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and i want you (do you want me too?)

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Taehyung loves parties. He loves everything about them-- the music, the alcohol, the dancing, the people. He and Jimin often tag team down the fraternity row on weekends, looking for a good time.


So when Jimin brings up Hoseok’s post-competition party to Taehyung, he’s surprised when Taehyung says no.


“What do you mean, no?” Jimin asks, a little miffed. Taehyung tugs the covers up further over his face. “We just got first place at the dance comp. You have to come!”


“I’m just. Not feeling up to it right now, Jiminie,” Taehyung sniffs. Jimin’s face drops into a contemplative frown. He sits on the edge of the bed, and it dips with his weight.


“Okay, spill. What’s actually wrong?”


Taehyung pushes the covers back, looking at Jimin.


“I saw Halla drag Jeongguk into the bathroom at the Delta Kappa Zeta party last week,” he mumbles, face flaming up. Jimin narrows his eyes, opening and closing his mouth. He doesn’t really know how to respond to that.


That fucking idiot, Jimin thinks, making a mental note to beat the shit out of Jeongguk at tomorrow’s dance practice.


He sighs, rubbing at Taehyung’s back in a motion of comfort. “Are you surprised? You know how Jeongguk is.”


“I know. But I’m petty and bitter.”


Jimin shakes his head and looks up at the ceiling, praying to the lord for strength. He didn’t really know how to deal with his idiot best friend and his equally idiot of a crush. If they could just stop dancing around each other for one damn minute, Jimin thinks.


It was pretty common knowledge that Taehyung had a thing-- if Taehyung’s massive, burning, intense, two year long crush could be called just a thing-- for Jeon Jeongguk, who was, unfortunately, the campus bad boy.


Not that he was necessarily a bad person. Jimin knew him well enough to know that Jeongguk could be thoughtful when he wanted. But he definitely gave off that vibe unapproachable vibe, but it was mostly because Jeongguk was too painfully shy to talk to people. So he’d gotten used to looking as intimidating as possible to keep people away. It was classic Taehyung to fall for the emotionally constipated dickwad.


“I honestly don’t know what you see in that guy.”


Taehyung sits up now, obviously angry. “What do you mean? He’s like. The hottest guy on campus! And he's really sweet and smart. He’s all buff too, and tall and his shoulders are so--” Taehyung screams into his pillow, muffling the sound.


“He looks like a serial killer,” Jimin says, not helpfully.


“I want him to come on my face,” Taehyung says sadly. Jimin reels back in disgust.


“Okay I love you and all, but keep your thirsty ass fantasies to yourself, thanks.”


Taehyung whines and throws himself back on the bed and looks up, holding out a fist. “If the universe could just. Give me a chance. I could totally get into his pants.”


Jimin rubs his temples. “Not that you need one, since you two are friends. But, you’re getting your chance. Jeongguk’s gonna be at the party.”


“He’s what?” Taehyung screeches. Jimin shrugs, inspecting his nail beds. “B-but. He never goes to parties? He only appears like. Every full moon on the third Saturday of the month. Like. There’s no way.”


“He wasn’t supposed to be at the Delta Kappa Zeta party either, but Hobi hyung convinced him to go. He can do it again.”


Taehyung’s out of bed in a matter of seconds, and diving for his closet. He rummages through it, pulling out articles of clothing, some of them landing on Jimin. Jimin pulls the leather jacket off his head and smirks.


“So, does that mean you’ll go?”


Taehyung peaks his head out. “Jimin, leave. I need to prepare!”




Taehyung doesn’t get nervous, as a general rule. He has nothing to be nervous about. He’s an out-there kind of person, and at this point, no one questions him when he wears shirts with the elbow hacked off, or dyes his hair purple.


But tonight, Taehyung is nervous. Jeongguk makes him nervous. He’s good at hiding it, he thinks, but on the inside, he’s practically shaking. He gets to see Jeongguk relatively often, but it always makes his day when they get to meet up, every time just as special as the first.


So he sits on the kitchen counter, holding a cup of lukewarm beer that he hasn’t taken a single sip of, leg jittering nervously, eyes darting to the door every time someone new comes in.


The party’s in full swing by the time Jeongguk shows up, and Taehyung had half given up on even seeing him here tonight, but he hears a chorus of “Jeongguk!”’s and his head whips up so fast he’s sure he’s pulled a muscle in his neck.


The cup in his hand crinkles from how hard he grips it, blush blooming on his cheeks. Hoseok latches onto Jeongguk easily, pulling him into the kitchen for a drink, and, upon seeing Taehyung there, slides out, winking as he goes.


“Hey, Taehyung,” Jeongguk says, looking a little dazed.


Taehyung beams at him, trying to keep his cool. “Hey, Jeongguk! Didn’t think you’d come tonight,” And he wishes he didn’t sound so desperate.


Jeongguk looks so nice tonight, in a black sweatshirt, dark jeans, and a beanie pulled over his hair. Taehyung can smell the cologne, and wills himself not to openly drool at how well the sweatshirt stretches across his shoulders.


“Hoseok hyung made me come,” he says, face scrunching up a bit in obvious annoyance. He shoots Taehyung a shy look that doesn’t match his Sex God persona. “But. I’m glad I came.”


“Me too!” Taehyung says, smile widening. Jeongguk had this funny way of making him feel so special, watching him like he was the only person in the room, even now, in Hoseok’s crowded apartment. “You can keep me company!”


Jeongguk laughs, a deep, throaty sound that Taehyung feels under his skin. He walks over to lean his side against the counter Taehyung is sitting on. “That, I can definitely do.”




They end up talking for the good part of an hour, Taehyung regaling Jeongguk with a dramatic rendition of how he’d almost lost his entire term paper for his sociology class, and Jeongguk talks about the interesting patients that come into the medical clinic he’s been volunteering at.


Jeongguk laughs at everything Taehyung says, genuinely, with his eyes crinkling at the corners in amusement. And when he gets comfortable, he opens up to Taehyung, shyly offering up snippets of his own life, and Taehyung files them away in his mind greedily.


It had been two years since they’d met, through the dance crew-- Jeongguk was a prodigy freshman, and Taehyung didn’t dance, but Jimin did, and where one went, the other followed. It had taken the good part of a year to get on speaking terms with Jeongguk, who, Taehyung realized quickly, was painfully shy.


Which was why he wasn’t affected in the least by his standoffish, often cold attitude. He knew how kind Jeongguk could be. Everyone on campus knew him as a player, a really unapproachable guy. But Taehyung knew him as the guy who brought him chicken soup and Kleenex at 3 AM when he’d gotten sick, had sat with Taehyung and rubbed his back until he’d fallen asleep. The guy who Taehyung would rant to about his theories about the universe, and he would never say anything, but he’d listen patiently.


He was also the guy who had probably hooked up with a fifth of the school and sometimes didn’t talk to Taehyung for days, receding into his shell so far that not even Taehyung could pull him out. Their relationship was complicated and Taehyung could never quite figure out where they stood.


Jeongguk was an enigma, ever-changing, never quite settling, and consequently, neither could his and Taehyung’s relationship. All Taehyung knows his that his heart lurches when Jeongguk is nearby, that he lives for Jeongguk’s smile, that he’d rather sit in the kitchen and talk to Jeongguk about something silly his little sister back in Daegu did than join the party happening a few feet away.


“Oh there you two are,” Hoseok stumbles into the kitchen, and grabs Taehyung and Jeongguk by their wrists, pulling them out into the living room. “I found the lovebirds!” he yells, before breaking out into an inhuman cackle.


“Hyung I really--” Jeongguk protests, but Hoseok just shoves him roughly to the ground, and Taehyung notices that everyone else is sitting in an open circle, with the couch and coffee table shoved into a corner to make space.


“We’re playing truth or dare, and you’re not getting out of it,” Hoseok waggles a finger in front of Jeongguk’s face. He’s a little tipsy, that much is obvious, and Taehyung cringes, settling down next to Jeongguk and patting his thigh in comfort. Jeongguk gives him a pained look.


The game is a weird mix between a drinking game, truth or dare, and spin the bottle. Namjoon, one of Hoseok’s friends and an underground rapper, ends up having to go first, and it lands on Yoongi, another rapper in the same crew.


“Truth or dare?” Namjoon asks.


“Truth,” Yoongi snarks. “I’m not letting any of you losers dare me into doing something stupid.”


Namjoon smirks. “Is it true that you’re in love with Seokjin hyung?”


Taehyung’s mouth opens in shock, because that’s a strong start, and Yoongi obviously wasn’t expecting that. He splutters, and Seokjin, the oldest of the group, covers his face with mortification.


With a lot of coaxing, Yoongi manages to burst out, “Yes! Now you fuckers leave me alone!”


The game continues like that, with Yoongi and Seokjin glancing at each other, a bit mooney eyed. Taehyung finds himself enjoying it, laughing at the silly questions and ridiculous dares.


Jeongguk gets picked on more than anyone else, always choosing truth, and the questions get more and more intimate, starting out with Hoseok’s “When was your first kiss?” and culminating with Jimin’s “Have you ever been blown in a public bathroom?”


(Jeongguk answers yes, and Taehyung pretends like he didn’t wish it had been him with his mouth stuffed with Jeongguk’s cock.)


When Jimin spins the bottle, it lands on Jeongguk for what Taehyung counts as the fifth time.


“Truth,” Jeongguk says lazily, on autopilot. In a way, it’s smart. It would be better to divulge some sort of secret than to end up doing some increasingly dangerous and embarrassing dare.


“Wait wait, hold up,” Hoseok says, words jumbling together a little bit. He’d been enthusiastic with the vodka, Taehyung doesn’t really blame him. “You can’t keep picking truth, that’s boring!”


“We should make a new rule,” Jimin agrees, nodding sluggishly. “Jeonggukie, how many times have you picked truth?”


Jeongguk scowls. “Four,” he says reluctantly.


Jimin’s face breaks out into a shit-eating grin. “Okay so the max amount of times you can pick truth now is four. You gotta do a dare, Jeonggukie!” He giggles maniacally, and Taehyung winces.


He catches Jimin’s gaze, and the shorter winks, mouthing you’ll thank me later, a bit too obviously for Taehyung’s comfort. Oh god, he thinks. This isn’t going to end well for him. Whenever Jimin meddles, it never goes well.  


“Jeonggukie! I dare you to do the Grind On Me dance on Taehyungie!” Jimin orders, giggling himself into a stupor, and Taehyung’s mouth hangs open in shock. He sees Jeongguk’s ears tip red, and there’s absolutely no way Jeongguk will go through with this.


But tonight seems to be full of surprises, because Jeongguk swallows thickly before turning to Taehyung. “W-would you--” he clears his throat, face flushing. “Would you be okay with that?”


And Taehyung’s stomach swirls with nerves and butterflies, because this is probably a really bad idea, but his #1 Ultimate Babe Fantasy Boyfriend is asking if it would be okay to grind on him. Holy shit. Holy shit.


“Uhm,” Taehyung’s throat runs dry. “Yeah, sure,” he croaks out, and he swears he sees a flash of something in Jeongguk’s eyes, but it’s gone too quickly for him to decipher it.


“Do you, uhm. Want to like. Lay down? Or something? Or you could just sit and I’ll--” Jeongguk stammers, and something about his anxiousness is infectious, because suddenly, this doesn’t seem like a good idea.


“I’ll… lay down,” Taehyung says. He’s familiar with the videos, he knows how this works. He’s never seen it done on another person, though. Holy shit.


Jeongguk scrambles to his feet, chewing on his lip and fiddling with his beanie, tugging it securely over his ears as he gauges the distance between their bodies, eyes narrowed analytically. Taehyung gulps, because Namjoon is wolf-whistling obnoxiously, and Hoseok’s rolled over in laughter, on his back with his legs sprawled out over his head.


“Are you ready?” Jeongguk asks, and Taehyung nods, trying to ignore everything. Jeongguk looks at Taehyung, half apologetic, half determined, and wow, if Taehyung wasn’t turned on before, he definitely is now.


Jeongguk bounces a little on the balls of his feet, setting his balance, and before Taehyung can react, he just goes for it, diving down on top of Taehyung.


Taehyung squeaks, closing his eyes, waiting for the impact of Jeongguk falling on top of him, but it never comes. All he can sense is Jeongguk’s really nice cologne and the feeling of a warm body way too close to him. He cracks open his eyes and startles, because Jeongguk’s face is less than an inch away from his. Holy shit shit shit.


And then Jeongguk is grinding on him. Not really, because Jeongguk is still respecting Taehyung’s boundaries, not touching him at all, but he’s rolling his body, his hips, a hair’s breadth away from Taehyung, and he suddenly feels like his insides are on fire.


Taehyung's mouth opens without a thought, and he lets out a surprised moan, so quiet that only Jeongguk could have possibly heard it, but that seems to flip a switch, because suddenly, he’s pressing closer, foreheads touching, noses bumping, and he’s actually rolling his body against Taehyung, grinding down against his hips, and Taehyung’s heart leaps into his throat.


They’re so impossibly close (though not close enough), and they’re practically kissing. It feels so hot, so good, and Taehyung whimpers, sliding a hand up Jeongguk’s chest to cup around his neck and press him closer, and their lips brush, just for a second. Taehyung thinks Jeongguk must have the upper body strength of a god if he can hold himself up like this for so long, but the almost-kiss snaps Jeongguk out of it, and he’s scrambling off of Taehyung before he can take another breath.


“I-I need to get some water,” Jeongguk stammers, looking down helplessly at Taehyung, before ducking into the kitchen and disappearing.


Taehyung sits up, stunned, and it seems like he’s not the only one who feels that way, because everyone in the room is deadly silent, just staring at him.


“I feel like I accidentally watched porn or something,” Hoseok says, astonished, shaking his head. Taehyung’s head is spinning, and he can’t shake the phantom smell of Jeongguk’s cologne on his skin, the warmth of his breath against Taehyung’s mouth.


His hands are shaking, he doesn’t know what to think, and Jeongguk had just run.


“I-I’m gonna head home guys,” Taehyung mumbles to no one in particular, rising to his feet shakily.


“You shouldn't be walking home by yourself,” Jimin says, and even though he’s drunk, he’s still protective as always, and Taehyung smiles, grateful.


“I’ll be fine, it’s not that far, anyways--”


“Oh! Jeongguk, just in time!” Jimin cuts in. Taehyung turns, and Jeongguk is looking at anything and anyone in the room besides Taehyung. “Taehyung was just gonna head home, you should walk him!”


Taehyung glares at Jimin, because he’s unbelievable. Jimin just mouths you're welcome, and Taehyung wonders how welcome he'll feel when he sticks his foot up JImin's ass--


‘Sure,” Jeongguk says quietly, much to Taehyung’s surprise.


“Y-you don’t have to,” Taehyung protests weakly, but he really does want Jeongguk to walk him home. Maybe then he’d be able to ask about what the hell had just happened.


Jeongguk looks up at him hesitantly. “I want to,” he murmurs.


“Gag,” Hoseok says, sticking a finger into his throat and pretending to vomit. “Just get married already.”




The walk back to Taehyung’s apartment is a quiet one, the space between them thick with unanswered questions and a tension so charged that Taehyung shivers hard enough that Jeongguk asks whether he wants to borrow his sweater for the rest of the short walk.


Taehyung means to say no. It’s not really that cold, and he’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but the idea of being wrapped up in Jeongguk’s black OBEY sweater is too appealing. “Please?” he asks softly.


And Jeongguk is too weak to do anything but comply with anything Taehyung asked for. So he pulls the sweater over his head, and Taehyung catches a glimpse of taut, golden stomach, and the fabric of his briefs, reading Calvin Klein along the waistband. Something uncontrollable and searing stabs at Taehyung’s stomach.


“Here,” Jeongguk says, handing the sweater over, and Taehyung takes it gratefully, pulling it on, and for a moment, he lets himself take a deep breath, the spicy musk of Jeongguk's cologne making Taehyung feel too warm and too safe. Jeongguk’s looking at him with something dark in his eyes, and Taehyung bites his lip, falling back into silence as they walk.


There’s something in the air between them, Taehyung can feel Jeongguk thinking, eyebrows pulled tight in his signature frown. Jeongguk looks good when he’s acting all brooding and mysterious. He looks even better when he’s got that dark intent in his eyes, looking like all he wants to do is kiss Taehyung stupid.


The thought makes Taehyung tug at the sleeves nervously, and he knows if he opens his mouth, he’s going to say something terribly embarrassing, like please kiss me properly--


“Well, here’s you,” Jeongguk murmurs, and Taehyung reels back, realizing that they were, in fact, in front of Taehyung’s door. He remembers how Jeongguk had been by a few times to study with Jimin when they’d all first met, and had resolutely ignored Taehyung, hadn’t even tried to make conversation, how it had taken a lot of effort on Taehyung’s part to get him to open up. And now they were here. They were friends, teetering close to something else that was always moving out of Taehyung's grasp. He could feel how much Jeongguk wanted him in that moment back at the party. But right now? He’s so lost.


“Th-thanks,” Taehyung says, and fiddles with the hem of the sweater, reaching to take it off.


“No! I mean,” Jeongguk clears his throat. “You should keep it. It--” He fiddles with his beanie, a nervous habit. “--It looks good on you.”


Taehyung flushes all the way down to his neck. He’s no stranger to compliments, but hearing them from Jeongguk always makes him feel special. It’s almost pathetic how much he likes him.


“I-- If you don’t mind,” Taehyung says quietly.


“Not at all,” Jeongguk’s eyes are so soft, and Taehyung thinks he’s seen that expression before, when they were hanging out, alone, or in a group. Taehyung had always thought it was his mind playing games with him, wanting so badly for Jeongguk to reciprocate his feelings. But there he was, looking at Taehyung like there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for him.


He supposes that’s what gets him to say the next words. “It smells like you. I really like that.”


Something in Jeongguk’s eyes shifts, going hard around the edges, and Taehyung’s stomach twists. They’re silent for a moment, and Taehyung wonders if he’s said the wrong thing.


“You should… borrow my clothes more often then,” Jeongguk says, lips tugging up at the corner in amusement. “They’d probably a bit big on you but...” Jeongguk hesitates. “You’d look cute in them.”


Taehyung’s face breaks out into a blinding smile, the warmth spreading down to his toes, because Jeongguk thinks I’m cute, and it seems to take Jeongguk by surprise, because he opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. There’s another pause, and it feels like they’re toeing on the edge of something very dangerous.


“I’ll… get going then,” Jeongguk says finally. Taehyung can’t help the pout that tugs at the corner of his mouth.


“Alright. I’ll see you later, then?” Jeongguk nods. “Thanks for walking me home, Jeongguk.”


“Anytime,” he says, and Taehyung’s skin tingles, because he feels like there might be hope yet. Maybe they could finally settle. He turns to fish out his key and unlock the door, but he feels Jeongguk’s fingers circle his wrist as he turns the lock, and he turns in surprise.


“I-- Sorry I just,” Jeongguk removes his hand almost immediately, shoving them both into his jeans pockets, reeling back, and he stares resolutely at the ground. Then he tilts his head back and exhales sharply, tapping his foot nervously. “Can I-- Can I just say something?”


Taehyung’s heart leaps into his throat. “Y-yeah, of course, Jeongguk. What’s the matter?”


Jeongguk’s ears are tipped red, and he takes another deep breath. “I just. I wasn’t going to say anything ‘cuz it doesn’t really matter and it’s so stupid, I’m really stupid, but I’ve just been going insane thinking about this, and I-- I really really really like you and I have for a long time and I just--”


The words come out in a messy tumble, and if Taehyung wasn’t listening so closely, he probably wouldn’t have understood them. The unexpected confession makes him reel in shock, because he never thought this would actually happen, and his mind races a mile a minute.


“Oh… Jeongguk,” he manages to choke out, and Jeongguk groans.


“No, no, don’t oh Jeongguk me, I don’t want your pity, I just. I needed to say it. And I thought maybe, back there, I had a chance, but I’m just really. I’m really stupid and I’m sorry I probably made things awkward. Just-- Just ignore me please. Now that I’ve said it I can move on, I won’t bother you anymore, I don’t--”


Jeongguk,” Taehyung says again, cutting him off. Jeongguk looks up in surprise, and Taehyung can only laugh, because he really never thought this day would come. Jeongguk just confessed to me, he repeats over and over again in his head.


“Don’t laugh at me, it’s not funny,” Jeongguk grumbles.


Taehyung shakes his head, not quite able to wrap his head around the fact that Jeongguk just confessed. “What about all the hook ups?”


Jeongguk has the decency to look embarrassed. “I-- I didn’t think I had a chance. I was trying to get over you, I guess.”


Taehyung snorts. “And how did that work out for you?”


Jeongguk frowns, scuffing his feet against the linoleum of the hall floor. “Not well.”


Taehyung drags a hand over his face, leaning back against the door and laughing again. “Oh god,” he whispers. “Jeongguk if you’d said something earlier, we could have sorted this out much sooner.”


Jeongguk scowls. “What? So you can reject me?”


“So I can ask you to kiss me.”


The silence is almost deafening, and Taehyung thinks that maybe something had just shattered between them.


Jeongguk looks like he’d just been slapped in the face. “You… You want me to kiss you?”


“That’s what I said,” Taehyung rolls his eyes. Jeongguk splutters, completely disbelieving, until Taehyung reaches out to fist at Jeongguk’s shirt. “So, yes or no? Are you gonna kiss me or not?”


Another pause. It seems to break Jeongguk out of his embarrassment, and his eyes turn darker than Taehyung’s ever seen. He looks even more determined than he had at the party, and Taehyung’s skin tingles with arousal.


And then Jeongguk is on him, pressing him back against the door, mouth hot and heavy on his. Taehyung lets out something close to a mix between a broken cry and a sob because finally finally finally, scrambling for purchase on Jeongguk’s broad shoulders.


Oh god,” Taehyung sobs into Jeongguk’s mouth, winding his arms around his neck and pressing closer. Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate to hitch Taehyung up, legs winding around his waist, and sweeps his tongue across Taehyung’s lips.


His mouth opens on instinct, body going limp in Jeongguk’s arms and he just lets Jeongguk lead the kiss, do whatever he wants, and it’s so so good, his eyes prick with tears because he never thought he’d get to have this-- Jeongguk pressing up against him, kissing him like he’s trying to steal the air from his lungs, lips smacking noisily together, making Taehyung shiver.


Jeongguk,” he whimpers, tugging him closer, though it’s not physically possible. Jeongguk presses his big hands against Taehyung’s hips, tilting his head down to suck sloppily at Taehyung’s bobbing Adam’s apple.


“Jeongguk, I want--” Taehyung breaks off into a choked moan, tipping his head back so it slams against the door, and he rolls his hips. Jeongguk grips him tighter, closer, pressing against Taehyung’s growing hardness.


“Tell me what you want, Taehyung,” he says, voice rough around the edges as he presses wet, open-mouthed kisses across the exposed skin of Taehyung’s collar bones. “Anything. I’ll give you anything.


A-anything?” Taehyung’s voice wobbles as he tugs Jeongguk back up to kiss, sloppy and needy, and he thinks this must be what it feels like to be on fire, so consumed by flames of desire, and he feels like he might just combust into ashes if not for the drag of Jeongguk’s mouth against his own.


Yes, Taehyung, anything. Just. Please tell me what you want,” Jeongguk growls, and Taehyung shakes uncontrollably. He can’t breathe, there’s no oxygen left for him to breath, because everything around him is just Jeongguk Jeongguk Jeongguk.


“W-will you come inside?” Taehyung mumbles against Jeongguk’s lips. “Kiss me? Fuck me?”


Fucking hell,” Jeongguk breathes, scrambling for the doorknob. “Yes, yes, and yes.


Taehyung moans, so audaciously loud he’s sure the neighbors have heard him, but he can’t bring himself to care enough to be embarrassed, because Jeongguk’s carrying him into his apartment, Jeongguk’s kissing him, Jeongguk’s going to fuck him--


“Jeongguk please,” Taehyung whines, slotting their mouths together desperately, holding on tighter as Jeongguk carries him through the living room and down the hall, into Taehyung’s bedroom. Taehyung longs to run his hands through Jeongguk’s hair, so he tugs the beanie off and throws it haphazardly on the ground, taking his sweet time scratching at Jeongguk's scalp with his fingertips.


Fuck, Tae,” Jeongguk growls, biting down on Taehyung’s lip in warning, and Taehyung just winds his legs tighter around Jeongguk. They fall onto the bed in a tangle of limbs, it’s not exactly romantic, but it doesn't matter, it’s so good and desperation peaks hot in the air around them, suffocating them.


“Clothes off, clothes off,” Taehyung whines, demanding, and tugs at Jeongguk’s shirt. Jeongguk pulls back for a moment to strip off his shirt, the muscles of his stomach bunching, and his thick biceps flexing as he tosses it on the ground carelessly.


Taehyung lets out a stuttered moan, taking in Jeongguk’s well defined abs, the swirling black patterns tattooed onto his skin. He’d heard rumors about Jeongguk’s body, mostly from his many one-night-stands, and seeing it up close is better than any wet dream or jerk-off fantasy.


He reaches out to touch Jeongguk, slide his hands down the smooth, golden skin, and Jeongguk shudders. Taehyung bites back another moan.  


“You too,” Jeongguk says, drawing Taehyung up to pull the sweater and shirt off all at once. Taehyung drops back onto the pillows and his toes curl as Jeongguk drinks him in. “Cute,” he murmurs, stroking at the skin just under Taehyung’s navel.


“Are you just gonna stare at me or are you gonna fuck me?” Taehyung asks, impatient, tugging Jeongguk back towards him to kiss. And they kiss for ages, hot and wet and so sinful. Jeongguk’s tongue curls into Taehyung’s mouth, possessive, as he skims his hands down Taehyung’s sides and settle at his waist as he grinds his hips down, slow and deliberate.


It reminds Taehyung of the party, and how Jeongguk’s body had been so in-control, so fluid on top of Taehyung's own. It’s obvious Jeongguk knows what he’s doing, and the thought makes Taehyung buck up in desperation.


“Want me that bad?” Jeongguk asks, voice teasing, and he’s lost all traces of his previous nervousness and hesitation. He’s not the shy, quiet Jeongguk that Taehyung knows so well. Taehyung curses himself-- he should have known Jeongguk would be some sort of sex god, but he isn’t complaining. But he wants Jeongguk to feel good too. Taehyung wants to earn this.


He nudges at Jeongguk’s abs, and Jeongguk gets the hint to roll onto his back, pushing himself up to lean against the headboard. Taehyung scrambles into his lap, kissing him noisily.


Please can I suck you off?” Taehyung asks, and Jeongguk’s grip on his hips tightens. He’s silent for a moment, and it makes Taehyung impatient. He rolls his hips down and whines. “Please please, I want it. I want your cock in my mouth, please, Jeongguk.”


“Yes, fuck please baby,” Jeongguk groans into Taehyung’s mouth, and Taehyung lets out a moan of startled pleasure, before sliding down Jeongguk’s body. He wishes he could take his time, put more artistry into this, but right now he’s just desperate for Jeongguk’s length in his mouth.


He unbuttons and unzips Jeongguk’s pants, shucking them quickly, and stares for a moment at the noticeable bulge pressing against Jeongguk’s black Calvin Klein briefs. He leans down for it with all the finesse of Namjoon during a dance rehearsal, which is to say, not much, but Jeongguk doesn’t seem to mind, not when he curses as Taehyung presses his mouth on the bulge through the fabric, sucking and pressing his tongue down on the length.


Shit, Tae,” Jeongguk groans, and it’s enough to spur Taehyung on, tugging down the briefs impatiently, and watching with fascination as Jeongguk’s thick, hard cock springs up and slaps onto his stomach. He whimpers shakily and takes the length in his hand, stroking it almost reverently, because he’d dreamed about the day he’d have Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth.


He kisses the head softly, and peaks up at Jeongguk through his eyelashes as he smears his lips with precome. He cries out softly in satisfaction, swiping his tongue out as he tastes the bitterness of it, watching Jeongguk’s eyes flash with something so carnal Taehyung can hardly take it.


He takes the head in his mouth, sucking the precome off, and bobs his head around it, while pressing his thumb against the vein on the underside of Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk’s head thumps back against the headboard, and he brings a hand up to sweep Taehyung’s bangs away from his face.


More,” Jeongguk growls, and Taehyung hums obediently, more than happy to oblige, and relaxes his mouth, swallowing around Jeongguk and taking controlled breaths through his nose, until his nose is pressed against Jeongguk’s stomach.


Shit,” Jeongguk groans, and it spurs Taehyung on, so he slides his mouth off with a pop, swallowing and taking a breath before going down again. He does it again and again, until the slide becomes easier, and the weight of Jeongguk’s cock becomes familiar and too wonderful in his mouth. He rolls his tongue around the head as he sucks, and Jeongguk bucks up into his mouth. It makes him gag a little, eyes watering, but it makes Taehyung suck even harder.


Jeongguk tugs Taehyung away, cursing in disbelief, and Taehyung settles in his lap again, letting Jeongguk lick into his mouth while he jacks his spit-slick length. They stay like that for a moment, before Jeongguk rolls them over, bringing Taehyung’s arms up above their heads and tightening his grip on them.


“Do you want this, Taehyung?” Jeongguk asks, leaning back, voice serious, and it makes Taehyung pause for moment. Does he really want this? The man of my dreams is asking if I want him to fuck me two ways to Sunday. The answer is obvious.


“Yes, Jeongguk, please,” Taehyung whines, writhing under Jeongguk’s firm body.


“Lube?” Jeongguk asks, popping the button of Taehyung’s jeans.


“D-drawer,” Taehyung gasps as Jeongguk palms at his erection, bulging through his pants, and he wants nothing more than to be completely naked in front of Jeongguk right now. Jeongugk makes a noise of consent, moving away from Taehyung to shuffle through the nightstand drawer and find the KY Jelly and a box of condoms.


Taehyung takes the moment to strip off the rest of his clothes, leaning back into the pillows, and then Jeongguk is on him again, nudging his legs apart to settle between them. Taehyung spreads them wide, not even minutely embarrassed, and Jeongguk’s gaze scorches through him.


Beautiful, baby,” Jeongguk breathes, opening the tube of lube and rubbing it between his fingers, slick and shiny. Taehyung’s body wracks with a shiver, blood humming at the praise, and suddenly, everything feels real. This is happening.


Jeongguk leans down, draping himself over Taehyung’s body and kisses him, determined, and it feels so fantastic that Taehyung's head spins. Jeongguk’s lips are soft, addicting, and his mouth tastes a little like the shot of whiskey he’d taken during the game, and Taehyung draws him in, up against him.


Taehyung gasps when he feels Jeongguk’s slicked up fingers rubbing against his entrance, in soothing circles, and Jeongguk slides the first one in easy. Taehyung arches against him, loving the feeling of Jeongguk in him, and Jeongguk curses against Taehyung’s mouth.


Fuck, baby,” Jeongguk groans, pushing the second one in, and finds little resistance getting that one in either. He breaks the kiss to stare at Taehyung, eyes searching.


“Did you touch yourself?” he asks, voice bordering on disbelief and awe. Taehyung bites his kiss-swollen lip and blushes, remembering how he’d fucked himself open with four fingers, pretending it was Jeongguk and his fingers, right before he’d come to the party. He’d looked so sinful on stage at the competition, and Taehyung was so desperate it was almost pathetic. He figured it might take the edge off, but it hadn't helped much. 


“Did you touch yourself… thinking of me?” Jeongguk prods gently, voice matching his fingers as he rubs them around the ring of muscle of Taehyung’s hole. Taehyung gasps and bucks his hips as Jeongguk’s finger grazes his prostate.


“Answer me, Taehyung,” Jeongguk growls, and it’s not threatening, but Taehyung feels it down to his very core. Even as he talks, he doesn’t let up the stretching and scissoring. Taehyung feels his cock leak precome on his stomach.


“Y-yes,” he says shakily, wincing as Jeongguk slides in the third.


“Do it often?”


Jeongguk smirks, and Taehyung almost sobs, because he looks unreal above him, so in-control and confident, just like he is on stage when he dances, and it would be hard to believe that they’re in this position right now, if not for the deliberate drag of Jeongguk’s fingers inside him, reminding him that this is definitely happening.


Taehyung reaches up to brush Jeongguk’s bangs back, a motion of tenderness that doesn’t really match the conversation, but he feels compelled to do it anyway. Jeongguk leans into the touch, nuzzling his nose into Taehyung’s palm. “All the time,” he whispers, heart finding it’s way to his throat.


“What do you think about?” Jeongguk asks, leaning down to press their foreheads together, using his free hand to hitch Taehyung’s leg higher up his waist.


“Y-your cock,” Taehyung mumbles, tilting his head up, wanting Jeongguk’s lips on his, but Jeongguk just shifts with it, he won’t let Taehyung have that yet. Not until he gets his answer. “Your mouth. Your cock. Want you to f-fuck me so hard,” he hiccups, arching desperately as Jeongguk stretches him, but Jeongguk won’t kiss him yet. He rubs their noses together, keening.


“How hard?” Jeongguk’s voice is dangerously gentle, and Taehyung’s shaking. Jeongguk adds a fourth finger, twisting his wrist, and Taehyung sobs.


“‘T-til I cry. Want you inside me,” Taehyung whines, hands scrambling up to wind around Jeongguk’s neck, legs hooking higher around Jeongguk, heels digging into the dip of Jeongguk’s back, and he finally finally gets his kiss. He feels like he’s been hanging on tenterhooks for this, though it’s only been a few short moments, but he feels so desperate, that when their mouths meet, he actually does cry out, eyes watering.


“You’re unbelievable,” Jeongguk groans, grinding down against Taehyung’s thigh. “Want you to beg for me. Will you beg for me tonight, Taehyung?”


Taehyung arches up at that, heat rippling through his body. “Yes yes yes yes,” he chants, over and over again, panting as Jeongguk pulls away for a second to put on the condom and lube himself up, fingers tugging wildly at Jeongguk’s hair to pull him back. It turns into a loud keen as Jeongguk prods the head of his cock against Taehyung’s entrance, and Jeongguk muffles the noise with his mouth as he slides home.


Taehyung thrashes against him, overwhelmed, and arches up so much his spine aches. Every nerve is on fire, but nothing hurts because Jeongguk’s prepped him so well. It just feels so mind-numbingly good that his brain completely short-circuits.


Babe,” Jeongguk groans, pressing his face against Taehyung’s neck, and slides out, before thrusting back in. Taehyung sobs, throwing his head back, and holds Jeongguk tight against him.


Jeongguk thrusts in and out steadily, building up a rhythm, and Taehyung just lets out staccato moans with every hit to his prostate, getting higher and higher in pitch until he’s keening. Jeongguk pulls himself up to kiss Taehyung, just as desperate, but they’re too distracted, they can’t move their lips properly, so he runs his mouth along the column of Taehyung’s throat, hips unrelenting, until he’s buried his face back against Taehyung’s neck again.


“Jeong--guk,” Taehyung chokes out, getting closer and closer to the edge. He can hear the bedframe squeaking, headboard thumping against the wall with the force of Jeongguk’s thrusts. “P-pl-please, ungh--” Taehyung’s eyes roll back as Jeongguk goes faster, harder, and he wonders how that can even be possible, but Jeongguk is like a man on a mission.


“Come on, baby, beg for it,” Jeongguk orders, sucking a bruise onto Taehyung’s skin, nipping at the skin, before bringing his head up, pressing their foreheads together.


Please, Gukkie, let me come,” Taehyung sobs, body sliding up and down on the mattress. Jeongguk’s hair is clumped, matted to his forehead with sweat, and his face is set in determination. It’s probably the sexiest thing Taehyung’s ever seen, because he’s never been with someone who was so determined to make him feel good like this, and he chokes out a whine.


“Can you come just like this?” Jeongguk grits out, not letting up his rhythm. Taehyung can feel the telltale heat of the orgasm pooling in his stomach. “Without me touching your cock?”


Taehyung nods fervently, gasping, and that seems to make Jeongguk even more motivated, because he stops his fast pace, and switches to slow, deliberate thrusts, pulling his length out almost completely before slamming it back against Taehyung’s prostate, over and over again.


Tears leak out of Taehyung’s eyes at that, and he didn’t think it could get any better, but it does, with every second that passes. It doesn’t take more than a few more brutal thrusts before he’s coming all over his stomach and Jeongguk’s. He clenches around Jeongguk’s length, pulling him down into a kiss desperately, trying to muffle out the loud cry that escapes his throat.


He sobs and shakes through the orgasm, holding tight to Jeongguk, who just keeps sliding in and out of him, and he comes not long after. But he just keeps moving inside him, though slower and more gentle than before, milking their orgasms for all they’re worth.


When Jeongguk’s hips finally slow to a stop, he drops an indulgent kiss onto Taehyung’s panting mouth, deep and searching, and so filled with longing that all Taehyung can do is curl into him, wrap himself against Jeongguk and hold on for dear life, because he’ll float away otherwise.


Jeongguk moves to nuzzle Taehyung’s temple, and he sighs against the skin, trying to catch his breath. Taehyung shivers at that, and clenches again around Jeongguk’s cock without realizing, and Jeongguk lurches against him.


Sh-shit,” he hisses, chuckling, voice rough and an octave deeper than normal. “Wanted to do that for-- for years,” he admits, kissing above Taehyung’s eyebrow, and Taehyung’s chest blooms with so much adoration, he feels like he’s going to burst.


His entire body feels languid and loose and warm from the sex, from having Jeongguk on him, inside him, kissing his face so gently, so lovingly. It feels like a dream.


Taehyung tugs Jeongguk back so he can meet Jeongguk’s gaze evenly. “I really like you, Jeongguk,” he murmurs, cupping Jeongguk’s face, stroking his cheek with his thumb.


The words make Jeongguk burst out into a breathtaking smile, eyes crinkling at the corners with happiness. “I really like you too, Taehyung.”