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Emotionally Challenged Robins and Their Befuddled Lovers

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Tim hardly ever showed his affection in public, preferring to keep his touches and kisses behind doors where Kon was his, and only his.

The few times when he did openly display his love to his boyfriend, whether it was sneaky kisses or lingering touches, someone always seemed to disapprove.

Whether it was the twitch of Cassie’s eye, her presence something that Tim would never truly become comfortable with after he started dating Kon, or Damian’s open glares and scoffing, it seemed like the couple just couldn’t catch a break.

The disapproval of others hardly stopped their affections, but after the Cool Whip Affair (a messy ordeal that Tim had blocked from his memory and caused Bruce to develop an irrational hatred of the whipped topping), the pair learned to keep their most… blatant displays to the confines of their apartment.

But it seemed that no matter where they performed these deeds, and who was the apparent company, there was always one person who managed to criticize and cut down every aspect of their relationship.

Tim had learned long ago to ignore the gibes of his reanimated brother, believing that the scar across his neck should be and would be the only lasting scar he ever received from Jason Todd.

Jason’s remarks ranged from crude to cutting, but they all just seemed to bounce off of Tim, his invulnerability taking its from in ignoring the insults.

Kon on the other hand, had a very different type of invulnerability, one completely useless when it came to low scathing comments that fell upon his all too sensitive ears.

The Kryptonian had always been uncomfortable around Todd, finding no common ground between them with their reanimation, only memories of the dead Robin causing his so much pain. When Kon began his relationship with his robin, it only worsened, until it became almost unbearable for the couple to be in the presence of the Red Hood.

It appeared that Tim had no real clear idea of why Jason despised their relationship so, Tim’s sharp senses and observations proving useless in this situation, no matter how much he investigated every angle he could think of.

Kon, on the other hand, had a pretty good idea of why Jason hated their relationship.

In fact it seemed kind of obvious to him.

It was the same reason why Kon hated when Tim had that whole affair with Tam, the same reason why he spilled his secrets to Tim on that muggy Gotham night, that started their whole relationship in the first place.

Jason was in love with Tim.

Of course Tim didn’t see it, Tim despite his genius, was blissfully unaware of his ability to astound and stupefy.

Kon had got the scoop from Dick really, in the end, who informed his rather wryly, that his brother was an idiot, and Tim was no replacement for Bruce- which then led to an entirely different conversation in which Kon discovered way more than he ever wanted to know about the Batman-Robin relationship.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Kon decided that something needed to be done about this issue, he couldn’t just let Tim’s psychotic reanimated homicidal brother (no matter how good he looked in leather) strain his relationship with Tim.

It was one bright morning, after a particularly harsh interaction with the Red Hood, involving a particular jab that maybe Tim’s, in Jason’s eyes at least, recent failings were because his boyfriend couldn’t control himself, that Kon sat staring into his milky bowl of Flakies Cereal and decided that now was the time to act- this couldn’t any further.

Of course Kon, in his bright-eyed and bushy-tailed state, completely neglected to keep this thought a thought, and his decision fell from his lips without his notice.

Tim, dressed in nothing but (one of his many, many, many) cherished, red and black Superloverboy shirts sat down next to him, stole a sip of his coffee, yawned and said,”We could always just invite him to a threesome.”

Tim enjoyed the entire minute of blanked faced Kon (Tim could just see the gears turning in his mind, actually considering the idea), before Kon choked on his Booster Gold endorsed cereal, snorted out milk, and fell out of his chair.

Well, it was worth a try.