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Among the Humans

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So this is what a Vampire Bar is; a clichéd, dark, and gothic club, with red and black everywhere. Every single vampire came dressed in their finest, and the humans are mostly in all dark tones, with multiple piercings and tattoos. Darkness, always darkness with these people. This is what Harry grew tired of. All the stereotypes and fear that came with being out of the coffin, it is beyond annoying.

Just because they were creatures of the night, didn’t mean they didn’t enjoy a little happiness. Harry certainly likes happiness, and light, but he’s so alone; has been for years. He could be classified as a shut-in, even, because he rarely leaves his house. There is so much beauty in the world, Harry knows that, but lately he doesn’t see so much of it. And humans, they are fascinating and wonderful creatures, especially nowadays. Harry adores them, because they’re so different, and he honestly doesn’t even remember what it means to be a human. All those years have faded from Harry’s memory.

He’s been sitting in this club, at the bar, for only twenty minutes and he already wants to leave. All these humans are just throwing themselves at the vampires, with no regard for their own lives. Sure, vamps are trying to mainstream and not be as violent to humans as they used to be, but Harry knows his kind. He knows how easy it is to lose control. He almost forgot why he even showed up to this place, until he looked down at the table top of the bar, and saw the little note from Zayn.

H—I swear to the Elders and the rest of the High Council that you are going to leave that fucking mansion and have some fun. I have heard the rumors about you wanting to walk into the sun, but I’m not having it. Go to the VB in Baton Rouge, Fangtasia, and socialize. Find a human and feed from them, fuck them, I don’t care. Just stop moping.—Z

If only it were that easy. Harry has always been good at hunting, has always been able to charm anyone into his clutches, but that magic died. He could no longer kill humans, so his passion to feed from them vanished. Harry is currently living on a supply of different packs of blood from blood-banks, which is how a lot of vampires lived these days. None of the humans here were Harry’s type, anyway, as he prefers people who were more…clean is a word for it. Not these grungy-wannabe vamps that were climbing on any undead that walked in.

Harry is ready to cut his losses and leave, maybe stop by Zayn’s manor to tell him he had no plans for killing himself. Not tonight at least. The old vampire is just standing up from his stool and getting ready to put on his leopard print coat, when a new human walks in. And, oh, did every single vampire turn their head to watch him, including Harry.

This human is very young, and he looks very nervous. It’s probably his first time in one of these bars, evidence emerging by the fact that he’s come in with his neck just on display. Not to mention he’s wearing a loose, fuzzy white sweater and tight black jeans, with low flat shoes that show off his petite ankles. Harry is entranced, and he’s suddenly sitting back down in the stool to watch this boy.

He’s walking slowly to the bar, trying not to look at anyone for too long, but they’re all looking at him. Harry casts his eyes back down to the bar top, because he wants no part in making this human scared. The animals in the bar look like they want to tear the boy apart in more ways than one, and Harry’s ready to help this boy. No one who looks and smells as sweet as him should have to endure the madness of a vampire’s hunger. The boy sits in the stool directly next to Harry and orders an ice water. He must not be old enough to legally drink, or maybe he’s smart enough to not lose any inhibitions in a place like this.

Harry can sense a vampire, a bigger man than him, start to make his way over. This boy wouldn’t stand a chance with someone like that. But Harry can also sense that this vampire is younger, and therefore Harry has some semblance of dominance over him. He can at least claim this human for himself for the night, if only to protect him.

Harry glances up at the boy as he takes a shaky sip of the water. He’s got these dull, baby blue eyes framed by long lashes, sharp cheekbones and rose petal-pink lips. He’s utterly beautiful. Harry’s almost too speechless, but not enough to not speak up when the other vampire gets closer. “Must be terrifying.”

The boy swallows his water, Harry is watching every movement of his tan neck, and nervously turns his head to the vampire. “W-what?”

“I said it must be terrifying,” Harry repeats. He can see the other vampire frown and angrily storm away. His plan has worked. “To know every vampire in this bar wants a go at your neck.”

The boy’s eyes widen a little and he gasps. “I-I didn’t know that actually.” He looks over his shoulder in time to see almost every person look away. “Why?”

“You’re new,” Harry says with a shrug.

“Oh and how do you all know that?” The boy retorts with a little frown.

“You don’t know much about vampires, do you?” Harry asks, smiling with amusement. This human was snappy, unlike other humans Harry came across.

He answers after a purse. “Not really.”

“Well,” Harry clears his throat to further explain. “Beside the fact that you came in here with your neck on display, and a harrowing lack of dark makeup or goth clothes, we can smell it. You smell like an untouched human, never been bitten.”

The boy’s lips formed a small ‘o’ and he nervously looks down at his drink. “Well, I guess that is a bit terrifying.”

I’ll protect you. “I’m the oldest one in here, I can sense it. You are safe here with me.” Harry tells him, scooting his stool closer.

The boy starts blushing and he sips from his water again, tongue darting out to lick up a spare droplet. “May I ask your name?”

“It’s Harry, Harry Styles,” the vampire says cordially. “And you?”

“Louis Tomlinson,” the boy, Louis answers, with a soft voice.

“Well Louis,” the name feels so right flowing from Harry’s voice. “What’s a human like you doing in a place like this?”

Louis shrugs. “I heard some people at work talking about all this. I’ve been going through a difficult time and…well I’m not sure what I need. But the way they talked about this seemed exciting, so I thought I’d see what it was like.”

“Whatever your difficulties are, I’m sure a vampire bar shouldn’t be the answer,” Harry says.

“I’m starting to agree,” Louis mumbles as he once again glances over his shoulder at the other people. Only a few feet away there is a female vampire feeding from the neck of a human man, and he was hard in his pants. Was it really a turn on to be fed from?

“Try not to stare too long,” Harry says quietly, tapping Louis on the shoulder. “Not all of them like staring.”

“Sorry,” Louis finishes up his water and wipes the excess from his mouth. “So Harry, if you’re the oldest in the bar, how old are you exactly?”

“Exactly?” Harry smiles, thinking on it a bit. “Not sure exactly, my human years are mostly muddled up to my last days…but I’m over eight hundred years old.”

Louis’ mouth drops open. “Holy shit, eight hundred? No offense but…you’re ancient.”

Harry laughs, mouth forming a wide smile. This human is so lovely, so fucking different. “Trust me, I’m not the oldest one in existence. My closest friend is over one thousand.”

“Goddamn,” Louis says. “How, um, how old were you when you…you know…”

“When I turned?” Harry asks. “I was twenty one.”

“Really? Funny you seem—”

Louis is cut off by the sound of a man moaning, so damn loud. He turns to see the man, who was being fed on, orgasm in the middle of the bar. Louis’ face grew red and he frantically looked around to see that nobody else is paying the man any mind. He was taking deep breaths and the vampire woman kissed his cheek, leaving a bloodstain. Louis’ dick shamefully twitches in his pants.

“D-did she even touch him?” Louis asks, not looking back at Harry.

“Probably not,” Harry says, voice slightly annoyed. “It is said the bite from a vampire can be very pleasurable for a human.”

Louis’ mind flips at that. He’s been feeling alone and sad because of recent circumstances. He hasn’t let himself give in to any pleasure in a year. This Harry has been nice and courteous so far, and he’s certainly old enough to have a bit of control. Would it be so bad to let Harry have a taste? Louis is here for something new anyway.

“A-are you hungry?” Louis asks shyly.

The question takes Harry back. “Excuse me?”

“You could bite me.”


“Please, Harry,” Louis begs. “I told you I came here for some excitement.”

“And I told you this shouldn’t be the excitement you need,” Harry says with a harsh tone.

“You said every vampire in this bar wanted a go at my neck, doesn’t that include you?” Louis asks, leaning his head so his neck is extended.

Fuck, Louis’ neck does look good. Harry can feel the warmth radiating off him, he can sense the quickening pulse of Louis’ blood. And it’s been so long since he fed directly from a human, from the source. His senses are heightening and his fangs extend out from his canine teeth as he licks his lips. Louis is simply hypnotic.

But as Louis waits for a sting of pain from something penetrating his skin, it never comes. Instead he feels Harry’s soft, plump lips on him, a soft kiss right over his artery. One of Harry’s hands fits onto the lower part of Louis’ back as he kisses him again.

“Call me old fashioned, but I do not feed in public,” Harry whispers, nuzzling against Louis’ neck. “How old are you Louis?”

“Nineteen,” Louis says, voice tight from the lack of breathing he was doing.

“So young,” Harry observes, rubbing his thumb over the small of Louis’ back. “You shouldn’t waste your youth amongst the sharks.”

“I’ll waste my youth however I want,” Louis says with his first genuine smile of the night. He’s got sharp, white teeth, like a little vampire would, and Harry’s even more caught with him. “If you’re not here to feed, then why are you here?”

“A concerned friend said it would do me some good to get out of my house,” Harry tells him. The vampire can feel a similarity between them. He can sense that Louis may be just as lost and lonely as he. But he can’t just treat Louis like every other human, like he’s someone to feed from and cast off. Harry’s instincts won’t let him for some reason. “Louis, if you would really like to experience what that man did, if you really want me to feed from you, then I will. But not here, not now.”

“When?” Louis asks quickly.

Harry asks the bartender for a pen, and he writes out his address on a napkin. “My home is on a few acres of what used to be a plantation. If you really wish to know what it is like to be fed from by a vampire, all you must do is knock.”

Louis takes the napkin with shaking hands, swallowing a lump in his throat. “I-I have work, at this diner, tomorrow night, but—”

“Whenever Louis, whenever you are ready,” Harry says with a wave of his hand. He stood up once more from his stool and put his coat on, holding out a hand to Louis. “I know you’ve only just arrived, but I fear what may happen to you once I leave.”

Louis takes Harry’s hand and lets the vampire help him out of the seat. “Thank you, for all this really. I-I need a distraction.”

“The pleasure is mine,” You’ve no idea.

They walk hand in hand to the entrance, and Harry glares at the vampire who tried to approach Louis earlier, baring his fangs. Louis has a car in the lot and Harry walks with him so he can make sure the boy is safe. He declines an offer of a ride home, opting to walk instead. Vampires have super human speed, so it wouldn’t take Harry very long anyway.

And when Harry arrives home, he heats and pours a few ounces of A-neg into a wine glass for the evening. He thinks he can put off the sun for at least a little while longer.


Louis Tomlinson does not show up the following night, nor the one after that. Harry isn’t sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The way Harry sees humans is this; they are first and foremost foods, that’s just the way it has to be with vampires, but humans are also beautiful creatures. This Louis wanted excitement in his life, and he walked into danger looking like fang bait. It was an amazing, and completely human thing to do.

And Louis was brave, or perhaps naïve, because he talked to Harry like a human would talk to a human, not an almighty, blood sucking vampire. He didn’t try to worship Harry or turn into some dark vixen like the others at the club. All Louis wanted was a bite, and all Harry wanted was a reason to live. If that reason has to be to keep this wonderful, oh so different, human safe, then so be it.

Now, of course, Harry is waiting to see if Louis would really want to explore what it means to be a human in a vampire’s world, or if he would rather stay in his safe, on-magic, bubble.

Apparently Louis really is looking for excitement, because five days after their meeting, Harry hears a knock on his door, and he can sense that it is the new human. He is at the door in only seconds after Louis knocks, and it startles the human when the door is open so quickly.


“Vampire, dear Louis,” Harry says rather amusedly.

“Right, duh,” Louis says nervously. Tonight he’s dressed much more appropriately for his company. He is still showing off his neck line and his ankles, but tonight he’s in all black. Less like an angel ready to have its wings plucked, and more like a person who had their guard up. That pleased Harry. “So, should I come inside, or are you just going to have your meal out here?”

Harry shakes his head, wishing Louis would think more highly of himself. Harry takes a step outside and closes his door behind himself. “Where do you live, Louis?”

“What? Why, so you can have a taste now then sneak into my house to finish me off?” Louis asks pointedly, arms crossed over his chest.

“I can only enter your home if you invite me,” Harry tells him, and he’s realizing there is very little that this human knows of his kind. “But if you must know, it occurred to me that I may be asking you to come very far from home. If I drink from you, I do not want you to drive an hour completely drained of energy.”

“Calm down, my house is only twenty minutes away,” Louis says with a roll of his eyes, leaning back against the rail of Harry’s porch. “I wouldn’t be here if you were hours away.”

“You’re from here in New Orleans?” Harry asks. “And yet you went all the way to Baton Rouge for my kind. There is a very popular Vampire Bar right here in the city.”

“I’m aware, but I have my own reasons for going far,” Louis says. “Why didn’t you go to the one here?”

Harry can’t help but smile. He likes the attitude on this one. “I’ve my own reasons as well.”

“Then there you go. Listen,” Louis flicks back his light brown, feathery fringe. “Are you going to bite me or not?”

Harry takes a moment to let Louis stir, before answering. “Not yet.”


“It’s a beautiful night,” Harry answers, linking his arms with Louis’ and leading them both off the porch. “I’ve a very large property and plenty of hours of night to waste. Walk with me.”

Louis is already arm and arm with Harry, and he knows that he is no match for Harry’s strength, so there’s no use in saying no. It is a lovely night anyway, since it’s the end of August and nights are still warm. “Fine. Do you play with all of your food like this?”

Harry groans, annoyed at this tone from Louis. “See, that right there is what is wrong with humans these days. Yes, my kind lives off your kind’s blood, but you are alive. You are still a living, breathing, beautiful life. We feed from you all, we use you all for our pleasures, but if you were all to die out, the vampires would go next. We need you, and I appreciate that.”

“If humans died out, couldn’t you just live off animal blood?” Louis asks, and it’s meant to be a sincere question, but he knows it still comes off as trying to push Harry’s buttons.

“We may have the blood of animals for snacks, but we cannot live off them alone,” Harry says. He directs Louis through a gate on the side of his house, and into a very long garden. “We need you all, and just because you are a human in my presence, doesn’t mean you should talk about yourself like this. You are more than just food.”

“Sorry, sorry I’ll stop,” Louis says with a light sigh.

“You’re new to this, I understand,” Harry assures him.

They walk together through the garden, past willow trees and bushes of all sorts of flowers. A colony of lightening bugs have started to follow them, dancing like little stars as they walk. It’s quiet, other than the sounds of frogs and crickets, but it’s peaceful, and Louis hasn’t felt peaceful in a while.

The peace is interrupted by Harry, “I’m curious Louis.”

“Hmm?” Louis hums, staring up at the sky and all the stars that have come out. He could see nearly every constellation.

“What happened to you?” Harry asks as he stops walking under a large willow tree. “You said you were having a difficult time and needed some excitement. What happened to you to make you seek thrills with my kind?”

Louis is taken aback and stops in front of Harry, looking up at the vampire in the nighttime lights. “I—do I have to tell you? If I tell you will you bite me?”

“Your need to rush into such dangerous pleasure worries me,” Harry says as one of his hands finds its way to Louis’ cheek. The cheek is warm and Harry’s hand is dead cold, so Louis’ breath hitches, but he steps ever closer. “If I knew why…”

“My parents died.” Louis says suddenly, eyes shutting from both the confession and Harry’s intense stare. “I was only eighteen, and I loved them. I had to hear about it from the news of all things. All year I’ve been taking care of myself and I’ve been so alone. When I heard about the VB I just…I wanted to do something adventurous, because I used to be so adventurous.”

“Oh Louis,” Harry’s voice falls soft as he wipes away a tear that fell down Louis’ cheek. “I remember that feeling when I lost my human family. But that pain isn’t worth throwing your life away.”

“I’m not throwing it away,” Louis snaps, grabbing onto Harry’s hand. “I just want to feel something.” He gently moves Harry’s hand down so it’s on his neck, and leaned away from it. “Please, I want to feel what it’s like to be bitten.”

Harry’s senses light up again with how much he wants to taste Louis, and now he can feel that pulse under his fingers. This won’t be like last time, he won’t be able to restrain himself from feeding off Louis’ blood, but there’s something Harry wants to do first. Louis’ got Harry wild and unraveled, but Harry feels Louis’ loneliness and depression. He’s felt it for a hundred years. He feels his connection, a barely there bond just from being near Louis, and Harry wants to seal it. He knows that by biting Louis, this connection would only become stronger, and then Louis would feel it too.

Harry pulls Louis in by the back of his neck, and instead of biting him, Harry kisses him. This time on the lips in a desperate plea. He feels Louis’ blood pump faster and his smaller hands grab at Harry’s chest, tugging on the white silk shirt. Harry’s other hand grasps at Louis’ lower back, keeping the human close to his body. Louis is moaning quietly, letting Harry guide their lips and melting into the vampire’s touches.

He’s calming enough, relaxed but his pulse is still high, and Harry knows this is the best time to do it. He releases the kiss, both of them have staggering breaths, and extends his fangs. As Harry watches Louis’ dilated eyes widen, he has to say, “I’m sorry.”

“Ah!” Louis yelps when he feels Harry’s sharp fangs sink into his flesh. But the burn quickly turns warm and bright, like that one spot is radiating energy of the purest kind. Louis gasps as Harry’s grip tightens, and he can feel his cock start to swell up in his pants. This is what being made for a vampire feels like, more pleasurable than anything Louis has ever felt. “Harry.

The vampire’s mind is racing. Louis’ blood is so sweet. It’s practically sparking in Harry’s mouth, and it’s hot and just…full of life. Life that’s never been touched by death, by another vampire, and the sun. Louis taste like how Harry remembers the sun feeling. Harry falls to his knees, dragging Louis down with him, and he slows his intake so he doesn’t hurt Louis.

They can feel each other everywhere. When Harry takes his mouth away and licks up the leftover blood, he can feel Louis’ every emotion. Never in all his years has a feeding felt so intimate and tasted so good. Harry will never let Louis go, not after what he just experienced.

He didn’t notice, at first, that Louis’ legs wrapped around his waist, but he does as Louis continues to whimper and rock his hips down. “Harry, Harry make me come, please.”

“Louis, be still,” Harry says, petting a strong hand down Louis’ back. He looks into Louis’ watery, pleading eyes and feels so much affection for this stranger human. “Your blood is so sweet.”

“Wh-what?” Louis asks, still trying to get friction on his crotch.

“Your blood is like nothing I have ever tasted,” Harry moans. He looks around at the place they have settled in, and it’s darkly romantic. He can feel everything so vividly, because he just fed right from the source and his senses have been heightened. “I want you Louis. I want so much of you, but I’m afraid of what I will do if you give yourself over.”

“No, Harry please,” Louis begs as his hands grip tightly on Harry’s neck. He feels weak from the loss of blood, but he also feels weak for Harry. He wants—needs—this vampire to finish what pleasure he started. “Don’t leave me like this.”

“I won’t, of course I won’t,” Harry says, shushing Louis with a kiss. “But not here. I will take you back to my home, where you can be on a bed.”

“Okay, yes okay,” Louis says, and he tries to stand up, but the blood loss has made it hard to. He gets dizzy from the slightest movement, and collapses back down into Harry’s arms. “M-my head, it hurts.”

“I’m so sorry Louis,” Harry coos, scooping Louis up into his arms. He’s holding the little human like a groom would his new spouse, as he starts to take them both back to his manor. “You’ll get your strength back soon.”

Before Louis even knows what’s happening, after he blinks for only a second, Harry has already brought him into his bedroom. The vampire’s more than human speed is a bit disorienting as Louis is gently placed on the soft bed. This room is gently placed on the soft bed. This room is dark, with special screens placed over the windows to completely block out the sun. Louis finds himself lying on shiny, golden sheets, while Harry stands at the end of the bed, taking in the sight of the human.

His eyes haven’t left the two bite marks on Louis’ neck since they got in the room. He’s staring hungrily, and nervously at Louis while he unbuttons the white satin shirt he’s wearing. Louis’ pulse is rising, and Harry hears it perfectly, the steady thumping below Louis’ chest. Harry ever so carefully hangs his shirt on one of the wooden bed posts, and begins to crawl over the bed. He stops just short of Louis, picking up one of the human’s thin ankles and giving it a kiss, before parting Louis’ legs.

Both of Louis’ hands are tightly clenching the sheet at his sides, and his breathing hitches when one of Harry’s much larger hands makes its way to his knee. He lets his legs part on their own, as he watches Harry. He watches the ripple of every distinctly toned muscle on Harry’s torso, and the dangling of the tiny silver cross necklace against the vampire’s chest. Louis is a little confused, because he thought vampires couldn’t stand neither silver nor crosses, but he’s going to save those questions for later.

“Don’t be scared,” Harry whispers as his fingers trail up and under Louis’ shirt.

“’M not,” Louis says with a shaky, unsure voice. He lets go for only a moment, to let Harry tug off his shirt and toss it to the side. “Are you going to bite me again?”

“No,” Harry says with a small smile, running a single, cold finger across Louis’ slightly pudgy belly.

“A-are you going to fuck me?” Louis asks, swallowing a nervous throat lump.

Harry shakes his head, chuckling at the human. “No, Louis.”

“You s-sure like to say no,” Louis says, trying to mask his nerves.

“You’ve only asked me questions that warrant a no,” Harry says, settling his body over Louis’. He brings his lips close to Louis’ collarbones, and trails light kisses all the way up to the spot just below Louis’ ear. “Ask me if I will make you feel good.”

Louis’ eyes slip closed as he gasped, “W-will you make me feel good?”

“Yes,” Harry says suddenly rough and coarse with his voice. He grinds his hips down into Louis’, and smirks at the high squeak that leave the human’s lips. Harry turns Louis’ face by his cheek and kisses him, slow and deep while his hips continued their movements.

Louis moans and grabs at Harry’s long curls, rutting up against the vampire for friction on his clothed cock. “Harry, y-your fangs,” Louis gasps when he feels them against his tongue. He runs his thumb softly over them, then down to Harry’s plump lower lip. “They’re still out.”

“They tend to do that when vampires are aroused,” Harry tells him, smiling fondly at how naïve Louis really is. Nowadays most humans think it’s cool to know everything about his kind, to the point where they start to think they actually know more than the vampires. It’s so refreshing for Harry to get to teach Louis about his kind.

“Oh,” Louis mumbles as he stares longingly at the pearly white fangs. They’re beautiful, and they were making Louis feel so good only moments ago. This magic is truly amazing. “Keep going.”

Harry starts kissing Louis again as they rut against each other. Harry wouldn’t come from this alone, but he’s only interested in Louis right now. He wants this human with the sunshine filled blood to be overwhelmed with pleasure.

Which Louis is, or at least he’s beginning to be, with the way Harry’s pressing right down on him, grabbing at his hips, licking over the fang marks on his neck. Louis is moaning, and scratching numbly at Harry’s biceps, such strong arms, he feels so damn good. This handsome vampire could kill him if he wanted to, but Louis knows that’s not what Harry wants. Harry’s getting exactly what he wants, because Louis’ dick is leaking in his pants.

Louis moans into Harry’s ear, the sound resonating to the vampire’s cold blood, making him work faster. Harry hikes one of Louis’ legs up around his waist, kissing him hard while Louis takes it.

The pleasure peaks in Louis, as he moans, “Oh, H-Harry,” and comes, hips stuttering up into the vampire. He ruts until he’s empty, collapsing back onto the bed while Harry continues to kiss all over.

The vampire smiles down at Louis, thumbing along the column of Louis’ neck, over his slowing pulse. Harry feels Louis all over, because of the blood he drank. He feels everything Louis is thinking, and it’s beautiful, but it’s exhausting.

“Stunning,” Harry whispers to himself, though Louis can hear it and it makes him blush. The vampire takes a glance up at the clock, and it’s almost midnight. Which is very early for Harry, but Louis is human, and he’s had his blood sucked, so he needs to sleep. And with the taste of Louis’ sweet blood still lingering in Harry’s mouth, it is very likely the vampire could lose control. “Let me take you home, Louis. After you’ve cleaned up of course.”

“What? Why can’t I stay?” Louis asks, sitting up on his arms with a frown. “Don’t, um, don’t you need someone to—”

“No, Louis, don’t worry about me, I got my fill for the night,” Harry says, eyeing the bite marks. “I will take you home. And I do wish to see you again.”


“There’s no doubt in my mind, Louis, that I do not want this to be our last night together,” Harry assures him. He stands off the bed quickly, holding out one of his big, pale hands and helps Louis up as well. “The shower is all yours, and I will wait for you outside this door.”

“You could wait in here, this is your own room,” Louis says with a lighthearted smile.

Harry flashes his own, fang-free, as he says, “It wouldn’t be proper.”

Louis rolls his eyes. This vampire is old and old fashioned, just his luck. Louis went out for an adventure, and has come out with a steady date. He’s not going to complain for long, because Harry is kind and really attractive. “Fine.”



Half an hour later, Louis is stepping out of Harry’s bedroom with a freshly washed body, that smells very much like strawberries, and drying hair. Harry is across the hall, fixing his shirt in the mirror, once again leaving a few buttons open at the top. He looks up and smiles at Louis, and yes, there’s a reflection. Louis may never understand all of the vampire lore, and how their magic works. Shouldn’t there be no shadow? Louis will ask later.

“Alright, take me home I guess,” Louis takes a step out and suddenly feels faint, stumbling a bit.

Harry is quick to catch him. “So sorry, Louis. I didn’t think I took that much blood from you.”

“It’s fine, drive home tonight might be a bit quiet.”

“I’m okay with that,” Harry says, picking Louis up like a bride. Once again, Louis blinks and they’re at their destination.

“You’ve got to walk slower. I might want a tour of your mansion at some point,” Louis says with a pout.

“There’s plenty of time for that,” Harry let’s Louis get in the car on his own, then climbs into the driver’s side. He really hates driving, because it’s slower than his vampire speed, but at least he’s getting more time with his human. One hand on the steering wheel, and the other holding Louis’ on his lap, Harry takes him home.

They park and Harry walks Louis to the door, but he doesn’t even go up the steps. Louis turns around, frowning. “What’s wrong?”

“A vampire cannot enter a home they’ve never been invited into, when they are not the owner,” Harry says with a shrug.

“Seriously? So that rule is real?” Louis asks, laughing to himself. “You can wear a damned silver cross around your neck, and you’ve got a reflection, but god forbid you go into a house!”

“Louis,” Harry shakes his head with a fond smile. “The silver poison thing is more werewolves—”


“And I can’t control the rules. You humans have sure created some grand legends about us. You would do well to know which ones are real,” Harry says with a cautious tone.

He’s just standing at the bottom of the porch, hands folded behind his back and waiting for Louis to do something. “Well, I guess you can—”

“No,” Harry cuts off. “Do not invite me in tonight. It’s too soon.”

“Don’t I get more of a say? This being my house and all?” Louis asks with his arms folded over his chest, brow arched.

“It is your house, but I am the vampire,” Harry says, smiling up at Louis. “You shouldn’t be so eager to let me in.”

“You really taking this whole ‘let’s go slow’ thing seriously,” Louis sighs with pursed lips, arms crossing over his chest.

“Just trying to keep you safe,” Harry runs a hand through his long hair, pushing it out of his face a bit. He knows Louis isn’t actually annoyed, and as much as the vampire would like to stay with Louis, he knew it would be too much for the night. “We shall see each other again. I have no doubts of that.”


“Definitely, if you would like. We could go on a proper date.”

“Oh,” Louis blushes at the thought. “My blood really that good?”

“More than just your blood,” Harry says, smile fading. He can’t tell if Louis is still joking around. “Could you come down the steps, please? I would like to kiss you one last time before I go.”

Louis teeters back and forth on his toes a few times. He really doesn’t want Harry to go, but who is Louis to argue with a vampire? Harry could be back at his own home in a matter of seconds. “Okay, but I’m coming over same time tomorrow, and you can take me on that date.”

“Of course, Sunshine.”

Louis’ heart pulses at the new nickname, and he walks down to the first step, making him a couple inches taller than Harry. The human leans down and kisses the vampire, lightly on the cheek, and then moves his lips onto Harry’s. The vampire makes no attempts to hold Louis, he can’t because of the property barrier, but Louis places his hands on Harry’s shoulders, kissing him deeper.

They hum into each other’s mouths, Louis’ eyes have closed and Harry pulls back to whisper. “Until tomorrow.”

The next thing Louis knows, he’s opening his eyes only to see nobody looking back. Harry left so fast, Louis didn’t even feel him leave his touch. Still, Louis can’t help but smile to himself, fingers going to touch the place where Harry bit him, then his own lips. This was the most magical and eventful night of Louis’ life, so far.


Louis’ life continues to be magical through his first few dates with Harry, each romantic than the last. Louis feels like he can be completely himself with Harry, completely comfortable. By the time they get to their tenth date, Louis lets his sense of humor make a bit of a joke about it. It’s not that he isn’t excited, because he really is, but Louis cannot resist going to see a movie about vampires with Harry.

He did not count on the movie being incredibly gory and scary, to the point where Louis was hiding behind his hands. Harry, of course, is laughing at almost everything the fictional vampire does. He stops, though, when he looks down to see how afraid Louis is. Harry feels sorry for him, because this film is completely unrealistic.

“Sunshine?” Harry whispers, pulling Louis’ hands away from his face. “Lou, don’t be scared, this is far from real.”

“I know,” Louis hushes. “I know, but…”

“Sunshine, vampire would not do this to humans.” Harry tells him sweetly. “Maybe a very long time ago when things were more savage, but not now, not me.”

“Right,” Louis sighs, blinking up at the vampire. “Honestly, I thought it would be funny to see this with you, but obviously that’s backfired.”

“I think it’s pretty funny. I’ve never heard of a vampire that eats brains,” Harry says in a joking tone. “This is either some big propaganda film against vampire rights, or the people who made it know nothing about us.”

“I’m sorry for bringing you here,” Louis says with a frown.

“Really Louis, it’s fine,” Harry assures him, stretching his arm over Louis’ shoulders. “I enjoy being in your company.”

Louis smiles, leaning up into Harry’s embrace. “Still can’t believe I caught such a gentleman vamp.” He sits up and kisses Harry’s jaw, down his neck, sucking on the cold skin. Harry groans softly from the warm feeling of Louis’ lips, letting the human kiss him wherever. Louis moves up to Harry’s cheek, placing one of his hands on the other to turn his head.

He’s never done the ‘make out with your date in a dark theater’ thing, but goddamn does Louis like it. He can feel Harry smiling into their kisses, and he can feel the way Harry’s grip tightens on his back. There’s an arm rest between them that’s making it slightly uncomfortable, but Louis wants this so much. He separates from Harry’s lips long enough to push the armrest up and out of the way, and climb into the vampire’s lap.

He’s grinding down, his arse to Harry’s dick and this time Louis knows Harry’s getting hard. He can feel Harry pressing into him, and he can barely hear the soft moans from the vampire through their kiss. Louis is determined this time to get Harry of in this movie theater. He feels dirty, but he’s too horny to care. Louis gets a bit of bravery, and reaches his hand down between them.

“Sweet Louis,” Harry moans, but he grabs Louis by the wrist and pulls him away. “I, um, I think that’s enough for tonight.”

No, no Harry come on,” Louis whispers as he brushes the hair from Harry’s face. “Please, I’m desperate for you, for anything.”

“There are other people here Louis,” Harry says with a sigh, lifting Louis off his lap and placing him back in his seat.

Louis isn’t having it through. He needs Harry’s touch, he craves it. “Please, just bite me at least.”

“No,” Harry whispers sternly. “Not in a public place. Let’s finish the movie and then see to your physical needs.”

“Why do you have to be so damn proper?” Louis asks, slumping back in his chair.

The vampire chuckles and reaches to Louis’ lap to hold his hand, intertwining their fingers. “I can’t help that I grew up a gentleman.”

Louis rolls his eyes. He can’t decide how he feels about Harry, because on the one hand, harry is a scary, complicated vampire who could kill him at any second. On the other hand, Louis feels safe and wanted with him. He cuddles up to the vampire’s side for a few more minutes of the movie, until he really can’t take it anymore. “Harry? Can we just go? We can hang around your mansion for a bit.”

“Of course, Sunshine,” Harry whispers with a smile. He helps Louis stand up, and adjusts the hard on his pants as he leads them up the aisle. Harry catches a few conversations from the other people, most about how the couple were probably going to fuck. It takes everything in Harry not to laugh at them.

Once they’re out of the theater and into the cool Louisiana night time air, Harry picks Louis up and brings them to his mansion in a second. Louis is secretly starting to like the super human speed that Harry possesses. He stops on the doorstep and carefully puts Louis down to grab his keys. Harry doesn’t see the note left on his door, but Louis is quick to pluck it off.

“Who’s Zayn?”

Harry nearly yelps and drops his keys on the ground when Louis asks. “H-how…” The vampire looks back up and see the note. “Oh, is that from him?”

“Yeah, just says ‘Zayn Malik’ in fancy print. He a friend?” Louis asks while he hands Harry the note.

“Yes, an old friend. The one who suggested I visit the vampire bar.” Harry’s eyes quickly read through Zayn’s note. “Looks like I’m to have a visitor tonight.”

“Oh,” Louis frowns. “Should I go home then?”

“No, Sunshine. There’s no need for that, Zayn won’t be here until long after you should be asleep in your own bed.” Harry says. He finally gets his door open and escorts Louis inside.

Now that Louis is of a more conscious mind, he can really appreciate how beautiful Harry’s home is. It’s mostly dark tones on the wood and carpet, gothic theme going around, and all over what one would expect from a rich, eight hundred year old vampire. But it’s beautiful too, with bright crystal chandeliers, a winding staircase, old portraits, and warm air.

“Would you like anything to eat? Or drink perhaps?” Harry asks. He wraps his arm around Louis’ waist and leads them to the kitchen, which is very bright and modern. Very out of place in the rest of the old fashioned mansion.

“You actually have human food and not just blood?” Louis asks, only half joking.

“I purchased a few things after our first couple dates,” Harry tells him, flashing a big, white smile.

Louis can’t help but blush at the idea of Harry buying food for him. “What do you have?”

“Some fruits mostly, and a box of tea.”

“Oh the tea sounds lovely,” Louis says. “Could I make it, though? I’m very particular.”

“Whatever makes you happy, Sunshine.”

As Louis prepared his tea, he watched Harry pull out a pouch of frozen blood from his very large freezer. Harry puts it in the microwave until it’s melted and warm, then pours a little into a wine glass, then puts the pouch back into the freezer. It was the strangest thing Louis ever saw. He finishes up his tea and takes a few sips, as Harry drinks from the glass. “Well, that’s an interesting way to drink blood.”

“I think you’ll find most vampires take their blood this way, when it’s not directly from the source.” Harry says, his fangs out and dripping with blood already. “I cannot always go on a hunt.”

“I thought you didn’t drink from humans?” Louis says.

“I haven’t for a long time, beside you of course,” Harry tells him. “Over time I just…lost the passion for it.”

“You do seem very sad,” Louis says. He’s been thinking it since they met. Something was of about Harry, it can be seen in his eyes, barely heard in the way he speaks. “Or maybe not, I don’t know you enough.”

The two of them find themselves settled on a red, soft sofa in front of Harry’s fireplace. Harry is telling Louis an old story of how he met Marilyn Monroe during a charity event in 1962, and it still amazes Louis just how old Harry is. He has seen so much of the world and of history, and knows truths Louis can’t even imagine.

“That was the year she died, wasn’t it?” Louis asks, legs draped over Harry’s.

“It was,” Harry says with a nod, hand rubbing circles into Louis’ ankle. “I was lucky to have known her at all. She was a very nice person.”

“Too bad what happened,” Louis sighs. He sits up straighter and practically folds himself on Harry’s lap. “Do you know any other dead famous people? Or alive ones?”

Harry laughs, swallowing the last of his blood. “Oh sure, I know plenty of people, in passing. Before vampires were re-confirmed to the modern world, we had to be very careful. We couldn’t stay in a place too long or get to know people too well, because soon enough they would figure out we weren’t human.”

“Anymore,” Louis says. “You were human once.”

“Yes, but far too long ago.” Harry sighs. He places the empty wine glass on the coffee table, and settles his hand on Louis’ hip. He can’t help but stare at Louis’ beautiful face. Louis is… everything. He’s everything Harry has never known and always wanted. He’s all that Harry never knew he would fall for so soon. From all of the thousands of humans that Harry has met in his very long lifetime, he never thought he could possibly come to feel this way so soon. It’s a feeling Harry’s afraid he may never understand, and it’s about the only thing that scares him. “My sweet Louis, you are…the most interesting creature I have ever encountered.”


“I mean it, Sunshine,” Harry says. He tightens his grip on Louis’ hip and brings his lips close to Louis’ neck, his fangs extending and barely brushing against the soft, warm skin. “You’ve got a hold over me, Louis. I can’t explain it, really. But you…I feel it more and more, stronger, every time we’re together.”

“Harry, god,” Louis moans, because he feels that too. He isn’t sure if it’s because Harry’s this immortal being, but he feels a connection. With every touch, and every look, every thought of Harry, Louis feels that connection grow ever more binding. Louis sits up more, so his body is straddling Harry’s, and he lets Harry touch him, where ever the vampire desires. “Kiss me, or bite me, I want to feel you.”

Harry tenses under Louis. He can’t do more than kiss Louis, it’s been so long since he had sex with a human, and his self-control could use some work. Louis moans when Harry sucks on his neck, no biting or feeding. Harry’s soft lips pucker and caress Louis’ skin, leaving a trail of marks in their wake. “I can’t feed on you every time. Part of me wishes I could, because you taste so sweet, but you couldn’t handle it.”

“I can handle anything. I know you won’t push too far,” Louis sighs. He’s thinking of so many other things than just feeding, even though he loves when Harry does that. Louis always has so much more on his mind.

“You’re very strong Louis, but not that strong,” Harry says, chuckling at the little human. His laughter stops when Louis sighs and pushes him away.

“W-why do you do this? And why…why won’t you sleep with me, Harry?” Louis asks, growing more self-conscious by the second. He hates that he has to ask while literally sitting in Harry’s lap, with lovebites already on his neck. “Is…is it me?”

“No, not at all, Sunshine,” Harry says, his arms tighten around Louis’ waist. “It’s me, Lou.”

Louis’ face scrunches up. “Can… can you not, um—”

“No! No that’s not it either,” Harry says, laughing at the very thought. He also knows that Louis is very aware of just how well Harry’s body works. “Do you mind me asking, have you ever had sex with anyone? Human?”

Louis starts to blush at the question. “Um, no, I-I haven’t. There’s been a few other people… and other intimate sorts of things, which I would like to do with you. But I haven’t had sex, but I want to! I really, really do.”

“I know, but you have to understand,” Harry starts, eyes growing more stern. “Sex with a vampire is…well it’s a little different with a human. We’re much stronger, we can last for hours, and I could really hurt you. I could lose control and…and bite you, but not have the sense to stop. I know many vampires who have lost their human companions during…even in my early days I...”

Louis’ eyes grow very wide. He knows very well how strong Harry is, and sure he’s heard about how rough vampires can be during sex, but death? Harry can literally kill him? “You wouldn’t hurt me. You always say you won’t.”

“And I mean that, I really do. And I want you Louis, I want to kiss every inch of you and give you such pleasure.” Harry mumbles, staring worriedly to Louis’ eyes. “But I can barely keep myself in check even now. Sunshine...I couldn’t live if I hurt you like that.”

Louis can understand all of that, really, but it doesn’t stop him from being incredibly sexually frustrated. He wants to be intimate with Harry, he wants to at least make Harry come, just once. It seems like every time they get hot and heavy, Harry never wants Louis to return the favor.

“Haz, can’t I at least…” Louis goes quiet, not quite sure how to ask this. “You won’t even let me return the favor. Like, we’ve fucked around a few times, and I’ve never made you come. You’ve got to know how that makes me feel.”

“But that’s nothing on you, Louis.” Harry says quickly, cursing himself for making Louis feel inadequate. “You’re hot, Lou, you really are, and trust me when I say I’m nearly always hard around you. But as I just said…Vampires have much better stamina than humans do. It would take so much longer for you to return the favor, and I never wanted to put that on you.”

“I’m sure I could handle it,” Louis says with a pouty frown, fiddling with the open buttons on Harry’s shirt. “What would it take to get you to fuck me?”

Harry gapes at him. Louis must be desperate for it, to ask so blatantly. “Jesus Christ, you don’t have to do anything, but give me time. I-I have to be really ready before we go any further, or I’ll lose all control.”

It’s the only answer Louis will get, and he knows that, but he wishes Harry would stop being so scared. He wishes Harry would man up and make love to Louis like he wants. It’s about killing Louis that he won’t do this. But then, Louis gets a wonderfully, devious idea. “Mind if we change the subject then? Since you seem pretty firm with this?”

“Of course not, Sunshine,” Harry says, still uneased from the talk of sex. He can tell Louis isn’t entirely over the topic, and it hurt Harry to have to be so firm about it.

“I’ve just got a couple questions about vampires you know? Like, I get that you can’t enter a home without permission, but what else is true?” Louis asks.

Harry laughs, “Where do I even start?” He places his hand on Louis’ thigh and shifts slightly so his whole body is facing Louis. “For one thing, we can’t go out in sunlight, or we’ll burn up. Um, humans can see our reflections in mirrors, crucifixes don’t bother vampires, actually no religious items bother us, unless it’s a personal thing. Garlic can’t poison us, but wooden stakes do kill us. Beheading also does the trick.”

“Wow,” Louis grins. “That’s a lot of rules to keep track of.”

“Those aren’t even rules, really,” Harry says. He sighs, mostly to himself as he thinks of the real laws set by the Elders. “We have all kinds of levels of hierarchy to keep us in line, and they make the real laws. All that magic is just…who we are. Much like how humans need oxygen or break their legs if they fall from too high.”

Louis is completely in awe of Harry, and of vampires in general. Humans have been under the impression that vampires are these almighty beasts that hunt and fuck humans without limitation. Their magic is so much more than that. “A-and your blood? Does it really have a euphoric effect on humans?”

“Yes, it can cause humans to have visions of things that aren’t there, not unlike an acid trip,” Harry explains, face falling into a frown. “It also creates an extreme connection to that vampire, which is why V is illegal. Vampires were being killed and drained by humans for our blood.”

Louis gasps, “That’s awful.” He leans his head down on Harry’s shoulder, and places his over Harry’s where it’s on his thigh, interlocking their fingers. “That connection though, it must be intense.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Harry sighs. “The only time I ever drank a vampire’s blood when I was human was when I was turned. I don’t remember anything about that night. I wasn’t exactly turned by choice.”

“What do you remember?” Louis asks, gently placing a kiss on Harry’s neck.

Harry’s body tenses. “I’d rather not talk about that right now.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Louis sighs, sadly. “I’m just curious about you.”

“I know, Sunshine,” Harry says, kissing Louis on his temple. “I’ll tell you everything you want to know about me, but not tonight.”

“Alright, alright,” Louis says, licking his lips as he looks up at Harry’s face, at the calm expression in his eyes. “So, there’s nothing physical that can hold a vampire down? At all?”

“Well, silver can contain us, but obviously it doesn’t burn our skin or poison us like humans seem to think. But if you make a silver chain, it’ll keep us in.” Harry says suspiciously.

“Oh really?” Louis says, innocently yet not-so-innocently batting his lashes up at the vampire. “So, if I were to, say, chain your hands down, you couldn’t break free?”

Harry bursts out in laughter. “Are you really asking me that?”

“Yes I am!”

“Louis, I thought you were done with the sex talk.”

“Haz, I-I can’t help it!” Louis groans. “I can’t help how much I want you, and I’m going to find a very for us to be intimate without you hurting me.”

“Sex isn’t the only way to be intimate, Louis. This is a sweet gesture, but—”

“No buts!” Louis interrupts. He sits up on his knees and takes Harry’s cheeks in his hands. “Please. I’ve never wanted anyone so bad in my life. You want me too, so why won’t you take my solution?”

Harry’s eyes shut and he sighs, head shaking. “You want to put me in chains? That’s how you want your first time making love to go? You don’t want to be touched? You don’t want me to get to know your body? Because that’s how I would want it.”

“W-we’ll figure it out, Haz,” Louis says, shifting up and sliding onto Harry’s lap. “I mean, there’s also the matter of your vampire stamina. I-I just thought we could figure out a way to make it good for us, and safe.”

Harry sighs again, and wraps his arms around Louis’ back, head resting on Louis’ chest. He could feel the quick beat of Louis’ heart, the rhythm he’s been slowly memorizing every time they meet. “I want everything with you, Louis, like a normal couple. You couldn’t even begin to understand what you’ve already done for me. But… you’re so young, Louis. If anything were to happen—”

“It won’t,” Louis insists, brushing his fingers through Harry’s long hair. “We will work this out. I trust you.”

Before Harry can say anything back, or try to argue some more, the doorbell goes off. It chimes a few times, echoing in the quiet mansion, and Harry groans as he looks at the time. “That’ll be Zayn.”

“Your friend?”

“Yes,” Harry says urgently. He lifts Louis of his lap and stands up, carefully putting Louis on his feet. “When I walk you out, keep your eyes and head down, don’t let him get a good look at you, okay?”

Louis’ face turns into a confused frown, “Why? Is he dangerous?”

“No, just nosy and a pain in my ass,” Harry says putting his arm over Louis’ shoulders. “I want some privacy with you, in regards to our relationship, and he’d get in the way. Zayn is pretty… protective of me.”

Louis nods his head, listening but also stuck on the word relationship that had slipped from Harry’s mouth so easily. Is this a relationship then? Sure, they go on dates and Louis cares for Harry very much but… they are barely intimate, and there’s still so much Louis doesn’t know about Harry. It’s not like they had time to talk about it right now, not with someone so important waiting at the mansion door.

On the other side is a vampire, shorter than Harry and thinner, but damn, he’s one of the most beautiful people Louis has ever seen. He has olive-tan skin and tattoos going up his arms, into an expensive look black button up. His is sharp, angular and covered with a short beard, complete with sparkling brown eyes. Louis keeps his head down, at least he tries to, as he quickly gives Harry a kiss on the cheek and walks on over to his car. Harry keeps Zayn turned away from Louis as they wave goodbye to each other, and Louis makes sure to lock both his car doors before driving off.

“Touchy tonight.”

Harry makes sure Louis’ car is out of sight before he makes eye contact with Zayn. “I was on a date.”

“Yes, I know,” Zayn says with a bright smirk. “Congrats. And also you’re welcome since I’m the one who got you to go out again.”

The shorter vampire pats Harry on the chest and walks around him to go inside the very familiar mansion. Harry closes the door and follows Zayn as he takes it upon himself to go wherever he wants in someone else’s house. “Please come in, I don’t mind at all.”

“Of course you don’t,” Zayn says with a wink. He drapes himself, very much like a king would, on Harry’s red couch. “Does he know?”

“Know what?” Harry nervously asks, voice raising slightly because he knows exactly what Zayn is referring to.

Still, Zayn presses the question. “Does he know that up until two months ago, you were suicidal? Have you told new mystery lover that you were going to abandon life and walk into the sun? Wasn’t it because, in your words, ‘life has no meaning and the vampire lifestyle is empty to me now’?”

Harry’s lips curl into a purse as he slides down into the armchair beside Zayn. “No, he doesn’t know. I do intend to tell him, but not yet.”

“Tell me Harry,” Zayn starts, clearing his throat. “Are you putting off walking into the sun because of this human? Because staying alive for one person and not yourself isn’t healthy.”

“I’m aware of how unhealthy it is,” Harry snaps back at his King. “Shouldn’t you be happy for me? I’m staying, not dying, and with everything going on with the Elders, that’s a miracle.”

“Trust me, I know,” Zayn groans. “I am happy, really I am. Yet, one can’t help but wonder what will happen to you if mystery boy should leave.”

“I—” Harry cuts himself off. He hasn’t thought about that happening, not yet anyway. It’s not like it’s something that can’t be expected, because they’re so different…and there are  things Harry can’t give Louis. It wouldn’t surprise Harry if one day Louis came to him and said he needed a human, someone who could properly love and be with him. “I’ll be fine, really. I think. Look, Zayn, we don’t have to worry about that right now.”

“Oh really?”


“There’s no trouble in paradise? At all?”


“So, the fact that you won’t fuck him isn’t a problem?” Zayn asks, smirk present on his stupid royal face.

“Excuse—you fucking ass!” Harry shouts, throwing a small pillow at the King’s face. “Why did you listen to us? Nosy bastard.”

Zayn only shrugs, “Couldn’t help it. I heard a voice I didn’t recognize and just had to!”

“This is bullshit.”

“No, what you said to that human is bullshit,” Zayn retorts. “Vampire as old as you has plenty of control during sex. As far as I know, you haven’t killed a human like that in hundreds of years. Why are you holding back on this boy?”

“Because…he’s different okay?” Harry sighs, rubbing his hands down his cheeks. “I couldn’t even begin to describe how I feel when I’m with him. I feel you again, and happy, almost like a human. I never want to be without him, and I’m desperate to touch him all the time.”

Zayn is staring at Harry, pensively, as if he knows more about the situation than Harry does. “Have you drank from him yet?”

“Oh god, oh Zayn, yes I have,” Harry moans just thinking about the night he first drank from Louis. “His blood was delicious. It tasted like fucking sunshine, I swear. It was the absolute best I’ve had in centuries. Actually, it was the best I ever had, period.”

“Harry,” Zayn stops him, voice suddenly serious. He’s sitting forward now, elbows leaning on his knees as he tilts his head to the side. His eyes are keeping direct contact with Harry’s. “Have you…have you considered Louis might be your Soulmate?”

“What?” Harry asks with a confused frown. “I thought vampire Soulmates were just a legend. Something the Elders made up back during the war because of the wolves.”

“Mate you gotta get out more,” Zayn chuckled. “They’re very real. It’s not like wolf mates, where Alphas can imprint on almost anyone, though. Vampires are connected through the blood, and from what you describe, you and Louis have that connection.”

“You’re fucking with me right now, you’ve got to be,” Harry scoffs, disbelief dripping from his words.

“I’m not, though,” Zayn tries to assure him. “Look, the Elders forbid any new vampires to be made, as you know, but every rule has an exception. The exception to this rule is that if a vampire finds their Soulmate, and can prove it, then the soulmate can be turned. I’ve seen it happen.”

“What?” Harry asks, eyes widening. He and Louis were Soulmates? And he could turn Louis? They could be together forever, if Louis wanted.

“Yeah, a ceremony happened about a decade or so ago in Colorado,” Zayn explains. “It’s so rare so the Queen got permission to have other Kings and Queens attend. Amazing thing to see.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Harry asks.

“No offense, but you’ve been pretty disconnected from the world since the 40’s,” Zayn says casually. He knew his friend’s depression started about that time, even though Harry claims it started very recently. “I try not to bother you with those kinds of things. I thought it would make you even lonelier.”

That is pretty fair, because Harry probably would have taken the news too close to heart. There’s no telling if he’d have walked into the sun already if Zayn told him about that. “You’re right, but thank you for telling me now. I just don’t know that Louis would be open to this. He’s so…”


“New,” Harry says. “I’ve been teaching him as much as I can about us, but it’s a lot. I don’t want him to be overwhelmed or scared off.”

“I doubt that will happen, especially if he is your Soulmate,” Zayn says. “By the way, Louis is a very pretty name.”

“Shit,” Harry groans. “Do not stalk him, don’t have anyone follow him, don’t do anything, please.”

“Calm down, fucks sake,” Zayn says, laughing at the same time. “I’m not gonna check him out, I promise. I’ll let you have your privacy with him, okay? It’s just nice to actually know his name.”

“That’s all I ask,” Harry sighs, leaning back on the armchair. “Enough about me, okay? Surely there must be another reason you are visiting?”

“Not really,” Zayn says with a playful grin. “I mean, there’s shit going on with the Elders, but that’s nothing new.”

“Christ, what are they fucking up now?”

“Apparently a V dealing ring was discovered in some of the Northwest Territories, which is annoying within itself. And the idiots were put on trial, of course, but one of them told the Queen of Washington that it was an Elder that commissioned them,” Zayn tells him, rolling his eyes at the very idea.

Harry is shocked by the news. He always had a feeling the Elders never gave up their old, corrupt ways, but to be selling V? Vampire blood is sacred to their people, and the sale of it to humans permitted the harshest punishment. “Motherfuckers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true. You know, it’s just like them to use lower ranking vamps to do their dirty work.”

“Well, we may never know now,” Zayn huffs. “They were executed before the Queen could get more information.”

“I thought we were done with that kind of shit. Ever since the way and the execution of Vlad, the Elders were supposed to be better,” Harry says, recalling his early days as a vampire, back when things were much more barbaric.

“The Elders are so fucking old, of course they won’t get better,” Zayn groans. “They can’t know we’re saying any of this, either, because next thing you know they’re blaming us for selling V.”

“Right, of course,” Harry nods, knowing Zayn was probably right. “But…which one of them do you think did it?”

“Marcus, who else?” Zayn snorts. “I never trusted him, especially after the war. He was close to Vlad before everything, and I found it hard to believe he could turn on him that quickly.”

“Marcus isn’t exactly the biggest fan of you and me either. He was never comfortable with our friendship to the wolves,” Harry points out.

“It’s more your friendship than mine,” Zayn sighs, shuddering at the memory of working with the wolves.

“They like you too, don’t worry,” Harry laughs, tapping Zayn on the knee. He looks over at the clock and watches as the seconds hand ticks away. He knows the sun will be coming up soon, and his mansion will lockdown to keep the light out. “Almost morning, you better get going if you want to make it home.”

“Awe, you don’t want a sleepover with the King?” Zayn jokingly bats his eyes. “Most people would be honored.”

“Most people wouldn’t have had the King interrupt a perfectly good date night.” Harry sarcastically retorts.

“Fair enough,” Zayn relents, throwing his hands up in surrender. He stands up from the sofa and brushes himself off, straightening his jacket while Harry joins him on his feet. Zayn claps a hand on Harry’s back as they quickly walk to the door, “Good luck with that Louis.”

“Thanks mate,” Harry says curtly, nearly pushing Zayn out the door. Harry quickly locks the door and leans back against it, a million thoughts start running through his head. Some are about Marcus and the Elders and all their bullshit. Most are about Louis, and how much Harry already wants him, how Louis could really be his Soulmate.

Now that is a thought Harry can get behind. It is all a matter of what Louis wants, and if he feels the same. Although, if they really are Soulmates, then Louis must already feel the pull, the need to be with Harry. Maybe that’s why he’s been so insistent about them making love lately. His body needs it, just like Harry’s does, because they were made for each other. But…they haven’t been together for very long…and Louis barely understands basic vampire facts. How can Harry possibly explain Soulmates, when he himself is still new to the subject?

Still, Harry waited this long to find someone like Louis, he could make it a little longer.


“Well, look who’s actually staying late to help with closing duties,” Verna Simmons, one of the owners of the bar Louis works in, very smugly announces to the near empty establishment. “I am shocked.

“Ha ha,” Louis shortly replies. He’s counting the tip money for the night, whilst simultaneously checking each tab to make sure nobody skimmed them. “At least somebody is doing closing duties. You’ve been braiding Charlie’s hair for the past half hour.”

Charlie, Verna’s husband and business partner, just laughs at Louis, wincing when his wife tugs extra hard on his hair. “Come on chér, don’t tease the boy. He’s been MIA for weeks now. Ever since the ladies told him to go to that Vampire Bar.”

“Oh yes,” Verna almost sings out, grinning at Louis. “Meet someone special?”

Louis tries to fight back the blush that creeps onto his cheeks, fumbling with some of the change. He drops a few coins onto the floor, and when he comes back up, he doesn’t make eye contact with either of his bosses. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Lou-ie Tomlinson, do you take us for fools?” Charlie asks with a pointed stare. “You ain’t sly about those bite marks on your neck, young man.”

“U-um—I—” Louis stutters as his eyes grow wide and panicked, and his hand quickly covers the two round fang marks. “That’s none of your business.”

“Now, now Louis,” Verna says sternly. “Who you spend your personal time with is your business, yes, but vampires? We are all for their rights in our house, but they’re still dangerous. We can’t have you getting hurt, or worse, because of one of them.”

“I hear you, I do, but…” Louis sighs dreamily, rubbing the bite marks. He can almost still feel Harry’s lips on his neck, even though it’s been two days since they last were together. “This one is different. He’s not scary at all, and he’s…such a gentleman. Nothing like the horrible creatures vampires are supposed to be.”

The couple look at each other with a mix of concern and pride for Louis, before Verna says, “You must really like him.”

“I guess I do,” Louis says, quickly looking back down at the money.

“Are you seeing this man tonight?” Verna asks, hands going down to her hips. She reminds Louis of his mother, and the way she used to scold him for being irresponsible.

“Unfortunately no,” Louis sighs. He puts down his work and turns around to properly look at his bosses, leaning both elbows back on the counter. “He’s got work tonight. Lots of calls to foreign countries and things.”

“What does this vamp do?” Charlie asks, grunting when Verna tugs his hair again.

“He’s an artifact procurer. He like, certifies artifacts and authenticates them or something,” Louis says with a shrug. It all sounded very complicated when Harry explained it to him, and all Louis got was that it kept Harry very rich.

Oooh,” Charlie whistles, clapping his hands. “White collar vampire right there.”

“He rich?”

Louis rolls his eyes and covers his face with his hands, nodding. “Yes, okay? He’s very rich, and I like him a lot. Can we drop this now?”

Verna’s lips form a purse and she shakes her head at Louis. “Whatever. But if you get eaten, your mom’s spirit better not come bother me.”

“If Harry eats me, mama’s spirit will spend all of eternity yelling at me, trust,” Louis says. He goes back to his work with the money, finishing up faster than intended. He doesn’t have anywhere to go tonight, not anywhere important anyway. Though, he finally found a place to get a silver chain, and his tips tonight gave him plenty of money to spend on it. When he’s finished, he packs everything up and signs off on the receipts, shoving wads of tip cash into his wallet. “I’m out for the night.”

“Take care, fang bait!” Charlie shouts as Louis darts out of the bar, laughing at his boss. It’s all in good fun.


I’m so sorry, Sunshine,” Harry coos over the phone. He’s been pulling into a very important meeting at a museum, and is going to have to be late to their night in.

Louis finally invited Harry into his home, after about three months of dating, because enough was enough. Louis cares about Harry, and vice versa, and there’s no reason for his boyfriend, vampire or not, to be barred from his home. “Honey, I had something very special planned for us tonight.”

I know Lou, I know,” Harry groans, and Louis can tell the vampire is just as disappointed. “I can be at your home by midnight, I promise.

Louis looks over at the dinner table, where he has already set up a small dinner for himself and a bottle of blood for Harry, complete with candles. Louis is the ultimate romantic, and he has gone all out, now seemingly for nothing. “Okay. Just get here as soon as you can.”

Of course Lou,” Harry says, and then in a hurry almost like he didn’t even realize the words were going to come out, “Love you.”

Louis lets out a short gasp, and before he can reply, Harry hangs up. He stands there, white knuckling the counter as he whimpers to no one on the phone, “I love you too.”

He drops his phone onto the granite tip and brings the now empty hand to his mouth, covering the small choking sound he releases. He turns and sinks to the floor, back against the wood shelves under the counter. He can’t believe Harry just said that, and so easily too. Harry didn’t even pause to think about it, he just came out and told Louis he loves him. Is this a dream? If so, Louis doesn’t want to wake up any time soon.

At least he’s completely sure about what he was going to do tonight. Though, now his stomach is in knots. Nervous and excited knots, and he lost his appetite. He also can’t stop smiling to himself, and he doesn’t want to move from his spot on the ground because he’s comfortable down there, acting like a schoolboy with a crush. It’s so much more than a crush at this point though, because Harry loves him. And Louis is so sure he loves Harry too.

But…Harry’s a vampire. He’s one of the immortal undead. Louis’ birthday is in two months and he’s going to be a year older, but Harry will stay the same. Harry has been twenty one, young, and gorgeous for almost eight hundred years. Their time together has been so small compared to all of Harry’s lifetime. It’s barely a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. Louis will love Harry all his life, grow old while Harry stays young, and die. And Harry will move on, find another temporary love to his years with.

Louis knows it’s unhealthy to focus on the lifetimes of another person, but he can’t help it. He’s going to be a small part of Harry’s eternity, but Harry will be in the rest of his, if he has anything to say about it. Louis is going to live. He’s going to love Harry with all his heart, because there’s nothing else on earth that he wants. If there’s a way Louis can spend forever with Harry, then he’ll do it, gladly.

It should scare Louis how fast he’s fallen for this vampire, and yet he’s not afraid.

Louis quickly darts off the ground, and starts to put away the dinner, taking a few bites as he puts everything into containers. He keeps the blood bottle out for Harry, in case he’s hungry after work. Louis also makes sure to pour himself a big glass of water, because he has a feeling it’s going to be a long night.

He takes both the blood and his water with him when he goes to his bedroom. He sets them on the bedside table, then crouches onto the floor, looking under his bed for the box he got a couple days ago. He reaches under and pulls it out, opening the top to reveal the silver chains inside. He picks them up, inspecting the cuffed parts and tugging, as if his regular human strength could prove anything. They’re shiny and new, and he’s going to use them with Harry tonight, just like they discussed.

“Can’t believe I’m really doing this,” Louis whispers to himself. He sits up on the bed and locks the ends of both chains to either side of his headboard. Hopefully the silver will make Harry too weak to damage the bed, because Louis really can’t afford to replace it.

After a couple hours he checks around the room one more time, and makes sure everything is away or in its place, because he really doesn’t want Harry to think he’s a slob. He thinks the place could use just a little more of a romantic atmosphere, so he grabs his phone and puts on some slow music. Just as a Marvin Gaye song begins, Louis hears his doorbell ring. “Oh god.”

He rushes downstairs and checks himself out in the mirror one more time, fixing his hair, before taking a deep breath and unlocking the door. He opens it slowly and sees Harry standing on the porch with a bouquet of red and orange roses, both his and Louis’ favorites. The colors remind Harry of sunrise. He opens his mouth like he’s going to say something, but Louis beats him to it.

“I love you too,” Louis says as fast as he can. “I-I’ve been thinking about it since you hung up the phone. I love you Harry.”

Harry just about drops the flowers right there, and he takes in a step into the house. “Louis, I love you. Fuck,” Harry nervously laughs. “I-I almost didn’t say it, because I was afraid it was too soon.”

“No, not at all,” Louis gasps, standing up on his toes as he reaches for Harry’s face. He pulls Harry in for  quick, heated kiss, making Harry drop the flowers onto the floor. Louis feels Harry’s hands slip around to his back, and soon enough Louis is tugged forward into Harry’s chest. Louis whines and pulls away from their kiss, blinking up at Harry with wide, sparkling eyes. “Harry, remember that special night I planned?”

“Of course, Sunshine,” Harry says, voice deep and sincere. “I’m so sorry work interrupted it.”

“It’s okay, Haz, really,” Louis says, licking his lips. “I, um, I’d like to sort of skip most of what I had planned.”

“What do you mean?”

Louis bites his bottom lip, looking away for a moment because of his nerves. His hands slide away from Harry’s cheeks and instead around the vampire’s neck. He takes another deep breath, and then looks, directly into Harry’s eyes, “Make love to me, please. I’ve waited since I fucking met you, and I want you so bad.”

“Oh Louis,” Harry groans, dropping his head down so it’s resting on Louis’ shoulder. He looks at the bite marks made by his own fangs, where he would feed from Louis every few days. He feels the pull, the need to bite down and drink Louis’ sweet blood again. It takes every semblance of sanity to restrain himself, and kiss Louis instead. “I-I don’t think I can hold myself back from hurting you.”

“I already solved that problem,” Louis whispers. “I, um, sort of bought some silver chains to help with that.”

Harry’s nervous frown quickly perks up into a smirk. “Now, where on earth did you get those?”

Louis’ hands slid down to Harry’s chest and he starts to unbutton the few buttons that aren’t open already on Harry’s shirt. “There are certain shops that specialize in this sort of thing.”

Harry can’t help but laugh at the idea of Louis going into one of those shops all by himself. “You went to a sex shop for this? That must have been interesting.”

“It was terrifying,” Louis says, shivering at the memory. “People are into some really weird shit. But the woman at the desk was very nice and she said a lot of humans use these with their vampire lovers.”

Harry moves his hands up to Louis’ shoulders, looking the human directly in his pretty eyes. “You really want this then?”

Yes, how many more times must I say it?” Louis whines, short nails raking down Harry’s now bare torso.

Next thing Louis knows, Harry is grabbing him by his thighs and lifting his small body off the ground. Harry kisses Louis again as he quickly takes them into Louis’ bedroom, kicking the door close behind. Louis’ tiny hands press on Harry’s chest and nibbles at Harry’s lips.

“Put me down,” Louis desperately says. “I wanna blow you.”

“Fuck,” Harry moans. He rarely ever swears, but Louis’ spell is on him, and there’s no room for gentlemanly decorum. “You know I won’t come from that.”

“I know,” Louis says, rolling his eyes. He leans in close to Harry’s car for what he says next, lips barely touching the soft skin. “But I want you in my mouth, wanna suck all the way down. I’ll help you get there, Haz. Let me return what you’ve done for me so many times.”

Harry grunts and bucks his hips up to where he’s holding Louis. It’s been far too long since Harry let himself feel that kind of pleasure, because he didn’t want to put any pressure on Louis. Yet, now with Louis begging for his cock, Louis’ sinful lips saying those words, Harry needs it. He feels much like a young vampire again, hungry and horny and with no grip on his cravings. He sets Louis down and starts to unbutton his pants, groaning as Louis gets on his knees. “Just a couple minutes.”

“For as long as I want,” Louis snaps, hitting Harry’s hands away and pulling the vampire’s pants down himself. Harry’s so hard in his briefs and Louis kisses his cock through them, sucking until the fabric is wet with spit. Louis knows he’s good at this, good at making men weak just with a flick of his tongue. It’s about the only sexual thing Louis has ever done with men who aren’t Harry. In fact, half his high school’s football team can vouch for his blow job ability. He finally pulls Harry’s cock from his briefs, and tugs the underwear down, eyes trained in on Harry’s cock. “H-Harry.”

“Alright down there?” Harry asks, smugly.

“I’ll say,” Louis replies softly. Harry’s cock is big, not very thick, but long. It’s gorgeous and Louis has his lips around it in seconds. He sucks down slowly until Harry’s long cock is halfway in his warm mouth, humming around it.

Louis licks up the shaft and closes his eyes as he sucks on the head of Harry’s cock, and hears something click above him. Louis wraps his thin lips around Harry’s cock and sinks down, making it a good portion down before he chokes. His eyes open, only partially, as he pulls back off and starts licking around again, and then he can see how Harry’s holding up.

“Mmm, Louis,” Harry moans, voice muffled by the hand that’s covering his mouth. His other hand is cramping up into a fist against the door, because he doesn’t want to grab Louis too hard. He moans again when Louis starts to really suck him, slow and hard, and his slips up from his mouth into his hair. “Fuck, just like that Lou.”

Louis sees Harry’s beautiful fangs out, extended because he’s turned on, and it’s all because of Louis. He takes a deep breath and sinks down again, humming around Harry as he goes. He can feel how tense the vampire has gone from holding himself back, and Louis doesn’t want that. He wants Harry relaxed, he wants Harry to just pay attention to the feeling of his mouth. Louis pulls off and strokes Harry at a slow pace, kissing his stomach and scratching down his thigh.

“Haz, do you feel good?” Louis asks, voice raised higher and lips grazing along the vampire’s cock.

“Unbelievably,” Harry groans. “Trying not to push you down more.”

“I can take it, Honey,” Louis whines, mouth sucking Harry in again, and slowly pulling up. “You wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I wouldn’t mean too,” Harry grunts. Still, he sees the unsure look in Louis’ eyes, as if his boy really isn’t good enough, and it hurts. He brushes his hands over Louis’ cheek, thumbing at his swollen lips. “You’ll let me push you down all the way?”

Louis nods eagerly, leaning into Harry’s hand and batting his lashes. “Want to, wanna make you relax, Harry.”

“Alright,” Harry says, pushing his hand to the back of Louis’ neck, anchoring him down onto his cock. “Fuck, just a little more.”

Louis chokes again, but he breathes through his nose and pushes through it, throat contracting around Harry’s girth. He’s got Harry deep in his throat and it feels amazing, it hurts in the best way. Louis can see the affect he has on the vampire, the moans and grunts of pleasure Harry makes whenever Louis bobs back down, and swallows around him. He loses himself in the movements of it, thriving off Harry’s reaction, and strong hand on his neck.

He gets hard just from taking Harry’s cock in his mouth and from thoughts of what Harry will do after. Louis wants Harry every which way, even though he knows Harry is going to be held down. But Louis can’t help that Harry’s so hot, and so fucking sexy without even trying. Louis wants everything from him.

Fuck, oh Louis, doing so good for me,” Harry moans, slipping his hand up into Louis’ hair. He tugs back so Louis is off, and his hard dick sits right on Louis’ tongue, and Louis has never looked so pretty. It’s a different pretty than Harry’s used too, because Louis is panting and wanton. “Do you want to keep going—”

Yes,” Louis whines, voice rough from the stimulation on his throat. He wants to suck Harry until his jaw is aching.

Or,” Harry continues, tugging harder so Louis can’t even reach his cock. “Do you want to get on all fours, and let me eat you out until you come?”

“I—” Louis’ voice breaks as he feels his dick twitch in his pants. Harry’s done that before, and Louis came so embarrassingly fast, and tonight he wants to make love. He doesn’t want to be out for the count so early. “I-I don’t know, I don’t want to knock out too soon.”

“I won’t let you, Sunshine,” Harry says. “You can come twice, can’t you? It will feel so good, Louis. You wouldn’t even believe. Better than a bite from me.”

Louis gasps, fingers clenching on Harry’s thighs, “I-I’ll try, Haz.”

“Good boy,” Harry groans, letting go of Louis’ hair. He pulls Louis up from the ground for a fierce kiss, removing the last of Louis’ clothes in the process. “Get on the bed, Sunshine.”

Louis almost falls back without Harry’s support keeping him up. He manages to stand on shaky legs, kissing Harry one more time before he gets on the bed. He crawls forward, and hears Harry’s clothes hit the ground, and then looks over his shoulder at Harry, whining as he watches Harry stroke his cock and stare longingly at Louis’ ass. Just a flick of Harry’s tongue over his fangs makes Louis groan, “Harry, please.

“Spread your legs more, Sunshine,” Harry grunts, kneeling on the bed. He puts a strong hand on Louis’ lower back, feeling the muscles move while Louis opens up more for him. “Good, just like that.”

Louis relaxes a little when Harry gently grabs his ass, falling from his hands to his forearms. Louis moans suddenly when Harry makes the first lick of his tongue around his rim. Louis moans again when Harry moves his tongue in slow circles around his rim, even humming into Louis’ ass because of the taste. The wet, warm tongue dips inside for a moment, doing complete wonders for Louis’ sense. “Harry, Harry oh god.”

“Feel good, Baby?” Harry asks, nipping gently at Louis' plump cheek with his fangs. It’s taking everything in Harry not to flip Louis over and bite him. “Keep telling me how it feels, yeah? I wanna know, wanna hear your sweet voice, Sunshine.”

“Yes, yes I feel so good,” Louis whines, pushing his ass back into Harry’s face, until he feels Harry’s tongue on him once more. “Don’t stop, Honey. Never fucking stop.”

Harry takes the initiative to pull Louis back into him, licking and moaning into Louis’ ass. He points his tongue and attempts to dip it inside, but Louis is so tight. Harry takes not even a second to fetch the lube, moving so fast Louis doesn’t even know he’s gone. The vampire slicks up three of his fingers as his mouth dives back in, licking at Louis with purpose.

He wants to make his boy come, Harry’s determined to, because he wants Louis’ first time to blow him away. He wants to make it so Louis craves his touch at every moment, even when it’s inconvenient. Even if it means being tied down in chains.

“Good, good, oh so good,” Louis chants, moving his lips along with Harry’s tongue. His red, aching cock is leaking onto the sheets it’s grinding against, and Louis almost overwhelmed with pleasure. “Fuck me.”

Never did Louis think something like would feel so good. Never did Louis think his first time having sex would be with a handsome, caring vampire. The words that spill on repeat from Louis’ mouth are unfiltered, uncontrolled, spurred on by pleasure and desire. He wants this man more than anything.

Harry is getting a little lost in it as well. He’s eating Louis out to the best of his ability, loving the effects on Louis’ gorgeous body. He presses in a single finger, pushing Louis’ lower back down at the same time so his ass is higher in the air.

The desperate pleas for moremoremore come from Louis’ high, broken voice faster than expected as Harry moves the single finger. He fucks Louis with two, groaning at the tight heat, where his cock will be buried soon enough. “Can’t wait to be inside you, Baby. You’ll be so good for me. I know you will. Wanna make love to you, Louis. I want to make you feel so special.”

Special. That’s exactly what Louis is to Harry. He’s special and precious, and he's Harry’s world now, Harry will never let Louis slip away.

Louis moans get higher when Harry starts to fuck him on three fingers stretching him out nicely so he can sit on his cock. His mouth goes back down, licking and sucking around Louis’ hole, fucking in between his fingers so Louis can really feel it. It’s all becoming too much. The fingers, Harry’s mouth and moans, and Louis’ little fingers clench onto the blanket, tears start to slip into his eyes because he’s never felt more alive, never felt such lust.

“I—” Louis gasps when Harry finally curls his fingers inside. The tips brush hard onto Louis’ prostate, and the human chokes out a long groan as he comes for the first time that night. “Oh fuck, oh my god, Harry, yes!

“Oh Baby,” Harry groans as he pulls back and watches Louis come onto the sheets. He watches as Louis’ body shiver as he squints, and Harry makes a conscious effort not to grab Louis and pull him down onto his cock right then. “So pretty, Louis. That was fucking sexy, Sunshine.”

Louis hums, sated, and he rolls himself away from the wet spot, body still shaking with the aftershocks of his orgasm. He looks like he’s glowing, feels like it too. “That was...oh my god.”

“I know Baby,” Harry says, smiling through his fangs. “Fucking hot Louis, can’t wait to be inside you.” Harry’s body slinks up the bed, between Louis’ legs, and he grinds down, hard cock rubbing onto Louis’ tummy. “See what you do to me? Can hardly stand how sexy you are.”

“S-stop, wait,” Louis gasps as Harry’s body painfully rubs his cock. “Too soon Hon, still sensitive.”

“Sorry Louis,” Harry says, quickly sitting up so he’s not touching Louis at all. He stares down at his boy, whose body is glistening with sweat, pink all over, hair mussed and face flushed. He looks so beautiful, so happy. Harry wants to keep him forever. “We’ll need to put the chains on me soon.”

“Do we have to?” Louis asks quietly. “I mean, you did so good. It really didn’t hurt that much when you grabbed me.”

“Yes, Louis we have to,” Harry sighs. He stands up from the bed and grabs the chains from where they’d fallen to the ground. “Holding myself back like that was killing me inside. I won’t be able to force away my instincts again.”

“Fine,” Louis huffs. The bed is big enough for Harry to fit on without being in the wet spot, so when the vampire is on his back, Louis swings a leg over. He sits up on Harry’s lap, grinding slowly down onto Harry’s hard cock. “You’re going to be inside me.”

It’s a gentle revelation from Louis, but it has Harry tensing, has Harry bucking his hips up. “Ch-chains Louis, come on.”

Louis doesn’t mean to tease, but he can’t help it when it gets Harry so worked up. The vampire raises his arms above his head, grabbing onto the headboard with his hands. Louis pouts as he starts wrapping the chains around Harry’s wrists and secures them together. “How’s that?”

The vampire gives it a pull, but the silver holds him down, compacts his strength. “Good, won’t get out of this. Won’t hurt you.”

Somehow Louis thinks he’d forgive Harry for hurting him. “Okay.”

Louis lets his hands fall from the chains and into Harry’s long, luscious hair. He runs his fingers through the locks as he leans down and gives Harry sweet kisses all over his face. “Can’t wait to have you inside me, Honey. I feel like I’ve been waiting so long, I’ll be so good for you.”

“Know you will Sunshine,” Harry moans, hips grinding up into Louis.

Louis keeps moving his hips down, grinding and whimpering as his cock starts to fatten up again. He sits up, leaning down between their bodies to grab Harry’s cock, stroking it slowly in his tiny hand. Harry’s hips thrust up into Louis’ hand, and Louis kisses around Harry’s neck with a small whine. Louis positions himself over Harry’s long cock, biting his lip as he slowly, carefully sinks down, moaning when he’s all the way on Harry’s lap.

“Oh god, oh my god,” Louis groans, body tensing and heart skipping beats as he gets used to the stretch. Harry wants to comfort Louis, wants to hold him and make sure he’s okay, but he knows he can’t. “So big Harry, I-I didn’t, shit.”

“You’ll be okay Lou, it’s okay,” Harry grunts, staring up at Louis’ beautiful tummy and the way it goes tight from the muscles straining. “Take your time.”

With a short nod, Louis places his hands on Harry’s hard chest, shifting up and down on him, slowly sitting on Harry’s dick. It hurts so good, and Louis can’t get enough, he wants to stay like this forever. He starts to bounce on Harry's dick, a steady rhythm, not too hard and not too rough. He lets out a high pitched "ah, ah, ah," every time he lands just right, each time Harry's dick hits his spot.

"Wish you could touch me, Honey," Louis whines, leaning back so his hands rest behind him on Harry's knees. "Wish you could hold me down on your cock, fuck me as hard as you want. Wish I could feel your hands here."

The vampire groans lowly when Louis starts to pinch his nipples, rubbing them and whimpering at the stimulation. Harry wants to touch Louis so bad, he wants to claim every inch of Louis' pretty body. "Me too, Sunshine. Wanna hold you, Baby."

Harry knows he has to be held down, he knows he has to be trapped by the chains, because all he wants is to grab Louis and fuck him hard. He doesn't mean to, but Harry wants to give it to Louis as hard as he can, rougher than a human would be able to handle. Harry grunts and moans, pulling down uselessly on the silver chains. He bucks his hips up, it's the only thing he can do with the way Louis has him trapped. And it feels so good, and it's so worth it when Louis's voice is almost gone from all the noise he makes.

"Yes, yes, Harry, just like that," Louis yells, voice shot and sore, but he just keeps on moaning. Hunches back over onto Harry's chest, little hands pushing down on Harry's shiny chest. It's so hot and it's heavy with lust in the air, and Louis' thighs are getting sore, but he doesn't stop. "Want you to come soon, Harry. I want you to come with me, right after me, I don't care. I want you to come while I'm still coming on your cock. Please Harry."

"Yeah Baby, I'll give it to you however you want, fuck, you looks so beautiful like this," Harry whimpers, hands almost burning as they pull at the chains. "Close, Sunshine. So close."

Louis' body drapes over Harry's chest, pink cock rubbing between their tummies. He whimpers as he kisses Harry's neck, pleasure coiling in his stomach. "Me too, oh god, oh my god."

With a few more hard bounces down onto Harry's hard cock, Louis whines into the vampire's shoulder and comes. It hurts a little to come a second time in one night, but it's a good hurt, like everything with Harry. The pleasure courses through Louis' body and he writhes on top of Harry, whimpering with the waves and the moans of Harry's name.

"Fuck, fuck, so tight, Baby, such a good boy," Harry practically screams, thrusting up once more as he finally comes that night. He grunts through it, tugging on the chains and once again getting nowhere from them. His chest heaves as he empties inside Louis, throat raw from moaning, "Louis, Baby, Baby."

After a few moments Louis pulls Harry out of him, and slumps down onto Harry's body, both of them nearing exhaustion. He takes deep breaths and scratches at Harry's chest, kissing the marks left by his fingers. "Oh Harry, oh Honey, thank you."

And Harry just has to laugh at that, at Louis thanking him. "Lou, you don't need to thank me, honestly. This is truly my pleasure."

"Mmm," Louis hums, rubbing his cheek into Harry's chest.

"I, um," Harry coughs, shaking his arms. "I would like to get out of these chains, though."

"Right, sorry," Louis says with his sore voice.  He steadily sits up and lets Harry's arms down, and then yelps when he's flipped over, a wet rag suddenly appearing in Harry's hands. The vampire kisses Louis' cheeks as he cleans them both off, getting every drop of spunk. "Thank you for this too. Hold me?"

 “I’ll have to go down to ground soon my love,” Harry whispers, kissing the top of Louis’ head. “Sun will be up soon.”

“I know, but stay and hold me until the very last chance,” Louis sighs. He knows it won’t take more than a minute for Harry to get home and be safe from the sun. “Don’t ever want you to leave.”

“And I don’t ever want to leave,” Harry says. “Zayn was so right about this. I needed you.”

“I’ll be sure to thank him if we ever meet,” Louis says with a yawn. “Why haven’t I met him? He’s your closest friend, but you hide me from him.”

“I only want privacy for us, Louis. He’s leaving us alone now, but if he met you, I just know Zayn wouldn’t be able to resist looking into you. He could know your entire life story in a matter of hours,” Harry explains.

“What? How? What makes him so special?” Louis asks with a frown, brows furrowed. What gave this vampire the right to spy on him like that?

“Zayn Malik is the vampire king of Louisiana,” Harry says, shrugging.

“Louisiana has a king?”

“All the states do,” Harry says. “Vampires have authority to keep us in line just like humans do. At the top are the Elders, fucking old relics who oversee all of the laws and territories. Kings and Queens are just below the Elders.”

“How many Elders are there?” Louis asks. He has been curious about all of the rules and authorities vampires have for a while. Actually since they came out of the coffin and admitted to having these things.

“There’s only five, but they are all very powerful, terrifying bastards actually,” Harry explains, shuddering at the memory of his struggles with past Elders. “There used to be six, but the last one in that number line up went very bad. He had full control for about a hundred years. Nearly destroyed the entire world when he did.”

“What the hell? How?”

“It’s a very long story, Lou, and there are so many factors that went into it that…well the information might overwhelm you.” Harry says. Louis is only just starting to get a full grasp on vampire life, so Harry is sure bringing in another supernatural group would be too much.

“Alright, fine,” Louis huffs, rubbing his cheek into Harry’s chest. “Who was this monster?”

“His name was Vlad.”

“Like Dracula?” Louis asks excitedly.

Harry laughs, shaking his head. “No, Sunshine, surprisingly that was a different vampire, not nearly as bad as Elder Vlad.”

“How did the vampires stop this Elder?”

“There was a war. The other Elders were being completely stupid and didn’t do anything to stop Vlad, so other vamps, Kings and Queens, had to band together to fight him and his followers. Obviously we won. Peace treaties were signed, and Vlad was beheaded and his body left to burn under the sun light.”

“That’s quite the punishment,” Louis says, yawning once again as he nuzzles Harry’s chest. “Those other Elders sound like a bunch of pricks.”

“They are,” Harry says with a grin. “Zayn always thought one of them was helping Vlad during the war.”

Louis hums. He’s seconds away from falling asleep, because his body is just completely spent, but he wants to be awake with Harry. He wants to stay up and listen to Harry explain about vampires some more. “Did you fight in the war?”

“Yes I did. I was still technically a baby vampire, and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. That war and everything leading up to it allowed me to meet Zayn, and a few other friends that I still have.”

“Yes I don’t know any of them.”

“I don’t know any of yours either.”

“Come by work sometime then,” Louis says softly. “My high school friends all went off to school, so my co-workers are all I have.”

“I will then,” Harry says. Suddenly Zayn’s words about telling Louis about his depression appear in Harry’s mind. Is now even the right time? After they’ve made love and Louis is about to fall asleep? Harry doesn’t think he can just put Louis in a position to worry about him on a night like this. Louis deserves to know, he should know everything about Harry, and it’s not like there’s ever a good time to tell someone this. “Lou, there’s something I should tell you.”

“What is it?” Louis asks, tilting his head up so he’s looking Harry in the face. His eyes look so droopy and sleepy.

“Part of the reason I haven’t introduced you to my friends is…well I sort of lost contact with everyone the past decade.” Harry sighs, eyes closing as he confesses. “Since the hurricane and the flooding, I saw so many lives lost, human and vampire. I’ve been in war, but those deaths were different. None of them were ready to die, and it…I felt human again. I was very depressed for a while, and I even…”

When Harry doesn’t finish his thought, when his voice breaks in the most painful way, Louis gets worried and sits up, hand massaging up and down Harry’s chest. “What, Harry? You can tell me, Honey. I can handle it.”

“Before I met you, I was considering walking into the sun,” Harry says quickly.

“Oh, Harry,” Louis gasps, covering his dropped jaw with one of his hands. “Y-you wanted to kill yourself?”

“Honestly I wasn’t sure, everything was so bleak and I was losing faith in the world,” Harry says quietly, still not looking at Louis. “And then I met you.”

“Me?” Louis asks, dropping his hand to Harry’s cheek. “What did I do?”

“Restored my faith in humanity, reminded me what being alive is live,” Harry replies, finally opening his eyes at Louis’ touch. “I love you so much Louis, I forgot what it was like to love before I met you.”

H-Harry,” Louis mewls, kissing his vampire again, full of so much love his heart could burst. His body still aches from making love, but he can’t stop kissing or touching Harry. “You’re staying a few more minutes, right?”

“Of course, Sunshine,” Harry moans. He pulls Louis against his body once again, holding Louis tightly to silently assure him that he’s not leaving yet. Harry wishes he could stay in this bed, or any bed, with Louis through the night.


Louis loves his work at the bar, he really does, but there are some truly stupid people in this town. Dumb rednecks like the ones at Louis’ table right now, who hate everyone who, in their words, ‘ain’t Christian’. An odd thing for a few racist, bigots to say, but Louis wants their tip money, so he always just smiles and nods.

“Verna, table four wants more coffee,” Louis sighs as he rests his head down on the order counter. “They also need several punches to the gut.”

“What they do tonight?” Verna asks as she pours another round of coffee.

“Saw the bite marks on my neck,” Louis says, shrugging. He doesn’t really mind so much that people know about him and Harry. Most people are too afraid to be mean about it. These idiots, however, are too stupid to be scared. “The ugly one in the trucker hat and black shirt called me a…a fang banger.”

Verna slammed the coffee tin down on the table. “He what?”

“V, it’s not a big deal.”

“Like hell it isn’t,” She snarls angrily. “Charlie! Go kick those ugly white boy’s asses! Table four!”

Charlie leaned through the window of the kitchen to eye the table his wife was referring to. “Got it.”

“Whoa! No, that’s okay!” Louis settles them both, putting his hands up. “It’s fine, I just needed to vent.”

“You shouldn’t let people disrespect you like that,” Charlie says, pointing a ladle at Louis.

“I’m not letting them do anything,” Louis says. “Harry is coming by tonight, and I’m gonna let him scare them away.”

“Oh now, we’re finally going to meet this big, bad vampire of yours? After how many months?” Verna asks, grinning at the boy.

“Six months,” Louis says, blushing as he slowly picks up the coffee tray. He hears his bosses mumble things to each other as he walks away, probably gossiping about him and Harry. Louis puts on his best fake smile as he brings the steaming hot coffee over to literally the worst customers on earth. “Three coffees, can I get you boys anything else?”

The men snicker at each other and the really rude one, the man in the black shirt, grins at Louis’ fang marks. He’s been making faces at the two little scars since they sat down. “Yeah, why don’t you come home with me pretty boy, and I’ll show you what it’s like with a real live man.”

“My vampire boyfriend is a real live man,” Louis scoffs, setting the tray on the table. He’s about at the end of his rope with these dogs. “In fact,” Louis bends over, arching his back so his ass sticks out more, and then he grabs the men by his crotch, squeezing hard. “He’s a much bigger man than you’ll ever be.”

The man grunts with a painful expression on his face, but his dick still twitches under Louis’ hand, which is just disgusting. “Son of a bitch ain’t alive. Why get fucked by a cold corpse, when you can get fucked by a hot-blooded human?”

Louis sits up and takes his hand away, placing it instead on the man’s shoulder as he leans into him. “Oh, you like it hot?”

The man reaches around and grabs Louis’ ass, while the boy tries not to grimace. “You know it, Sugar.”

Louis just stiffens his back and smiles, in the most disarmingly sweet way possible. “Gonna be very hot for you in a moment, Babe.” Louis says as his little hand begins to slide down the man’s chest. Then Louis pouts. “But it is gonna be hard to fuck anyone with third degree burns on your dick.”


As fast as he can, Louis grabs the hot coffee mug, and dumps its contents into the man’s lap. He jumps back when the man screams, clutching the mug close to his chest and shouting, “Fucking hick!”

“You stupid vamp whore!” the man yells as he starts to get up.

Thankfully, Charlie came out of the kitchen with the biggest butcher knife in his hand. “Alright! Y’all take out whatever cash you have, leave it on the table, and get the fuck out.”

One of the other men laughs at them, “Yeah sure fucker.”

“Do you think I’m playing with this big fucking knife in my hand?” Charlie snaps, pointing the tip of the knife at the man’s cheek. “Leave your cash, apologize to Louis, and get out.”

The men threw their money on the table and shout swears at Charlie and Louis as they run out. Louis smiles sheepishly at Charlie, “Thanks.”

Charlie crosses his arms, smirking, “What happened to waiting for your vampire to scare them away?”

“What can I say?” Louis asks, shrugging casually. “I’m impatient, and I found a way to take care of it myself.”

“Good on yah chér,” Charlie says, throwing his arm around Louis’ shoulders. “I’ll make sure the girls give you easy tables for the rest of the night. Old ladies and couples with kids.”

“Thanks Charlie,” Louis says as he puts the empty mug on the bar top. “V, I need someone to bus table four.”

“Sure thing,” Verna replies from behind the bar. Then she looks up at Louis, about to say something else, but stops when her eyes follow someone else behind him, and a big, smug grin forms on her face. “And it looks like table six is ready for you.”

Louis rounds the corner to table six and just as he’s going through his usual rhetoric, “Hello I’m Louis—” He looks up to see Harry smiling at him. “Harry! When did you get here?”

“About a minute ago, the hostess sent me to this table, though I feel a little silly taking up a real customer’s spot,” Harry says, leaning down on the table. “All the humans here know I’m out of place.”

“You aren’t out of place, you’re with me,” Louis says, untying his small apron so he can sit with Harry. “V! I’m taking my break!”

“I know!”

Louis giggles as he places his hands over Harry’s on the table. “She’s really anxious to meet you, properly.”

“And I can’t wait to meet her properly as well. From what you describe, she’s pretty much family,” Harry says, smiling down at their hands. “There is something I wanted to ask you, though, before anything else.”

“Okay, sure. V and Charlie have to finish some things up anyway I think,” Louis says, sitting up so he’s closer to Harry.

“Good,” Harry clears his throat. “So you know, I’m sure that I’ve been having some work done on my home.”

“Yeah, I haven’t been over in a week,” Louis says with a frown.

“Well, I’ve been having a special company install these protectors on all of the winders and doors,” Harry continues. “And they just finished tonight.”

“That’s great!” Louis exclaims, then asks. “So, does this mean I can come over again tonight?”

“Well yes, but my home is light tight now. No sunlight can get into several of the rooms during the day, with just a press of a button.”

“So, you can be awake during the day?” Louis asks, not really sure what Harry’s getting at.

“Yes, and I won’t have to leave you alone in bed every morning,” Harry says, a lot softer.

It’s now that Louis notices Harry is nervous. He won’t make eye contact and is biting his lips, and his hands have a very tight grip on Louis. “That sounds wonderful Honey, but I don’t hear a question.”

“Louis, I want you to live with me,” Harry says, sudden and quick as if he may not be brave enough to wait any longer. “You’ll have the whole mansion and grounds, we won’t have to worry about making dates or being late. And since the house is light tight, I won’t have to leave you to beat the sun home.”

“H-Harry,” Louis stutters. He can’t believe Harry’s really asking this, and Louis just knows Harry can sense how fast his heart is beating. “You really want me there all the time?”

“More than anything, Sunshine,” Harry insists. “What do you say?”

Louis doesn’t even have to think after that answer, “Yes, of course I want to live with you.”

Harry leans over the table and pulls Louis in by his cheek for a kiss. It’s sweet and quick, because Harry doesn’t want to embarrass Louis at his place of work, but he’s so unbelievably happy. “When do you want to start moving in?”

“Why not tonight?” Louis mumbles into Harry’s lips.

“Rather take you to the mansion and do unspeakable things tonight,” Harry whispers, kissing Louis’ cheek.

Louis starts blushing, thankful the bar is loud enough for nobody to be able to eavesdrop on them. “Gonna fee from me?”

Harry’s hand falls from Louis’ cheek down to his neck, to the bite marks he reprints every time he feeds from Louis. “No, Sunshine. Just wanna make love tonight.”

“Why not both at the same time?” Louis asks with a very adorable pout. It’s almost cute enough to make Harry break and change his mind.

“Because I wouldn’t be able to keep control with all of those senses being lit,” he whispers, sitting back against the seat. “Maybe next time.”

“Fine,” Louis sighs over dramatically. “You’re getting better, though. We haven’t had to hold you down for weeks.”

“Maybe don’t talk about our private life in a public place,” Harry shushes, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was looking at them.

“Oh hush, nobody’s listening,” Louis giggles. “People say outrageous things in bars all the time. Right before you got here, like maybe less than a minute before you got here, some fucking redneck lowlifes were giving me shit.”

“What?” Harry asks, voice lowered into a growl. “Who? What did they say?”

“Calm down!” Louis whines, throwing his hands up. “Doesn’t matter who, they left when I poured hot coffee on one’s lap, and Charlie chased ‘em away with a knife.”

“What did they say that caused you to do that?”

“It’s not a secret that I’m dating a vampire, and I’m not exactly trying to hide it,” Louis shrugs, tapping his neck. “These guys didn’t like it so much, so they were giving me shit. But one of them was into me, which ew—”

“He was into you?” Harry asks, even more angered by this news.

“Big time,” Louis says, rolling his eyes. “Don’t worry about it, Hon, he learned his lesson the hard way not to mess with a vamp’s baby.”


“Okay!” Verna interrupts Harry when she sits down at the booth, next to Louis. “Very nice to finally be meeting you. Louis has told us…almost nothing.”

Harry nervously laughs and reaches out to shake her hand. “Well, can’t say the same about you. I’ve managed to get a few stories out of Louis. Pleasure to meet you, Verna. I’m Harry Styles.”

“And that’s about all I know,” she says, chuckling light-heartedly when she shakes his hand. “Of course, hearing you speak now, I know you’re from England, yes?”

“Yes mam, I was born a human in England a very long time ago.” Harry tells her. “I came to America in about 1790, with a few other vampires from France. I’ve lived in Louisiana since even before it was American Territory. The whole thing was under Spanish rule.”

“Very fascinating…1790, you say?” Verna asks. Her guard is up and Louis recognizes the suspicious frown that falls on her face. “So, ever own any slaves?”

“Oh my god,” Louis groans, covering his face from the embarrassment. “V.

“Louis, it’s okay,” Harry says as he rubs his thumb on the back of Louis’ hand, still smiling at the woman. “No, I know some people who did, obviously, but not me. In fact most vampires didn’t even own human slaves.”

“Good to know,” Verna says, face softening. “Nice to know what kind of man Louis is with. Especially when that man is an old vampire.”

“I can assure you I greatly value all human life,” Harry says, and adds softly. “Especially Louis.”

“As cute as that is, I hear they’re working on wooden bullets, so if anything happens to Louis…I’m coming for you,” Verna says sternly.

“I don’t ever plan on letting anything bad happen to him, but I understand your meaning,” Harry says. He really does sound like such a gentleman, and it makes Louis’ heart swell. “In fact, I can do an even better job of protecting him after tonight. I’ve asked Louis to move in with me—”

“And I said yes,” Louis finishes for Harry, biting down on his bottom lip through his smile.

“Excuse me,” Verna says, stare going back and forth between the two lovers. She settles on Harry, pointing at him curiously. “Don’t you sleep in a hole in the ground?”

With yet another nervous laugh, Harry lets go of Louis’ hands and folds his own on the table. “I used to sleep underground, yes, in a cubby in the basement of my mansion. However, I just finished making adjustments to the house to keep light out during the day. I had them installed in the entire upper floor, and then down to the kitchen. I can finally use that bedroom I have as a place to sleep.”

“That’s…that’s a very kind thing to do for Louis.” Verna says, sitting back against the seat. She sighs and looks at Louis, she sees the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eyes as he looks at Harry. She isn’t stupid, she knows love when she sees it. “Not that I have any control over Louis’ life at all, hearing that makes me feel a little more at ease about this.”

“Thank you Verna,” Harry says, nodding his head to her. “It means a lot that we have your blessing. With Louis’ parents no longer being with us, you’re the closest he has. I know he thinks of you and your husband as mentors.”

“Mentors? To this little trouble maker?” Charlie’s voice carries over as he joins them from the kitchen. “He’s over selling us by a lot if you think that, Mr. Styles.”

Hey,” Louis says with a pout. “You two mentor me, Charlie. You’re fucking annoying about it sometimes, and I hardly think you pay me enough, but I still think you’re family.”

“Yeah sure, kiddo.” Charlie snorts. He shakes Harry’s hand, but stays standing up next to the table, rather than sit down. “Nice to finally see you in the flesh, or…whatever.”

Harry’s got this adorable crooked smile, on his face as he greets the man, and once again Louis is in awe. Maybe it’s part of being a vampire, but Harry’s beauty is mesmerizing. Louis can’t even pay attention to the conversation that’s happening around them, because his mind can only focus on Harry. He watches, breathlessly, as Harry laughs at a joke, and licks his plump lips when he finishes a sentence. He’s going to live with this man, and he’s going to be distracted like this all the time. Maybe Louis will get used to being in Harry’s presence…but that sounds very unlikely.

“Ain’t that right Louis?”

“Huh?” Louis shakes out of his thoughts, and he’s not even sure which person is addressing him. But he does know they asked him something, because all pairs of eyes are staring expectantly. “What?”

“Mr. Harry here said you had exciting news for me, and I am waitin’ to hear what that could be,” Charlie informs him with a smirk.

“Oh, um,” Louis clears his throat, blushing as he looks over at Harry. “Well, I’m going to be living with Harry.”

“No shit!”

Hmmhmm, vampire Harry asked him tonight,” Verna says, patting Louis on the back.

Charlie claps his hands together and shakes Harry’s hand again, with more enthusiasm this time. “Congratulations then! You take good care of him, you hear? Because I’m not afraid to stake you if something goes wrong.”

“Your lovely wife has made it very clear what will happen should Louis be harmed. And you have my word that I will not let anything happen to him. I’m a very old vampire, and I have a lot of dominance amongst my kind, as well as friends in high places. Louis will be very well taken care of,” Harry promises with a serious tone.

Charlie nods his head, and places one of his hands on Verna’s shoulder. “I believe him.”

The woman sighs, “I guess I do too.” She pulls Louis into a tight, but sweet hug, and kisses him on the cheek. “How about we let you off early tonight? You can get started switching homes.”

“Really?” Louis asks excitedly. He kisses her back and cheers, “Oh thank you! Thank you so much!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Verna laughs, sliding out of the booth. “You had enough excitement tonight, this is the least we can do.”

“You’re honestly my favorite right now, V, really,” Louis says as he quickly follows her out of the booth and undoes the tie on his apron. “Haz, I’m gonna put my things away and then meet you out at the car?”

“Sure Sunshine,” Harry says, standing up as well. He catches Louis’ wrist just before the boy can get away, and swings him around for a quick kiss. “Don’t take too long.”

“Of course not,” Louis whispers, softly pushing Harry away, leaving him with a coy smile and a sway of his hips.


The first thing Harry does when they get to his mansion, their mansion, is give Louis his own key. Louis feels almost numb from how happy he is when he puts the key on his ring. “This is really happening, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is, Sunshine,” Harry says as he scoops Louis up in his arms, and carries him through the threshold as if it were their wedding night. “I love you so much. I want as much time with you are possible.”

God, being with you is like being in a dream,” Louis sighs, kissing Harry on the cheek. “Now put me down, oh man of the night.”

“Not until I properly welcome you home,” Harry says as he carries Louis into the kitchen. He carefully sets Louis on the counter and brackets his arms on either side of the small human. “You can order something to eat if you want, I’m going to heat up the last of my O neg supply.”

“’M not hungry,” Louis mumbles, pouting as his little hands slide down and start to toy with Harry’s pants. “It’s good to be home, and to even call this place home.”

Harry smiles and kisses Louis softly, whispering into his lips. “I’m home no matter where we are, when I’m with you.”

Fuck,” Louis whines, pulling Harry between his legs by the vampire’s belt loops. “Drink your blood fast, I want you.”

“I will Lou,” Harry says, and in the blink of an eye he’s on the other side of the kitchen, emptying the blood packet into a glass.

Louis watches while Harry sets the glass in the microwave to heat up the blood, and can’t believe this is going to be his life now. He and Harry are going to create a routine like this for every night. He’ll get to meet other vampires and learn about them, and Louis can’t wait. Harry can pick him up from work, take him on dates, or whatever they want and not have to worry because they’ll end up home together anyway.

And Louis knows that his friends like Harry, at least Verna and Charlie do, so hopefully they won’t be bothered by how much time they spend away. Then, Louis remembers something Harry said to V, the small comment about non-human slaves. What did that even mean? Louis is glad Harry didn’t own any people, but…it doesn’t sound right that vampires owned other vampires. Unless it wasn’t vamps he was talking about…

“Hon?” Louis asks, scooting back on the counter so he can cross his legs in front. “What did you mean when you were telling V you never owned slaves?”

Harry visibly tensed, turning and leaning both hand on the kitchenette. “I thought it was obvious? I never owned any, and never would have, ever.”

“No, I know Harry,” Louis says. “I just want…vampires owned non-human slaves?”

Harry nods his head, frowning. “That’s right.”

“Well…was that comment about vampires…or something else? Like, um, werewolves?”


“The first night I came over here, I made a joke about silver, and you said that silver contained vampires, but affected werewolves more,” Louis reminds him. “You were serious, weren’t you?”

“Yes, I was,” Harry grunts, crossing his arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Lou—” Harry is cut off by the sound of the microwave going off. He sighs and takes out the blood, sipping it in small doses. “I was going to get around to it eventually, but I know all of this supernatural stuff can be overwhelming. All of it is such a long story, anyway.”

“Honey,” Louis says, rolling his eyes. He hops off the counter, and struts over to Harry, placing his hands on the tall vampire’s hips. “You need to be honest with me if we are going to be in a relationship that involves living together, one that’s already dangerous for me. Now, sunrise isn’t for hours, your house is light tight equipped, and I’m now living with you; I think we have time for you to tell me about werewolves.”

“You’re right, I know you’re right,” Harry groans, putting one of his arms over Louis’ shoulders. “I’m sorry, I promise I will answer all of your questions, no matter what.”

“Good,” Louis hums, leaning forward to rest his head against Harry’s chest. “Why don’t we go up to our room, and you can tell me all about these werewolves.”

“Want me to carry you up there?” Harry asks, kissing along Louis’ forehead.

“Nope,” Louis says, tilting back to look at his vampire. “It’s okay to just walk at human speed, you know?”

“Yes, but it’s also fun to pick you up and carry you everywhere like the little prince you are,” Harry says with a smirk.

Louis blushes and pushes away from Harry, “You still like to use those ridiculous lines on me.”

“I like the cute redness they cause on your cheeks.” Harry mumbles, kissing the very cheeks his spoke about. He holds out his hands and helps Louis hop off the counter, letting the human lead the way up the stairs.

They walk hand in hand together through the dimly lit halls, and Louis traces his fingers against the wall as they move. He hums a little tune, and trots up the steps, letting go of Harry’s hand once they finally reach the bedroom. He’s going to stay the night, and for the first time, Harry will stay too. Louis lays himself across the soft, black silk covered bed, petite body not even taking up that much space, while Harry goes over to the book shelf on the other side of the room. He unlocks the glass case and runs over several of the old, cobweb covered books, until his pale hand settles on one.

Harry sits down with a large leather book, the ages have turned yellow and its edges are wearing and cracked. “This is a book of accounts of a war that happened a long time ago, between vampires and werewolves.”

“Wait, there was an entire war?” Louis asks in disbelief. “How could humans not know about this?”

“Oh, a few did, but vamps have always been good at covering things up,” Harry explains. He opens the book to the very first page, where a little note is written. It’s addressed to Harry, but written in some language Louis doesn’t recognize. “This account was made by someone very trusted by the community back then. He was a good friend to me and made sure I had this to remember what really happened.”

“What happened to your friend?”

“He was staked by vampire hunters during the Tudor reign,” Harry sighs, lying down so his body is horizontal to Louis’. “Fucking cowards mobbed him with silver and fire right before sunrise.”

“I’m so sorry,” Louis coos, placing his hand on Harry’s cheek, and turning him in for a kiss.

“It was a long time ago, Sunshine,” Harry says, nuzzling Louis’ cheek with his nose. “I was a vampire for about a century when the war happened…I’m not sure where to even start.”

“Well, you said a while ago Elder Vlad was the reason for it, so maybe start there?” Louis asks, settling into Harry’s side.

“Okay, sure, um,” Harry cleared his throat and turned a few pages of the book until he found a picture of a very menacing looking vampire. “This was his official portrait as an Elder, you can already see he wasn’t the most pleasant person.”

“Yeah, looks like an ass,” Louis snorts.

“He was worse than that,” Harry turns the page again and shows Louis a small sketch of a man in chains. “See, vampires and werewolves always had tension, both being immortal and supernatural Vlad, and many other powerful vampires were under the impression that werewolves were even less than human. It was only because of their spiritual connection to an animal. Vlad…he convinced a lot of his followers to rebel against the other Elders, lock them away, and enslave the werewolves.”

“Of course he did,” Louis says, voice full of disgust. “He looked like a creepy slave master.”

Harry can’t help but laugh. “Lou, this is serious. This is the worst thing to happen in vampire history.”

“Sorry, Honey, sorry,” Louis says, leaning his cheek on Harry’s shoulder.

“Thank you,” Harry places a quick kiss on Louis’ forehead, and moves on. “Werewolves appeared in the world around the same time as vampires, so the story goes, from the magic of the moon. Maybe Vlad thought we were better because we take our power from blood and blood is akin to life, I’m not sure.

Many pacts of wolves tried to rebel many times against Vlad, but it was always unsuccessful. That is until one of them made the mistake of falling for a vampire.”


“Mhm,” Harry hums. “He’s still alive, actually. In fact, we’re very good friends.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Yes, his name is Liam Payne. He’s the Alpha of the southern werewolf pack of America, actually,” Harry says.

Louis can’t believe this. Are all of Harry’s friends powerful leaders? “He’s alpha of the entire south?”

“Well, the southeast, yes, and there are far less werewolves than vampires. Wolves also tend to move their packs around regions every few years. Liam has had his pack up in Tennessee for the past couple years.” Harry says fondly. He’s clearly very good friends with this Liam.

“He must be a great man to have been able to end the war,” Louis says pensively.

“He is, truly, but technically he’d started the war. The wolves were enslaved for a hundred years, and Liam was born towards the end of those. He and a vampire that he served fell in love. And it’s because of his love for her that the real war began.”

“Who was she?” Louis asks curiously.

“Her name was Sophia, and she was one of the progenies of Vlad, so you can see where the problem was,” Harry says, choking up at his memories of her. “She was…she was a beautiful person, and she never agreed with Vlad’s opinions on the wolves.”

Then, Harry shifts the book a few more pages and stops on a portrait of one of the most beautiful women Louis has ever seen. “Oh my. That’s her?”

“Yes, exactly what I remember,” Harry says, gently touching the page. “She was so kind to me, at a time when I was so lost and confused, and I knew nothing of being a vampire. She and Liam held a secret affair for a few years, literally nobody wolf nor vamp knew about them. But, of course, they were caught by another of Vlad’s progenies. He wanted the position Sophia held and turned them in.

It was awful for Liam, and that’s actually when I became friends with him. He was thrown in a penitentiary that was I was a guard of at the time. I hated the enslavement of wolves, it made no sense to me, and we would talk all the time. Liam was such a mess at first, but it got worse when he and Sophia received their punishments.”

“Oh god, I can only imagine how bad that must have been.” Louis says, grip tightening on Harry’s arm. “What happened to them?”

“Louis,” Harry starts, letting out a shaky breath at the painful memory. “You have to understand that not only was this the dark ages for humans, but it was a dark time for vampires. The laws were so much different than they are now…they were a lot more brutal, and ruled by complete prejudice thanks to Vlad,” Harry says with a very serious voice. He can remember the day they got their punishment very vividly, and it was one of the worst in his many years. “It was viewed as disgusting and completely wrong for a vampire to have relations with a werewolf. It was considered a perversion of the blood. And Sophia…she was executed.

Vlad chained her in silver and left her out to meet the sun, and Liam…poor Liam was forced to watch as part of his punishment.”

“That’s disgusting! I-it’s savage!” Louis gasps.

“I know,” Harry mumbles. “Liam was never the same after that. I…I helped him escape and join other werewolves in the mountains.”

“Oh Harry,” Louis moaned. “You’re so brave.”

“I couldn’t stand it, any of it, and I hated watching him suffer. The wolves banded together, and I helped rally some vampires, Zayn too, and Vlad was over run. The other Elders were freed and took back their power, and Vlad and his followers were executed.”

“You fought in that war?” Louis asks.

“I did, yes,” Harry sighs. He closes the book and puts it to the side, turning his body so he can properly hold Louis. “That was six-seven hundred years ago, and things have really changed. I’ve changed a lot.”

“Nope, I don’t think so,” Louis shrugs. “I wasn’t there, but I know you were a good and honorable man. That’s exactly the Harry I have with me today.”

“Well that’s a good to hear, though I was a much younger, more naïve vampire during the war.”

“You still made the better decisions,” Louis says. He pulls the sheet up and slips underneath, making himself comfortable. “I never thought werewolves were immortal. Granted, I didn’t know they were real, but all the legends make it seem like werewolves are more like humans.”

“I guess they are more humanlike,” Harry mumbles. “They can go in the sun, eat human food, produce children…but they still turn into wolves.”

“During the full moon?”

“No, no,” Harry says with a smile. “The moon is the center of their power, so when it’s full that’s when they’re at their strongest. From what Liam has told me, their strength and their instincts become almost overpowering for their minds. It’s like having a mating season every month.”

“That sounds terrifying,” Louis says, shuddering at the thought of real live werewolves running around the woods. “I’ve never heard of wolves running amuck around here.”

“Liam hasn’t had the pack here since the 80’s, before you were born. They’re pretty good about staying in places where they won’t be caught, plus it only lasts three days.” Harry slowly unbuttons his shirt, and Louis sits up again to kiss the vampire’s now bare back. “I can introduce you to him, if you want. I think he’s bringing the pack back to Louisiana soon.”

“I would love that, and it might do you some good to see him. It sounded like you two were very close,” Louis says softly, caressing one of his hands up and down Harry’s cold back.

“You’re probably right,” Harry yawns and turns around, slipping under the covers with Louis, holding his boy close. “Any more questions?”

Louis shrugs. The silk sheet is so soft, and Harry’s body is cold, yet comfortable, it feels like home. Then again, Louis is actually home now. He’s going to wake up during the daytime, and Harry will still be there. “I don’t know, honestly I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be living here from now on.”

“I know,” Harry says, and Louis can’t see his face, but he knows that’s the voice Harry has when he’s smiling almost too big for his face. “We can start bringing your things over tomorrow, if you’d like.”

“I’ll have work after sundown, but I don’t mind doing part of the moving by myself,” Louis says. He knows it would go faster if he started during daylight hours, even though there wasn’t that much to move anyway. “Plus, we’ll have to clean it up and take my name of the lease…my landlord won’t want to meet at midnight.”

“No, of course not. This wouldn’t all get done in one night anyway,” Harry says, excited that Louis even agreed at all to move in. He keeps thinking about what Zayn said about them being Soulmates, and he has no idea when there would be a good time to bring it up to Louis. Vampires and werewolves existing must be crazy enough for a human to believe. How could, on top of all that, Louis believe that he and Harry are linked through magic and blood? Harry has only come to know this was a real occurrence recently…Louis will think he’s gone mad. “I’m just happy I’ll get to be here when you wake up, always.”

“I’ll try not to be too alarmed if you look like a corpse,” Louis jokes, poking Harry in the side. “Oh!” Louis sits up again, and puts his hand on Harry’s chest. “Wait, how did vampires keep control of werewolves during the day? Or the full moon? And how do you even make a werewolf? Sorry, I’m really done after those.”

“It’s okay Louis, really. I’ve promised to be honest and tell you everything, and I will.” Harry says, placing his hand over Louis’ and then bringing it up to his mouth for a kiss. “Vlad had human allies, or rather they thought they were allies, and they would watch the wolves during the day. We had to use silver on them for containment, like you would a vampire. Only, silver literally burns a werewolves’ skin, yet another reason Vlad thought they were lesser than us.

As for becoming a werewolf, it’s a little harder than mainstream makes it to be. You can be born a wolf. If both your parents are wolves then it’s a sure thing, but if only one of them is, then you may turn out to be human. Liam was born a wolf form two wolf parents, the Alpha and Omega of their pack. The other way someone can become a wolf is through the bite, during the full moon. If you’re bitten any other time by a wolf, then you’ll just be injured.”

“And they’re immortal? Even if they’re born a wolf?” Louis asks with a confused frown.

“Yes, wolves age to what will be their physical peak if they are born a wolf, then remain in that condition. However, if you are bitten and become a wolf, you stay as what you are when bitten, like a vampire when turned,” Harry explains. “From what I remember, Liam stopped aging when he was twenty-two or twenty-three.”

“Magic is so weird,” Louis yawns, lying back down onto Harry’s side once again.

“You’ve no idea.”


A month after Louis was officially moved in, he learned firsthand how cruel people could be to vampires. On Halloween night a few groups of uneducated, bigoted hicks drove by Harry’s mansion with torches and stakes, fake fangs in their mouths. It was disgusting, but Harry scared all of them away. He explained that it happened every year, and they never attacked him for real, though there were a few casualties in other places. It really put into perspective just how much people hate vampires.

November was much more pleasant, because the sun went down earlier in the day, which meant Louis had more time with Harry. The couple even spent Thanksgiving alone together, and Harry cooked Louis an entire feast. Louis didn’t know why a vampire knew how to make such delicious food for a human, but he wasn’t complaining when he still had leftovers for a week.

But now…it’s December. December twenty-fourth to be exact, and not only does that mean tomorrow is Christmas day, but it also means Louis turns twenty. He loves his birthday, he loves the gifts, and cake, and attention, and the fact that all the Christmas decorations are up as though they’re for him…but his year…he’s a year older. A year closer to being twenty-one, the age Harry is going to be forever. Louis isn’t trying to be dramatic, but he doesn’t want to grow up past Harry.

Harry,” Louis whines as he watches the vampire pick out yet another shirt to wear to dinner. “It’s my birthday, you shouldn’t be the one who can’t decide what to wear.”

“We’re going to a very nice human-run restaurant tonight, I have to look somewhat nice,” Harry says, buttoning up his black shirt halfway.

“You always look handsome to me,” Louis coos, straightening out his own suit in the opposite mirror. “And nobody is going to care if you’re a vampire in there, promise.”

“It’s still a special occasion, Sunshine,” Harry says, closing the closet door as he takes one last moment to check himself out. “It’s a miracle we found a human made place that serves blood, that’s also as high-end as this restaurant is.”

“Yet another reason you shouldn’t be worried, they’re expecting some vampires to appear,” Louis says, walking over and wrapping his arms around Harry’s middle, cheek resting on the vamp’s back. “Do you think humans ever try to order blood at these vampire friendly places?”

 “They do, actually,” Harry says, rolling his eyes at the thought. “It’s funny to some humans, I guess, to try and waste blood. Usually they’ll ask to see your fangs for proof of what you are if you order blood.”

“Humans are so stupid,” Louis sighs.

“People, dear Louis, people of all kinds are stupid,” Harry replies. He turns around and smiles down at Louis, linking their arms together. “Are you ready for the first gift of the evening?”

“Yes, please,” Louis says, smiling brightly and clapping his hands together excitedly.

“Then close your eyes,” Harry says as he picks Louis up from the ground. Once Louis’ eyes are closed, Harry carries him downstairs and outside in half a second. They stop right on the driveway, where Harry puts Louis down, and nervously faces him to the gift. “Alright, open them.”

Holy shit,” Louis gasps when his eyes open. There sitting in front of him is a red, 1965 Mercedes Convertible, and it’s utterly beautiful. “Oh my god, Harry Styles! Y-you got this for me?”

“Well sort of,” Harry says, fishing the keys out of his pocket. “This has been sitting in my garage since the 70’s, and a couple months ago I started having repairs done on it. What do you think?”

“I love it, I love it so much, Harry oh my god!” Louis cheers, snatching the keys and jumping right over the side and into the driver’s seat. His hands tap up and down on the steering wheel, and he holds in the embarrassing squeal stuck in his throat. “Can we take it to dinner?”

“Now why else would I give it to you now?” Harry asks sarcastically. “She’ll run much better than your truck.”

“Any car will run better than my truck,” Louis says, starting the engine up. He looks back up at Harry, expecting him to get in too, but the vampire is just standing there, staring. “Something wrong?”

Harry shakes his head, laughing nervously at himself. “No, ha, no. Um, it’s just…could you maybe do something for me during the daylight?”

Louis’ brow furrows, “Sure…what?”

“It’s just I—well, I’ll never see you in the sunlight, but I…I dream of it,” Harry tries to explain. “I just have this image of you, your beautiful tan skin in the sunlight, your eyes, your smile…I wish I could see it all. When they finished up this car, I kept picturing you in it during the day, driving around with the wind in your hair…”

When Harry’s voice trails off, Louis sits up on his knees with both hands on the side of the car, facing Harry. “That’s beautiful, Harry, but what are you asking?”

“I, um, I want photos,” Harry says quietly. “Photos of you in the sunlight so I can see what it’s like. They’re the closest I’ll ever get.”

Louis’ lips turn up into a sweet smile. “Harry, of course I’ll do that for you. I’d do anything for you.”

Literally anything, Louis would give up the sun to be with Harry forever. They haven’t even been together a year, and yet Louis knows his feelings for Harry are true. But by the worried expression on Harry’s face, Louis thinks Harry wouldn’t feel the same. “Don’t say ‘anything’, Louis.”

“But it’s true,” Louis insists, grabbing both of Harry’s hands. “Harry, I really love you, so much I don’t think you understand.”

“I do—”

“No, you don’t,” Louis groans. His breath starts to shake, and he tightens his hold on Harry’s hands as he quietly continues. “Sometimes…Sometimes during the day, when you’re asleep and I’m lounging around between work and you…I really consider what it would be like if I turned. If I were a vampire like you, I could love you forever, and I could keep up with you on every front.”

“Louis,” Harry gasps, letting go of his hands, and grabbing Louis just below his shoulders. “You don’t know what you’re saying. You can’t just give up your human life for me, not when we haven’t even been together a year. I love you too, but becoming a vampire isn’t something that should be taken lightly.”

“How would I know?” Louis asks. “You haven’t even told me about your life as a human, or what happened when you were turned! “Louis yells, and then he covers his mouth with immediate regret. “I-I’m sorry, Honey. I know that’s a sore subject for you, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t,” Harry says, dropping his hands to his sides. “Don’t apologize when I’m the one who fucked up. You want me to be honest and yet I can’t even share this one thing with you.”

“But if it upsets you, I don’t want you to tell me until you’re ready,” Louis says softly.

“That’s the thing,” Harry starts, voice full of frustration, all of it with himself. “I’m never going to be truly ready. I-I don’t even remember most of my human life. All I’ve got is images in my mind.”

Louis takes pity on his vampire, shuts off the car, and climbs back out, “Harry, let’s skip the dinner.”

“What?” Harry asks. “Louis, we still have time, please don’t let my stubbornness ruin your birthday.”

“You aren’t ruining anything, Harry Styles. We can always go out to eat for another special occasion, but tonight is about what I want. And…I want to stay home with you and talk. You can drink from me, too,” Louis says, joining their hands together with interlocked fingers.

“I do prefer your blood over anyone else’s…” Harry mumbles. “Christmas starts in a few hours anyway, we might as well relax. I’ll, um, call into the restaurant.”

“Just tell them your human is sick or something,” Louis says with a shrug. “They can’t be mad about the cancellation if I’m ill. Sound really apologetic about it.”

Harry can’t help but laugh as he once again goes inside their mansion. “I’ll make sure to sell it to them as best I can.”

“We can’t be banned from vampire friendly places, you know,” Louis says as he unbuttons his suit jacket and tears it off, tossing it carelessly onto the floor. “We need places to go for your birthday…and our anniversary next year.”

“Oh, of course,” Harry says. He shuts the door and quickly goes to the kitchen to make the call.

Meanwhile, Louis walks through the halls and into one of the sitting rooms where they usually go to feed. Harry had the white leather sofa covered with clear plastic, so they still sit and enjoy, but also not worry about blood stains. Louis takes off the rest of his suit and messily folds it and places it on a desk, leaving himself in just his white briefs. Even though he was happy earlier that day that Harry was going to take him out, Louis is relieved now to just stay home. He prefers junk food and a bite from Harry as his birthday activities over anything else.

Harry comes in a few minutes later with one of those edible bouquets of fruits cut like flowers, the good kind with chocolate dipped strawberries. “This was going to be waiting for you on the table in the morning when the sun came up, but you have to eat something before I drink from you.”

Aw, I love it,” Louis says, plucking one of the strawberries off a stick, and leaving a kiss on Harry’s cheek. He bites down on the strawberry, catching the dripping juice with his fingers. He licks around his lips, and sucks on his fingers to clean up the sweet juice, and he doesn’t miss the way Harry stares at him. The vampire’s emerald green eyes follow the movement of Louis’ tongue, and it makes Louis giggle. “Calm down vamp boy, you’ll get something soon. Come it and talk to me while I eat?”

“Sure, right,” Harry shakes himself out of his daze, and places the bouquet, as well as an empty bowl, on the coffee table. “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous is all. You want me to talk about a part of myself that I hardly have to revisit.”

“I know, Honey,” Louis says with a deep sigh. “But you’re not keeping something like this from me. Not when I…when I’m saying I want to be turned as if it’s nothing. I think about what it would be like to be a vampire all the time nowadays, and you’ve given me almost no reason to be afraid of it.”

“Fine, alright,” Harry groans, sitting forward on the sofa. He plucks a watermelon flower from the bouquet and tears off one of its petals, holding it up for Louis to bite. “Like I’ve said a hundred times, I really don’t remember that much about it. My memories of my life as a human are vague and clouded. All I remember from that night is that I was by myself, stumbling around outside, and someone grabbed me. It—she, I think it was a woman, drained me in a dark alley and forced me to drink her blood. She dragged me, when I was still just barely holding on, into some cellar under the street.

I think she said something about adding me to a collection, but I’m not really sure. She finished the job and I…well I died. When I woke up in the evening the next day, I was alone and hungry. The only thing left of my maker was a puddle of blood and a stake.”

“Someone killed her?” Louis asks as he bites into a piece of pear.

“Yes, I suppose they thought she’d just killed me, and left me there,” Harry’s voice catches in his throat as he remember what happened that first night. “I-I was so hungry, Louis, and I didn’t have any control over my urges, and I…I killed three people that night. I drained them in the same cellar I was turned in, god I felt like such a monster.”

“Oh, Harry, I’m so sorry,” Louis says sincerely. “You’re not a monster, none of that was your fault.”

“I know that now,” Harry says quietly. “But it was awful for me. And then…when I cried it wasn’t tears that came out, but blood. Vampires cry blood, Louis.”

Louis tries not to be disgusted, but…blood? That’s pretty abnormal, but Louis loves Harry anyway. “That…that doesn’t make you a monster.”

“I can’t help how I felt those first few weeks. Some nights I tried to stay hidden and not feed, but it hurt so much and the hunger took over. My stomach felt like it had claws in it, my whole body boiled when I refused to feed,” Harry explains, hands balling into tight fists. “I-I almost wiped out the entire village in a year. There were hunts to try and find me, but I was always faster than them. I almost completely lost my way, until I was arrested by the Elders. I was going to be executed, but they sent me away instead, fucking Vlad wanted me to be trained as a guard because of my strength.”

“And then the war happened?”

“Not quite, I trained for a little while, and then I was let lose, free to live on my own to prove I wasn’t a threat to our existence anymore,” Harry explains, feeding Louis another piece of the watermelon. “I lived on my own in the mountains feeding off nomads, but not killing any of them. I didn’t even know about the werewolves and Vlad’s coup until Zayn came for me. He too was forced into working for Vlad.”

“So you were by yourself for almost a hundred years?” Louis asks, holding one of Harry’s hands.

Harry nods, slumping back on the sofa. “I had some human friends, but you know how it was for vampires. We couldn’t stay in the same place for too long without humans realizing what we were. I would stay in a village for a few years, collect items to trade, or protect them from invaders, and move on. It was barely a life at all.”

“I can imagine,” Louis whispers. He finishes a few more pieces of fruit, staring at Harry’s pensive expression. “You know,” Louis starts, bringing his hand up to Harry’s cold cheek. “You were all alone and that’s terrible, and it breaks my heart to know how much you struggled…but you wouldn’t turn me for some collection. People wouldn’t stake you and leave me on my own, because this isn’t the dark ages anymore. I would go through all of the beginnings with you, not alone…so why not?”

“There are rules, Louis,” Harry snaps, apologizing immediately. “I love you more than I ever thought capable, and my world would be all the brighter if you could be my companion forever, but I can’t turn you. Legally. I’ve already broken so many rules and laws because of the things I have told you. Vampires are forbidden by the Elders to make another vampire, unless it is a very special circumstance.”

“What circumstances?” Louis asks with a frown.

“I—” Harry stops. He can’t tell Louis like this, not when he isn’t sure Soulmates are definitely real. He can’t get Louis’ hopes up like that, no matter what Harry’s heart is screaming at him to do. “I don’t know, I’ve never been told exactly. And before you, I never even considered turning someone, so I didn’t have a reason to find out. But…I’ll talk to Zayn, okay? I will find out everything about this, but…don’t sit around waiting for an answer. The Elders are very strict about this rule, and it’s more likely that you will have to stay human.”

Harry is completely disgusted with himself for lying to Louis, but this is something that he cannot reveal. Louis looks so disappointed by the answer, and his whole body seems to deflate. But he nods, and looks up at Harry with a cute pout. “Well, I obviously don’t want you to get in trouble with the Elders, but…I can’t stand the idea of growing old without you. I guess with today being my birthday, I was having a crisis.”

“Lou, don’t you worry about any of that,” Harry insists. He pulls Louis up with his superhuman strength and then gently lays the boy down, putting his own body between Louis’ legs. “First of all, you’re only twenty, that’s plenty young. And secondly, if you stay human, I will love you until you’re old and grey, I promise.”

“You’re such an old sap,” Louis says bashfully. He puts his hands on Harry’s biceps and turns his head to show his neck, and to present the bite scars to Harry. “Alright, I’m ready for you.”

Harry chuckles and shifts up a little, turning Louis’ face back forward. “Not without a kiss first, you know how I like it.”

Louis rolls his eyes, “My birthday, my rules.” But Louis kisses him anyway, because he can’t resist it. Their kiss starts with slow movements of their lips and tongues, and then Harry starts rocking his hips down onto Louis’. Same slow rhythm, same loving touches as always with Harry.

One of Harry’s hands drops down Louis’ body and between his legs, and Louis gasps when Harry’s palm presses down. Harry moans against Louis’ lips, pushing his hand inside Louis’ briefs, stroking Louis until he’s hard. Louis always says the pleasure from Harry’s bite is better if he’s already hard and desperate. Something feels different tonight, though, and it’s got Harry even hungrier for Louis’ blood. It’s almost like Harry can see the blood pumping through Louis’ skin, or he can taste it without even drinking a drop yet.

Harry,” Louis moans, leaning his neck back again. “Please, bite me, come on.”

Without any more warning than a quick nod of his head, Harry extends his fangs and bites, right over the marks from before. He sucks the sweet, delicious blood from the wound and suddenly he feels as if something inside him has fallen into place. Louis’ high pitched whimpers are mixed with other sounds, other voices, even Harry’s own voice. He feels like he’s floating away, and when he lets go of Louis’ neck, he looks around at a place he doesn’t recognize.

Harry can still feel the blood dripping down his chin, but it’s like he’s not even there. He’s looking at things, at people that he doesn’t know the names of, and yet recognizes. There’s a young woman, who looks very similar to himself, lying in the grass, and next to her is…himself.

It’s himself as a human out in the sunlight. And then two more people join them for some kind of picnic. The girl turns to the human version of him and starts saying something, but the words are all gurgled. He can only make out one word, which she repeats over and over. “Harry, Harry, Harry…

The haze fades out and the voice changes to Louis, below Harry. “Harry?”

The vampire blinks a few times and looks down at Louis, eyes still a little glazed over. “Huh?”

“Why did you stop?” Louis asks, covering up the bite marks with his hand to still the leaking blood. “Everything alright?”

“Um, y-yeah, I’m fine,” Harry stutters, licking the blood off his lips. He presses a kiss to Louis’ cheek and rests his head right there, inches away from the blood. “Just a little more tonight, I-I think…I saw…never mind.”

“Is something wrong?” Louis asks, kissing Harry’s temple.

“No, it’s fine,” Harry says quietly. He reaches down and pulls Louis’ leg up so it’s around his back, and sucks the blood out again.

Their connection through Louis’ blood has gotten so deep between them, the pleasure almost has a numbing effect on Louis. He feels nothing around him but Harry’s mouth, and the energy emitting from the bite. It is the sweetest kind of magic.

Louis kept moaning and whimpering, rutting himself against Harry at his own accord. His sounds grow more and more desperate by the second as his cock feels the friction between them. “God, Harry, just a little more.”

Harry knows he’s going to have to stop drinking from Louis, because soon he’ll take too much. He releases Louis' neck and pants against the wound while he lets Louis move how he wants against his body. “Come on, Sunshine.”

The hallucination starts up again, just as Harry hears Louis whine out his name and come.

Harry can feel Louis trembling against him, but his eyes are met with an imaginary world. Harry’s alone this time, in a dark room, and he feels…sick. He looks to his side and sees three bodies, all pale skin and bones. He starts to panic, memories flooding in like a storm of tragedy, and in minutes everything is back to him.

He shouts and falls off Louis and the sofa, hands clutching his head as he calms down from the panic. Louis is down next to him in a second, soft hands on Harry’s cheeks. “Harry? Honey what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“Louis, fuck,” Harry gasps, grabbing the human’s hands. “I-I remember. I remember everything.”

“Remember all of what?” Louis asks confusingly.

“My life as a human,” Harry says. He suddenly realizes how tired Louis looks and grabs what’s left of the fruit off the table. “Eat this Lou, get your strength back.”

“I will,” Louis sighs, “Just tell me what you remember.”

“Well, I…I drank your blood, and I started seeing things,” Harry starts to explain. “Usually when I drink from you I just taste the sun, I feel it around me as if I’m in the daylight. This time I saw memories…I was with my human family in some meadow, a sister and parents, and it was daytime.”

“That’s…that’s amazing,” Louis says with a grin.

Harry retracts his fangs, and gently bites his bottom lip. “It was, it really was until…Oh, Louis, I remember like it was yesterday. There…there was a plague in our village, and my family was lost to it, and I…I was dying when I was turned. I was sick with the plague already, and I’d have died that night if that vampire hadn’t taken me.”

“Harry I’m so sorry about your family,” Louis says, pressing a small, sweet kiss to both of Harry’s cheeks. “But…how did my blood make you remember?”

We’re Soulmates. Harry has to stop himself from saying it out loud, not sure what the rules for such information are. This is to be another sign though, right? Harry has drunk from hundreds of humans in centuries, but none of them have given him warmth and memories. He’ll have to call Zayn about this as soon as possible. “I’m not sure, and I’m going to ask around with people I trust, but…it may help with me being able to turn you.”

“So,” Louis gasps, happily smiling at Harry. “You’ll do it?”

“I’ll do my best to get permission, yes.”

“Thank you,” Louis gushes, wrapping his arms around Harry’s neck in a tight embrace.

“Of course Lou,” Harry whispers, hands connecting behind Louis’ back as he licks up a few drops of blood from Louis’ neck. “Happy birthday.”

Louis just laughs breathlessly, eying the clock on the wall. “Merry Christmas.”


The new year comes with new hope for Louis and Harry’s relationship. Harry has been trying to get information on turning Louis, and has sent numerous requests to the Elders and Kings and Queens for meetings. So far the Elders have only responded with the promise to look into things. Harry is aware of how desperate he must seem to all of them, but he can’t help it. Louis is the one for him, and he’ll be damned if he lets Louis slip away.

Harry is also aware of the rumors his fellow vampires are spreading about him and Louis. Stupid things about how Harry has already turned Louis, and they’re going to disappear together. It’s not that bad of a plan, actually, if the Elders decide to be complete assholes about this, and not let Louis be turned. Whenever Harry is with his Kin, he tends to just let them say what they want, never confirming nor denying anything. He has nothing to hide from them.

They finally got to go to dinner at that vampire-friendly restaurant on their one year anniversary, and that same day Vermont legalized vampire-human marriage. Louis kept making comments about how he wouldn’t even have to worry about that, because he is going to become a vampire. Harry just bit his lip and nodded, because their chances of that happening were still slim.

However, the almost promise of Louis becoming a vampire has made Louis more affectionate than ever. He kisses Harry more, he always tries to touch Harry, and he’s constantly saying “I love you.”

It’s all wonderful for Harry, because he will never get enough of Louis. There are a few nights where Louis has been up all morning and all day, so he sleeps for most of the time that Harry’s awake. On those nights Harry finds himself looking through the book of pictures Louis has taken for him. He kept his promise, and filled an album book with pictures of him in the daytime in only three months. Apparently, Louis found it very fun to just walk around Harry’s property, set up a camera, and rig it to take the most beautiful pictures of him.

He really does look beautiful in the sunlight, though, and Harry almost doesn’t want to turn Louis, because it would be such a shame for Louis to lose his tan. But Harry is going to have these photos forever, and hopefully he’ll have Louis forever too.

It’s one of those such nights where Louis is exhausted and sleeping right through the sunrise. Harry is looking at the pictures Louis took in his car, which is even more vibrantly red than at night, when he hears Louis sleepily walk down the stairs. Harry looks at the clock which reads two o’clock, and then closes the album. He wishes he could just make it easier for Louis now, especially when Louis walks in looking so tired.

He actually looks a little cute, soft and snugly with his hair a mess, and tiny body swimming in clothes too big for him. But his eyes have dark circles under them, and his pretty voice it rough as he croaks, “Evening, Hazza.”

“Evening Lou,” Harry says with a sweet smile. “How’d you sleep?”

Louis shrugs, “Alright I guess. Wish I hadn’t slept so long, though.”

“No Baby, it’s one in the morning,” Harry says with a voice full of concern “Y-You should be sleeping now.”

“Then I would barely see you in three nights, and we fucking live together. It’s a little ridiculous.” Louis whines, perching himself on Harry’s lap.

Harry just sighs, and kisses Louis’ cheek. “I know it is, Sunshine, but it’s out of our hands,” The vampire groans suddenly, a lurching, empty feeling stabbing at his core, and he stretches his arms and neck out to fix it. “Ah, fuck.”

“Harry? What was that about?” Louis asks, body and mind quickly alert.

“I’m fine Lou, just sore muscles,” Harry says, though it isn’t reassuring for Louis at all.

“How do you have sore muscles? You’re a fucking vampire,” Louis scoffs, impatiently crossing his arms over his chest.

Harry looks at the human with a sheepish grimace. “Well, I haven’t fed in a while, and my body is really feeling it.”

Harry, why haven’t you fed?” Louis asks, borderline angry that Harry wasn’t taking care of himself.

“My supply is running low and the shipment was delayed, and you’ve been so busy and so tired lately, I didn’t want to bother you with it. My supply will be here tomorrow, I’ve been assured.”

“You feeding from me to stay healthy is not a bother,” Louis scoffs, yanking his—Harry’s—shirt off so he’s topless. “Go ahead.”

Harry can fight it, he knows that, but he also knows that Louis will win that fight. So, the vampire sighs, and extends his fangs, biting into Louis’ neck. Louis whines and cradles the back of Harry’s head, tangling his little fingers in the vampire’s long hair. The whimpers kept coming as Harry drank, only taking a few sips before he lets go with the blood still wet on his lips, Harry pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes off the wound on Louis’ neck.

Louis is caught in a daze again, like a soft buzz vibrating through his whole body from the short bite. his eyes are closed and he’s humming as he rocks back and forth on Harry’s lap. He looks down at Harry’s lips, at the crimson blood covering them, and the fans left extended. Louis doesn’t care that it’s his own blood, he’s dying for a kiss, for something to satisfy the buzz.

He waves his hand down from Harry’s hair to his cheek, and kisses him, much to Harry’s surprise. Louis tastes his own blood and it’s kind of gross, but it’s also sort of hot. This blood keeps both Louis and Harry alive, and Louis can taste it, and he can feel Harry’s fangs, and it’s fucking sexy, even though it really shouldn’t be.


Just as Louis is about to beg Harry for god only knows what, he’s tossed to the other side of the room. He blinks and finds Zayn Malik, fucking King of the Louisiana vampires, snarling down at him with fangs bared. Harry runs over and tries to grab Zayn, but he gets thrown back as well. “Zayn! What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Harry, you’re my friend so I don’t like pulling out this card, but I’m your King, and I command you stand down,” Zayn growls at him, still staring at Louis. His eyes focus on the blood on Louis’ lips, and he crouches down to inspect them further. “You didn’t.”

When Zayn tries to touch Louis, the human braves up and slaps his hands away. “You’re not my King! Don’t touch me.”

Zayn rears back, looking both angered and impressed by Louis’ attitude. He turns around to speak to Harry, aggravated and on edge. “Harry, tell him to let me assess his status.”

“His—fuck no! You’re not touching him if he doesn’t want you too,” Harry snaps, pulling himself from the ground.

Zayn’s hand reaches up anyway, but stops himself at the last moment, balling up his hand into a fist in front of Louis’ face. He cools himself down and sighs. “Harry. I’ve been hearing things about you, and I ignored them for a while, because there’s much bigger shit for me to deal with than gossip. But when I heard a direct progeny of Elder Selene say that you illegally made a new vampire; I can’t turn away.”

“What?” Harry asks. “Zayn, come on, you know that’s not true! All the Elder’s Kin pass stories around all the time. Hardly any of it is factual.”

“Then what the fuck is this?” Zayn sneers, grabbing Louis’ jaw and pointing at the blood.

Louis shakes his head, or tries to because Zayn is incredibly strong, and scratches at the King’s hand. “Get—ow—off me!”

“Let him go, Zayn,” Harry demands, voice low and gravelly.

Zayn just rolls his eyes and drops his hands, and Louis quickly scoots away from him. The King stands up and brushes off his clothes, glaring at Harry. “So, he’s not a vampire then?”

“No!” Harry shouts. “You could have asked instead of attacking him. Lou, come here Sunshine, I’m sorry about this.”

“Thanks Harry,” Louis says shyly, walking over to Harry’s side. “Nice to meet you too, Zayn. Still human, for the record, and I can see why Harry kept you from me.”

Zayn’s scowl remains on his face for a few moments, until finally turning up into a smirk. “Well that is refreshing. I can certainly see why Harry likes you so much, you know. It’s rare that a human comes along who isn’t afraid of vampires, a King of vampires no less.”

“Well, you’re pretty skinny for a king,” Louis scoffs.

To Harry’s surprise, Zayn still doesn’t get angry, instead he starts to laugh. “I like him, Harry.”

“That’s great, but you and I need to talk privately. Outside,” Harry says sternly. He kisses Louis on the cheek and whispers, “Clean up a bit for me, I won’t be long.”

“Sure,” Louis huffs, giving Zayn one last glare before picking up his clothes from the floor.

Harry grabs Zayn by the shoulder and pulls him out of the room, then out of the house entirely in the blink of an eye. He closes the door behind them, ignoring the snickering coming from Zayn’s mouth. Harry shoves Zayn down the steps of the porch, something only a very close friend to the king could get away with, and then crosses his arms over his chest. “Well? Care to explain why you would inquisition one of your oldest friends like that?”

“We were there during the inquisition, and you know as well as I that those priests were a lot worse than this,” Zayn grumbles.

“You attacked Louis!” Harry snaps. “I’ve been with him for over a year, and in all that time he asked to meet my friends, and this is the first impression he got of you!”

“You’ve got no one but yourself to blame for keeping your human from your friends,” Zayn points out.

“I don’t know what you expect me to do, considering the strict rules the Elders have on us,” Harry says. “We can’t tell them where vampires meet up for business, we can’t tell them anything really about our’s a miracle I’ve been able to make this work at all. He’s so curious.”

“Ah,” Zayn says, snapping his fingers at Harry. “But that’s the thing, isn’t it? You’ve made it work because you ignore the laws, don’t you?”

Harry recoils, eyes widening a bit. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, okay,” Zayn says overdramatically. “So you’ve never told Louis information you weren’t supposed to? He doesn’t know anything other than what was approved by the Elders for mainstreaming?”

“Um,” Harry hums, looking away from Zayn nervously, hands falling to his hips. “Well, he might have picked up a few things—”

“I fucking knew it!” Zayn shouts, throwing his hands up angrily. “Harry! I know you mean well, and I know you care a great deal for him, but come on. You can’t just break the law like that.”

“I know! I know, alright?” Harry groans, frustrated and stressed. “But, he wants honestly in our relationship, and I can’t keep my whole life a secret from him. It kills me to think he would leave because of something I did centuries ago. But if you must know—”

“No, don’t tell me what you’ve told him,” Zayn cuts in, shaking his head. “It’s easier to protect you and overlook these transgressions if I don’t know any specifics.”

“Actually,” Harry coughs, clearing his throat. “I was going to say, the one thing I haven’t told him, is that we could be Soulmates.”

Zayn’s jaw dropped, his entire face falling into a confused frown. “You—the one thing...Hold on. SO the one thing that would guarantee your relationship being solidified, is the one thing you kept from him? Harry...that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard in two thousand years.”

“I’m sure that’s an exaggeration,” Harry says, rolling his eyes. “But I refrained from telling him, because I couldn’t get his hopes up.”

“So, he wants to be turned?” Zayn asks.

“Yes, he’s brought it up a few times, and I told him the laws are very strict about it,” Harry explains. “I just wasn’t completely sure we were Soulmates, until his birthday.”

“What happened then?”

“I—he—I’m still not sure,” Harry confesses. “But I drank from him, and I saw my past. I remembered my human family, and everything that happened before I was turned. I saw myself walking in the sun.”

“ got memories back by...well alright then,” Zayn said, clapping his hands with a grin. “I’m convinced then.”


“I mean, that’s all the confirmation I need to know that Louis is in fact, your Soulmate,” Zayn says with a shrug. “Write me a full letter of anything else like, what you described, that Louis somehow caused, and I’ll bring your case to the Elders.”

Zayn,” Harry gasps, stunned almost to silence. “Please, please do not be joking around right now.”

“I’m not joking. Harry, despite how annoying I can be, and how intrusive I get in your life, I want you to be happy. Ever since you’ve been with Louis, I can just see the change in you from the last century, and I’ll do anything to keep that change coming,” Zayn says, stepping back up on the porch and standing next to Harry. He grips Harry’s shoulder, shaking it a few times, with a soft smile on his face. “I’m sorry about tonight, I should have gone about it differently.”

“Yeah, I’ll say,” Harry grunts, then smirks down at Zayn.

“Can you blame me?” Zayn asks, cracking a smile as well. “I finally get you back out in the world, you get a boyfriend, then become a complete shut in again when he moves in. And on the stress from the other shit going on with the Elders and royals, and I panicked.”

“Yeah, yeah life as a rich and powerful vampire king is just so stressful,” Harry jokes, nudging Zayn’s side.

“Oh fuck off,” Zayn chuckles. “You know, he kind of looks like a baby vamp, too. Pretty eyes, sharp teeth, plus all that blood on his lips didn’t help.”

“I know,” Harry says, smiling fondly at the image of Louis as a real vampire. “Course, that was his blood.”

“I realize that now, yeah.”

Harry sighs and turns around, leaning both hands on the rail of the porch. “I can’t believe you’re formally asking permission for us, Zayn. Nothing in the world could repay that.”

“You’re my brother, Harry,” the king says. “You don’t need to repay me.”

“Right, of course,” Harry says. “Should I tell him now? I-I know if you get permission—”

“It’s still a very big ‘if’, Harry,” Zayn says cautiously. “I think...keep it from him, until you definitely have permission to turn him. The Elders will need time to schedule a ceremony for you two anyway, so you’ll have plenty of time to help him get used to it.”

“Okay, good idea,” Harry agrees, somewhat reluctantly. “Thank you, again. And I forgive you for tonight, though I’m not sure Louis will.”

“I’m sure you’ve told him enough stories about our friendship, he’ll want to get along in time,” Zayn says, patting Harry on the back. “I’ll let you get back to your evening.”

“What’s left of it,” Harry says. He shakes Zayn’s hand, thanks him once again and then sends him off. He watches Zayn go with a giddy smile and sinks back against the door, keeping his happy giggles quiet so Louis can’t hear them inside. He does manage to pull himself together after a few minutes, and he takes one last deep breath before re-entering the mansion.

Louis is waiting for him where Harry left, now lying across the couch with his sweater back on, playing some game on his phone. He looks up at Harry with a little pout and crosses his arms over his chest as he huffs, “Get everything sorted out with his royal highness?”

“Yes, Sunshine,” Harry sighs, sitting at Louis’ feet. “He’s very sorry.”

“Yet he couldn’t tell me that himself,” Louis scoffs.

“Baby, he’s one of my oldest friends, and the king, could you be a little more respectful?” Harry asks, petting Louis’ little feet.

“He attacked me Harry! And he accused you of breaking the law!” Louis snaps, voice rimmed with disgust. “He can’t treat me like that because I’m human.”

“I know, Louis, and I said that much to him and he gets it,” Harry explains. “He wouldn’t come in here to apologize, but he figured he’d interrupted our night enough already. He won’t be making that mistake again.”

“Good,” Louis says, sitting up and bringing his knees to his chest. “I do want to get along with your friends, you know. But if any more of them toss me around, I just...don’t know what to do.”

“Nobody will touch you again Louis, this I can promise,” Harry assures him, scooting closer to Louis’ closed up body. “I’m sorry for spoiling the evening.”

“It’s barely started, Honey,” Louis says. He pushes Harry’s long hair out of the vampire’s face, and kisses his pale cheek. “Wanna get dressed up and go for a drive? We can walk down Bourbon Street and hit up that Vampire Bar if you want. I don’t really feel like staying in.”

“Sure, Sunshine. That sounds lovely,” Harry says, giving Louis a quick kiss. He has to bite his tongue to prevent himself from saying this can be a celebration of Zayn officially working on getting permission from the Elders to turn Louis.


Oh, oh Harry,” Louis moans, back arching off the bed as Harry sucks his cock deep in his throat. Louis’ got one hand in Harry’s hair and the other on his own chest, pinching and rubbing at his sore nipples. His hips are moving quickly, pushing his cock in and out of Harry’s warm mouth, voice a constant stream of the prettiest moans. “God Harry. Just like that.”

They’ve been waiting three months for a response from Zayn and the rest of the council, but to no avail. Harry’s been pushing and pushing at every chance he gets, but he’s constantly met with a wall of bullshit. Zayn tells him all the time that their case is a sure thing, but other business is getting in the way of getting Elder’s permission. Apparently someone on the inside is trying to prevent the American vampires from mainstreaming, and important figures keep going missing without a trace.

All of it makes Harry feel a lot of things, mostly frustration towards the pompous idiots in charge of everything. He’s been channeling that frustration, and anger, into looking after Louis. Whenever he can’t give Louis a good answer about their case, he takes it upon himself to cheer Louis up in the best way he knows how.

So, their long term relationship is on the rocks, but their sex life has improved drastically.

Harry pulls off Louis’ cock with a wet pop, and kisses all around Louis’ lower tummy. He’s growling into Louis’ soft skin, painfully attempting to keep his more primal side at bay. It’s been harder and harder to keep control, the stress of their situation clouding Harry’s judgment, especially when he can feel Louis’ blood pump through his body. Harry’s fangs extend and his ears focus in on the quick thumping of Louis’ heart in his chest.

Suddenly, Harry isn’t thinking anymore, and his eyes have gone dark and glossy as he nuzzles against Louis’ thigh. Louis is whimpering above him, hips bucking up so Harry will do something, but the true vampire is taking over. Harry grunts, and presses his nose to Louis’ thigh, sniffing past the sweat and the sex, down to Louis’ blood flowing through his femoral artery.

“Harry, please,” Louis is hysterical at this point, cock painfully hard and red, curved onto his tummy, and he might just come untouched for the first time. “Please, Honey. Please, do something, anything. I-I can’t take it.”

“Oh, Baby,” Harry groans as he listens to the agony in Louis’ voice. But he doesn’t move to touch Louis, because the sweet blood is screaming for him. He moans one more time and bites, hard, into Louis’ upper thigh, right by his groin.

The delicious blood gushes into Harry’s mouth as he drinks, preening at the gasp from Louis’ mouth. Louis’ blood is full of adrenaline from the sex, and it’s better than ever as Harry sucks and sucks it into his mouth. He moans and ruts his hips into the bed, filling himself up with the taste of Louis. His hands are clenched around Louis’ thighs tightly, in a way that must hurt, but Harry’s too lost in the blood to care.

“Harry, god yes, yes, oh my god,” Louis whines above him, hands flying above his head to grip the pillow and he comes, cock free and without a touch. “Ah, o-oh my god!”

Harry pulls away in time to see Louis’ cock squirt ropes of spunk onto Louis’ tummy, and he groans at the sight. Blood is still spilling from Louis’ thigh, and Harry is fast to bed down and lick the rest up. “So good, Sunshine, so fucking good.”

Louis’ chest is heaving as he comes down, eyes glazed and head fuzzy, while Harry climbs up his body, between his legs. Harry should look like a monster, with the wild look in his eyes and blood dripping from his lips and chin and neck. He should be terrifying to Louis, but he isn’t. Louis loves him so much, and no matter how weak he feels right now, he would do anything for this vampire. “Harry, I-I need you.”

Normally, Harry would sense the decrease in Louis’ strength, the way Louis gets tired after Harry feeds from him. Tonight his mind is in overdrive, body powered up from drinking so much of Louis’ blood, and he kisses Louis’ stomach, licking up the come left there. There’s no control in the things Harry does, grinding his hard cock down onto Louis’, moaning when Louis gasps because he’s sensitive and tired. There’s no control in the way Harry kisses Louis’ lips, sharing the blood between them, or the way he grabs Louis’ wrists and holds them against the pillow above them.

There’s absolutely no control in the way Harry growls and bites Louis’ neck, drinking even more blood than usual. He’s moaning into the wound, placing both of Louis’ hands in one of his, while his free hand reaches down and grabs Louis’ ass, pulling Louis’ body up. He’s on a pure high now, and Louis feels so damn good, but so tired, so weak.

“H-Harry,” Louis whines, breathless. His voice is nearly gone, his head is full of fuzz and static and he’s slipping in and out of consciousness. “Honey, H-Har..”

Everything goes quiet all of a sudden, only the sound of Harry’s moans and his skin slapping against Louis’. Until finally, Harry gets his fill and retracts from Louis’ neck. He grinds softly against Louis now, feeling giggly and high, and he wants to fuck Louis silly. He’s about to ask Louis for as much, but he realizes Louis is being very still, and very quiet...and he’s gone very cold.

“Louis? Sunshine are you okay?” Harry asks, bracing himself up so he's on his knees between Louis’ legs. Louis’ eyes are closed, but his mouth is open, hanging slack and loose, while his skin has gone pale. “Louis, oh god.”

Harry starts to panic, looking down at himself and the blood staining his body, Louis’ blood. He quickly presses his ear to Louis’ chest, holding his loud, frantic breath while he listens for a pulse. Thankfully there is one, barely, a slow pump of Louis’ blood still flowing through him.

“Louis, come back to me, Baby,” Harry gently whispers, but it does nothing. He shakes Louis’ limp body and still, he gets no response. “No, no what have I done? Baby! Baby wake up, please.

Still, nothing happens. Harry’s heart speeds up and he pulls Louis against him, crying into Louis’ shoulder, kissing his icy-cold skin. How could he lose control like that? How could Harry not notice that Louis was slipping? He holds Louis’ almost lifeless body against him, whispering apologies and losing his kind. He can’t think, can’t get past Louis dying in his arms. He doesn’t know what to do, or where to go, and he doesn’t want to let Louis go.

“I’m so sorry, Baby. What have I done? What have I done?” Harry screams on repeat, wiping away his own bloody tears.

He has to save Louis, there’s still life in his lover yet, and he has to bring the rest back. But where can he go? A human hospital would have him arrested in a second for this, and the Elders would—wait, that’s it! Harry picks Louis up so the human is sitting in his lap, and reaches over to the bedside table to grab his phone. He presses the key to call Zayn, and cradles the back of Louis’ neck so he’s not limply falling back. Harry pets his hair and kisses him while the phone rings, until he gets voicemail message. Harry tries Zayn three more times, once again to no answers, and it takes everything in Harry not to scream again.

“Zayn come one, fucking answer,” Harry sobs into his phone as he calls the King for the fifth time. Harry places more kisses on Louis’ blood covered cheek, more to comfort himself than anything else, and listens to the weakening heartbeat in the human’s chest.

Finally, he gets an answer. “Harry what the fuck?

“Zayn! I-I fucked up, god I fucked up bad,” Harry cries out. “It’s Louis, h-he’s, oh god.

Shit,” Zayn groans on the other end. “What happened to him?

“W-were, um, well I lost control, o-okay?” Harry stutters. “I-I drank too much from him, I lost my fucking mind and now he’s...he’s dying, Zayn. I-I almost—”

He’s still alive? There’s a heartbeat?

“Just barely, fuck, what do I do, Zayn? H-how do I save him?” Harry asks, wiping more bloody tears from his face. “Help me, Zayn. I-I can’t lose him.”

You won’t fucking Christ,” Zayn swears a few more times, and Harry can hear him talk to a few people away from the phone. “Wrap up where you bit him so no more blood leaks out, and then take him to the address I’m about to send you. Tell them Zayn Malik requires their service.

“Okay, fuck, Zayn I don’t know what came over me—”

Save it,” Zayn cuts him off. “I’ll meet you there and I’ll talk you though whatever you need. Hurry up and get him safe before it’s too late.

“Right, okay, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Harry repeats before hanging up. He gently rolls Louis’ light body over onto the bed, and runs into the hallway to grab bandages from the closet. When he comes back, he sees that Louis’ chest is slowly moving up and down, and it’s the smallest reassurance that he is breathing. “I’m sorry, Baby, but I’ll get you better.”

Harry wraps up Louis’ thigh and tapes it down, then repeats the action on Louis’ neck. His phone chimes with a message from Zayn, and it’s some address in the swamp. Harry doesn’t exactly have the time to question it, so he wraps Louis up in a blanket, throws on his pants, and carries Louis out of the house. He considers taking the car, but he knows he can run faster, and he’d hate to damage the car in the swamp.



The place Zayn sent Harry is creepy and secluded, and probably infested with alligators. It is a special clinic in the swamp, most likely vampire funded, set up specifically for supernatural related incidents.

He bangs his fist against the door several times, so hard it dents and chips the wood, calling out, “Is anyone there? Zayn Mali sent me! He requires your service!”

There is a commotion on the other side of the door, until it is opened by a very old, very short woman. “The vampire King sent you?”

“Yes, and he will be following us soon,” Harry says quickly, impatiently tapping his foot on the ground.

The lady rolls her eyes, “Of course he is.” She steps aside with a loud sigh and gestures inside. “Come in, tell me what you need.”

“M-my human,” Harry says, pushing past her and into the clinic. “H-he’s almost gone. I accidentally drained him and—”

“Jesus!” She shouts once she gets a decent look at Louis. She grabs his thin wrists and feels the faint pulse, swearing several more times before glaring at Harry. “What, were you made yesterday? How could you drain him this much?”

“I didn’t mean to!” Harry yells back. “Just tell me you can save him, please.”

“Yes I can fucking save him,” She snaps, pointing at a small bed on one side of the room. “Put him there while I get some blood packs, what type is he?”

“Um, A Nag,” Harry says, carefully laying Louis down. He pushes the fallen hair from Louis’ face, and almost starts crying again at just how pale Louis looks, how blue his lips are. “How could I do this Sunshine? I’m so sorry.”

“Alright back up!” The lady’s voice comes booming through the room. She’s pushing a cart of blood packets and medical equipment, already dressed up in nurse’s gear. “Move out of my way vampire. You can wait in the next room over, but don’t touch anything.”

“I’m not leaving his side!” Harry snarls, gripping Louis’ hand tight.

The mysterious woman annoyingly rolls her eyes at him again, shrugging her shoulders. “You will if you want him to live. By my guess, he’s only got minutes left, so you can sit here and argue, or leave me to my business.”

With one last look down at his lover, Harry sighs dejectedly and nods. “Fine. Just hurry.”

“Yeah, yeah,” She says, shoving him out of the way. Just as Harry is out the door he hears her mutter, “Fucking vampires.”

The vampire goes straight for the first chair he finds, setting his body down in a heavy slump. He looks at his hands, stained with Louis’ blood, and curls them into fists. He still can’t believe what he’s done. He has no idea what came over him to lose control like that. It’s been centuries since Harry felt like what he is, could be considered a monster, but here he is. The boy he loves, his Soulmate is lying in the next room of a fucking witch doctor getting a blood transfusion.

While Harry knows what happened tonight is his fault, a part of him still wants to blame the council. He knows Zayn is working hard with their case, and he knows that they have a lot to deal with now that vampires are in the public, but goddammit. Louis shouldn’t still be a vulnerable human. He should be Harry’s forever, but now Harry will be lucky if Louis stays with him at all.

“Fucking hell Harry, you look like shit.”

Harry looks up at the sound of his friend’s voice, pathetically sobbing one more time. “I feel like shit.”

Zayn’s got his arms crossed over his chest, a sympathetic frown on his face. He’s wearing a very nice Dolce suit, black with gold accents, entirely too fancy for a regular night, even as the King. Zayn shakes his head and extends one of his hands out to Harry’s face, clutching him by his chin and lifting his head. He inspects the blood dried on Harry’s face, streaming from both his mouth and his eyes. His hand slips up into Harry’s hair in an affectionate manner, before he sighs, “Clean yourself up in the sink. She’ll bring Louis back soon enough, and you don’t want to talk to him with all that on your face.”

“Yeah,” Harry says, quietly, defeated. He didn’t even notice he was in a kitchen, too distraught to take in his surroundings earlier. He turns on the old sink, washing his hands of the blood and he watches the red liquid run into the cracks of the porcelain. There’s a mirror in front of him, with black stains and cracks all over, but he can still see his monstrous reflection. “Fucking look at me, Zayn. I haven’t looked like this since...since right after I was turned.”

“What happened?” Zayn asks, standing behind Harry with firm, but comforting hands on Harry’s shoulders. “Only months ago you wouldn’t even have sex because you were afraid to hurt him.”

“I know,” Harry mumbles, plucking up the cleanest looking towel to clean his face. “But we got through that, and I’ve been feeling fucked up for weeks, okay? Everything about turning Louis has me on edge, and I wasn’t ready for this. God, that first taste was so good, a-and usually I know when to stop, but my head’s been so cloudy...I was lost in him.”

“I’ll blame it on the connection, it can be a dangerous thing for the human mate,” Zayn explains, patting Harry’s shoulders. “Although...I do have some good news for you now, and it will make you feel better. At least I hope.”

“Sure, whatever, but I doubt anything will get my mind off my shame,” Harry says, turning around and leaning against the dirty sink.

“Oh really?” Zayn smirks. “So, if I were to tell you that the reason I didn’t answer you at first tonight, the reason I’m dressed like some fucking politician, was all because of a meeting with the Elders, it wouldn’t interest you? If I were to say that I got enough in favor votes on your case, you wouldn’t cheer up at all?”

Harry’s heart almost stops as he stares at Zayn in disbelief. With wide, green eyes, and a voice that’s nearly not there at all, Harry chokes out, “W-what? Y-you’re serious?”

“You can have your Soulmate.”

Harry is down on his knees before Zayn in seconds, hands on the back of his neck as he stares up at his friend in awe and amazement. “I-I can? I can turn Louis?”

“Yeah, and you can tell him whatever and whenever you want,” Zayn says, petting one of his hand through Harry’s long hair. “We need to schedule a date for the ceremony by the end of the week.”

“Thank you,” Harry whimpers, pulling Zayn’s hand down and kissing it. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.

“It’s no trouble, I told you I would do this for you,” Zayn says, smiling down at his friend. He grabs Harry by his shoulders and pulls him up from the floor, dusting off the man’s shirt. “And not all of the Elders have to attend, only two that you are comfortable with.”

“Thank god, because if Marcus had to witness it...fuck I don’t even want to think about it,” Harry grumbles. It’s not that Harry is afraid of Marcus by any means, but he’s never trusted him. Too many suspicious instances occurred before and after the Great War with Marcus, too many people tried to say Marcus was somehow involved. Harry is not about to let that man be a part of such an intimate ceremony. “I want Selene and Viktor to witness.”

“Ha, how did I know you would pick those two,” Zayn chuckles. “How do you feel now?”

It’s a good question. Harry is beyond ecstatic that the Elders got off their asses and approved their case, but..he also knows that Louis is verging between life and death in the room over. He knows they’re here in this creepy place in the middle of the swamp because he fucked up. “I-I have no idea. I’ll be better once I know Louis is okay.”

“Well, as far as Witch Doctors go, Norma is the best, even if she can be a bit ornery,” Zayn says with a light shrug. “She’ll have him fixed in no time.”

“Just how many people do you have to send to her?” Harry questions suspiciously.

The King’s only answer is a small grin, a twinkle in his pretty eyes, because they’re interrupted by Norma storming into the room. She huffs a few times, glaring at Zayn and shaking her head, as if this is the millionth time he has annoyed her with something similar. Her gloves have blood on them, but not too much, and she’s got a light shine of sweat on her brow. “Well. He’s still weak, but he’s begging for you,” She points a wrinkled finger at Harry, “to come see him.”

He is out of that room half a second after she says that, and he kneels down beside Louis’ bed. Some of the color has come back to Louis’ face, and his lips have returned to their pretty light pink. He’s still sleepy, but alive, and he’s looking up at Harry with hooded, bloodshot eyes. “Sunshine, can you talk yet?”

Louis nods, barely a movement of his head, but his voice is still hoarse when he says, “Y-yes. Where are we?”

A wave of relief washes over Harry’s body, and it’s like he can actually breathe again. He releases a breathy laugh and kisses Louis’ soft shoulder, “A friend of Zayn’s place. He sent us right over here and she saved you.”

“Zayn?” Louis asks, blinking a few times and looking around the dimly lit room “Is he…”

“Yes he’s here, don’t worry though. He’s in a better mood than when you last met, and he doesn’t even need to come in here if you don’t want,” Harry explains softly. His smile quickly fades into a mournful frown. “Baby, I am so, so sorry. How can you even still want me here?”

“I love you,” Louis says tiredly, but also matter-of-factly.

“But look at what I’ve done, look at here you are. How can you ever forgive me?” Harry sobs dryly.

“You didn’t mean to,” Louis says. “A-and you saved me, of course I forgive you. I know you’ll always be here to save me and protect me.”

“I can’t even protect you from myself, Lou,” Harry sighs.

“That’s both of our faults,” Louis assures him, weakly bringing his hand up to Harry’s cheek. “We’ve been so stressed because of things out of our control, and we both should have known you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. We...we should just slow down, you know? At least while your Elders are being uncooperative. “

“Actually,” Harry starts to clear his throat, straightening his back as he holds down a smile. “I’m all for slowing down if that’s what you want, but the Elders aren’t going to be in our way anymore.”

“What are you talking about?” Louis asks with the cutest confused expression.

“Um, as I told you before, our laws say we cannot create new vampires in this century, because of the public’s knowledge of our existence. There’s really only one reason why a human would be turned, but it’s so rare.” Harry explains. “I didn’t think it was more than a myth until you, Sunshine. But Zayn has helped me confirm it, and he’s been working hard for months on our behalf to prove it to the Council.”

“Prove what?” Louis asks, growing slightly more excited, even though he isn’t sure where Harry is going.

“Vampires...they don’t have mates the same way werewolves do, as I told you. Wolves can find a mate in anyone, and it’s for life or the death of a mate. Vampires are less connected than that, but sometimes by some ancient magic, they can have a Soulmate,” Harry continues to explain. He can see the way Louis starts to light up, the way Louis begins to put the pieces together in his mind. “I have loved you since the night we met, it started small but it grew into this big love that I feel and share with you now. However, Zayn was the one to see all the signs, and ever since he first brought it up to me, I started to see them too. You’re my Soulmate, Louis. We were made for each other.”

Harry,” Louis moans, eyes growing wide as he stares in awe up at his lover. “Are you being serious right now? That’s a real thing?”

“It is, it’s very, very old magic, but Zayn has witnessed a ceremony for himself. Though, there’s only been a handful in your lifetime.” Harry tells him, kissing his hand over and over. “We’re going to have one too.”

“Wait, a ceremony? Why does it have to be so official? Can’t you just turn me whenever now that they’re letting you?” Louis asks with a frown.

“I wish, Sunshine, but this is a very sacred ceremony,” Harry sighs. “Zayn knows more about it than I do. If you let him in here, he can walk you through it.”

Louis purses his lips. He has a lot to be thankful of Zayn for, his life and his future with Harry, but...Zayn did attack him the night they met. He may be Harry’s oldest friend, but Louis is still weary of him. This ceremony must be complicated, though, for Harry to not even be able to explain it himself. “I guess... I mean, he’s the reason I’m still alive.”

“Doesn’t mean you have to see him, he knows how thankful you are,” Harry tells him. The last thing Harry wants to do right now is cause Louis even more discomfort.

“No, it’s fine,” Louis eventually mumbles. He reaches down for Harry’s hand, holding it right over his chest. Zayn, who had been listening to their conversation apparently appears next to them not a moment later. Louis is still feeling a little delirious, and it takes a moment or two to adjust, but he does his best to look thankful and smile. “Good to see you again, Zayn.”

“You too Louis,” Zayn says, coughing awkwardly. “I suppose I should start by apologizing for the last time we met—”

“I’ll say,” Louis mumbles. Harry tries his hardest not to start laughing.

The King, however, has a good enough sense of humor to let the comment slide with nothing more than a smirk. “Yes, obviously. I acted brashly and I apologize. I care very much about Harry, and I didn’t want his love for you to blind him from reason.”

“That’s very sweet,” Louis says, smiling at his own vampire. “Apology accepted, it would be wrong of me to deny you after tonight. Thanks by the way.”

“Do we owe Norma anything? I’ll pay any price,” Harry says suddenly, reaching into his pants pocket for a wallet.

But Zayn only holds up his hand and shakes his head. “It’s on me, alright? Take it as an olive branch with my apology.”


“—Harry,” Zayn urges, sitting on the closest chair next to them. “I insist, okay?”

Harry is about to protest again, but he gives up before trying, knowing it’s not going to result in anything. “Fine, fine, can you just explain the ceremony to him? I don’t have all the details.”

“Well, it’s pretty simple, actually,” Zayn says nonchalantly. “It’s an age old tradition watched over by the Elders and High Council members, something about purifying bloodlines and all that. Soulmates are said to have special magical connections through their blood, and therefore the Elders like to watch over them. Personally, I think mating should be a private affair, but they have authority over me, so,” Zayn shrugs.

“Could you just...tell him about the ceremony?” Harry asks impatiently.

“Fine! But it’s an antiquated tradition and I thought it would be best if he had some background,” Zayn sighs. “Because the ceremony is a lot like medieval consummation ceremonies for European royals.”

“Wait,” Louis suddenly interrupts, coughing a little into one of his hands. “When you say ‘consummation ceremony’, do you mean when priests would, like, watch a royal couple…”

Zayn nods, and kindly ignores the blush that forms on Louis’ cheeks. “Yes, actually. They wanted to emulate the werewolf matings, and that sort of requires you to make love.”

“Oh my god,” Louis groans, covering his face from the pair. “A-are you serious? That’s silly.”

“Vampires have been around for a very long time, you can’t blame us for being old fashioned. Besides, there is a very strong bond between a vampire and their maker, and that bond is only strengthened by an emotional connection, or you know, a sexual connection.” Zayn explains, fondly thinking of his own maker. “That’s how I was turned.”

“You have a Soulmate?” Louis asks.

“Nope, my maker turned me while we were fucking, and our connection was almost unbreakable,” Zayn says with a big grin. “A maker can sense their progeny’s emotions, influence their reactions even. Soulmates, however, share an equal bond. You’ll be able to influence Harry, feel his emotions, maybe even read his thoughts. A lot of vampires will be envious.”

“Alright, I get it. The connection will be great, I can’t wait to share that with Harry, but do we have to be watched?” Louis asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“It’s a sacred tradition,” Harry speaks up. “I know it may seem a little unorthodox, but this is what you want to be a part of. You know I will do everything I can to make you comfortable.”

“I know you will, I don’t know how I feel about strangers watching know,” Louis whispers, face still red and heated.

“The entire vampire community of Louisiana won’t be watching us,” Harry chuckles in an attempt to lighten the mood. “The witnesses required are only two Elders, of our choosing, and um, Zayn.”

Louis tries so hard not to frown, but he can’t help it. It’s not that he dislikes Zayn, not anymore, but he barely knows him. Zayn probably has millions of stories about Harry, and Harry’s previous lovers, and now he has to watch Louis. Louis who is just a human, only had sex with one person, and is probably not going to be anything to brag about. But...if it has to be done, then fine, he can try to get through it, because the result will be so, so worth it. “Okay, alright. I’d do anything to be with you.”

“I love you,” Harry blurts, kissing him tenderly on the lips.

“Aw, you two are sweet,” Zayn coos.

Harry groans against Louis’ lips, and then glares back at his friend. “Could you not be an asshole for one minute?”

“I wasn’t...I’m not always sarcastic, you know?” Zayn asks rhetorically. “Louis, you make my friend very happy, and I am completely able to put away my mask for a moment to appreciate that. Thank you for caring for him, I mean it.”

“Thank you Zayn,” Louis says, feeling fond of the vampire King for the first time. Maybe Malik wasn’t so bad. “So, um, when is this ceremony going to be?”

“Whenever you want, my love,” Harry says softly.

“Hopefully this year,” Zayn cuts in quickly. “Sorry, just, they have other things to rule over.”

“Right,” Louis nods, giving it some thought. It feels very surreal to even be making this plan at all. When Louis was just a child, vampires were still a myth, and here he is trying to become one. He’s not crazy, he’s not some thirteen year old goth, he’s just a young man in love. And as Louis looks as Harry’s young face, he knows that man is all he wants, no matter what he has to do to get him. “How about my birthday?”

“A-are you sure?” Harry asks, a little stunned at the suggestion.

“Yes, it will be my twenty-first,” Louis says. He finally feels like he’s got some strength back, so he sits on the bed, crossing his legs. “It’s perfect, don’t you see? You’ve been twenty-one for centuries, and now I will be too.”

“It does give me plenty of time to make sure Selene and Viktor can be there,” Zayn points out.

“Who are—”

“They’re the Elders Harry would like to act as witness. Both are very kind and will treat you with respect, you have my word.” Zayn assures him, proving once again to Louis that he isn’t so bad.

“Is that really what you want? On your birthday?”

“Yes, I’m completely sure,” Louis says confidently.

Zayn stands up with his phone out, dialing the number for Selene as he says, “Good enough for me. Christmas Eve, right?”

“ did you know?” Louis asks with concern.

The King answers with a wink and, “I make it my business to know.”

Harry shakes his head as Zayn leaves them alone again, and stands up from the chair. He helps Louis up with both hands, fussing at the way Louis’ legs shake when he’s on two feet. “Are you sure you’re not mad at me for tonight? I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself.”

“It’s scary, okay?” Louis spits out. He slumps his shoulders in a deep sigh, frowning up at Harry. “When you were drinking from me, I was scared, for a moment, but I’m not mad. I would rather you didn’t drink from me for a while, but I’m okay. Tonight has been a rollercoaster of events, can’t we just end on a happy note? In a few short months, I’m going to be yours.”

Baby,” Harry moans, picking Louis up by his thighs so the human’s legs wrap around his waist. “You’re already mine, and I am yours. Forever.”


The very first thing Louis insists on doing when he’s better, is go straight to Verna and Charlie to tell them the good news. Needless to say, the first five minutes after Louis tells them are filled with yelling at Harry. The vampire is a little stunned Louis is more than a little annoyed, but his bosses are only trying to look out for him.

“Louis, you really want to give up life, daytime, for a man?” Verna asks angrily, arms crossed defensively over her chest as she glares at Harry.

“Yes, I do!” Louis exclaimed. “V, he’s completely worth it. I love him and I want to be with him, okay? We...we’re destiny.”

Charlie places a firm hand on his wife’s shoulder, sheepishly smiling at her. “I think he’s sincere. Come on chér, wouldn’t you turn into a vampire for me if I was one? Huh?”

She continues to glare at him, mumbling something under her breath as she shakes her head. Eventually, after minutes of Charlie batting his eyes and giving her the cheesiest smile, Verna groans and gives up her resolve. “Fine. So you love, so it’s destiny, that’s fine. But...will we ever see you again? Or are you just going to disappear forever?”

“No! No I wouldn’t do that! I-I was hoping I could even still work here, actually, just during night shifts obviously,” Louis says shyly.

“Why?” Verna asks. “Don’t get me wrong Lou, I love you like my own, but if you’re going to be with this rich vampire, why would you want to work here?”

“As much as it can be a pain to deal with the stupid people of the backwoods, I still love it here.” Louis shrugs. “I like earning my own money, and seeing you two and the girls, catching up on the gossip—”

“Louis, you hate gossip,” Verna says with a judgmental purse of her lips.

“Only when it’s about me,” Louis giggles, rolling his eyes. “You’re my family, and it’s not like Harry and I are getting married.”

Oh, okay,” Verna exclaims overdramatically, throwing her hands up and shooting a pointed look at Harry. “So, you’ll make one of the undead, but you won’t make an honest man out of him?”

The vampire puts his hands up in surrender, backing up a step from the woman. “Technically what Louis and I would be is considered a stronger bond than marriage in the eyes of vampires. B-but if he wanted to have a wedding, I would be all for it.”

A fond, sparkly smile forms on Louis’ face, from cheek to cheek, and he asks in the sweetest voice, “Really? H-have you thought about this, a wedding?”

“Of course I have,” Harry mumbles, leaning down to catch Louis’ lips in a soft kiss.

As Verna watches them, even she can see that it’s real love. She can see how happy Louis is, even how happy Harry is, to be with this man, and who is she to try to keep them apart? With one last insistent nudge from her husband, Verna drops her hands to her hips, and nods. “Alright. When is this happening?”

Louis turns back to her, gasping when he sees the look of approval on her face. “Um, on my birthday this year. You’re really okay with this?”

“I would be a fool to get in the way of your happiness,” She says, just as Louis pulls her into a tight hug.

Harry was going to convince Louis to tell them about the accident, but Louis is sure it would do more harm than good. What happened was terrifying, but Louis has survived and he doesn’t want a witch hunt to start on Harry, not for a mistake. They’re trying to put the ordeal behind them, but Harry is still nervous around Louis. He refuses to drink from Louis, ever, and he always holds himself back when they make love.

Louis longs for the day when Harry no longer has to worry about hurting him. The day is coming, planned and everything, but not nearly fast enough.

Another Halloween passes and their house has gaggles of adorable children in the cutest costumes, all of whom know the big mansion belongs to a vampire. None of the children are scared of Harry, and they all found his classic Dracula costume very funny. Their parents were the ones who got freaked out by the fact that Harry was using his actual fangs as part of the costume.

They only had a single anti-vampire truck drive by, but once again the men didn’t care. Pretty soon Louis would be able to chase them down and give them a good scare for himself.

Overall the holiday is considered a success by Louis, proof that Harry is nothing to be afraid of. However, Harry still won’t drink from him. Louis misses the connection he gets when Harry bites him, and he misses the passionate sex they worked so hard for. He just misses Harry not treating him so fragile and...well like a breakable human.

Louis is dying for the day Harry can let loose on him, can handle Louis however he wants because he won’t hurt Louis. He wants the passion and fire and connection they will only get after Harry turns him, and he wants it more and more every day.

Finally, in the longest few months of Louis’ life, the day has arrived. His twenty-first birthday begins with a full breakfast left in the dining room for him, made by Harry the night before. It continues with hours of Louis cleaning up the mansion in anticipation of the arrival of two Elders. They never have other vampires over, because Harry is so protective of Louis, so the human isn’t sure what he should do.

He rearranges a few of the rooms to make them more open, dusts almost every surface possible, and even transfers the best of their blood supply to handmade glass bottles. Louis hopes they appreciate the effort, he knows Zayn will at least be impressed.

Once Louis is satisfied that their mansion looks clean and upstanding enough for their visitors, he goes up to the special walk-in closet Harry gave to him. Louis had learned a while ago that Harry absolutely loves to spoil him with the most expensive designer luxuries. Louis’ closet is filled with Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Prada, and anyone else you can possibly think of. Tonight, however, Louis is looking for something very specific, something he knows from experience makes him irresistible to vampires.

He rifles through the racks and hangers, skipping over the nicest silks and satins, until finally he feels the soft wool under his fingers. Louis smiles to himself as he pulls out the white sweater and presses it to his face, rubbing the soft material to his cheek. It’s the sweater he wore the night he went into that vampire bar, the night he met Harry, and he feels  it would be fitting for tonight. He pulls the sweater over his head and smooths it down his torso, turning to look at himself in the mirror. He looks two years younger, almost because of the old sweater and the fact that he shaved that morning. This is what he’s going to look like forever, and he’s..well he is quite pretty as it turns out.

Harry tells him as much all the time, but now that Louis is really taking a moment to look at himself, he can actually see it. With one more turn in the mirror, a last check up of himself, Louis puts on a pair of leg-hugging black ants. he knows he’s going to be something for Harry to brag about to the Elders, and to any new vampires Louis meets.

The time eventually comes for the day to end, Louis’ last day as a human, and his last day in the sun. He runs out of the closet, down the stairs, and out the front door to their porch. Louis watches as the sun starts to set, his very last sunset, and he squints to catch the whole thing.

Louis has seen quite a few sunsets in his life, but never has he really watched one happen. Maybe it’s because it’s his last one, but this really is a beautiful sight. The sky isn’t very cloudy tonight, and it’s turned this vibrant pink color right in line with the sun. As it moves down the horizon it fades from pink to orange to yellow, with pink to purple to dark blue forming over head. All of the colors reflect off the trees and the street lights and it’s a wonder of pure nature. Louis can’t even hold back his tears as he watches it set, because it’s awe inspiring and just...perfect. It’s the perfect last view of the sun and Louis can’t be happier.

He smiles up at the sky, growing darker by the minute, and lets the tears fall down his face. It’s all over, but it’s the beginning of something new for Louis. It’s the time to let go of the fear, the mistakes, the loneliness he’s felt as a human.

“Happy Birthday,” A sweet, deep voice spoke suddenly behind Louis once the sun is completely down. he turns around to see Harry standing in the doorway, and the smile on his lover’s face immediately falls when Harry sees the tears on his cheeks. “Sunshine? W-why are you crying?”

“I’m fine,” Louis sniffles, wiping his cheeks.

“Oh god,” Harry chokes, stepping out of the house. “Did, u, did you change your mind?”

“No! No never,” Louis cries, wrapping his arms around Harry’s waist. “It’s just a big change, is all. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but...It’s hard to say goodbye. I’m nervous, but I won’t regret this.”

Harry sighs, kissing Louis’ cheek, with his own arms draped over Louis’ shoulders. “I should have known you were nervous. You cleaned the entire mansion. You never clean.”

“We have royalty coming over, of course I cleaned,” Louis huffs. “I’m ready for this, I truly am, but watching that sunset, and thinking about what I’m going to become...I feel overwhelmed. And on top of that, we’re going to have sex in front of those people, and exhibitionism has never been my cup of tea.”

Harry laughs, nodding his head as he listens to Louis’ words. “I can’t say I’ve never partaken in such questionable activities, but you’ll only have to do this one time. I’m a short while, we can have each other forever.”

Louis looks up at Harry with a faint smile, “Talk me through it one more time? Might calm me down to have it fresh in my mind.”

“Sure, Sunshine,” Harry says, stepping back a few feet and tugging Louis with him. “Inside though, they’ll all be here soon so we don’t have a lot of time left for privacy.”

They walk inside hand in hand, straight to their kitchen, which has become more cramped due to the extra freezer they had to put in. Harry ordered an extra supply of blood for them, because Louis’ hunger was going to be almost overpowering for the first few months. He’s thankful Louis wouldn’t have to do what he’d done in his first days of being a vampire. Nobody should have to go through the transition alone.

The first thing Harry goes for in the kitchen isn’t one of the glass bottle of blood Louis set up, but a bottle of red wine he got just for Louis. It is the human’s twenty-first birthday, after all. He pours half a glass and hands it to Louis, “For your nerves, Lou.”

“Thanks,” Louis says, taking a sip as he leans against the counter. “So go ahead.”

“Well,” Harry starts, moving his body up close to Louis, bracketing his arms on either side of the human. “First we go out under the stars and the moon, and I’ll probably tell you how beautiful you look. Selene and Viktor might ask you a few questions, just test your loyalty, but they’ll go easy on you because they’re my friends.” Harry leans down and starts to kiss Louis’ neck, humming when he feels the human tug at his hair. He traces his lips up to Louis’ ear, pushing his pelvis into Louis’ middle at the same time. “Then I’ll tell you to pretend it’s only you and me out there, and I’ll kiss you, I’ll lay you out and undress you.”

Louis takes another long sip from the wine, leaving the glass mostly empty, before carefully setting it behind him. He moans as Harry nibbles on his ear, and clutches at Harry’s biceps. “K-keep going, Honey.”

Mmm,” Harry clasps a hand over one of Louis’ cheeks, kissing along his jaw. “I’ll open you up nice and slow, just how you like, and I’ll make you look into my eyes the whole time. Then I’ll fuck you, and I’ll make it fast Baby, because I don’t want them to see you like that. Only I get to see how pretty you are when you’re being fucked good.”

Harry,” Louis whines, pushing his hips up into Harry. His breath hitches when he feels the stiffness in Harry’s pants, and he can’t wait to get some relief on his own. “What next, god, keep going.”

“Then I’ll bite you,” Harry groans, emphasizing it by nipping at Louis’ lower lip. “I’ll suck your delicious blood while I fuck you, have you whining under me. Just think how amazing it will feel.”

Louis doesn’t need to think, he knows how it feels. He got a glimpse of it the night of the accident, and as much as it had scared him, it felt so damn good. “Yes, yes I want that Harry, I want it so bad.”

“I know, Sunshine, and I’ll give it to you,” Harry moans, kissing just below Louis’ lips,  moving his hands down to Louis’ sides and pressing him tighter against the counter. They’re as close as possible and yet Harry wants more, he always wants more of Louis. “And you know what happens next? I’ll cut open my wrist, feed you my blood, and that’s when everything will change. A vampire’s blood if the ultimate form of euphoria for humans, and fuck Baby, you’ll feel things you couldn’t even imagine.”

“Fucking kiss me already,” Louis moans, pushing Harry down by the back of his neck for a fierce kiss. He feels fiery and new already, and their night has only begun, but Louis can’t help it when Harry’s got his hands on him.

The vampire’s fangs extend in the middle of their kiss, and he grabs Louis by his thighs to lift him onto the counter. Their kiss grows ever more passionate as Harry pushes himself between Louis’ legs, and he mentally stops himself from ripping Louis’ clothes off. Harry moans and squeezes Louis’ thick thighs all the more tighter once it registers in his brain that this is what Louis wore when they met. Back when Louis was young and innocent to the ways of vampires, back when he was pretty fang bait that needed saving. Now he’s Harry’s entire world.

Their kiss is interrupted by the long and loud chime of the old fashioned doorbell. Louis scratches his hands down Harry’s chest as he whines, pouting up at his lover. “I guess it’s time.”

“Yeah,” Harry sighs, body deflating as he inches away from his boy. “Not like we won’t get back to this soon.”

“True,” Louis says with a smile, standing up on his tip-toes to give Harry one last kiss on the cheek. He gives Harry a cheeky smack on the ass, following it up with, “Go let them into our home.”

“Wait here,” Harry says, taking a moment to slip a small packet down the back pocket of Louis’ pants. “Keep that with you,” Harry mumbles, patting the lube packet once and then he’s gone in a second, before Louis can even blink.  Harry opens the door to find Elder Selene smiling down at him.

She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful creatures Harry has ever seen, and he has that same thought every time they meet. She’s about six and a half feet tall, with gorgeously smooth skin darker than the night sky, long braids going down her back, and these piercing violet eyes that can almost see into your soul. Over all she reminds Harry of if a cat were to be turned into a very tall person. Harry isn’t actually sure just how old Selene is, but he knows she’d been a vampire even longer than thousand year old Zayn.

“’Arry Styles, my darling, ’ow are you?” She asks, the many years of living in France have left a distinct accent in her cool voice. “It has been far too long.”

“I’ve been well, obviously, feel in love and all that,” Harry replies, greeting her with a kiss on each cheek.

“Of course, and where is this delectable human of yours?” She asks, looking past him into the mansion.

Harry steps aside, gesturing inside as he says, “He’s right in the kitchen, come on in—”

She swiftly moves past him and into the mansion, and suddenly appears in front of Louis. He jumps a little when he sees her and his eyes widen at her sheer beauty. She flashes a sparkling smile down at him, fangs bared and pearly white, as she touches his cheek with her soft hand. “Well, aren’t you a pretty thing? Tres magnifique.”

“Uh-umm,” Louis stutters, blinking up at her as he wonders how anyone who looks like her could say such things to him. “Wow, thank you. Um, you must be the Elder Selene?”

“Yes darling, your `Arry and I have known each other for many centuries,” She says, retracting her hand back, and tapping her fingers on her lips as she looks him up and down. It’s as if she’s inspecting him and it causes Louis to look anywhere but her eyes. “You seem like the perfect companion for my darling.”

“Thank you again,” Louis says, smiling more confidently at her. “Would you like some blood? We have all kinds here, thanks to Harry.”



Back over at the entrance, Harry is about to close the door, when Zayn appears at the bottom of the steps, a panicked look in his eyes. “Zayn? What’s wrong with you? You look a mess.”

“Harry, I have to tell you something quickly,” Zayn says, pushing at Harry’s chest to get him through the door, but Harry won’t budge. “Get inside Haz.”

“Why? What’s—”

His question is answered before he can even finish it, because suddenly standing at the bottom of the steps is probably the last person on earth that Harry wants to see tonight. Or any night for that matter. With a mischievous, fanged grin, and alarming fox-like amber eyes is Marcus, Harry’s least favorite vampire. Harry shoots a glare at Zayn, and shoves the king into the mansion, before shutting the door behind him, and crossing his arms over his chest. Marcus is still smirking at him when he says. “Now, why the face young Harold? Tonight is a happy occasion.”

“Wasn’t expecting you tonight,” Harry says shortly.

Marcus only shrugs, smugly. “Viktor has been sent away on other business I’m afraid. We can always push back the date of your ceremony if he really must be here.”

Harry scowls at the man and shakes his head. “No, Louis has waited long enough. Come in.”

He can swear Marcus chuckles under his breath when he enters the mansion, and Harry uses everything in him not to comment. Once inside, Harry leads Marcus to the kitchen, where Selene is telling Louis an old story about Harry, and Zayn is quietly listening in the corner.

“’Arry!” Selene cheers when he walks back in. “Your human is such a charmer, I look forward to having him visit once the transformation is complete.”

“We’ll be seeing a lot more of you after tonight, I promise,” Harry assures her sweetly. “Would you mind taking our guests outside Lou? They can start asking you questions while I discuss a few things with Zayn.”

“Sure,” Louis says softly. He smiles at Marcus and holds up his hand to greet him. “Um, I’m Louis by the way—”

“Marcus.” The Elder says with an ice smile.

Louis’ face turns into a wide-eyed, confused frown as he glances over at Harry, shaking the Elder’s hand. “M-Marcus? I’m sorry, I thought we were expecting Viktor?”

“Yes well, these things do happen,” Marcus sneers, tightly gripping Louis’ hand. “No need to look too scared.”

“I’m not—”

“Oh now, hush both of you,” Selene says, clicking her tongue. She places a comforting hand on Louis’ shoulder, and turns them around so they can go out to Harry’s garden. “Let us begin outside, oui?”

As soon as they are out the door, and out of Harry’s vision, he lunges at Zayn, slamming him into the nearest wall. “What the fuck is he doing here? Where is Viktor?”

“Calm down! You can’t let them see you treating me like this, I’m your king!” Zayn snarls, shoving Harry across the room. “I’m sorry. I only found out today about Viktor.”

“Why is Marcus here, Zayn?” Harry asks urgently.

“Well, for your information you actually have your werewolf friend to blame for this!” Zayn snaps. “He’s got a new mate, if you weren’t told, and they’re getting married tomorrow on the Christmas full moon. Viktor is over seeing it.”

Shit,” Harry groans. “I completely forgot. He sent me the invitation last month, but this was already planned.”

“I did find it odd that you wouldn’t go,” Zayn says with a shrug. “They’re going to be back here in Louisiana by this time next year anyway. The whole fucking pack is migrating back from Tennessee, into my territory, so I couldn’t exactly argue with the Alpha’s wishes.”

“I feel like anyone but Marcus could have replaced Viktor for this,” Harry says with a dark scowl. “Where’s Amelia? Or Julius? I would have been fine with either of them.”

“Both out of the country,” Zayn sighs. “There’s a whole world of vampires to deal with, and they have a lot of places to be. Besides, Marcus insisted.”

“Of fucking course he insisted,” Harry groans again, pushing his hair out of his face. “He hates me, okay? He always has, and we’ve never been able to prove he was helping Vlad during the war, but that doesn’t mean my suspicions ever went away. I wouldn’t trust him with anything, and now you want me to perform our most intimate ceremony in front of him? I have to make love to Louis in front of him? How the fuck am I supposed to perform like this? How do you expect me to let him see Louis like that?”

“You’ve left him with Louis now, you know,” Zayn points out with a roll of his eyes.

“With Selene too, someone I trust,” Harry spits.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay?” Zayn says sincerely. “I knew this would upset you, but just think for a second. After tonight, Louis is yours forever. I think that’s worth it.”

Harry’s hands go up, as if he’s going to argue more, but he stops suddenly. Zayn has a very good point, because this is something Harry as waited so long for. He wants to start his life with Louis as soon as possible, even if that moans Marcus being a witness. At least Harry and Louis be able to boast to him that they actually have a Soulmate. “It is. It’s so worth it.”

“Damn right it is,” Zayn scoffs. He grabs Harry by the shoulders and shakes him a bit. “Now get yourself together so we can get out there.”

“Right, right,” Harry nods as he takes a few deep breaths, staring down at his hands. “Hey, um, what do you know about Liam’s mate anyway? I haven’t even heard a name.”

Zayn shrugs. “He wrote me a letter along with the invitation, a little courtesy among leaders I guess. The kid’s name is Niall Horan, they met a few years ago when the kid was eighteen, been together since the night they met. He really loves him, it seems. I hear Liam’s acting like he did before the war even.”

Christ, that’s good to hear, Liam deserves it,” Harry says, letting out another deep breath. He shakes out his hair and determinedly looks up at Zayn. “Alright, I’m ready.”

“Good,” Zayn exclaims, dramatically throwing his hands up. “This is why I don’t fall in love. You’ve never been more annoying or whiny.”

“Great words to hear from my oldest friend tonight,” Harry jokes, clapping Zayn on the back as they walk to the back door.

Zayn stops Harry by grabbing his arm one more time before they leave the mansion. “Wait, drink this before we get out there. It will help you move things along.”

He holds up a small vile of blood and places it in Harry’s hand. The taller vampire opens it up and takes a long drink, tasting the sweet blood on his tongue. He knows from the first drop it isn’t entirely human, and it makes his heart speed up. Though Harry isn’t sure just what Zayn has given him, he trusts that it’s for his own good, and he follows the king out of the home.

They find the other three by the entrance to the garden, where the white rose bushes grow in the spring. Louis is standing on a blood red blanket, one arm crossed in front of his body while he shifts his weight back and forth on his feet. Selene and Marcus have perched themselves on the two wicker garden chairs Harry has out there. Louis definitely looks nervous, like he’s trying to shield himself from them, like he doesn’t want to answer their questions alone.

He’s just bit his lip and frowned even more when he sees Harry and Zayn walk up behind the Elders. Harry immediately starts to unbutton his shirt as he walks around the council members in the middle of Louis’ answer. Louis stands wide eyed as his voice trails off, and Harry grabs the boy by his cheeks, tugging him in for a passionate kiss. Louis squeaks when their cheeks meet, not expecting the kiss, but he quickly puts his hands on Harry’s, now, bare chest.

To their side, Marcus makes some snide comment about Harry’s patience, but Zayn shuts him up quickly. Good thing too, because Harry is far too into this now, he wants Louis and he wants him bad. “Remember what I said earlier, Baby?”

Louis hums against Harry’s lips, batting his eyes a few times as he tries not to glance over at their little audience. He nods up at Harry, “Y-yeah, I remember.”

“Hey,” Harry coos, keeping eye-contact with Louis. “Where are you right now? We’re not here, okay? We’re in our bed, yeah? Just you and me in our bed, only focus on me.”

“Okay,” Louis nervously whispers. “I love you.”

“I love you too, so much,” Harry mumbles as he rolls his shoulders back and removes his shirt. “On your knees for me, like we’re the only ones here.”

Louis nods and sinks down, hands following slowly down Harry’s chest until they’re at the hem of Harry’s pants. His eyes flash down to the zip, then back up at Harry’s face, silently asking if he should undo it. Harry pushes a gentle hand into Louis’ hair and nods, so Louis reaches up with shaky fingers to pull open the button and zip. He pulls the pants down to Harry’s knees and palms at his cock through his briefs, and looks up to see Harry’s fangs extended. Louis holds down a whimper and leans forward, kissing Harry’s clothed cock, and he hums at the way Harry tugs on his hair.

“Louis, fuck, stop that now,” Harry chokes, just barely loud enough for Louis to hear. Louis looks up at Harry with a disappointed pout, licking his lips while Harry shakes his head. “That’s just for us, Sunshine. Lie back, okay? I’m taking care of you tonight.”

“Okay,” Louis whispers, laying down on the red blanket with his legs spread open. Next thing Louis knows, Harry is naked between his legs and sucking on his neck. “Harry, slow down.”

“Sorry, Sunshine,” Harry moans as he grips Louis by his thighs and grinds against Louis’ little body. “I know I said I would be slow, but circumstances have changed.”

Louis gasps as Harry hooks his fingers into the hem of Louis’ pants and pulls them down. The fit is tight, so it takes a moment of struggling before they’re off and Louis is left bare from the waist down. His half cock curves up to his tummy, and Harry takes it in his hands to stroke Louis to full hardness, simultaneously leaning down and pressing kisses to Louis’ lower stomach. Louis whines and tugs the sweater up more, arching his back with a low groan.

“Harry, come on,” Louis huffs, spreading his legs wantonly. “If you’re gonna go fast, then go fast.”

Harry drops Louis’ cock so it rests again on his tummy and quickly slicks up his fingers with the lube from Louis’ pocket, giving Louis no warning before pressing one inside. He pushes the digit in and out, planking his body over Louis’ completely, hiding him from their audience. He bites softly at Louis’ neck, at the place he’s going to bite later, the place that will bind them forever, and he moans over it. “How do you feel Lou?”

“Good, fuck, gimme another,” Louis whines, pulling his sweater all the way off, and digging his fingers into the vampire’s shoulders. He grinds his hips down on two of Harry’s fingers, tiny whimpers leaving his every breath.

To their side, Zayn watches Marcus more than the mating couple, trying to figure out what the man is thinking. He must be so smug to watch Harry at his most vulnerable, to learn what Harry’s one weakness would be, should a time ever come when Marcus would need it. If Marcus is involved in the disappearances or anti-mainstreaming agenda, he will be gathering all kinds of information on possible enemies. Zayn will have to pile on protection of the Styles mansion after tonight.

His planning is interrupted by a loud yelp from Louis, who is arching his back and grinding his hips down onto three of Harry’s fingers. Louis bites his lip, keeping in the rest of his sounds as Harry whispers, “Sh, shh Sunshine, it’s okay. I’ve got you Lou.”

The vampire pulls his fingers out and slicks up his cock, grabbing one of Louis’ hips as he kisses the human. “Please Harry, just give it to me. Want it so bad, Honey.”

Then, Harry pauses. Louis’ legs are around his waist, ankles crossed behind his back, eyes staring desperately up at him, but Harry stops. His mind is reeling with what’s happening, like he can’t even believe they’ve gotten to this point at all. “Baby, my sweet Louis. I’m so in love with you,” He whispers, pushing his cock inside Louis’ tight heat at the same time.

Louis isn’t sure if the gasp he releases is because of Harry’s large cock stretching him out, or the beautiful words that spill from Harry’s lips. But he lets the sounds continue as Harry pulls out and pushes back in, picking up a slow and steady pace. Louis whines again, slipping his hands up onto Harry’s shoulders, closing his eyes with the hot pleasure.

The moment is all theirs. The yard and the stars and the heat are all theirs. Harry is inside Louis, and fucking him, loving him, hard but controlled, and it’s perfect. This very moment is so perfect. “I’m so in love with you too.”

Harry grunts, pace speeding up, forcing out loud mewls from Louis’ pretty lips with every thrust into his prostate. He knows Louis loves this. He knows how much Louis loves when Harry just drives into him, even though they both know Harry could do it harder. They know that no matter how good Harry makes Louis feel, he will always to hold back while Louis is a human. And it pains them, especially since the accident, but Harry knows it won’t be the case for much longer. After tonight Harry will be able to fuck Louis like he wants, he’ll fuck Louis like the beautiful man deserves.

“Harry, oh god Harry, fuck yes,” Louis whimpers, pressing his blunt fingers into Harry’s skin.

“You feel so good, Baby,” Harry moans. “So tight Baby, so hot for me. I love you like this.”

Louis mewls, licking up Harry’s neck and sucking on the skin. “Harder like that, fuck me like that.”

“I’ve got you, fuck yeah, I’ve got you,” Harry says, as he slides a hand up between their bodies. He presses his fingers down on Louis’ nipple, tugging it as he thrusts harder, relishing the high whine that Louis lets out. “Love how you sound, Sunshine.”

They continue like that for god knows how long, with Louis whining under Harry, body enveloped by the pleasure from his vampire lover. Harry feels every part of Louis’ adrenaline pulsing through the human’s body. He senses the blood flowing faster and faster, Louis’ heart pumping it out filled with oxygen and lust.

“Bite me, Harry, come on,” Louis whines, scratching down Harry’s back. He leans his head back to expose his neck and looks up at Harry with watery eyes and parted lips. “I’m ready.”

Harry slows his hips down, mind suddenly flashing back to the night of the accident, to when he couldn’t save Louis by himself. He has to bite Louis tonight, he has to drain him just like before, but even though Louis will come back, it still scares Harry. What if something goes wrong and Louis can’t change? What if Harry loses himself and forgets to give Louis his blood? The vampire stares down at Louis’ neck, at the bite scars he’s created over the past two years, and instead of being hungry, he’s worried. “L-Lou, are you really sure?”

Harry,” Louis whines, a tear slipping down the side of his face. “Yes, please don’t be scared. I love you, I want this.”

“Okay, okay,” Harry breathlessly relents. He leans his face into Louis’ neck, kissing over the two scars with his soft lips one more time. “I love you.”

The bite comes suddenly, and Louis cries out when he feels the sharp teeth sink into his skin. “God, yes. I love you, Honey.”

The blood is even sweeter, the memories Harry gets are even more clear, and he picks up the movements of his hips again. Harry fucks Louis, his Louis, while he sucks his blood, trying not to lose a single drop. He can hear Louis’ whimpers get higher and faster, feels Louis drop a hand between their bodies and slowly stroke his own cock. Harry knows Louis is getting weaker.

“Fuck,” Harry pulls back, dark ruby red blood covering his mouth and chin as he stares at Louis with darkened eyes. After a moment, Harry brings his wrist up to his mouth, eyes still in direct contact with Louis’ pale blues, and he jabs his sharp fangs into his own flesh. Louis’ eyes grow wide and his breath hitches , tongue darting out to lick his lips while Harry lowers his wrist. “Go in Sunshine, drink before it heals.”

Louis doesn’t need to be told twice, and he lifts his head to reach the dripping blood. The first taste is surprisingly sweet, the next even sweeter, and when Louis gets his mouth on the wound he’s gone. When they say vampire blood is a drug, they aren’t kidding, because after only a few drops, Louis already wants more. He’ll never have enough as the effects set in, and the world around him morphs into some kind of hallucinogenic haze. He moans and whines into Harry’s wrist, grabbing it with both hands to leave his cock untouched.

They’re drinking from each other at the same time, while Harry fucks Louis, and their energy combines. Louis already feels the magic, even as he grows tired from his own blood loss. He feels like he’s been crushed when Harry takes his wrist away, because the blood is all Louis wants, he already craves it. But Harry grabs Louis’ hands and presses them to the blanket above the human’s head, as he thrusts even harder into Louis.

Louis licks up the blood around his mouth, mewling into the air as Harry fucks him. “Oh god, Harry. Your blood.”

“I know, Baby, shit,” Harry grunts, latching back down onto Louis’ neck. As soon as his teeth pierce the skin again, Louis lets out a high, sweet gasp and comes completely untouched. Harry swears he can hear one of their guests  say something obscene, but he ignores it. “That’s it Baby. Almost there.”

Mmm,” Louis hums, limply lying on the blanket while he lets Harry have his way. Louis’ thin lips turn up at the ends to for a sleep smile, but his face is going pale and sinking in.

As Louis’ eyes slip open and closed, Harry focuses himself on coming so it can be over. He wants Louis completely, he wants forever with him, and that time is just so close. Harry hitches Louis’ legs up higher and takes longer, harder strides with his hips, grunting with every movement. “Look at me, Louis. Open your eyes, Sunshine.”

Louis whines, lips turning bluer than his eyes as they open again, filled with tears. “H-Harry, come on, Honey, let go.”

“Ah, fuck, fuck, god,” Harry groans as he comes, biting Louis in a second place. He empties inside Louis as he sips the last of Louis’ sweet blood, draining him completely. Harry shakes as he comes down from the high, collapsing on top of Louis’ now cold and lifeless body. He starts to cry when he listens for Louis’ heartbeat, but finds only silence. “Lou, come on Baby, wake up.”

“Harry,” Zayn says, coughing awkwardly into his hand. He carefully steps around Selene and Marcus, crouching next to his old friend. “It takes a couple minutes to set in. He’ll be fine.”

Harry still shakes his head, stroking Louis’ cold cheek as he mumbles. “Do they have to still be here?”

Zayn sighs and looks over his shoulder at the Elders, mostly at Marcus and the snide smirk gracing his face. “They can’t leave until he wakes up, they have to know for sure.”

“Fucking Christ,” Harry groans, pulling out of his lover and laying them on their sides. They almost look like a primal wood nymph couple sleeping under the trees and the flowers and the moonlight. Harry pulls the end of the blanket over Louis’ lower body to hide it from the others, stroking his hand up and down Louis’ soft back. “Must Marcus stay, though? Hasn’t he seen enough?”

“Be patient,” Zayn grunts. He stands back up just as the Elders stand from where they were sitting. “When we’re done, you are invited to join me at the chateau. They’ll want privacy once Louis is awake.”

“Of course, mon cherie,” Selene says graciously, linking her arm with Zayn’s.

On the other hand, Marcus is still looking smug and entertained, as though he knows all of Harry’s secrets. “They’ll have all eternity for privacy, Malik.”

“Marcus, the transition is disorienting enough,” Zayn says sternly. “Louis won’t want strangers making it more stressful.”

Marcus just rolls his eyes and frowns at Harry and Louis. “We’ll see how he handles the tradition.”

“With ‘Arry to take care of him, Louis will be used to our way of life soon enough,” Selene says fondly.

On the ground, Harry ignores all of their comments, waiting for the blood to take effect and bring Louis back. He was out for hours when he was turned centuries ago, but that was very different circumstances. Louis won’t be waking up alone, confused, and scared, because he’ll wake up in Harry’s arms.

As Harry waits a few more minutes for Louis to wake up, he thinks about what happens next. Louis will be able to fully learn about the vampires. He’ll be able to interact with them and see what they are like out of the mainstream. What if Louis doesn’t like it? What if he tries to hang on to his humanity, and thinks vampires are too cruel? Harry did just that when he was turned, and it only led to depression and isolation. He and Louis will have their Soulmate connection, and it will make it hard for them to be apart, but that doesn’t mean Harry will be able to control how Louis feels about the lifestyle.

There are going to be positives too, though. Harry can take Louis on overseas trips for business with other vampires. They could always buy a house up north, maybe go to Vermont to get married and make this even more official. Harry won’t have to hold himself back around Louis anymore, he can touch him how he wants, love him hard and passionately.

Suddenly, Harry’s thoughtful musings are interrupted by a small twitch of Louis’ body. Harry perks up, sitting up on his side and leaning on one arm, alert and ready for the transition to continue. “Louis? Are you back, Lou?”

Mmm,” Louis hums, slowly coming back. He tries to move but it’s all hard and slow. His body still feels stiff and cold, and he can’t even open his eyes for more than a second. “Mmm.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Louis it’s okay,” Harry says in a hushed tone. He carefully brings his hand up to Louis cheek, stroking the soft skin with his thumb. “Take your time, Sunshine.”

“‘E is awake?” Selene asks excitedly.

Harry smiles down at Louis, who is breathing and moaning softly, still trying to wake himself up. “Yeah. He’s awake.” And Louis’ mouth opens with a wide whine, revealing the tiniest, pearly white fangs where his canine teeth used to be. “Fangs and everything.”

“Oh good!” Selene says cheerfully. “Congratulations ’Arry! I must say this is the fastest transition I ‘ave ever witnessed. Must be the Soulmate connection, it is very strong between you two.”

He doesn’t need to hear any extra reassurances about their connection, not from anyone on the outside. And honestly now that Louis is awake, he doesn’t want anyone else even near them. Marcus especially is putting Harry on edge with the scheming expression he has as he stares down at Louis. “I’d like to take care of him in our home now. Alone.”

“Oh sure,” Marcus says pompously. “Hate to keep the happy couple from their rivalries for the night. We’re going to be seeing more of Louis in time, I’m sure.”

Louis hears Harry start to growl, and he instinctively pushes at Harry’s chest to calm him. He whimpers again, body shaking a little, because he can feel Harry’s heart beating in his fingertips. His senses are going crazy with alertness as he begins to become aware of his new body and the powers it comes with. Louis’ fingertips light up with the beat of Harry’s heart, and the blood flowing in his veins. “Hmm.

Behind them, Louis can faintly hear Zayn say, “I’ll show you two out,” and then the other three presences are gone.

There’s crickets and frogs making noise in the garden, small chirps and croaks that Louis never really noticed before, but are like alarms now. He hears small animals run through the grass and bushes all around. He senses an entire colony of ants walking through their tunnels in the ground below. His ears twitch at the sound of a moth’s wings flapping in the mansion, flying all around their kitchen. He can smell the crisp winter air, the leftover scents from flowers, the blood in the mansion. The blood.

That final fragrance is what finally got Louis’ eyes to snap open. He gasped and stood up in a millisecond, eyes darting their attention all around the yard. All of the different colors seem to glow and shine even in the dark night. The fireflies dance in luminescent patterns that Louis traces and follows. Everything is brighter, and everything is golden, and the world has changed in the most magical world.

“Louis?” Harry’s deep voice appears right behind the baby vampire, and Harry’s rough hands place themselves on Louis’ hips. “How do you feel, Sunshine?”

With his heart racing and attempting to beat out of through his chest, Louis turns around. Even Harry seems to look more handsome. Louis looks up at Harry, with these eyes that were once pale blue, and are now icy like the arctic sea, and utters two desperate, painful words.

“I’m hungry.” 

End Part One.