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Chess a la Facebook

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Freddie has added a new job to his timeline: World Chess Champion.
Freddie: The King of Chess is here again!
Freddie: And ready to win again against these stupid commies!

Freddie has suggested a job for Florence’s timeline: Second to the Super Awesome World Chess Champion, Freddie Trumper.

Florence has approved Freddie's suggestion.
Freddie likes this.
Florence: Though I’m not convinced the words “Super Awesome” are on my official job description.
Freddie: They should be.
Freddie: I’ll look into it. I won’t let you down, sweetie pie.
Florence: Ever the romantic, Freddie.
Freddie: <3

Freddie, Florence, Anatoly, Walter, Molokov and The Arbiter have changed their location to Merano, Italy.
Freddie: Cold and dull, but better than Leningrad, I suppose. At least there’s beating the Reds at chess to look forward to.
Florence: Oh Freddie, you’re always joking! He really loves it here!
Freddie: No. No I don’t.

Buzzfeed has posted a new article: 10 things you won't BELIEVE Freddie Trumper has done: In the wake of yesterday’s incident when reigning Chess Champion, the American Freddie Trumper, punched a reporter we take a look back at this manchild’s previous tantrums...
Molokov likes this article.
Florence has requested this article for deletion on the grounds of: Libel.

Anatoly has posted on his timeline: So pleased to be in chess championships, finally, where I've wanted to be after so many years!!
Molokov: The Soviet Union and your fellow comrades are so proud of you, my friend!
Svetlana: When are you coming home, Tolya? The kids and I miss you :(
Anatoly has deleted this post from his timeline.

Florence likes: James Joyce
Freddie: LAME!

The Arbiter has arranged a public event 36th World Chess Championships.
Freddie, Anatoly, Florence, Molokov, Walter and 674 others are attending.

The Arbiter has posted on the event 36th World Chess Championships:
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another fantastic event! I hope we have some memorable matches! This year the current world champion, Frederick Trumper of the United States of America will defend his title against Anatoly Sergievsky of the Soviet Union. The first player to achieve six victories will be declared champion. The first game will begin on March 27th.

The Arbiter has posted on the event 36th World Chess Championships:
Just to remind you that I have no tolerance for cheating and am impervious to bribes. Any attempt to get an unfair advantage and the players will get disqualified. I’m aware the relationship between two players’ countries is going through a difficult time but any rivalries between countries will also not be tolerated. I think both your constitutions are great!
Molokov: We Soviets can certainly keep to these rules. We know that, as long as our unstable American friend doesn’t play any dirty tricks our guy is sure to win and leave the American weeping
Walter: As can we Americans. We have no problem with Russians at all. Their simple minded aggression makes them easy for Mr Trumper to beat and send them back where they come from.

Walter has shared World Chess Championships Sponsors’ post on the event 36th World Chess Championships:
Buy all your chess merchandise here! Flags! Vests! Chess Boards! Toothpaste!
Walter: Contact me or any of my associates if you are interested!
Molokov has requested this post for deletion on the grounds of: Capitalist rubbish.

Molokov hasshared a Youtube video: Freddy Trumper flips over his chess board and storms out of a match REALLY FUNNY!: a chess nerd gets really annoyed when he starts to lose so he flips over a table.
Molokov: See what my man has to put up with. He should automatically win in the face of this blatant cheating.
Florence: Freddie, cheating? The only blatant cheating going on in that match was your boy; fidgeting, walking off, clearly trying to distract Freddie and sabotage a fair game! No wonder he got fed up and left!
The Arbiter: I’ll have you know that no one can cheat in a game judged by me.
Anatoly: I apologise for anything I might have done trigger Mr Trumper’s paranoia, but I assure you I made no effort to sabotage a game I was already winning.
Molokov: It is not Mr Sergievsky’s fault that he is playing a madman.
Florence: Any flaw in Freddie’s behaviour recently is because he is stressed. Perhaps you don’t understand how pressure can affect a man.
Anatoly: Miss Vassy, I understand pressure in the Chess world very well. I just have learnt how to control it because I find most are not as tolerant and kind as you. I hope Mr Trumper pays you well for your fine tutoring and patience, as he clearly doesn’t show you any other signs of appreciation.
The Arbiter has requested this post for deletion on the grounds of: Pointless waffle, both players have been tested and are medically fit to play Chess.
The Arbiter: And I expect them back in the game in 24 hours.
Molokov: At least someone is talking sense. Do you have a plan to get your childish American back, Miss Vassy?
Florence: Your man and I can have a meeting. Freddie will turn up and we can get things sorted. Freddie wants this game to continue as much as I do.
Molokov: I hope you are correct, Americans are so over sensitive.
Molokov: As a fellow Eastern European, I’m sure you agree with me, Miss Vassy?
Florence: I have not been an Eastern European, Mr Molokov, since I was five years old. I have no memories of Hungary, a country that no longer exists, except my people being slaughtered and my parents being taken away by you Soviet bastards. We are not ‘fellow’ anything.
Florence: I will arrange the meeting between the contenders. Make sure Mr Sergievsky makes an appearance.
Facebook has approved The Arbiter’s request and deleted this post.

Florence has arranged a private event for Freddie and Anatoly: Meeting in Merano Mountain Inn
Walter likes this.
Anatoly has accepted this invitation.
Freddie has not replied to this invitation.

Florence has posted on the private event: Meeting in Merano Mountain Inn:
Freddie, can you please just confirm your attendance?
Freddie: Why would I want to talk to a cheating Red?
Florence: Freddie, please this meeting is for your benefit.
Freddie: Fine, if that’s the only way to shut you up.
Freddie: Sometimes I wonder about you Florence, it’s like you’ve forgotten what they did to you and your family.
Florence: Not now, please.

Freddie has suggested a life event for Florence’s Timeline: 1956 – Budapest is rising

Freddie has suggested a life event for Florence’s Timeline: 1956 – Budapest is fighting

Freddie has suggested a life event for Florence’s Timeline: 1956 – Budapest is falling

Freddie has suggested a life event for Florence’s Timeline: 1956 – Budapest is dying

Florence has rejected Freddie’s suggested life events.

Freddie has responded to Florence’s invitation to the event: Meeting in Merano Mountain Inn with maybe.

Florence has posted on her timeline: That awkward moment when you realise your boyfriend cares more about a board game than you.
Molokov likes this.

Florence has changed her relationship with Freddie to: It’s Complicated
Molokov likes this.
Freddie: WTF? How is it complicated? I’m your boyfriend. Simple!
Florence: Really? Am I more to you than a chess second? If I left would you miss me as a girlfriend?
Freddie: Why is this even an issue? Chess genius and his second, boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re a team. We work together to fight the Reds who killed your father.
Florence: So you’re doing this to selflessly play your part to win this Cold War? Because I’m not. This isn’t a chessboard! There aren’t just two sides, nothing is black and white! No one is really working together.
Freddie: WTF? Women are weird lol.

Florence has posted on the private event: Meeting in Merano Mountain Inn:
Freddie, where are you?
Anatoly likes this.

Florence has posted on the private event: Meeting in Merano Mountain Inn:
Freddie, please, are you going to be here soon? We are both waiting for you.

Florence has posted on the private event: Meeting in Merano Mountain Inn:
Are you trying to ruin your career?

Freddie: God sake woman!
Freddie: I have just sorted our pay, so the meeting is unnecessary anyway
Freddie: But I’m just coming right kjasfsfakjafa
Freddie: WTF?

Freddie has posted on his timeline: Funny how it's the women closest to you who are the first to betray you.
Molokov likes this.
Walter: :(

Anatoly has posted on his timeline: Well that was a much more pleasurable meeting than I expected...
Florence likes this.

Freddie has changed his relationship status to: Single.
Anatoly likes this.

Anatoly has changed his job to: World Chess Champion.
Molokov: Congrats my friend, the Soviet Union is proud of you!
Anatoly: Yeeeah, about that...

Florence and Anatoly are in a relationship.
Svetlana: WTF?!?

Anatoly has changed his relationship with Svetlana to: It's complicated.

Florence has changed her job to: Second to the World Chess Champion, Anatoly Sergievsky.

Freddie has posted on his timeline: So sick of this. Being let down and judged sucks. I’m leaving this madness!

Freddie has deactivated his account.

Florence has changed her location to: England.

Anatoly has changed his location to: England.
English Embassy: You're welcome!
Walter: Enjoy capitalism!
Molokov: WTF?!?
Molokov: You won’t get away with this, you traitor!

The Press has posted a new article: Soviet Chess Master will be the latest to steal our jobs: Anatoly Sergievsky, a Commie immigrant with a weird foreign accent, abandons and denounces his country to steal benefits in our wonderful land!
Anatoly: What? No! I would never denounce Russia!

Anatoly has changed his location to: Russia (in my heart).