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Five Billion Years Old (and Still Young)

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“What if I said that’s the future you?” the Doctor asked.

Jack tilted his head speculatively. “Well then, I’d say I look damn good for five billion years old. Nice to know I’ll always have a face that stands out in a crowd. And I bet after all that living there can’t be anyone with more knowledge and... experience than me. In fact, maybe I should go and say hello.”

“Jack,” the Doctor chastised.

“Tell me you wouldn’t do the same, given the chance.”

“Oi, I run into myself all the time without doing... that.”

Jack laughed. “Your loss.”

“You’re incorrigible.”

“Yep, that’s me,” Jack said. “And just imagine what I could be like by the time I’m him.”

The Doctor suddenly realised he might have made a big mistake.

It would be a miracle if the universe survived the cataclysm of two Jack Harknesses being in the same room.