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Animaniacal Fart Off

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Hello Nurse farted a raunchy, deep pitched poot as she sighed of relief, she and Minerva Mink standing back to back in the middle of a hallway. "Phew, all that cheese and pepperoni is giving me such big, smelly ones!" Nurse giggled as she farted again.

"No kidding!" Minerva added as she released a louder, deeper pitched fart of her own, stinking up her red dress as well as blowing it up. "As much as I shouldn't be farting, it feels so good, and my body can't help but be filled with this much bad gas."

Meanwhile Dot Warner, who was standing in between Nurse's and Minerva's farting butts, groaned as she was being farted on constantly by the two hot women. "Come on, how much longer do I have to stand here and be your personal fart cushion?" Dot impatiently asked as both Hello Nurse and Minerva farted in unison, with Dot literally getting blasted left and right by their bad gases. "Is this really revenge for farting on both of you when you came out of the evelator?"

"Maybe." Nurse smirked, bending over a bit and pushing out more of her gas, the back of her nurse attire feeling warm.

"You know I can have all this hot air trapped and bouncing around within my beautiful butt." Minerva stated, sighing as she delightfully blew another loud, raunchy toot in Dot's face.

"God, I don't know if I'll ever get the smell out..." Dot gagged as it had been 10 minutes and Nurse and Minerva were both still farting on poor Dot.

"Relax, it's just a little air." Minerva giggled.

"Good one, Minerva!" Nurse chuckled as both of the hot, sexy Animaniacs women continued to rip fart after fart in Dot's face.

"I can fart too y'know!" Dot remarked, but sadly both Nurse and Minerva simultaneously blew bigger, smellier farts that's finally caused Dot to be knocked unconscious, having felt light headed.

"Phew, did these stink!" Nurse giggled as she fanned away all the green gases that filled the hallway.

"I can't believe that pizza made us fart this much. Peeyew!" Minerva giggled.

With that, Nurse picked up the unconscious Dot as she and Minerva walked to Nurse's office, each of them walking sexually as more brassy toots emitted from between their swaying butt cheeks.