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Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning

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After sending his letter to fifteen year old Hermione, Harry closed up his office, and locked it.  As he was leaving, he heard some noises coming from the meeting room in the back.  He reached into his back pocket, and realized he forgot his Invisibility Cloak at his apartment.  Disgusted with himself, Harry tiptoed quietly to see what was going on.  As he was getting closer, the noises turned into voices.  At first, he didn’t recognize the voices due to the panting, and moaning by the amount of fun the two people were having.  Harry turned his back to the wall toward the meeting room.  Thank goodness the wall is not glass or the people would see me, Harry thought to himself as he was listening to what’s going on.

“Oh, Draco!”

That signaled the end of playtime between the two.  Harry thought he recognized that voice, but because he was at the brink of passing out cold on the floor due to lack of sleep, it could be just his mind playing games with him.  Harry began thinking.  Malfoy has a nice mansion of his own; why is he here screwing around with some bimbo?

“Oh, Ginny, that was amazing!”

Harry’s eyes grew wide.  Did he hear correctly?  Did he just hear Draco call out his fiancée’s name?

“Oh, shit!  Draco, I need to head home!  I would love to get some sleep before tomorrow.”

“Alright, let’s get dressed.  I don’t want you to be sleep deprived for tomorrow.”

Harry said a spell that made him blend into the walls since he heard them walking to the doorway.

Draco began speaking as they walked out the room, “Your first day of Auror training.  Are you excited?”

Ginny glanced his way, and Harry saw how she looked at him.  Before Harry bought the desk then started writing to fifteen year old Hermione, she used to look at him the same way.  What Harry didn’t understand was, why did Ginny still want to hang on to him yet she just had fun with Draco?

“I’m very excited.  I get to be with you and Harry every day.”

Draco stopped, and he said exactly what Harry was thinking, “You can’t have us both, Ginny.  You need to make a decision.  I’m tired of being your play toy.”

“Poor Malfoy, he’s tired of playing second fiddle.”

“I’m serious, Ginny!” Draco wanted to get Ginny to realize that he wasn’t playing around, “I’m sure Harry wouldn’t take this well that his fiancée is cheating on him with the ex-bully.  He and I actually just got on good terms.  Damn it!  I shouldn’t have done this at all!  Whenever you make up your mind, you let me know.  Other than that, this is the last time we meet like this!”

Draco stormed off, and Ginny ran after him, “Draco!  Wait!”

They both reached the elevator at the same time.

Ginny pleaded, “Why not have a little fun?  You said yourself how amazing it was…”

“It was the best I ever had.”

Ginny blushed then continued, “This would be the last time that I get to have fun before I have to grow up, and be a married woman.  Please, darling, do this for me?”

Draco rolled his eyes, “I’ve been doing this since my fourth year; why not continue for another month?”

Ginny squealed, and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.  Harry’s blood was boiling.  He closed his eyes still believing his eyes were playing a trick on him.  He opened them, and noticed them getting on the elevator.  When the elevator doors closed, Harry revealed himself into the empty Law Enforcement department. 

He opened his office, stormed in, and began smashing every picture of he, and Ginny.  He even smashed their engagement picture.  After destroying his office, he collapsed into his chair, and tears streamed down his face.  The door to the secret compartment of his desk jiggled.  He pressed the button, and there was a letter waiting for him.  Harry removed the letter from the compartment, opened the envelope, and began reading what younger Hermione had to say.

My poor confused Harry,

It’s still mind boggling how we are connected through this desk.  I knew it would be a matter of time when your memories of fourth year would change to what is happening to me, and your younger counterpart right now.  Not only you and I, but everyone as well!

I remember you telling me how you’re supposed to be marrying Ginny.  Well if this is happening, and you marry Ginny, the marriage will not last long.  Harry, as of now, Ginny has already dated three boys, and she told me what base she got to!  One boy she got to second base!  She’s going to be something when she gets older!  I’d keep an eye out on her if I were you.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s cheating on you right now.

I don’t know how I could help you with this, Harry.  I wish I could hug you right now.  Why not ask my older counterpart to help you?  She’s much wiser than I am now on relationships, so she could help you out more than I can.

I hope everything turns out alright.  I hope work eases up for you.  I need some sleep so I can function in the morning.



This letter didn’t help Harry all that much with his emotions.  In fact, he felt worse after reading it.  He decided that he couldn’t stay at the office another minute.  Instead of leaving the way he usually does, he apparated away setting off an alarm.

It was eight o’clock in the morning, and Hermione woke up to fix her a cup of hot tea.  Harry wasn’t in the room, and she assumed he was still sleeping.  She decided to put her tea on hold, and go check on Harry.  She walked into his bedroom, and noticed no one was there.  Hermione looked at the bed noticing it wasn’t made, and his pajamas tossed on the bed.

“Harry!” yelled a voice coming from the living room.

Hermione ran into the living room, and found a fox Patronus in the living room.  She recognized the Patronus right away.

“Neville, what’s wrong?  Harry’s not here.  He’s at work.”

“No, he’s not.  The alarm was set off very early this morning.  Someone was in our department last night.  Whenever someone disapparates from our department, an alarm goes off throughout the whole Ministry!  This is not good if Harry is missing!  Everyone was gathered in the Atrium this morning, and our Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt, talked about how we should never apparated from the Ministry.  He told us that the Law Enforcement Department was broken into, and Harry’s office was destroyed!”

“Oh no, was anything broken?” She was worried about the desk.

“All of his pictures with he and Ginny.  The rest of his stuff was okay.  But, we need to find Harry!  The whole team of Aurors are out looking for him.  You know Harry better than any of us combined.  Could you help us?”

Hermione agreed, “Yes, I’ll help.  If I find him, you owe me a hot breakfast!”

Neville thanked her, and his Patronus disappeared into a puff of smoke.  Hermione ran, changed, did her morning bathroom duties, and apparated out the apartment.

At Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Harry was in Sirius’s library reading up on how to become an Animagus.  After he finished reading the book, he got up, and walked into the kitchen.  He checked on his potion, and according to the book, it was supposed to be a royal purple in color; it was.  Harry took a phial, dipped it into the potion to fill it, removed the phial, and corked it.  He took another phial, dipped it, filled it, and removed it.  He put the phial up to his mouth, and drank the potion.  According to Harry, it wasn’t the best tasting potion, but it wasn’t as revolting as the Polyjuice Potion.

After drinking the potion, he chanted the chant in his mind, “Human, I am.  Animal, I’ll be.  Human, I am.  Animal, I’ll be…”

As he chanted, he felt his bones bend, and transform into the animal he’ll become.  It was extremely painful.  Now, he understood how Remus felt when he became a werewolf.  After a few minutes of transforming, Harry stood tall and proud as a Royal Stag in the kitchen.

Hermione appeared at the Burrow, and knocked on the door.  Molly answered, and Hermione apologized for everything she said about Ron, and for being so horrible to him.  Then, she explained everything Neville told her about what happened at the Ministry, and about Harry being missing.

Molly became a chicken with her head cut off, “Ginny is so distraught!  We heard from Ronald that Harry was missing, and now Ginny is locked in her room sobbing as if there’s no tomorrow!  Could you talk to her, Hermione?  She won’t talk to me.  I need to know what’s wrong with her, first, and after that, we’ll begin the search for Harry.”

Hermione agreed to talk to Ginny.  She walked into the living room, up the stairs, and up to Ginny’s room.  Hermione knocked on the door.

“Go away, mum!”

“It’s not your mum.  It’s me, Hermione.”

Hermione heard footsteps, and the door opened.  She looked at Ginny, and she could tell she was crying because her mascara was all run down her cheeks.  Hermione walked in, closed the door, and gave Ginny a hug.

Ginny began pouring her emotions out, “Oh, Hermione, I’ve been a very naughty girl!  Harry told me how he wanted us to take a break for the time being due to work getting stressful on him.  I told him how I didn’t like his decision.  After a strange dream I had, I contacted Draco…”


“Yes, let me finish,” Ginny begged then continued, “I told him about my strange dream, and he said he had the same dream that I did.  Well, we met in the Law Enforcement Department last night.  Well, let’s just say our old fling for each other reignited from my third year, no one knew about it, and well…we were at it like rabbits in the meeting room.”

“Oh no.”

“Oh yes, didn’t I ask you to let me finish?” Ginny asked, Hermione nodded, then Ginny continued on, “Well, after that little shenanigan was over, we left through the elevator.  Someone must have been there the same time we were, probably saw us in the act, and trashed Harry’s office after we left.  But, I didn’t see anyone there!”

Ginny’s eyes widened with fear after realizing something, “Hermione, what if it was Harry that was there?  What if Harry caught Draco and I in the act?  Oh Merlin’s winky, what if Harry trashed his own office, then apparated to cause a scene?”

Hermione looked at Ginny then fussed, “Harry would never cause a scene unless it was absolutely necessary!  Harry is not an attention seeker!  How dare you think that of him?!  You better be counting the sequins in your wedding dress that he didn’t catch you and Draco going at it because if he did, God have mercy on your soul!”

Hermione turned on her heals then marched out the door.  She couldn’t stand being in the same room as her best friend’s fiancée.  Hermione began thinking of places Harry would be.  First, she thought of Grimmauld Place, and with a soft pop, she disapparated.

Hermione arrived inside Grimmauld Place in the living room.  She called out Harry’s name as she began searching every room.  Hermione had no luck on the bottom level, so, she decided to try upstairs.  She climbed the stairs to find evidence that he was here in the library.  When she picked up a book about how to become an Animagus, her eyes widened.

“Oh Harry, what have you done?”

Suddenly, she heard some click clack noises coming from the hallway.  She heard an angry snort coming from behind her.  She turned around with a wand ready, and standing before her was a Royal Stag.  Since Hermione’s grandfather loved to hunt, she knew how to tell how many points a buck had.  According to her knowledge and supreme counting skills, this stag had about fourteen points.  The stag walked up to Hermione, sniffed her, tilted its head, and licked her face.

Hermione giggled, and realized who the stag was, “Harry?  Oh, cricket, that’s why you’re missing?  You turned into a stag, and now you don’t know how to turn back?”

Harry shook his head in disagreement.  Then Hermione thought about what Ginny told her.

“Oh…you caught Ginny and…”

Harry nodded in agreement, then turned to face the doorway.  Hermione sat down at the desk, and found a phial full of the potion with instructions on what to do.  Hermione turned toward Harry to notice he was looking at her.  She glanced at the phial then at Harry.  Harry motioned with his nose for her to take the potion, and follow the instructions.

Hermione got up, and walked over to the stag.  She rubbed his neck, and he rested his head on her shoulder.

“I’m not taking that potion, until you talk to me,” Hermione decided to bribe him into talking.

In front of her, Harry materialized back into his human self.  Hermione could tell he was a broken man just by how he stared longingly into her eyes.  He was searching for her comfort, and her strength.

Finally, he spoke, “I don’t know how I can face her now, Hermione.  I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, since I barely got two hours of sleep.  I tried the usual methods to get my mind straight; evidently, I was seeing clearly, and Draco and Ginny did get together last night to…how do you know about that?”

“I went to the Burrow to solicit the help of Mrs. Weasley, and Ginny because I didn’t know what happened until I talked with Ginny.  She and Draco have been seeing each other since our fourth year.  I don’t understand why she kept seeing him while she was with you,” Hermione began thinking out loud.

Harry voiced his opinion, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Hermione decided to let him have it, “Harry, you have to do something!  What she did to you is unacceptable!  You can now end your relationship with her with that!”

Harry began thinking then got an idea of epic proportions, “I know how bring her down, but I need your help as well.”

Hermione smiled, and wanted to be part of it, “Do tell, Mr. Potter.”

“We will be keeping an eye on Miss Ginerva Molly Weasley, not like how we are now; by our Animagus form.  That’s why you have a phial as well,” Harry pointed to the phial on the desk.

The thought of her being an Animagus thrilled Hermione; however, how many hours, days, or weeks will she have to keep an eye on Ginny?

“I have a question.  When will you tell her it’s over?” Hermione picked up the phial.

Harry stated firmly, “I will tell her after the Yule Ball finishes.”

Hermione questioned, “Why wait till then?”

“We will have more dirt on her than she will on me.  We can provide proof to family members that believe she’s a perfect angel.”

Hermione smiled, “I like your thinking, Harry,” then downed the potion.

She made an expression letting Harry know that it didn’t taste good.

Harry chuckled, and said, “At least, it doesn’t taste as bad as the Polyjuice Potion.”

Hermione nodded in agreement while saying the chant in her head.  The chant was working because her bones started bending to take on her animal form.  It was extremely painful for her, but when she successfully transformed into a beautiful doe, the pain subsided.  Harry smiled, and Hermione walked up to him.  She nuzzled him then licked his cheek.

“Did you see how to transform back?” Harry was concerned, but then realized he asked a stupid question.

Hermione transformed back to a human, and shook her head, “Now, that was a stupid question wasn’t it.”

Harry laughed then a Lynx Patronus appeared in middle of the room.


He recognized the voice right away as Kingsley Shacklebolt, ex-Auror now Minister of Magic. 

“Yes, sir?”

“Oh, thank Merlin, I found you.  Do you know that all the Aurors are out looking for you?”

“No, but what’s going on Minister?”

“Harry, I’m talking to you as an old friend, not as your boss.  So you can lose the formal gig.”

Harry chuckled, then corrected, “Sorry, Kingsley, what’s going on?”

“Your office has been trashed, and the alarm went off in the Ministry for someone disapparating from the Law Enforcement Department last night.”

Harry smacked his head, and moaned, “Oh no, I forgot that when I disapparated the alarm goes off.  It’s my fault, Kingsley.  I’m having trouble with Ginny, and I’m the one who trashed my office then set off the alarm without thinking.  I’m so sorry.”

“Harry, you need some time off.  You’ve been working way too hard these last few years.  Take the week off.  You need it.  Neville can handle it while you’re away.”

Harry nodded, and replied, “Thank you, Kingsley, for being understanding.”

“See you next week.”

The lynx disappeared, and Hermione took his arm.  Harry turned to look at her, and she said, “Let’s go, Harry.”

Harry nodded, then with two soft pops, they disapparated away leaving Number Twelve Grimmauld Place empty, but not forgotten.

Back in the apartment, a fox Patronus was in the middle of the room.

“Neville!  You owe me a hot breakfast right now!” Hermione picked at Neville as she sat on the sofa.

“Ha ha, very funny.  Wait, you found him?”

Harry sat down on the sofa, then confirmed, “Yes, Neville, she found me.”

“Kingsley just told me that you’re taking a weeklong vacation, and I’m in charge until you return.  What happened, Harry?”

Harry questioned, “Are you alone?”

The fox was silent for a moment, then Neville’s voice returned, “I’m in your office with the door closed.  No one can hear me.”

Harry began explaining to Neville what he saw at the Ministry with Draco, and Ginny.  He told him everything except the Animagus part.  He also told Neville how he will be keeping a special eye on Ginny.

“You let me know if Draco says anything about meeting someone tonight or even during the day,” Harry concluded the explanation.

“Oh, Harry, I’m sorry.  I knew something was up with Ginny the last time we hung out together before Hermione left for the United States.  Actually, Draco did say something.  He said he was meeting someone in Richmond Park tonight at seven.”

“Thank you, Neville,” Harry and Hermione replied at the same time.

The fox disappeared, and they agreed on their first secret spy mission.

It was early evening, and Harry called out to Hermione, “Are you ready yet?”

“Yes, I’m ready.  I’m ready to try out my Animagus for a longer period of time,” Hermione was so excited she was bouncing.

Harry smiled then relayed information to her, “Did you know my mum’s Patronus was a doe?  You’re Animagus form is my mum’s Patronus.”

Hermione smiled, and said, “I didn’t know that.  Wow, your mum must have had a hand in my Animagus form.”

Harry chuckled, and they both disapparated to Richmond Park. 

They arrived at the park entrance, and went in.  They walked about two miles in then turned into the wooded area.  Harry turned into his stag form then Hermione turned into her doe form shortly after.  Harry walked toward the grassy area, and Hermione followed closely behind him so she wouldn’t lose him.  Harry lifted his head, and smelled the air.  His ears stood up facing forward because he heard Ginny’s laugh coming from across the grassy hill in front of him.  Harry turned to Hermione then pointed with his nose toward the grassy hill.  She nodded that she understood, and followed him.

As they reached the top of the hill, Harry could hear word for word of what they were saying.

“Draco, what if it was Harry that set off that alarm?”

“Ginny, Harry doesn’t make scenes like that.  He’s not that stupid.”

“I don’t know what to do, Draco.  What if Harry did see us?  What am I going to say to him?”

Draco took her hands in his, and gazed into her eyes, “Say what your heart is telling you.”

Ginny smiled, and cupped his face in her palm, “I knew I loved you for something.”

Hermione couldn’t believe what she heard as she reached the top of the hill with Harry.  She turned to him, and could tell in his eyes how hurt he was.

“Look, Draco!  Two deer!  They look like they’re in love.  See how the doe nuzzles up to the stag.  It looks like they’re in love.”

“Looks like the stag might get lucky.”

Ginny swatted at Draco who defended himself.  Harry couldn’t take the site of them anymore, and ran off.  Hermione, who didn’t want to be left alone, followed behind him in suit.  While attempting to catch up with him, Hermione thought if they could do magic while in their animal form.  Harry disapparated away, and that answered her question.  Hermione disapparated away with a soft pop.

At the apartment, a stag and doe appeared in the living room.  Harry transformed back into his human self again.  Hermione followed suit, and Harry couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’ve seen enough for one day.  I’ll see you in the morning,” Harry managed to squeak out then collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.

Hermione levitated him off the floor, and sent him into his room.  She guided him down to the bed, and laid him down with his head on his pillow.  She waved her wand, and his clothes changed into his pajamas with socks, and shoes off. 

Hermione leaned over, kissed his lips tenderly, and whispered, “Sweet dreams, Harry.”

She walked to the door, turned out the lights, walked out the room, and closed the door behind her.