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Tr1gg3r W4rn1ngs

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“So… what are those stupid triggers you go on about all the time?”

Sighing, the mutantblood gave the flattest face he could towards his… new matesprit? He didn’t like recalling the reasoning for it, but he was fine with the existence of such a relationship. He had liked her beforehand, and she had liked him too, so why not monopolize on such a thing. Her breaking up with her previous matesprit certainly accelerated it.

“Well? You’ve never really explained them, just went on for hours about random stuff that… kind of doesn’t matter anymore,” she said, a somewhat forlorn look on her face.

Clearing his throat, Kankri opted for the not-so-massive explanation. “Essentially, some words and actions and expressions can be ‘triggers’ to certain people, which means that it causes feelings and emotional responses which they find rather unsavoury. For example, the trigger warning, ‘Non-Consent’ would be important to tell somebody that the topic has to do with non-consensual intercourse, which might make some people who’ve suffered through that feel horrible.”

Looking rather confused, the Tealblood shrugged. “You lost me at, ‘Essentially,’.”

Shaking his head, he walked over to her. “It’s not good to lie, you know.” He went down to kiss her when he was interrupted by her hands.

Shit-eating grin on her face, she remarked, “Isn’t there a trigger warning there, mister?”

Kankri stared for a moment, baffled. “Trigger warning: Redrom relationships…”

And dubious consent. I never said you could kiss me!” Her grin was still there, only becoming more smug by the minute.

“F-fine. Trigger warnings: Redrom relationships, dubious consent, and… none other apply.”

And with that he kissed her on the lips, smirking at her rather humorous interpretation of his lesson.