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the chase to end all time

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“Hey,” Sara calls as she comes down the stairs. Felicity waves a distracted hand in her direction. She keeps the bo staff in it’s case and shoots Felicity a quick smile which goes unnoticed as she taps away at her computers. Sara dresses down for the night, shedding the Canary’s jacket and top.

“So Oliver and Digg are heading back. Hi, btw. How was your night? Oliver and Digg caught up to some- Oh my God you’re bleeding!” Felicity cries in panic. She stands so fast her chair almost topples over. Faster than she has ever seen Felicity move, she darts over to Sara’s side, her hands fluttering around her wound.

“Oh,” Sara says distractedly, catching a glimpse at the blood pooling at her side. She has long learnt to ignore her own pain. “An aspiring rapist got a lucky shot. It’s just a scratch, I’ll fix it later.”

“No, no! I’ll do it,” Felicity rushes to say. “I normally do Oliver and Digg so I can do you too.” Sara hides a smile as Felicity’s eyes widen when her words register. “And by doing you I meant that I can stitch you up. ‘Cause you’re bleeding. A lot.”

Sara knows that she should decline, because even the thought of Felicity’s hands on her bare skin is a little too much than she can handle right now - even if it is for medical purposes. Because from the moment she came back home, this woman has slowly crept her way into her mind (and heart, although she is loathe to admit it) There’s a light to Felicity Smoak with her short skirts and adorable quirks, a lightness that she craves beyond anything in this world.

Sara opens her mouth to decline, but Felicity is already grabbing the equipment and shooting her a reassuring smile. “I do this all the time for the boys. Besides, you stitched me up, it’s only fair for me to return the favor.”

It’s on the tip of her tongue to decline, but the next thing she knows she’s hopping up on the table, her face close to Felicity’s as she cleans the wound and sets to work. She does not flinch once, her eyes firmly fixed on Felicity’s face.

Curling her fingers under the cool metal of the table, Sara tries to think of something other than the feel of her friend’s gentle hands on her skin. Because it’s so stupid to fall for the one woman who has accepted her since she’s come home. Not even considering the fact that she has the biggest crush on Ollie, but Felicity has slowly become a dear friend and she will be damned if she lets something as stupid as her hormones ruin the one healthy relationship she has.

“I’m sorry,” Felicity says, breaking the silence as she focuses on her stitching. “It will probably scar, I don’t have the steadiest hands when it comes to blood.”

Sara does her best to smile in what she hopes is reassurance, but she’s way too distracted by Felicity’s touch. “What’s one more scar right?”

“You’re beautiful,” Felicity says absently. Sara’s heart skips a beat and she tells herself not to be foolish. But then Felicity’s cheeks flush and the hands touching her side pause. Blue eyes flash up to hers. “I mean, they’re a part of you. You’re a survivor, and these scars tell your story. You shouldn’t be ashamed of them.”

“You’re incredible,” Sara murmurs in amazement.

Felicity smiles nervously before flicking down to the wound. Sara barely notices the pain anymore, her attention is fixed firmly on Felicity.

Noticing her flushed cheeks and uneven breaths, Sara leans in slightly, pausing when Felicity’s surprised eyes flick up to hers. She does not move, she daren’t even breathe, but then Felicity’s leaning in too, and that’s all the encouragement she needs.

“Have you ever kissed another woman before, Felicity?” Sara whispers, her lips a hairsbreadth away from Felicity’s.

“No,” Felicity breathes.

Sara rubs her nose against hers, mouth hovering just in front of Felicity’s. Gentle fingers tangle in her hair and it makes Sara want to keen like a kitten.

“Kiss me,” Felicity demands breathlessly. So Sara does kiss her, slow and deep as if they have all of the time in the world. Swallowing Felicity’s gentle moan, Sara explores her mouth, tasting every inch of her lips. Felicity hums and sucks on Sara’s bottom lip before gently scraping her teeth over it. Sara shivers and pulls Felicity into the cradle of her legs and buries a hand in her hair and the other finds her hand and links their fingers together.

She feels good, all soft lips and playful nips. Sara wrenches herself away and buries her face in her neck, eagerly sucking and biting the soft skin of her neck. She has Felicity whimpering when the door the lair crashes open and heavy footfalls race down the stairs. They pull away from one another in surprise. Cheeks burning, Felicity turns away and heads back to her computers ignoring Sara as she whispers her name.

“What happened?” Oliver demands, his intense gaze fixed on her. Diggle isn’t far behind him, but his gaze lingers on Felicity as she sits ramrod straight in her chair, her gaze firmly fixed on the screen. Sara’s heart sinks because this is so Sara Lance, ruining relationships once again.

“Got caught by a knife, nothing major. Felicity played doctor with me,” she replies with a straight face. She hears a squeak of surprise but Felicity remains at her computer, though her fingers click at the keyboard harshly in the silence that follows.

Hopping off of the table, Sara cleans away the medical equipment, noticing the slight shaking of her hands. She’s selfish. She always has been. She took her sister’s boyfriend, she wanted the Demon’s daughter despite knowing that it would end in disaster, she came back home despite the danger it put her family in.

And now she wants Felicity Smoak.

Selfish Sara Lance.

Gathering her clothes, Sara heads for the bathroom to change. She pays Oliver and Diggle no heed as they debrief on the nights events. Despite herself Sara’s eyes flick to Felicity and her stomach flips when she meets blue eyes. And though her cheeks flush as their eyes meet, Felicity sends her a quick smile before turning back to her computers. Sara stops dead in her tracks, her eyes fixed on the back of Felicity’s head. A wide smile erupts on her lips before she can stop herself.

“Are you alright?” Oliver calls, eyeing her suspiciously.

Sara smiles calmly despite her pounding heart and replies, “Never been better.”