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Champion - Meet the Amazons

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Chapter 1 – Mouth to Mouth

I laid with you for hours staring at your face
I laid with you for hours remembering your taste
And when the morning came it splattered us in light
I think I left you sleeping there I think I left you sleeping -The Glove


Bo stretched out in the king sized bed, pushing her toes against the luxury sheets as she contemplated dozing off again for an hour. Tamsin slept silently next to her, unaware for now of the scrutiny. Bo looked around the bedroom smiling at the mix of decorative styles. Kenzi always teased her that it looked like a scene from 50 shades of gray with it's deep reds, soft fabrics and various sharp weaponry on the walls.

Bo had lived with Tamsin since their adventure with Evony's humanity, but up until recently they had kept separate bedrooms. Four months past she had stood on the balcony of their first apartment overlooking the main room, watching as Tamsin had a very serious discussion with Hailey about how best to approach the subject of the two of them moving into one room.

“ mean, I'm her champion you know? That's like kind of a big deal.” She told the fascinated infant. “So it's not like she is gonna have to think about our long term future. I'm not asking her to marry me. Though I'm gonna have to at some point. Fuck me running you should have heard what she thinks is her dream wedding. Giant meringue dress, the works. Wont happen though. She'll take one look at her hips in that and end up walking down the aisle like a stripper. That's your Tsyotsinka BoBo, total stripper at heart.”

Tamsin sighed and tried to remove her hair from the baby's mouth.

“You probably think this is retarded. You're totally right of course, it's a dumbass thing to be worrying about. We sleep in the same room anyway. I don't think she even knows she has her own bathroom she's always in mine, but we need to move Haileyboo. Mostly cause Mirja is staying and she needs her own space. And cause of the dog. I mean who knew he was a fucking wolfhound? I thought he was a lab cross. Anyway, we need to move , and damn it, why do we even have to talk about it? Why can't she just move the rest of her shit in?“ She whined

Hailey took the break in communication to start giggling, something she did all the time when Tamsin held her. Bo tried to cover her laughter from upstairs but Tamsin heard it.

“Didn't we start a swearing jar so we wouldn't be cursing up a storm in front of the baby?” She asked as she wandered downstairs.

Tamsin stared at her wide eyed as she tried to remember what she might have said in the last few minutes that Bo would have heard.

Bo leaned over and took a smiling Hailey who immediately snuggled into Bo and started to fall asleep. “I think moving into one room is a great idea.” She kissed the blushing Valkyrie.

So Tamsin and Mirja had gone house hunting and found them a five bedroom house near the dog park, complete with fenced in yard, swimming pool, huge walk in wardrobe, outside hot tub and some weird neighbors.

Hailey was about eight months old. Mirja had gone through her childhood a little slower than Tamsin and when she finally got all her memories back, she opted to stay with them. She was still very serious, but like Tamsin, there was now a certain vulnerability to her if you looked for it.

Hailey was the happiest baby Bo had ever seen. She never cried. If she wanted something like food, or changing, she would fuss a little, but she never cried. She did however laugh. All the time. Bo started laughing as she thought about it, quickly putting her hand over her mouth so as not to disturb her sleeping lover. Hailey laughed no matter who she was with at the time, but put her in Tamsin's arms and she just giggled like a machine. No one had a clue why.

Tamsin's squad were still a constant in their lives. After seeing Tamsin holding the baby and Tamsin's immediate mocking of anyone too scared to do the same, the Valkyries had all risen to the challenge of picking her up. When they visited Valhalla now, there was often an argument as to who was going to take her flying. The Raske Squad also tried to out do each other as to the most ridiculous outfits for the baby. When Bo had seen her last night sleeping in her room, she was wearing a little white one-sie in the shape of a full set of armor.

She remembered the first time Tamsin had changed the baby. Mirja, as she did with all things, perfected the art of changing the baby and had it down to less than 75 seconds. Tamsin made a show of being unimpressed and took it upon herself to deal with it. Within 15 seconds, Tamsin was nearly vomiting, utterly incredulous as to how a tiny creature could produce something so toxic, was yelling that they needed to call Lauren as this wasn't normal. She had yelled that cleaning up after Toby after he got into the left over Chinese food one night didn't make her eyes water that badly. Suffice to say, she tried to avoid it ever since.

Bo rolled over and cuddled up to Tamsin. She kissed the back of her neck and pondered the idea of what a wedding ceremony with Tamsin would be like. Evony and Lauren were married in a big ceremony three months ago. Anyone who was anyone had attended, including the elders from both sides of the divide. Vex had stood with Evony, while Bo had stood with Lauren. Lauren had looked gorgeous in her antique ivory dress. According to Tamsin, Bo had looked like she charged five grand an hour. Lauren didn't seem to notice. Several of the older guests had required water though.

Lauren had finally decided to go through with the ceremony to bind her life to Evony's, Trick did the incantations for them, then did the same binding Kenzi to Bo.

Val and Dyson had kept a low profile after Sturgis and the coup attempt. Because of his death, no one was outright discussing his betrayal, so it was hard for Val to stand up and denounce him. She and Dyson had got into several fights after some whispered comments, however when people realized that they had a few Valkyries on speed dial for the impromptu bar fights, they gradually stopped happening and things carried on as normal. Val's mother had sold the large estate, saying she wanted to just live quietly away from all the fuss and politics, so Val had moved in with Dyson at his Gym. Dyson was still waiting for a long term partner assignment, he teased Tamsin about when she would be coming back, but Tamsin had stayed as the Morrigan's personal guard leaving her with an abundance of free time that she used either with her family or with her Valkyrie sisters.

Valhalla had changed significantly. With Freya's absolute rule, the doors between Valhalla and the Land of Heroes were always open now. Freya had opened up the training portals more often to keep the Valkyries happy and out of trouble. Both living and 'retired' Valkyries were eligible to use it and Tamsin, Mirja and their squad had gone on several excursions there. Bo and Kenzi had decided they had enough excitement with time travel and never went again.

Tamsin however had delivered a stunning wedding present to a wide eyed Lauren when she turned up out of the blue at the clinic and told Lauren that by special dispensation of Freya, she could pick one moment in time and go, right now. No one had been shocked that Lauren chose to go and meet Hippocrates. No one had been shocked that she continued to tell them that she had met Hippocrates.

Bo was still running the Dal with the wood nymph, business became so crazy that she hired the girls two sisters to help.

Kenzi never went back to work, between looking after Hailey, two Valkyries, Bo and the dog, she had her hands full.

Kenzi had even gone on a date of sorts a couple of months back. It didn't quite work out. Tamsin and Mirja were in full battle mode ready to threaten the life out of him if he didn't treat their 'momz' like she was a virgin queen. Sigjold, Arun & Thoma had turned up unexpectedly through a portal, dressed in their armor, swords clearly on display. While Tamsin was complaining about everyone turning up, Evony had come out of the elevator with a fully armed Val, Dyson by her side in his wolf form, asking if they were late.

Toby, a now 190lb wolfhound had sat with Dyson on either side of Kenzi as she waited for her date to show up. The poor guy had walked into the apartment and paled at the sight of the glaring Valkyries, the snarling beasts and a very intimidating Morrigan. They only went out once.

Tamsin rolled over at that moment interrupting Bo's daydreams. She curled up around her, her deep breathing making Bo's decision to sleep a little longer a simple choice.

As she drifted, happy in the knowledge that all was well in her world, she heard the approach of thunder and hoped it wasn't a portent of something coming to change that.


Bo leaned down to scratch Toby's ears as she walked into Hailey's room. Kenzi and Mirja were in there doing something to the giant fish tank that took up most of one wall.

“Whatcha doin?” She asked making them both spin round.

“I have a puffer fish!” Mirja grinned at her proudly.

“Do you now?” Bo grinned back at her. When Mirja was growing up, she had latched onto Finding Nemo, watching the movie at least a hundred times. As soon as they moved into the new house, she constructed a giant fish tank for the baby's room, filling it with characters from the movie.

Hailey was still fast asleep in her cot next to the fish tank, the blue light illuminating her battle armor one-sie.

“Still on for our date night Kenz?”

Kenzi nodded vigorously. “Oh hellz yeah. Dyson and Val are coming to get the bubba late afternoon, then I am free till tomorrow when my hangover is gone!” She held up her hand for Bo to slap which she did with gusto.

“Dark goth bar?” Bo asked.

Kenzi nodded enthusiastically. “Industrial goth, not that whoa is me, life is so beak stuff. I totes outgrew that. Where's Tammers?”

Bo looked toward the stairs. “Showering, said she had an errand to run today.”

Mirja broke out into a wide toothy grin, something she did more often since her rebirth.

“And what put that smile on your face young lady, should I be concerned” Kenzi poked her shoulders.

“I promised Tamsin I wouldn't say anything.”

“Say anything about what?” Tamsin walked in the room and stared in the crib. “What on earth is she wearing?”

“Gift from Freya, seems she wants to get in on the craziest baby outfit competition.” Kenzi rolled her eyes. “What's with the secret mission?”

Tamsin rolled her eyes back. “Mirja and I are gonna go pick something up, you'll have to wait and see.” She looked over at the other blonde, settling her new aquatic arrival. “You get one?” Tamsin looked in the tank curiously.

Mirja nodded. “You ready to go? We said we'd be there at eleven.”

Tamsin looked at her watch. “Alright, I'll grab some coffee on the way. Call a cab, lets go.”

“Why do you need a cab? What's wrong with the truck?” Bo asked them.

Tamsin leaned over and kissed her. “Gotta run, later.”

Bo and Kenzi watched as the two blondes ran out of the room grinning at each other. “You know it's probably best we don't know right?” Kenzi sighed.



Tamsin held the jacket up to gauge it's size.

“We have the matching hat for that you know? That would look so good on you." He leared at her.

Tamsin looked to the sales clerk, he didn't look old enough to be working here. He certainly didn't seem old enough to be looking at her like he was. "Let the dream go Romeo." She dismissed him. "Yo, what do you think?" She held the jacket up for Mirja.

“Oh nice find. That matches perfectly. Do they have one in the green?”

Tamsin rattled around before pulling one out and smiling. “And we're good to go.”

“They have room at the back for the wings?” Mirja asked.

“Yeah, we can stop by Evony's tailor on the way back, he's an irritating little shit but he's good.”

The sales clerk perked up. “Wings? You guys in a gang?”

Mirja laughed. “Yeah, they call us the Valkyries.”

He stared at her wide eyes. “I never heard of them, are they new?”

Tamsin pulled out her wallet. “No, been around for ever, total badasses.” She chucked.

They finished paying and walked out to the lot. “I should have done this years ago.” Tamsin yelled over to Mirja.

They donned the crash helmets and straddled the bikes. Two button pushes later and the two blondes roared onto the street.


“I feel so old.”

Bo looked over at Kenzi curiously. “Where did that come from?”

Kenzi was passing some toys to Hailey and smiling as she giggled each time. “I am seriously considering taking a nap before we go out tonight. How lame is that?”

Bo started laughing. “Well I for one enjoy taking naps. So does Tamsin.”

“Please, we all know there is very little actual napping involved in those mid-day siestas. Not that I'm judging, seriously, if I don't get some soon, I think my lady parts are going to get cobwebs.”

Bo considered it. “Well, did you ever use that dating app profile that Tamsin and Mirja set up for you?”

“Are you kidding, did you even read it? It started off with how amazing I was, then I think Tamsin tried to help cause it finished with how they would all die a painful death if they didn't make me happy.” She rolled her eyes at Bo's laughter. “No, I don't think online dating is a good idea. Maybe I'll find something interesting at the club, you never know.”

Bo nodded then looked at Hailey. “What's she looking at?”

Kenzi looked over but before she could figure it out, Hailey started giggling like crazy and clapping her hands together.

“Well that's new. Maybe she got...” Bo stopped. “You hear that rumbling?”

They got to the window just as two large motorcycles, one black with green accents, the other black with purple accents, came skidding around the corner, sparks flying off the footrests as they pulled into the driveway.

“Oh my God they didn't!” Kenzi gasped.

“Shit, you know this means the others are gonna get them as well. Dear God we are gonna look like a freakin biker club at the weekends, no wonder the neighbors hate us.”

Kenzi chuckled. “BoBo, the neighbors hate us cause you insist on gardening half naked. I've never seen so many husbands come out to cut the grass in one go.”

The front door came crashing open as the two blondes took off the matching crash helmets and shook their hair out. “Guess what we bought!” Tamsin yelled out laughing. She snatched the clapping baby out of Bo's arms. “You wanna go for a ride Haileyboo?”

“Absolutely not. Give me my baby you mad woman.” Kenzi took the wildly giggling baby back before either of the women found a way to attach her to the bikes.

Bo ambled over to Tamsin, standing in her tight leather jacket, black with small purple stripes hidden away in the fold, a perfect match to the bike and the helmet. “So....” She said, running her hand along the sleeve. “Wanna take a nap?”

Tamsin grinned and pulled Bo out of the room and toward the stairs.