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Let's Tell Lies

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Shinichi Kudou, twenty something years old, was that kind of no-nonsense guy. Snarky comments would be an immediate reply to those who dared to speak illogical things; like Kaito Kid, for primary example. Standing on the building’s roof, facing the Phantom Thief alone while waiting for Task Force to release themselves from Kid’s pranks, a pair of azure eyes stared blankly at Kaito Kid. Flatly he said, “What did you just say?”


“Let’s tell lies, Meitantei,” Kid repeated, still wearing his trademark grin. “Amuse me until they arrive.”


Shinichi rolled his eyes. “Fine, then. I like sweets.”


Well, he said ‘lies’, right?


Kid replied, “I hate gems.”


Wow. What a surprise, Shinichi thought sarcastically. “You’re adorable.” As in the opposite of it, he added mentally. Kid still cooed, though. “You know what, Meitantei? I despise you.”


The Detective was about to reply with snarky comments when realization dawned upon him.


Not waiting for Shinichi’s reply, Kid continued, “And what an ugly face you have there.”


Azure eyes widened in horror.


“You’re sooo damn annoying! You hurt my ears with that disastrous voice of yours, so speak less to me!”


Simply put, for the first time since he began to attend Kid’s heists, Shinichi was dumbfounded.


Kid, on the other hand, kept on speaking with his growing grin. “Have you seen yourself in mirror before you come here? You look horrible tonight.”


Silently, Shinichi prepared his watch. He was so ready to silence the Thief before he did something that had potentials to make him die from heart failure.


“And lastly, Meitantei—“


The echo of loud footsteps was heard from the staircase. However, by the time Nakamori-keibu and his force opened the door, the Thief was nowhere in sight—there was only Shinichi who sat with his head bowed down.


Frowning, the man asked, “You okay there, Kudou-kun?”


Shinichi didn’t answer.


Now that made him worried.


“Are you still in shock?”


That got Shinichi’s attention. The young detective stared blankly at him. “Why should I?” was spoken as blunt as he could. Nakamori-keibu shrugged. “Well, because Kid said loudly that he hate you so much just now?”


A rather long pause, before Shinichi walked away like a zombie—“Is he really that shocked?” One of the Task Force members whispered to another—without answering the question again. By the time he arrived at the ground floor to meet his friends, all that they could see was his madly blushing face in twenty shades of red.




In a certain house located in Ekoda, a certain magician with super messy hair banged his head against his desk with those similar shades of red.


“What the heck have I done?! What did I do?! What should I do—AAARGH!”


Apparently, confessing your feeling to your long-time crush unconsciously when you’re wearing your alter-ego costume had this combination of embarrassed and fluttering feeling as a side effect.