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Obsidian Chains

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When was the last time Robin had actually looked Shulk in his ringed cerulean eyes?

It had been several weeks since the Splatfest where everything had all gone wrong. The tactician hadn't meant to offend the younger Smasher, but things had just boiled over to a tipping point and this was the result. Could it even be say that the mage and the seer were even dating anymore if they refused to even look at one another? Shulk had started staying over with Samus and Pikachu since the incident, not wanting to even be in the same room as Robin anymore. The bedroom was cold and empty, and the sheets of the top bunk were neatly made and hadn't been touched for weeks. On the bottom bunk, Robin was currently sitting there, his rear leaving a large wrinkle in his otherwise pristine sheets. Maybe he could ask Reflet if he could crash in her room until everything got sorted out with Shulk. She shared the room with Chrom, seeing as they were married, but hopefully they wouldn't mind another guest.

Robin wasn't entirely sure why he hadn't asked Reflet sooner, or why the thought hadn't even popped into his head until now. Still, it was better than spending another lonely night without Shulk. With that, he quietly padded over to the female tactician's room and gently knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" A male voice answered. Chrom, Robin quickly noted.

"It's me... Robin." The tactician responded. "I would like to talk to Reflet." Hopefully that would be enough for the room's other occupant to open up for him. Sure enough, two seconds later, a woman with long white hair that had already been taken out of its twin pigtails and a silken lavender nightshirt and pants was the one to answer the door. She was probably on the cusp of going to sleep, judging by her appearance.

"Hey there, Robin." She mused, looking up and down at the other tactician, who had all of his usual attire still on his body. "You're still fully dressed? Aren't you going to get ready for bed?" After giving a big sigh, Robin began to explain his request.

"...Listen... You know how things have been strained between Shulk and me... right?"

"Yeah, you two haven't slept in the same room in ages. Samus and I were just talking the other day about how she's thinking of accepting Shulk as her permanent third roommate if this keeps up." That just caused the male tactician's heart to sink. Was Shulk really getting along that well with Samus that she wanted him to be her new roommate?

"He's probably having all kinds of fun with Samus' weaponry..." He muttered, trying to muster a laugh. "I'm surprised he hasn't annoyed her to death, frankly." Reflet gave a quick chuckle before continuing.

"Actually, she told me that Shulk's extremely helpful with keeping all the weaponry up to par." The female tactician responded. "He's super careful about all of her power ups and various suit upgrades, and I think she even told me that, with her supervision, he even upgraded a couple parts for her. They're really getting along."

"...It's like he doesn't even need me anymore." Robin admitted sadly. He was sure he was going to be tearing up the more he thought about how chummy Shulk and Samus were getting to be without him. Right before the two had started dating, there was something Shulk said that was pertinent to his thoughts right now.

Robin, it doesn't matter if you're a guy, a girl, or a Piranhax. What matters to me is that there's somebody who I enjoy being around.

Shulk could easily be falling in love with Samus and out of love with Robin, if he was really enjoying being around the bounty huntress, who in turn appeared to be happy with his presence. The one person that Robin had ended up falling in love with after the incident following which he had sworn that 'he'd never find true love again' was going to fade out of his life and find somebody else that made him happy. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be between him and the Homs.

Maybe Robin just didn't deserve to be happy.

Noticing Robin's dampening mood, Reflet reached out and put a hand on the other's shoulder, staring into his brown eyes with her own identically colored ones. They were the same person, just born opposite genders and in different Outrealms, after all. Because of this, the female tactician of all people seemed to be the most in tune with the elder's feelings. She was the first to realize that something really bad had happened when Robin and Shulk had disappeared for two days when they had claimed they'd only be away for an evening, after all. Once they were looking at one another, the young woman spoke up.

"Hey, I'm sure this will all come to pass..." She insisted. "Even the closest couples fight. Chrom and I have had our moments, but we're still together. I've seen the way you and Shulk interact, and I'm sure Shulk'll eventually realize that he's missing out on something really great. Just give him time." After a pause, Reflet continued. "Say, you can stay with Chrom and me tonight, if you want. It must be lonely in your room, after all." Chuckling, Robin's cheeks grew a bit rosy as he diverted his gaze.

"That... was actually the reason why I came here in the first place, if I may be honest..." He admitted. "You're completely right, it's lonely in my room. I wanted to stay with some company tonight if it was all right with you." The younger tactician smiled as she fully opened the door for the other to come in through.

"Of course I don't mind, but you have to promise one thing, Robin."

"What's that?"

"You have to make an effort to get Shulk back starting tomorrow. I don't like seeing you this way. You deserve better than this."

"Reflet's right." Chrom stated as he stood up and walked over to his wife before putting his arms around her shoulders. "You shouldn't be afraid to get the guy of your dreams back. I know you're afraid because of what happened to your ex-wife, but lightning doesn't strike twice. Besides, Shulk's strong. There's no need to fear for his life."

"...She was too, you know..." Robin grunted and shook his head in disgust. "Besides, you know the reason she died was because of me anyway. So it goes without saying I'm not worried about Shulk in that way." Then what exactly was he worried about? The Monado wielder and the bounty huntress being an item? That was quite shallow of him. No, Robin had to focus on trying to make it clear to the seer that he still cared about him and that he was sorry for being so rude a couple of weeks ago after the Splatfest. It hadn't been his intention to make Shulk that angry, after all. Usually the blond teenager was rather open when it came to jokes like that, but perhaps it was just bad timing which had resulted in the Monado wielder's outburst.

But first things first, he needed to sleep through the night. Seeing as Reflet and Chrom were going to let him stay in their room, Robin quickly got himself ready for bed before getting settled down onto the couch that wasn't in use. For the first time in a while - ever since Shulk left him, in fact - Robin actually slept quite well and without disruption.

Meanwhile, in another room on a different floor of the mansion, a tall blonde woman had walked out of the suite's bathroom with a green nightgown on and a yellow mouse Pokemon perched on her shoulder. After taking a brief turn to look past a wall, she sighed deeply upon realizing that her semi-permanent guest was still sitting at the same table she had left him at while she went to take a shower. Samus took one look at Pikachu and the Pokemon leaped off her shoulder and zipped over to bounce up onto the gray sweater of the blond male who was sitting down in front of her. The electric mouse nibbled onto one of the shoulder embellishments on the young man's vest, tugging on it twice to get his attention.

It seemed to have worked, as Shulk turned his head and gave Pikachu a quick pet on the head to acknowledge its presence. The Pokemon chirped happily and smiled at the Homs, glad that the other had redirected his attention from his work. The actual intention of Pikachu's task was to make Shulk notice Samus standing nearby with her hands on her hips, giving the younger blond an incredulous look.

"What did I tell you about working too hard, Shulk?" The bounty huntress said as sapphire eyes met cerulean ones. "I know you love machinery and all, but you really should be getting a full night's sleep in order to give your body ample time to relax and recover from daily stresses. Besides, I'm pretty sure you have a For Glory match slated against Douglas early tomorrow, don't you?" Shulk stood up and started to stretch out his arms, the Pikachu having leaped off his shoulder in order to avoid being crunched up between the seer's head and shoulder while he raised his arms into the air to loosen them up. After that brief stretch, he gave a short chuckle as his eyes wandered around to find the Pokemon that had fled, noticing he had gone back to Samus and was sitting on her shoulder now.

"I know, I know." Shulk stated as arms fell back to his sides. "I just wanted to finish working on this gravity coil before turning in, that's all."

"The coil can wait." Samus crossed her arms, a smirk finding its way to her face. "You have all the time after your battle to work on that, but you need to be well rested for your tournament match. Honestly, you spend so much time working on things like that coil... Were you like this around Robin when you two were roommates?" Just mentioning the tactician seemed to have killed Shulk's pleasant mood, causing the teenager to look away while his face contorted into a frown.

"...No, I wasn't." He answered coldly. "Let's not bring him up, though. I'll get ready for bed." And with that, the swordsman set down his tools and walked away toward the bedroom area of the suite in order to get his night clothes. Why had just mentioning Robin caused such a change in demeanor for Shulk? He refused to even look at Robin because the tactician had refused to apologize about the incident after the Splatfest, but just mentioning him was enough to put the Homs into a sour mood? Either way, it seemed to be enough to convince him to go to bed, and that's what really mattered, right?

The next morning, Robin was determined to get Shulk back, just as Reflet wanted him to do. He knew that the blond haired Smasher was going to be participating in a rather early tournament match today against Captain Falcon, so he hoped to use this opportunity to start up conversation again with the Monado wielder. Sure enough, by the time the tactician left his female counterpart and Chrom's room, he could hear the tournament network broadcast playing through the hallway. Every so often, he heard one of two voices grunting as the fighters exchanged attacks. Both Douglas and Shulk were fighting at their very best, yelling as they matched blow with blow. From the sound of things, both of them had been at this for a while, so it was likely that the match would be ending soon. Robin mentally crossed his fingers hoping that Shulk would win the match, seeing as the Homs would be in a far more pleasant mood and a bit more approachable if he got the victory. All the same, Robin hurried to the arena as fast as he could, hoping he would make it on time before the match finished.


"Falcon... Punch!"

"...Vision!" A moment later, there was the satisfying sound of Douglas getting smacked in the stomach by the Monado wielder's counter attack, quickly followed by the F-Zero racer yelling loudly as he hit the blast line.

"Game!" The announcer's voice shouted. Robin's heart gave a small start as he picked up the pace. He didn't have long to get to the arena at this point, as the match was finally over. "The winner is... Shulk!" A short fanfare played as the winner of the battle took a pose and said a short line for a victory speech.

"I can change the future!"

Soon, it was going to be Robin's turn to change the future. By this point, he was waiting outside the winner's circle, having managed to get there in time. The tactician was breathless due to how out of shape he was and the fact that he had run so far and so quickly, but at least he was there ready to greet the blond swordsman when he was finally released from the match. Sure enough, a moment later, Captain Falcon opened up the door and walked by Robin, acknowledging the white haired male with a short wave before heading off to do his own thing. Shortly after, the door swung open again and the butterflies flitted about in the ivory haired male's stomach upon seeing the blond swordsman clad in blue and red. For today's match, Shulk was wearing one of his alternate outfits, the one based on his medic friend back on Bionis, Sharla. Almost immediately, Shulk's eyes locked onto Robin before he quickly looked away and started to walk off.

"Shulk!" Robin called out, noticing that the blond was deliberately trying to avoid him. He paced forward, reaching out to grab his arm. Shulk quickly snatched his arm back from the tactician, glaring a little after doing so. However, seeing as he had been stopped, he didn't want to be completely rude and at the very least acknowledge the other. All the same, he looked rather annoyed with his arms crossed.

"...What is it, Robin?" He answered coolly. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Shulk, please just listen to me for a moment..." The tactician looked a bit sad, as it was easy to tell that Shulk really didn't want to speak to him. "Look, I know I was really insensitive back on the day of the Splatfest several weeks ago. And I'm sorry that I said those things... Will you please forgive me? I don't want you to leave my life..."

"...Robin..." The irritated look on Shulk's face had all but vanished by this point, happy that he finally got an apology. However, his expression had been replaced with regret. "I'm sorry to tell you this but... I'm not moving back in with you." Robin's heart sank into the deepest recesses of his stomach hearing that response.

"What? Shulk, what do you mean you're not going back?" The tactician sounded very upset. "I'll do whatever you want, just please..." He was interrupted as Shulk pulled out a piece of paper from the pocket of his vest.

"Look." He stated. "This is why." Robin gingerly took the paper from the taller male and unfolded it. Once again Robin's heart sank as he quickly realized that the letter in question was one accepting his request for a room change. After a moment, Shulk resumed talking. "I just got that right after the match, hence why it took me a little longer to leave the arena. I'm permanently moving in with Samus now. Maybe you should find somebody else to move in with yourself if you don't want to be alone. I think there are still some other Smashers who wouldn't mind having a roommate." The white haired male was sure he was about to cry. He handed the letter back to its owner as he spoke up, voice cracking from how upset he was.

"...Shulk, but I..."

"...Goodbye, Robin. Thank you for apologizing. We can still be friends, if you want." Not wanting to make this even more awkward than it already was, Shulk shoved the paper back into his vest and hurried away, trying to hide the look of discomfort on his face. At the same time, Robin sank to his knees, burying his face into his hands.

"...Shulk, you don't understand..." His voice was barely audible from his grief and was further muffled by his hands. "I don't want to just be friends with you... I love you..." This was probably the worst case scenario that could have happened. It was definitely official now - Shulk and Robin had broken up.

The tactician now knew that he was never going to love again. Between his wife's death and Shulk leaving him, there was no hope for love in his heart anymore.