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Glory of (the sluts of) Beacon

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Ruby was walking through the crowded streets of Vale, carrying a bag full of bought supplies for Crescent Rose and some surprise gifts for the rest of her team. Those gifts had to do with their weapons, of course. She was alone because nobody from her team had free time. At least that’s what they said when she asked all of them to come with her.

It saddened her slightly, but it was nothing she didn’t hear before. Though it did sting, especially the way Weiss told her off. One would expect that after the time the two spent together, dating, Weiss would be more honest and not try to hide her disinterest in Ruby’s hobby behind a lie.

Ruby would much prefer to be told straight up that her hobbies don’t interest her teammates, though she wouldn’t really understand how a hunter or huntress in training would possibly be able to work without being at least a little bit of a weapons freak.

Being alone had its perks, though. She was able to swoon over all the different types of Dust rounds the store had in stock without being yelled at for her infatuation. Which just might have been the reason she spent four hours in that store instead of the usual twenty minutes she’d spend if she wasn’t alone.

That in itself would not be a problem, but in that time, Ruby drank quite a lot of water, which was now filling her bladder to the brim, making it sorta hard for her to walk normally. However, she was still in the district of Vale where there were no bars, which was a problem. And even more of a problem was that she spent her money on ammunition and other stuff for her sweetheart, so she would not be able to use the bar bathroom anyway, since she would not be able to pay for the drink every bar in Vale demanded in order to be allowed to use their bathrooms.

She could have tried to use her Semblance to arrive at Beacon quickly, but the last time that happened, she was a mess by the time she arrived. Nothing too brutal, just not clean enough to feel comfortable. She was not in the mood to repeat that mishap any time soon.

Out of options, she started looking around for some public place that had a bathroom and would not charge her for using it. If it would have gotten too bad, she would find a secluded corner somewhere, as unhygienic as that would have been.

Other than the Dust store she left about a minute ago, the only public institution in the immediate area was a bookstore of some sort. She knew that the Dust store didn’t have bathrooms for customers, and she doubted a bookstore would have one, but she decided to ask anyway.

She entered the store and the clerk seemed happy to see her.

“Hello!” Ruby greeted when she got to the clerk. After being returned the greeting, she continued. “I know it’s a long shot, but does this bookstore have a toilet or something?”

She could have sworn that his eyes lit up for a moment. “Yes, as a matter of fact we do have a bathroom. It’s in the back, behind that door over there,” he pointed at the door to their right. “The middle room is for girls, as you’ll see.”

“Thank you!” Ruby had to admit, she was slightly surprised that a book store would have a toilet, but she guessed they must have a reading room there too, so the toilet would be there just to serve customers that came there to read.

After settling in the room the clerk told her to use, she noticed that it was actually quite large for a toilet. Sure enough, there was a toilet bowl and a sink, but the room itself was way bigger than a public toilet had any right to be. She also noticed that the walls seemed to be done poorly because there were four or so fist-sized holes in them. She paid them no mind since they were far away enough that even if someone would peek through those, they would not be able to see her doing what she was about to.

When she finished her business, she flushed and washed her hands. She was just about to leave when she heard someone knocking on the other side of the wall. They must be checking if the toilet is taken. Why aren’t they using the door, though? She decided to knock on the wall to tell whoever was on the other end that the stall is definitely taken.

What happened next made her stand completely still, momentarily petrified by the scene.

Through one of the holes in the wall came a man’s penis, already erect. For a minute, Ruby didn’t know what to do. The penis was tempting her, though. Her only sexual encounters up to now were lesbian ones, with Weiss. But she was intrigued as to how being with a man would feel like. Was it really okay for her to do it like that, though? With some anonymous man sticking his penis through a hole in the wall of a bookstore toilet? And without Weiss’ prior consent?

She took a moment to ponder how furious would Weiss be if she found out and whether she’d be more angry if it was some anonymous person or someone she knew. Then again, Ruby thought, she did tell me she wants to try a man too. And if I hate it, I can just keep it a secret, as bad as lying to a lover might be. I can have one little secret.

Intrigue taking the lead away from reason, Ruby’s hand extended towards the hard cock in the wall. She reached it just as the man on the other side tried to take it away, seemingly fed up with waiting for Ruby to start working on it. He quickly shoved it back through the hole when feeling a finger graze the surface of it, though. It felt warm and hard, but still oddly soft to her touch.

Ruby slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft as she was kneeling next to it. Curious and oddly aroused, she started using both hands, one to run along the shaft and the other to play with the head. The strokes became slightly faster after a while, reaching a stable and relatively fast tempo.

Should I just keep going like this or use my mouth too? She decided to stick to hands only, at least for her first time. She switched her position, keeping her left hand on the shaft and moving the right one to massage the balls. Gently, she reminded herself, these are supposedly super sensitive.

The man on the other end started breathing quickly and a drop of some colourless liquid appeared on the cock’s head. Ruby was looking at it inquisitively and a few strokes later, the man knocked on the wall again. What does that mean? She kept on stroking and was immediately rewarded by semen streaming from the man’s penis straight on Ruby’s corset, a few small drops aimed high enough to land on the bare skin of her cleavage. Surprised, Ruby noticed the liquid was warm and didn’t feel unpleasant at all.

She got frightened after the spurt, though, so she released it, allowing it to freely convulse and shoot wherever. One of the stray bullets struck her on the chin, making her jump back slightly.

As the penis stopped shooting, the man withdrew it with no words and Ruby then heard the sound of jeans zipping up and the man leaving the room, but not before shoving his hand through, holding a 10 lien banknote. Puzzled, Ruby took the money and said “Thanks.” She heard a chuckle before the man left for good.

After putting the money in her bag, she started pondering. This liquid on my chin… I’ve seen some girls drink it in some movies Yang keeps on her scroll. Should I do it too? Slowly, she pulled one finger up, collecting a bit of semen on it and bringing it to her mouth, where she left it dangling for a moment, wondering whether she should do it or not.

Curiosity got the better of her and soon the liquid was on her tongue. Her first instinct was to spit it out due to a mixture of bitter and salty taste that was nothing like the sweets she loved. But she forced herself to keep it in, like those girls in those movies, and swallowed hard. Upon swallowing, she didn’t feel as bad as when it hit her tongue, so she smiled and pick up the remainder of the semen on her chin to give it the same treatment. She noticed the liquid staining her clothes, though, and decided it would probably be for the best if she were to undress and be naked for the time she’d spend there.

And spend some time there she would, as just as she thought of that, another knock was heard, this time from the other side of the room. She didn’t have enough time to undress, so she settled on undressing while “working”.

Which meant she’d have to take the penis in her mouth. Was she ready for it?

After knocking to confirm she was indeed free, a penis slightly smaller than the one before showed up. That’s good, right? Means it will fit in my mouth easier, right? You do it sorta like a lollipop, right? She gave it a tentative lick.

The moment her tongue grazed the penis, something inside Ruby clicked. A feeling she couldn’t quite identify. It was similar to what she felt with Weiss, but still different in a way. She wanted that cock in her mouth, and she wanted it in that precise moment.

She hungrily took the head in her mouth, embracing it fully and licking it. While she was doing that, she started undoing the laces of her corset. She let out a moan that was muffled by the penis filling her mouth. The sound sent vibrations up the man’s body and he grunted silently. Ruby took that as a sign that she was doing a great job.

After she successfully untied the lace of the corset and slid it down her waist, she became braver in her ministrations, taking more and more of the shaft in her mouth until she fit almost all of it in her mouth. The head grazed the back of her throat and made her choke a little, so she pulled out with a gurgle. Not all the way then. Her mouth quickly returned to work on the shaft, just not as deep as before.

There she was, Ruby Rose, on her knees, half naked, bobbing her head up and down an anonymous person’s penis and thoroughly enjoying herself. In fact, she enjoyed it enough that her hands started roaming around her body, one finding a spot on one of her perky and cute boobs while the other tried to get under the skirt. All the while doing that, Ruby was moaning in pleasure and excitement at this new sensation. She felt so slutty doing that, yet she loved it and didn’t want to stop. Eventually she let go of her boob and added that hand to the penis, running it up and down where her mouth couldn’t reach.

The moans on the other side of the wall have also intensified and before long, there was a knock on the wall, followed by a groan of pleasure as Ruby didn’t take her mouth off the cock, but instead just braced for the stream of sperm about to come.

And come it did. In a couple spurts, Ruby’s not well versed mouth was full of the thick white liquid and before she could swallow it all, it started leaking out, further staining her dress. She cursed in her mind before collecting herself enough to swallow at least the remainder of the sperm.

When she pulled the cock out, she gave it a few tugs before kissing the cockhead and whispering a silent “Thank you,” which was followed by the cock removing itself from the hole and a 20 lien note taking its place. Ruby decided to be cheeky and took the note with her teeth.

“You’re a good girl,” the voice on the other side said, “will you ever be here again?”

Ruby didn’t know how to react for a second. She quickly replied “I honestly don’t know.”

“Oh well. Then all that remains for me is to hope you will be back one day. Do you have much experience with this kind of thing?”

“It’s actually my first time here and only the second penis ever,” Ruby shyly admitted.

“Doesn’t show, to be honest. You suck well.”


The man chuckled again. “Here, to maybe help you in your decision about coming back.” Ruby saw another 20 lien note come through the hole.

“Thank you so much, sir,” she replied with an enthusiastic voice before taking the money.

“Don’t thank me. Just keep being a good girl.”

With those words, he zipped up his pants and left. Ruby immediately went about undressing herself before the next person would come. At that moment she was determined to take at least three more. There was still a slight pang of guilt weighing her down, though. In that moment she was, impossible to say it otherwise, a slut, a whore, making unknown men orgasm for money. She felt dirty, but at the same time, she wanted nothing more than suck another cock. The only way she could feel better about the whole thing would be if Weiss was with her there, either helping her pleasure the men or pleasuring her.

She just finished undressing herself to the point she only wore her black panties peppered with red roses when another knock was heard. She walked to the hole and returned the knock. This time, though, it wasn’t a penis that came out of the hole, but a hand. Puzzled, Ruby looked at it for a moment.

“Come on, just a feel.”

Oh, so that’s what he wants. She offered him her pussy through the panties and he immediately started rubbing the flesh through the cloth.

The feeling of fingers massaging her pussy through her panties was one of Ruby’s favourite ones. She could never last long without moaning when that happened. That time was no exception. After the ministration barely started, she let out a cute moan, followed by a sound of approval from the other side of the wall.

A little later the man stopped rubbing her and tugged at her leg in a way that let her know he wanted her to turn around. She gingerly did and immediately later felt her butt gently slapped. She responded with a hitched breath and an “Mmm.”

After a few gentle slaps, the man got brave enough. “Do you want me to take that?”

Ruby didn’t really know what that meant. “W-What do you mean?”

“I mean, would you like me to fuck you?” The voice wasn’t demanding, it was pleasant and soothing. It was not something Ruby was prepared for, though. Not to mention she didn’t bring condoms.

“I’m sorry, sir, but no,” was her reply.

The man let out a disappointed sigh. “Oh well. Maybe next time then.”


He resumed kneading her butt cheek for a while before Ruby remembered something.

“I can still do it with my mouth if you want.”

“Sure thing, honey, just let me feel this amazing butt of yours a bit more, if that’s all right.”


The compliment made her feel better, even though she heard about her butt’s beauty from Weiss a few times before. It made her believe that Weiss wasn’t just saying that to make her feel good though, and that felt so good. So good, in fact, that Ruby was semi-reconsidering the denial of sex with this stranger. But she decided in the end that it would not be that day.

The hand disappeared back through the hole and Ruby turned around, kneeling while doing so, in anticipation of a penis.

What came through the hole was a penis bigger than both she took that day. She commended her undying wisdom that she decided not to pop her cherry with a monster like that.

She first put both hands around it and while her hands were not small, the overlap of her hands wasn’t large at all. With wide eyes, she approached it with an open mouth and her tongue dangling out of it.

She did another thing she saw on Yang’s scroll, namely, she licked the shaft from the stem up, momentarily stopping at the head to give it a lap or two before taking the head in her mouth. She started sucking on it, like on a lollipop, and ran her hands up and down the shaft. Her eyes shut automatically as she took in the feeling of giving a blowjob.

She moaned, making the other guy hold his breath for a second, then she moved one hand on his balls and started gently rubbing them while still stroking the shaft up to the head with the other.

As she got braver and started putting some of the shaft in her mouth too, the hand stroking it  moved to her pussy, rubbing her through the panties and before long, she was a wet, moaning mess.

That’s not to say the man was calm either. He was breathing heavily and letting out grunts and moans of pleasure and soon Ruby felt something appear on the head of the penis. She tasted it and it was sorta like sperm, just a bit different still.

A knock on the wall. This time, Ruby was determined to swallow the whole load. She stopped bobbing her head up and down the shaft and only stroked it with one hand. She kept the head inside her mouth, though, as she didn’t want to spill any of this man’s seed. She felt her mouth filling up almost immediately after and she held her breath and let it shoot all it had. When the penis was done, she pulled it out of her mouth, but didn’t release the grip on the shaft. She rolled the sperm around in her mouth for a moment before gulping it down all at once.

I guess once you get used to the taste, it isn’t that bad. She stroked the penis in her hand absentmindedly, thinking about how she actually liked the taste of it by then.

To her, it only felt like she stroked the penis a few times, but a knock on the wall brought her out of her trance and she automatically opened her mouth right in front of the head. Sure enough, it started shooting again. Ruby let out a throaty laugh as she felt her mouth filling up again.

After she swallowed the second load, she, like with the previous penis, kissed the head and said her thanks before letting it go.

“You’re really something, girl. Here, you deserve it.”

She couldn’t believe her eyes when the 200 lien note appeared through the hole. “T-Thank you v-very much, s-sir, y-you’re very gen-generous,” she managed to stutter out.

“Nah,” the man waved it off. “Good service gets good pay. Stay a great girl, until next time!”

She heard the zipper, the door opening and closing almost immediately after.

Until next time. Will there be a next time? I’ll try to bring Weiss with me if there is a next time.

She was debating taking her panties off, but in the end settled for having them on. She preferred masturbating over the panties anyway, as the fabric applied more friction to her clitoris.

Waiting for her next penis, she started rubbing herself while silently moaning as she was already quite wet. And she was building up so nicely, her moans started getting louder and louder, she was so close to her orgasm she could almost touch it when a knock on the wall brought her back to reality. She quickly responded and took the position at the hole, never breaking her contact with the pussy.

The penis that came through was nothing special. It was definitely smaller than her last one and most likely the first one too. She didn’t care, though. All she cared about in that moment was the need to orgasm while having that same cock in her mouth.

She hungrily closed her mouth around it, immediately starting to bob her head up and down. She managed to fit it all in her mouth without choking, she happily realized.

As she was inching ever nearer to her orgasm, she was moaning with the cock in her mouth. The man on the other side must have enjoyed it a lot, judging from his noises.

“Mmm! Mmm! MMM!” Muffled by the penis, her moans weren’t as loud as they would usually be, but it was enough to drive the man on the other side in a frenzy and before long, Ruby faintly heard a knock on the wall just as she was sent over the edge with another loud moan.

She rode out her orgasm while the man was squirting seed into her mouth and she felt so dirty and happy at the same time, slutty and divine, not even caring if anyone she knew heard or saw her.

After she finished her ritual of kissing and thanking the cock and receiving payment, she sat down and started thinking, her orgasm subsiding enough that she had a clear mind again.

I didn’t care if anyone I knew saw me… but what if one of these four was indeed someone I know? She didn’t know what to think about something like that. If she knew it was, say, Jaune, would she act the same? The enjoyment she got was in large due to the thrill of not knowing who it was. Then again, part of the thrill was the slight chance it might have actually been someone familiar.

She decided it was enough for the day, so she dressed as quickly as possible before someone else would come and exited the room.

When she got to the main room of the bookstore, the clerk looked at her with a knowing smile. She politely said her goodbyes, neither of them mentioning what happened, and Ruby set of for Beacon. One of them might have even been the clerk.

Making sure once more that she had everything she bought, she activated her Semblance and almost warped back to the academy grounds. She reached the dorm of team RWBY, but there was only Weiss there. That wasn’t to say Ruby was unhappy with Weiss being there, she just expected the other two girls to be there too, so she could give them their gifts. She settled for a hug and a makeout session with her girlfriend, blessing her wisdom once again for taking a chewing gum to mask the taste of sperm.

“Hey, Weiss! I missed you!”, she said when the two parted their lips.

“I missed you too, Ruby. You were gone for a long time. I was actually afraid something happened to you.”

“Absolutely nothing, you needn’t worry, Weiss.” If you only knew… Would you be angry? Ruby looked around. “Hey, where did Yang and Blake go?”

Weiss thought for a second. “Yang mentioned something about a bookstore or a library or something? I knew Blake was a bookworm, but I am surprised at Yang being the one to say that.”

Bookstore? Could it be… No, impossible. It’s just a regular bookstore they went to, most likely to buy Blake a new book or maybe for Weiss’ birthday or something. Oh Dust, Weiss’ birthday! It’s only a week to it! What will I buy her? A wicked idea went through her mind.

“Weiss,” she started, silently. “Do you trust me?”

“Hmm? What’s this all about, out of the blue like that?” Weiss was surprised, and rightfully so. Ruby knew in that moment that her impulsiveness may have put her into trouble. Nonetheless, she decided to go with it. She leaned into her girlfriend’s ear and whispered.

“Because I think I have found a perfect gift for your birthday.”

“Ruby,” Weiss shuddered, clearly horny. “The way you said that was so hot. Go and lock the door.”

Ruby obeyed without a word and a devilish grin was pasted across her face.