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The Day The World Went Away

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A/N: Prequel to an upcoming story (that may or may not happen), starring Quinn and the night of her downward spiral set the summer before Senior year. Also unbeta'd, so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

standing in the way of control

When she officially goes off the deep end, it isn't in New York contrary to popular belief. It was July 8th, or maybe it was now the 9th. As far as she knew at this point, it was fuck o'clock at night and she was in a in the crowded pit of a packed house in some seedy part of Lima that she was always condemned her from ever going near. If only her parents could see her now.

She was certain the house was trembling with how loud the music was blasting through the speakers. She honestly couldn't really tell. Her body was bursting with energy, her sweaty skin thrumming and insides pulsating. Her head felt like it was rushing forward in a vortex, the world spinning and tipping on its axis while dark figures danced and twitching around her. With Jack coursing through her veins, and the smell of smoke and sweat filling her nostrils, disorienting her already cloud head, she danced alongside with those twitching blurs with her eyes shut.

Her heart pounding like a jack hammer against her rib cage, she could swear it danced along to the angry bass that boomed in the pit and was about to burst out from her chest.

It seemed to go on forever, her body moving and writhing to its own accord, her hands running over her body and through her hair. Tremors ran up through her when hands suddenly encased her hips and a warm body was flush against her back. Her automatic moan was drowned out by the music at the sensation of soft breasts pressing against her shoulder blades. The warm body slowed her frantic movements and moved along with her.

A simmer began in her veins, and she grinned. She felt more than heard soft breaths against her ear, heavy with exertion as a hand moved from a hip to rest low on her stomach. Resting a hand on the one on her stomach, she wrapped the other against her dance partner's neck, bringing them closer and grinded her ass against their hips. A feminine moan flitted through her ears and she smiled as her partners hips pushed back, the hand on her hip squeezing tight and pulling her closer.

She lightly gasped when teeth gently nipped at her earlobe, soft lips rubbing against the shell of her ear, and then –


Those soft lips met heated skin, just underneath her ear. She trapped her bottom lip captive with her teeth, her eye squeezed shut tight as their bodies swayed and lips kissed their way down her neck. She maneuvered her head to give those lips more access for more open mouthed, hot kisses.

A sudden sharp bite right where her neck met her shoulder made her moan, a hot tongue soothing the red flesh. She could feel a hot flush working its way down her thrumming body and her hit squarely between her thighs. Insistent lips sucked and kissed her porcelain skin, undoubtedly leaving many dark marks. The hand wrapped around her partner's neck found its way into a mass of soft hair and gripped tight at another sharp bite.

She groaned. God she wanted more, and the body behind her was working too slow. A rush of confidence and frustration filling her, she gripped the hand on her stomach and dragged it higher and higher until it was grasping her breast.

The body shuddered with a chuckle and squeezed.

With a dull throbbing settling between her legs, her stomach clenched along with a sudden rush of wetness. The foreign feelings she felt in her body escaped her mind, and all she could think of was more.

She spun in the body's arms and was met with a dark haired beauty with a devious smirk and blown eyes. She smirked back and leaned in. The girl only smirked wider and instead pulled away with a wink, and began to lead her out of the dancing mass. With hands gripped tight, they pushed their way through the crowd until they reached the stairs and climbed out of the pit to the main level of the house. They passed through the dimly lit hallways, filled with smoky air. The rooms and halls they passed were lined with the affectionately coined "Lima Losers" who nodded at them with lingering glances.

A lanky college aged boy with sunken eyes and disheveled hair grinned at her with a pass over glance, "Hey, Quinn."

She smirked back, and winked as they passed by, and he nearly swooned on the spot. The girl leading her merely laughed. Being acknowledged in such a way, she abruptly felt of rush of invincibility as she followed the darker haired girl with hungry eyes and heaving chest.

Making their way into the kitchen, her hand was dropped when the brunette made her way to the island covered in different bottles of alcohol. "Jack?" she asked, turning to look at her.

At Quinn's nod, she smirked and turned to make them drinks but not without another wink. With more room to breathe, and the music pounding dully through the floor, Quinn took the chance to stand back and watch the girl make their drinks. She was blurry around the edges and the world around her twitched, but that didn't stop Quinn's eyes raking over her body, clad in skin tight dark clothes. Her breathing picked up and she grinded her teeth, the dull throbbing making its presence more known in the more or less empty kitchen.

She bit her bottom lip and blinked. She needed that drink.

Glancing at the other inhabitants who seemed lost in the own intoxicated worlds, she stepped closer to the girl. Without hesitation, Quinn placed her hands on her hips similar to the way the brunette had to done to her earlier, and buried her nose in soft dark hair.

She felt more than heard a chuckle, "Antsy are we?" She husked.

"Hmm, you have no idea," Quinn murmured in her hair, unperturbed by the words spilling from her own mouth.

She chuckled again and turned around to face Quinn, with her trademark smirk in place and two glasses of Jack in her hands. "My lady," she said and handed Quinn her glass.

Clinking their glasses together with a small 'cheers,' Quinn drowned downed her drink in one go. It all but burned a path down Quinn's throat to the pits of her stomach, and it felt deliciously good. With her head tilted back, she relished in the burn with a moan. And there it was – heat flooded down her cheeks over her body and suddenly she was thrumming again. A shiver went down her spine, and her head spun.

Looking down, she smirked as brown eyes moved over her body. Her stomach clenched when their gazes met, and with a wink, the girl tipped her head back, drowning her drink. At the sight of a long tanned neck before her, muscles and tendons moving underneath shadows, Quinn couldn't help slowly licking her lips and made her move.

The girl gasped when Quinn's lips attached themselves to her throat. Hands instantly wrapped themselves around Quinn's waist as she blindly took the girls glass from her hand and clumsily placed it and her own on the island.

Lips wasted no time now in devouring the girl's neck, dragging them across the expanse of her skin, licking and nipping at her, tasting the saltiness of her sweat and drowning in the smell of her perfume. Suckling on a pulse point, small hands moved up to grip tightly to the back of her shirt while Quinn gripped onto the girl's slim waist. A moan met her ears and Quinn smirked, placing hot, open mouth kisses up her neck and jaw.

When hands moved further up to bury themselves into Quinn's hair, nails digging into her scalp and pulling her hair in a tight grip. A groan made its way up Quinn's throat and the dull throbbing grew to a desperate ache along with a flush of wetness pooling between her legs.

Suddenly, she found herself being back up and pinned to the counter when those lips pressed hard and insistently against hers. She moaned loudly as hips grinded into hers, pushing her hard against the counter, the edge digging into her back. They had to briefly break apart for much needed air for their burning lungs, instead she quickly delved back in for more with ruby red lips smirking against her own and kissing her deeply.

Burying her hands in dark hair, Quinn kissed back just as fervently. Lips pulled and teeth tugged at each other's lips, bruising and forceful. Her hands shifted everywhere they could reach, her movements clumsy with her first experience of a different anatomy. She couldn't find herself to care. Not when her head was spinning and enjoying the sounds the girl was making as her hands skimmed over her hips, her stomach, and her breasts before settling over her ass, squeezing and pulling the girl further into Quinn.

The brunette groaned again, and Quinn took the initiative to slowly delve her tongue between her lips. She just about exploded right there as her hips bucked involuntarily when their tongues made contact, rubbing slowly against each other. Her eyes rolled to the back of head, she gripped the girl's ass tighter, pulling her even closer, and shifted their bodies over so she was pinning the girl firmly against the counter

With a bite to her lips, a loud moan escaped out of her mouth when all of a sudden, there was a firm thigh pressing against her center. Eyes shut tight, her breath was coming out in short spurts as the coiling was building up low in her stomach.

There was a chuckle against her parted lips, "like that huh?"

Licking her lips, she rocked her hips experimentally against the jean clad thigh and the movement sent waves of pleasure shooting through her. With a grin, she nodded with her eyes still shut. "Oh yeah," she breathed out.

Hands drifted low to grasp Quinn's ass and pulled their body even closer. "Keep going," was groaned against her mouth.

With lips meeting again in sloppy distracted kisses, their hips began to move in synch. The coiling grew tighter and tighter until Quinn was on the verge of desperation, she bent slightly, and lifted a leg to wrap around her rocking hops, allowing more room for movement. Her body shook at the delicious friction that sent shivers down her spine. Hands gripped her hair tighter with breathy moans against her ear. Their movements became more frantic until finally the body underneath her stiffened, followed by a throaty groan. With a few more shifts of her hips, Quinn soon followed with her body snapping stiff. She let out a long moan swallowed by a bruised mouth that would have had her red with embarrassment if weren't for Jack and her orgasm that had her head in a tailspin.

White noise buzzing at the back of her head, and her body twitched. Breathing hard, teeth gently bit her lips and her body finally went limp in the brunette's arms. Dangling her arms over her shoulders, she buried her face in the crook of the girl's neck and gently placed a kiss there. "Oh Rach…"

Her mind was moving too fast to comprehend the words that had slipped from her mouth, the sound of her heart beating at strange beat and a delicate voice singing softly in her ears played along to strange visuals in her head.

That is until she could feel her body shake along to quiet laughter from the warm body holding up her weight, "I knew it," it said.

Quinn blinked her eyes open, her vision impaired by a mass of dark hair that looked maybe too coarse from how it felt earlier. "Knew what?" She mumbled and leaned back to face Rac-

She paused at the sight of Mack's sardonic trademark smirk. She blinked again. "Mack…"

"Yeah - Mack," she nodded, that devious glint in her eye shining brighter and brighter by the second, "Not whatever fantasies you had running through that head of yours, sorry to burst your bubble, babe. But whatever, it was win-win so I'm happy to offer my services for a little more something something if you're up for it."

Her head was spinning too fast, and her skin was still vibrating and tingling. She swallowed heavily and took a confused step back, "W-what..."

That's when Mack lost it. She doubled over laughing and stumbled around Quinn. The sound echoed in her ears, feeling a wave of nausea she glanced around the room at the intoxicated occupants who were staring at them with glassed over leers and fascination. Swallowing hard, she briefly squeezed her eyes shut, and gritted her teeth. Opening her eyes, she ran a shaky hand through her sweaty hair.

"Oh fuck me, I knew it! I knew you were a rug muncher – oh shit I knew you had it in you, Fabray," Mack managed to say through her boisterous laughter.

Breathing heavily, Quinn stared at Mack staggering to the kitchen entrance while desperately trying to connect what the hell just happened. "Hey Sheena, Ronnie, you owe my fifty fucking dollars!"

"You did it?"

"Fuck yeah, I did it! Now hand over my fucking fifty bitches, I win!"


Mack turned to her, and almost burst out laughing again. "Sorry Fabray – it was just too easy."

Her breaths were coming out in spurts again, and suddenly it felt like the walls were closing in on her. Her head felt like it was pulsing, the corners of her vision twitching, "What's happening, Mack?" She asked, rubbing at her eyes.

She heard a snort and felt her blood suddenly boil. "What the hell is happening?" She snapped, her hands balled into fists at her sides and her eyes glaring at the darker haired girl who was trying desperately to hold in her laughter.

"We dry fucked, that's what been happening."

It all felt like too much of a dream, the spinning wasn't slowing down and neither was the sudden rage she felt. She could feel herself shaking as she watched Mack moved to the island again and poured herself another shot of Jack's. She watched the molten liquid fall into the glass in Mack's tanned hand, and felt a sudden strong urge to shove broken shards of it down Mack's throat.

"You're just so," Mack broke out into another fit of chuckles before she drowned her drink. "You're just so fucking easy to mess with."

She opened her mouth to retort when Mack turned to look at her, but the darker haired girl held up a hand. "And look, whatever the fuck happens, the offer still stands. This –" she gestured to the both of them "– can totally happen again. You're pretty rough when you get into it," she smirked. "I like my girls rough."

And just like that, the twisting in her stomach began to rise up her throat. She ran as fast as her legs could take her, pushing her way past drunks and stoners. She barely made it out the open front door and off the porch before emptying her stomach in a bush next to the building. She could hear laughter around her, Mack's echoing the loudest. It warbled its way distortedly through her ears and into her head, creating music for those dancing figures behind her eyelids.

A/N: Thanks for reading. Constructive criticism is welcome.