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Jane was taking out the trays from the oven that she stored inside. She set them down on the counter nearby before pressing the conventional bake button to set the temperature for the pizza.

She hardly ate that much pizza, but she was having the urge for some. The pizzas she always had were small and were very delicious. Since it was small, she would eat the whole thing and it was enough to keep her stomach pleased for a good amount of time.

Making sure the pizza tray was nearby the pizza box, she headed back to her equipment and continued to work. Despite being zoned in, she was on alert for that beep that would signal her the oven was finished heating up.

While she was typing up another part of her hypothesis, Jane's nose picked up that something was burning. It was a weird smell to have in a house with a oven heating up with nothing inside it.

Jane pushed away from the table and stood up from the chair to walk towards the oven. Puzzled, she pressed the light button and bent down to peer inside. There, in the far right corner, was a lumpy object that was melting right before her eyes.

"What in the world?!" Jane immediately pressed the cancel button and pulled open the oven. The smell of burned plastic reached her nose and caused her to cough and wave her hand in front of her face. Pinching her nose closed, she bent down carefully and saw the melting object clearly. It was completely black now with a hint of green and Jane groaned when she realized what it was: one of her green plastic bowls that was now a pile of melted mess.

Tsking, Jane shut the oven right when someone walked inside the lab. Jane turned around and saw Loki in his armor walking towards her with a smile matched with amused eyes.

His eyes shifted to glance at the oven, seeing the melted pile and chuckled. "I don't suppose you'll be eating that for dinner?" His tone was thick with amusement, but Jane was not amused.

"Last time I checked, I don't eat melted objects," she bit back, crossing her arms. "What are you doing here, Loki? I thought they wouldn't let you down here after three years went by."

Loki just gave her a little smile. "It has been three years in Asgard, Jane Foster," he replied with ease. "As for my business here, I was informed that you have a theory of the other realms."

"Yes." Jane didn't bother changing her irritated tone. "I do have a theory about them. Something that your brother helped with when he first came down here."

Loki's eyes narrowed just a tad before waving his hand, causing the oven to open. He snapped his fingers and the melted crisp disappeared.

Jane, watching what he did, was both surprised and confused. She turned her head back to look at him. "Why did you do that? I would’ve cleaned it myself."

Loki stared at her for a bit before his gaze became amused again with a smirk. "Helping of course."

Jane didn't quite believe it and looked at him suspiciously.

"Unless you wish to clean it up yourself," started Loki as he brought up his hand to reverse the spell.

Jane brought up her hands while shaking her head. "No, no! That's fine." She really wished he would stop giving her that amused look along with that smile! "I mean..." Jane cleared her throat. "Thank you. For the help."

Loki gave her a full smug smile. "You'll find out, Jane Foster, that I can be quite helpful. Now, let's see that theory."


"You do wish to tell those fools that there are other realms, yes?"

Jane nodded dumbly.

"Then we should not waste any more time," Loki said with a grin. He watched her hesitate a little bit before she led him to the work area with her equipment. Immediately, he became serious as he listened to her theory, which he found well thought out, before giving her corrections and explained each realm to her. He even explained the ones that he came upon after he had let go of Odin's staff.

"Wow...," she said in surprise. "That must have been a, uh,..." How could she say this without sounding-

"Yes, it was a...unpredictable experience." He wouldn't dare to admit out loud that he was frightened at the time too. Loki glanced at the oven that was forgotten along with the pizza nearby with the corner of his left eye. Getting an idea, he kept Jane busy with the theory as he let his powers set up the oven automatically to the correct heat and put in the pizza. It was a bit of a time spell, one that he had mastered.

After an hour passed, Jane's stomach growled and she felt herself get embarrassed. She glanced up at Loki sheepishly. "I completely forgot about the pizza."

Loki had already taken out the pizza with his telekinesis and it was now on a large plate that Jane had put out earlier. He didn't cut it since he didn't know how mortals ate this...strange idea of food. He did, however, watch Jane earlier through the windows while invisible since it was old habit of his of not being seen here in Midgard.

He had been the one that placed the bowl go inside when she was putting the trays on the counter at the time.

In all honesty, Loki thought she would've checked inside the oven again before setting the temperature.

He didn't bother to tell her anything, smiling as he moved away to watch her stand up, and head into the kitchen area. He waited until she gasped loudly as she saw the pizza completely cooked and ready to be eaten.

"What - how - when did - " Jane turned her head to look at him in surprise. "Did you....?" She turned her attention back to the baked pizza. "I did you do this?"

Loki chuckled once more, amused by her reaction and her stumbling of words. "Magic, of course. Or, what you stated in your theory, science." He started to walk up to her slowly and quietly.

"I didn't even notice that you did it nor did I hear the oven beep." Jane glanced back at the oven and noticed that the light was now turned off. "How is it possible," she muttered as she glanced down at the pizza. It smelled and looked delicious as all the other times. Jane didn't even hear Loki's soft chuckle this time and started to gut it in six pieces evenly. She took one of the slices slowly to take a testing bite.

It was so delicious that she completely forgot Loki was nearby and took another bite. One of the pepperoni tumbled on her lip and she had to catch it with her hand before shoving it into her mouth. Jane continued eating the slice until it was done and licked part of her lips. The sauce was divine while the bread was a bit crunchy, just as she liked it.

Jane was curious about something and turned her head to glance at Loki again. "How did you know how much to heat it up?"

Loki just smirked at her and gave her a wink. "I may be a God who doesn't know about mortal food but I can tell when food is ready."

"Right," Jane said in doubt. "So I guess you could bake a cake without having to look behind you as well?"

Loki laughed as Jane fished another slice and took a bite out of it. "Magic can do many things."

"I suppose I should say thank you," mumbled Jane as she swallowed the first bite. "But, don't think I didn't notice the bowl that is usually set to the far right of the oven."

Loki's eyebrows lifted up in surprise. She noticed it and he was quite impressed. "I'm surprised. Truly."

"So it was you that put the bowl in the oven!"

Loki chuckled and gave a nod.

Jane shook her head, not quite believing - okay, she did since he was the God of Mischief.

"Come on, the least I could do is to offer you some," said Jane as she beckoned him to her. "Especially how you've helped me out with the theory and with the oven, even if the latter was completely your doing."

Loki eyed the food, not finding it appetizing at all.

"Oh come on. Try it." Jane went to get a napkin since her hands were starting to get messy. "It won't kill you," she teased while she ripped the napkin free from the roll and walked back to the pizza.

Loki couldn't help but laugh softly a bit at her teasing remark. "No need to offer me any, Jane Foster. I'm sure you need it more than I."

"I can spare a slice." Jane picked up one and offered it to him with an outstretched arm. "Or two, if you like it."

She was really stubborn.

Loki eyed the food keenly through narrowed eyes.

Jane watched it and oddly found the action quite cat-like. The thought made her laugh a tiny bit and she managed to cover it by clearing her throat.

His green eyes shot up to look at her in question before settling back down on the slice she held out in her hand. It did smell...good but it was such an odd looking food to Loki. Slowly, he moved his hand up and took it gently from her, holding it as she had done. Loki studied it as the scent of it flowed strongly into his nose.

Loki wasn't really a picky eater but it didn't hurt to be cautious. So, he slowly put it into his mouth and took a medium sized bite out of the slice. The combination of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and bread tickled his tastebuds.

It was actually...

"So," Jane said, interrupted his train of thought. She wanted to know what he thought of it.

Loki looked up at her as he continued to chew before swallowing it. He peered down at the slice again, not quite believing that what he was holding was actually quite good. "It does have...a good taste."

Jane gave him a smile but didn't tell him "told you so" like any other person would. "Want another?"

"Gladly," he said right before taking another bite of the slice in his hand.

So, they continued eating the pizza as they stood up. Loki gave some compliments about it here and there while Jane agreed with how it tasted

Delicious, she had said. She was right too.

When there was one last slice, they looked at each other. Jane watched him closely while Loki did the same.

"Half and half," offered Jane.

Loki grinned while chuckling as she watched her cut the piece in half, giving the two of them smaller and even pieces. He took the small slice that was offered to him and together, they ate in silence.

"I believe that is the first time I have ever tried Midgardian food."

"It is the best that we have. That and spaghetti."

Loki lifted an eyebrow at her.

"Uh...maybe next time you could try that too and maybe give the...Asgardian opinion about it."

Loki laughed outright, surprising her. "Inviting me over for dinner again? Hmm, what will Thor think of that."

Jane looked at him confusion before realizing it. "Oh it'll just be a friendly visit. Plus, you're brothers. I'm sure he would love to see you."

Loki looked outside of the windows to his right. "I doubt that."

"You won't know until-"

"You try," finished Loki as he still looked outside.

Jane looked at him with a softer expression this time, wondering what was bothering him. True, he did try to take over the world but she had no idea of his character until Thor told her about him a few months ago when he came to visit her after the BiFrost was rebuilt.

"True, not everything...turns out well when you try something."

Loki glanced at her now as she leaned against the counter. He knew first hand about that when he tried to be King of Asgard and instead, was driven... Loki blinked the thought away. "I will take my leave now."

"A lot of people told me that realms didn't exist. They told me I was crazy and at first, I didn't want to continue."

Loki halted.

"But, then I remembered what my mother used to say to me. She said: No one can stop you but yourself."

Loki closed his eyes as he took in a small breath that Jane didn't hear. "Why are you saying this."

"Because I felt like it."

Loki shook his head and reached for the long handle.

"And also because I caught sight of your reaction when I mentioned Thor wanting to see you - and he does. He speaks of you a lot and misses you."

The sound of the door being opened told Jane that he had left. Jane didn't need to look for herself that Loki was gone since she could feel the ease of the air around her. It seemed like Gods had this effect to the air around them. Thor's was like a warming feeling while Loki... It was uneasy.

Pushing away from the counter, she went back to her equipment and stepped on something. Adjusting her feet, she bent down and picked up something silver and had the shape of a square.

Smiling at it, she shoved it into her jean's right pocket and walked to her work area. She sat down into her chair and worked once again. All the while, she thought about the actual peaceful confrontation she had with Loki.

Thor had told her about the time when Odin finally told him about Loki's true lineage and despite that, Thor still viewed Loki as his brother. Even now. She never had a sibling but she knew that if she had one that was causing trouble, she too would be worried about them despite what they were doing.

"I forgot to mention one thing before I left, Jane Foster."

Jane was out of her trance of the familiar voice and immediately whipped her attention to Loki who was standing near the door.

"Thank you for the....what was it that you mortals call it?"


"Yes, thank you for, Jane Foster."

" problem," she said with a small smile, finding the whole situation a bit awkward.

Loki was about to say something else but he paused. Jane kept her attention on him as she waited for him to continue.

"You were..." Loki trailed off and let out a sigh while rubbing his forehead. "Nevermind."

"Okay then," replied Jane as she turned her attention back to the monitor. Then, remembering the silver square in her pocket, she took it out as she stood up. Jane walked up to him just as he was about to turn around and leave. "Here," she said while reaching out. "It's a piece of your armor."

Loki peered at the object before realizing what it was. "I have no need of it now. The armor has a spell to repair itself."

"Oh." Jane looked at it. It gleamed beautifully off of the light that came through the windows of the setting sun. "Is this...real silver?" She glanced up at him for a confirmation and was given a nod.

"Of course, our armor is of best quality."

"This could get me new equipment and a new truck," Jane said in excitement. "It might even land me another place to rent that's bigger. Are you sure you don't need it?"

Loki lifted an eyebrow at her. "I did say that I didn't."

"Just wanted to make sure." Jane smiled and went back to her chair and swiveled to the far right monitor near the wall to search on the internet a nearby store with good reviews.

Loki was quite surprised that she had asked him again if he didn't need it. She wasn't greedy, that alone was much since she offered to him earlier. Seeing the excitement in her eyes shocked him. The mortal was so dedicated in her work that she didn't want to use the silver square for herself like most mortals would.

He was stepping on uneven ground now for he could feel the pull towards her.

"Thank you so much again, Loki," Jane said as she gathered the keys for the truck after noting down the address of a store a few miles away.

"Prove those foolish mortals wrong," he said with a smirk..

"Knock them dead, you mean," she replied as she passed him to the door.

It was too late. She was just so...

Loki sighed as he ran his hand over his face, not quite believing what he was feeling. Of all the women to fall for, it had to be her. Thor's woman that changed his brother.

His brother...

He stared at the oven until a smirk gradually appeared. She may belong to his brother now but in time... Oh, in time.

Loki frowned. No. No, he couldn't do that. As much as I want to...

"First a Frost Giant now this," he whispered as he rubbed his face again, turning finally and heading to the door. When he walked outside, Loki spotted her driving away in the truck.

Why couldn't he had met her first? Why now did he had to-

He teleported to the magic circle and summoned Heimdall. He didn't even bother to hide what he was feeling to the gatekeeper and walked to the exit of the dome when the bridge brought him inside.

Heimdall watched after him, seeing clearly inside Loki unlike before since the prince would put a block in the deep parts of his mind.

For once, Heimdall felt sorry for the younger prince. Knowing a loved one loved another was not an emotion he wished upon anyone.

"The warrior must carry out his deed to slay those who threaten his dear ones," Heimdall spoke wisely.

Loki stopped and turned slowly to look at Heimdall.

"When injured, he has a choice to surrender."

Loki glared at him and continued across the bridge.

"...or, he can heal himself and try again," finished Heimdall as he watched Loki closely.

Loki stopped again but didn't turn to look behind him this time. "She is Thor's."

"You surrender?"

"No. I become invisible."

Heimdall shook his head.

"And then I will heal myself and try again," finished Loki as he teleported, leaving Heimdall in surprise.

A slow smile appeared on the usual emotionless face of the gatekeeper. In truth, he had heard Odin talking about Jane Foster and how she wouldn't suit Thor. Instead, he preferred that Thor would be with Sif, his old lover.

Who said that being mischievous was left solely to Loki?