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On Our Own

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Brian always liked to think of himself as a rather patient man. Not much could push him in the depth of rage, but that didn’t mean he was incapable of reaching such limits. Tonight would be a testament to just how much the man could bare before it became too much.

Dom had been a distant fantasy that had flourished into a reality little more than a year ago. It had been love at first site for Brian, but it had taken Dom a little longer to come forth and admit to having any feelings. So when it happened, on the rarest coolest night L.A. had felt in years, Dom finally took Brian into his arms and kissed him.

From then on it seemed like a whirlwind of hot patent love. The kind most people dream about but never experience. It seemed almost too good to be true and Brain soon started picking up on the reasons why that feeling would never pass.

First was the way Dom treated him during the day. They both worked in Dom’s garage fixing cars and though Brian would try to initiate some soft touches with Dom, mostly when they were alone Dom would quickly step away and remind him that they were at work. His excuse always being that they needed to maintain a level of professionalism. Of this, Brian could understand and respect.

Second, was the fact that Dom hardly ever wanted to go anywhere public. And on the rare occasions when they actually did, Dom would argue the case that he was strongly against public displays of affection. Here Brian often times felt like arguing the fact that he had caught him and Letty kissing in public when they were together. Yet of course Dom would just as quickly shut it down by stating that Letty had no class and thats why he wasn’t with her anymore. Thus leaving Brian with nothing left to argue about.

Thirdly, there was the fact that Dom outright refused to tell anyone, including his family, that they were together. Here Brian would argue relentlessly that at least the family should know. But Dom would always argue that he liked his privacy. He always followed that up by saying that he would tell the family when he felt that the time was right.

All of these things Brian could live with and endure. So long as at the end of the day it was Dom he cuddled down with each night. All except the scene he was currently being forced to watch.

It was race night and though normally he would be racing along side Dom, he had found out news that would keep him from doing so for months. Not that he minded and he didn’t think Dom would either once he heard the news himself.

Brian had been waiting for Dom on the side lines so that he might be able to hell him after his win. However, when said man pulled into the winners circle, he made a big show of taking a set of race bunnies on each arm and parading them around like the arm candy they set themselves up to be.

This alone wouldn’t have set Brian off so much as hurt him, until he tired to convince Dom to take a moment away from them so that they might talk.

“Hey, Dom.” Brian started because Dom did not allow for pet names in public.

“Sup, O’Connor.” Dom greeted in his usual happy voice. It was filled with the hight of the win and Brian had a feeling it would lead to an after party or two.

“Hey Dom, would you mind coming with me for a minute. I have something really important to tell you.” Brian went on to say with a smile.

“Little bit busy Bri, how about later?” Dom says as he continues chatting up the bunnies.

“Yeah, but Dom this is some big news man.” Brian tried again with an even bigger smile, if that was at all even possible.

“Oh boy Dommy, you better go talk to your boyfriend before he dies of over excitement.” One of the bunnies says as she trails her fake nails down Dom’s chest and to his waste band.

“He aint my boyfriend, babe.” Dom growls as he lifts up said bunny by her ass and places her on the hood of his car telling Bri to get lost before he start kissing the bunny deeply. In public. The way Brian had craved and even begged for in the past.

It all happened so fast that Brian could barely believe his eyes. However the deep ache in his chest, that he could believe. He wouldn't need to be told twice.

If Dom was too ashamed of him. Then what would be the point in telling him the truth. Why give him a chance to destroy his dream of finally having a family of his own. No… Brian would do as Dom asked. He would get lost and raise his child on his own.

“Goodbye Dom.” Brian whispered to the love of his life before walking away for the first and last time.