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O for Oral

Oliver pulled back with a gasp, taking in air, “You have to keep quiet Felicity. You promised.”

“I know,” Felicity whined, her eyes looking between his lips and down her legs where he’d been working on her for ten minutes, “You're teasing me.”

He wiped his lip with his thumb and sucked it into his mouth. He didn’t deny it. If it gave him lingering traces of her in his mouth he didn't mind a little teasing. It only set her off more when he would lick his lips and meet her knowing gaze across the room. 

They would most likely end up in this same situation once they were alone.

Her chest heaved, skin flushed pink where his hands had gripped at her skin. Licking her lips she shuffled down closer to his mouth and asked, “How long are we going to play this game Oliver?” 

“Until you come Felicity. You said I couldn’t make you come with my mouth. I’m going to prove you wrong,” Oliver promised. He kept his eyes on her and gripped the back of her knees, spreading her to his gaze, “Now can I get back to work?”

A laugh burst from her and she rolled her eyes good naturedly, “Well if you insist. Chop chop.”

He got to work. 

Teasing the line of her pussy with his tongue, he sought out her clit. He used the tip to circle the nub and felt her legs shudder. He took advantage of that small reaction and repeated the action. Oliver couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, especially when her hands stopped supporting herself and grabbed at her breasts. Felicity teased the tips, hands digging into the skin before dropping her head back and moaning. 

He could see her lips moving, pleading words escaping them. She collapsed back into the bed, and he slid south, dipped inside of her. Then her hands were in his short hair, demanding that he put his entire attention on the prize there. 

Oliver knew he could make her come like this. Even Felicity knew this. But it was a challenge that he planned on winning and that she was willing to lose.

Lapping at her he growled out her name against the hot skin there. He shivered when her hips tipped upwards and gripped his head, moans turning sweet and breathy. Without thinking he pressed into her and began to thrust to the rhythm of his hips. 

Felicity pressed his face down and began working her hips up into the shallow thrusting of his tongue inside her. She was close. He could feel it in the way that her legs pulled back closer to her. Or the way that her fingers scraped against his scalp without a thought to the delicious pain it would bring him. 

He didn’t expect to come anything time soon because time was catching up to them. But Oliver was content and aroused to have her just like this. With every dart and bob of his head against her center he brought her closer, until it finally happened. She was coming against his mouth, moaning his name.


He brought her shaking and whimpering through her orgasm, chasing after the taste of her as her back arched and her hips shifted into the bed. When her grip loosened and soothed over the back of his neck he came up for air.

They were both panting, loose limbed, and fucking happy to have moments like this in their lives. Oliver slowly relaxed her legs down to the bed and climbed up her body. The sight that greeted him was familiar. Felicity was rosy, content, and had a thin sheen of sweat from the hard work he’d put in. There was no doubt he looked the same. 

She didn’t even open her eyes when he bracketed her body with his arms and kissed her. The kiss that she returned to him was lazy, “So you did it.” 

Oliver nuzzled the side of her cheek and ghosted his lips over her warm skin, “Liar.” 

“Yup,” was her short and still breathy reply. 

“We don’t have time for you to prove that you’re as skilled as I am,” he baited. He was fond of their afterglow banter. Oliver closed his eyes, the tug of her skin felt by his lips. This right here made everything worthwhile. 

“Winning Mayor has only made you more competitive. You know this right?” Felicity shot back. Her arms circled him, hands and voice teasing. Any other day and she would return his touch; have him all twisted up and moaning in seconds. But they had places to be and they both knew it. 

“Becoming CEO has only made you more competitive,” Oliver mocked. He leaned forward and breathed in her afterglow. Sleep began creeping over him when she responded with a hum and soothed gentle fingers over his tender scalp. They could rest here for a couple minutes before they had to get ready to leave. Just Oliver Queen & Felicity, a vigilante and his IT girl.