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Don't Kry for Me

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Krypton had once been a beautiful place.  It still was if you disregarded how it was falling down around itself as the planet came closer and closer to its destruction.  A beautiful woman with flowing brown hair smiled softly down at her crying son.  She hated that she had to do this; but her child deserved a chance to survive when she would not.  Her husband had already passed when he had been trapped in one of the cities that crumbled.

“My sweet, baby boy.  It pains me to know that you will be growing up away from your kind; but it is so that you can survive while the rest of us must fade away.”

The baby cried all the harder as he was placed inside of the small space ship.  The woman placed a key in its center and watched as he closed around her son and rose up into the sky before shooting off into space.

At the same time; another similar ship was taking off many miles away.

Both rushed towards their destination of Earth; but one was knocked off course by a stray fragment of the planet and knocked into a wormhole that had been created by the planet’s explosion.

One landed on Earth among a meteor shower in the small town of Smallville, Kansas in the year of 1989.  The other fell to Earth all by itself and landed in Beacon Hills in 1995, the infant inside un-aged whereas the other had aged three years in his journey.


John Stilinski sighed as he glanced at his wife sitting beside him.  They had just been to the fertility doctor only to learn that there was no hope for Donna to ever get pregnant.  His wife had suffered an accident in her youth that had damaged her uterus, and alter on; cancer had completely destroyed one ovary and while the cancer had been caught in time to save her; it had left her with one ovary that was no longer functional due to the drugs she had been taking to save her life.

“It isn’t fair John.  There are so many women out there that get pregnant and don’t even want their children.  There are those that just toss their children away like they’re nothing; and then there are people like me who would do anything to have a child of our own.”

John reached out and took her hand, kissing it softly.

“We’ll take one of their children then; and show them what they’re missing.”

A single tear slid down her face and she brushed it away before frowning at a very strange sound.  She turned around in the car to see that the Hale truck was driving behind them; but that behind it came a burning object.

“Oh my god.  John!”

John saw the image in his rearview mirror and swerved just in time to avoid the object crashing down on them.  The Hale truck swerved as well and Peter Hale jumped out to check on the couple.  The cruiser had flipped in the ditch and both seatbelts were locked.  The werewolf pulled out a sharp pocket knife as he knelt by the window.

“Are you guys okay?”

“I…I’m okay.  Donna?”

Donna coughed but said that she was okay as well.  Peter then cut John down when the man had braced himself and moved to the other side of the vehicle.  When John had helped Donna brace herself; he cut through her belt as well.  The werewolf helped the two out of the destroyed car and up to the road.  The road was destroyed with a deep gouge cutting across it diagonally and heading into the woods on the other side.

Donna reached out as John began walking in that direction.

“John.  You can’t.  It could be dangerous.”

“I’m a police officer.  It’s my duty.”

Peter had run back to his truck and grabbed a blanket which he now wrapped around the frightened woman.  Peter helped her follow after her husband into the forest.

Small plants were on fire and Peter dutifully stamped them out so as to not have a forest fire. Luckily it had just rained so everything was still wet and filled with life.

“Oh my god.”

“John?  What is that?”

It was Peter that answered.  “I think it’s some sort of space craft.”

Donna wacked him in the back of the head.  “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard Hale.”

Peter and Donna had been friends for years; and she was one of the few humans that knew the Hale family secret.

“Ow.  Donna!  That hurt.”  He meant the comment, not the hit.  That had hurt Donna more than it had hurt him.

John stepped closer and examined the craft.  There was a small section that looked very different from the rest of it.  When he touched the section, it was cool to the touch and popped up beneath his hand.  The metal dome that covered the craft retracted, causing John to gasp at what was inside.

“Oh my god.  Donna.  It’s a baby.”

“What?”  Donny pulled away from Peter and made her way down into the pit.  Her eyes grew wide and she brought her hands to her mouth as she looked into the craft.  Lying inside was a baby boy looking up at them with curious eyes.  When his eyes focused on Donna, he lifted his hands and cooed at her.

The woman couldn’t help but to reach in and pull the child out of the ship.  The baby cooed again and settled into her arms before drifting off into sleep.

Peter stepped up behind her and looked from the child to the ship.  He slipped closer to the ship and looked inside for any clues as to whom or what the child was.  He found a metal plate with writing on it; and a blanket with a name stitched into it.

“I can’t pronounce this but it looks like it’s his name.”

The last letters were G. E. N. I. M but they looked strange.  The ‘letters’ before it were symbols that they couldn’t begin to understand.  Peter handed the blanket over to Donna who wrapped it around the infant.

“Peter?  Do you think…?”

“That my family can help you adopt him as your own despite the fact that he clearly has no papers and no records of even existing because he is clearly not from ‘around here’”  he did the quotation fingers around the last two words.  He always wanted to tell her that the boy didn’t smell like normal babies; but John was looking at them.

“Could you?”

“Of course.  But for now I think its best John and I get this ship out of here so that no one finds it and starts asking questions.”

In the end; the ship ended up locked away in one of the rooms in the Hale ‘basement’ which Peter quickly worked to close off while the adults of the Hale family worked on making ‘Genim’ a Stilinski.  No one would know that it wasn’t by birth; as he looked just like Donna.


It didn’t take long to figure out that Genim wasn’t like other boys.  He wasn’t even like werewolf boys his age.  He was only a few months old when he started walking; and it wasn’t much longer than that before he started talking in broken English.

At two, he lost his favorite toy under the couch and lifted the couch over his head with his father fast asleep on top of it.  At five he could already run faster than a car and he only got faster with age.

He was incredibly smart as well; though the Stilinski’s figured that, that probably came from being from an alien race that had already developed space travel.

At ten Donna grew sick.  The cancer that had destroyed her chances of ever having her own child had come back; silently.  Five months after Genim’s tenth birthday; Donna Stilinski passed away and the boy who now went by Stiles vowed to become more human than he had ever wanted to be.  He tried out for one of the school teams…simply to cement himself in the position of a bench warmer so that everyone would find him…unremarkable.


The ‘werewolf’ thing had come as a shock to his system.  It had been an entire year since Scott had been bitten by Peter Hale.  Now there was an alpha pack to contend with and the insane Gerard Hale who was freshly wolfy. 

Stiles groaned and rubbed at his temples.  His head was killing him as he sat among the wolves in Derek’s Den of Brooding.  Really, with his strength and speed; he could take them all out.  Not to mention the newfound invulnerability.  That had come in just after Gerard Argent had beaten the shit out of him.  Now he could hold his hand over flames and not be burned.  He had even gone so far as to steal Deaton’s bone saw and try to cut into his arm; but the blade had gone dull the second it touched his skin.

So much for ever getting ‘the bite’.  Not that he would ever want it.


Stiles’ startled and looked up to see Peter’s curious…skull.  He was looking right through Peter’s skin to see the bones inside.  Stiles glanced around the room to see everyone in the same state.  He blinked a few times before his vision went back to normal.

“Are you okay Stiles?”  Peter kneeled in front of the Stilinski boy.  He was the last Hale to know the boy’s secret.  The only other person who knew it was the boy’s father.  Perhaps it was time to open up the sealed room.

“I’m fine.  Just a headache.  Must be the dim lighting.  We can’t all have freaky werewolf vision.”

Peter smirked. 

It was time to show Stiles the sealed room indeed.