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Kaneki's Little Brother, Harry's Big Brother

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At night, a young Kaneki is carrying a baby with a scar on his forehead with an envelope in his baby blankets.

His aunt scuffs at the pair and left the living room, muttering “A child of that race will stick out in this city”.

Kaneki sighs, knowing that some of the people are a bit racist, and he felt so sorry about this baby. He walks through the kitchen to get the baby boy his bottle. Kaneki looks into the boy’s shiny green eyes. He can see sorrow, fear, and confusion in them, he also saw darkness and innocence in the mix in those young eyes.

The baby started to cry, “Kaneki shut that baby up!!! I’m trying to sleep!!!” shouted his aunt from the other room.

“Ok I know you’re hungry right now…I’ll get you something” said the boy to the baby.

Kaneki puts the baby on the counter and gets the milk bottle. The baby quiets down as Kaneki places the bottle in his small mouth. The innocent eyes spark up in delight and Kaneki can see the happiness in them. Kaneki finishes feeding him and burps him and places the small infant back in the basket. He then brings the basket to his room, the baby tries reaching for the older boy’s hand. Kaneki giggle softly and places the cradle on the bed. He lets the infant grab his finger, Kaneki then looks at the envelope his aunt didn’t bother opening it. He opens it and reads it.

Kaneki sadly looks at the baby, “So you’re alone too…huh?”

The older boy has found out this baby is an orphan just like him. He continues reading it.

“Your name is Harry Potter? …huh that’s a nice name” said Kaneki as Harry continues to hold his finger.

Kaneki removes his hand, and Harry starts crying until he rocks the cradle gently. Kaneki then starts singing a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him.

Sleep, baby, sleep,

Oh, my baby, sleep,

How lovely, how lovely,

How nice you are!


Where's the nurse, where's the girl?

Where's your nurse girl?

She's gone, she's gone,

Far across the hill!


As a souvenir from her hometown,

What did she give you?

A toy drum and

A small bamboo flute

As the baby boy falls asleep slowly, the older boy felt something strange and special about this little infant and he thought he saw some strange tiny lights floating above the baby. He rubs his eyes and saw no lights.

“I guess I should sleep too” whispered Kaneki. He yawns, lays down on his bed and he keep the cradle close to him in the bed.

My little brother…” he whispered softly to Harry as he drifts off to sleep with a small smile on his face.

A wind blows throw the opened window and Kaneki starts shivering. The baby breathes quietly and the blanket lifts by itself and covers Kaneki and the window closes by itself as well. This is a start of an extraordinary brotherhood…and a series of strange events.