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Sterek Tumblr Kink Meme Ficlets

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He’d been searching for… for something, homework probably, honestly he can’t even remember. Because right now he’s too busy staring, openly. 

The teen on Cam is… something else, he’s gorgeous. Big brown eyes blown wide, mole dotted cheeks flushed and cupid bow lips open and wet with spit. 

His cock aches and he clicks on the pop up shakily, watching hungrily as the kid whimpers and wraps long fingers about a nice thick cock that’s flushed red and pumping precum. 

His other hand? Three fingers buried in a quivering rim, gaping wide each time they slide out and pump back in, twisting and curling in a way that makes Derek’s cock twitch in longing, God he looks so needy, hungry for it as the brown eyed boy arches from the bed and mewls, chest tinged pink and nipples standing hard at attention. 

He scrambles to unbutton his jeans, watching eagerly as shaking thighs inch further apart, exposing that wet clenching hole in the most obscene way.

When he finally fists his throbbing cock it’s desperate, clumsy and jerking, fingers just dry enough that it’s rough and fast and he’s jerking his hips up, tossing his head back and gasping wondering how hot and hungry the teens ass would be around his cock. 

He cums when the brown eyed Cam boy does, curling over himself, toes curling and body shaking apart as the boy’s mouth goes open and slack, eyes glazing over and cock streaking cum over his stomach. 

He signs up with cum wet fingers, panting and high on release.