, “You have the blood of the Marauders in you.  You make us proud, Harry.”

Harry smiled and asked, “Are you ready to go surprise the Headmistress?”

“Let’s go.”