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Guiding Light

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“Don’t lose it.” Dean warned as he carefully placed the amulet in Castiel’s hand.

“I thought mortals are supposed to serve you, not the other way around” someone said behind him.

Dean vanished as did the ward Castiel had been standing in a moment ago. He found himself in a motel room lying on a bed fully dressed. Nothing that would surprise him. Sleeping had been a necessity since Castiel’s rebellion, but he still forgot to pay attention to this vessel’s need  and so passed out at times he least expected it. Luckily, this time he made it to the closest motel.  The room looked ordinary, there was nothing that singled it out among other motel rooms.  Except for one certain god who’s been sitting on a chair right next to Castiel’s bed and looking at him oddly.

“You shouldn’t be watching people sleep.” He said as he pulled the covers off. Was it noon already?

“You are not exactly ‘people’. And I do as I please.”

Castiel just shook his head and rose from his bed.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Two weeks”

The angel gave him an unblinking gaze and hardly kept his jaw from dropping.

“Check the newspaper if you don’t believe me.” Loki stood up and stretched as if he has been in a sitting position for a few days. He then proceeded to a coffee table to take the newspaper and threw it to Castiel.

He wasn’t lying.

“Why do you put up with such an irritating mortal? This must be so exhausting. No wonder you sleep for weeks.” The angel was still scanning the news, so he barely caught the sense of what Loki was talking about. Asking how he got into Castiel’s head didn’t seem smart as he knew almost nothing about Loki to start with.

“Is it a rhetorical question? Because I think you already guessed why.” Castiel was now watching him closely, wondering how much have Loki actually seen. Castiel didn’t have human dreams, the ones where brain mixed all the information and created stories which made no sense. He relived his brightest memories. And during these two weeks Loki could read him like an opened book.

Well, at least Castiel doesn’t have to tell him all about his past anymore. Like there even was a possibility to hide anything from him, Castiel thought humbly. 

“I came to the conclusion that you have a soft spot for humans. ” Loki grimaced before continuing. “But I hoped you could come up with a better explanation. Beneficial matters and such.” With a yawn Loki left the room, not waiting for an answer. He returned with two coats, Castiel’s and a long black one. Only now Castiel noticed that Loki wasn’t in that strange armour which made the god look even more alien than he already seemed. He was wearing  a black suit with a white shirt under the expensive looking jacket. The only thing that looked out of place was an undone tie. As if Loki was reading his mind, he started straightening it. He threw the trench coat to Castiel, who was kind of hypnotized by the whole process and therefore didn’t react quick enough to catch the coat.

“Would you mind falling back asleep after we get to the coffee shop? I see you need some fuel as well.”

Castiel picked up his coat and attempted to put his hands in the right sleeves, which was a difficult task as Loki rushed off leaving Castiel to run after him.

“Coffee shop? When did you-”

“Two weeks, Castiel. Did you really think I would stay this long in a room the size of a bowl with your head as the only entertainment? I explored the area.”

“I could transfer us, if you asked me.”

“No need, it’s right behind that building.”

“So you waited for me to wake up just to have coffee?”

“Coffee is one of the very few things humans are good at. I need you to get one so your head would be focused enough to understand my proposal.”


Loki pushed the door open and waited for Castiel to come in first, smiling at him widely. The expression looked foreign on his face as if he rarely smiled or perhaps not at all.

“Take a sit somewhere upstairs, I will be there in a moment.”

 Castiel chose a table nearest to one of the many windows. While the first floor was somewhat filled with customers, the upper one was completely empty. The angel drew his gaze to the window. It was late autumn, the streets were covered with fallen leaves and bare trees stood motionlessly with no sign of the wind. It wasn’t dark outside, but no sun either.  The only thing which seemed to illuminate the surroundings was a cold white sky, empty from clouds. Peaceful. Quite before the storm, Castiel reminded himself. If it’s been two weeks, then why didn’t-


By reflex he pressed his hand against his temple. As if Dean felt the angel only now has awoken. He was praying, well, Dean had his own way of praying.

Look, I know you are still on a dad-hunting vacation, but goddamnit, Cas, you could’ve at least showed up when Sam was calling. Quit being a dick and get your ass down here. Something happened.

With a cup in each hand, Loki approached the table and frowned at Castiel “Headache? ”

“Side effect of oversleeping. What is it?”

“Caramel mocha with cream.”

Castiel made a face. “Never thought gods have a sweet tooth.”  he admitted, but took one cup in his hands anyway. Loki was too busy inspecting the drink to retort anything.

“You mentioned some kind of proposal?”

“Ah, indeed. I can help you defeat the archangel.”

“What archangel?” Castiel asked before thinking through the claim. Oh, so he meant-

“Any, actually. But I had Lucifer in mind.”

Castiel frowned.

“In exchange for what?”

“A favour. You will need to get something for me, but that will come later. First, I’m going to implement my part of the deal.”

“You should be more specific about your request. I can’t agree to something I have no idea about.”

Loki pretended to be offended. “Why, you don’t trust me? In any case, you don’t have much choice. I’m your only solution. You either agree to my conditions or let your world burn.” He shrugged.

Of course it was an overstatement. Perhaps Dean, Sam or Bobby had found something while Castiel was busy rescuing this trouble sitting in front of him. On the other hand, it was a rather powerful trouble.

“What are the possible consequences of you getting… whatever it is you want? What are you going to do with it?”

Loki grinned at him. “No need for you to worry about it. Consider the thing is for my personal use.”

“I need some time to think this through.” Castiel answered, subconsciously rubbing his temple.

“If you are planning to discuss it with your pets, I suggest I talk to them first. They might need some persuasion.”