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Scott is blinded by love. He’s not the first person to experience that.

He will do anything to be with Allison, to keep his family and friends safe – including betraying the Alpha.




It’s easy to bite Victoria; she’s put Scott through misery time and time again. And now her and Gerard have planned this. Scott is meant to bite her to bring on the next part of Gerard’s plan.

(Chris isn’t even aware of Gerard’s intentions.)

Scott knows he’s no match for the Argents. And if you can’t beat them, join them, right?




Dear Allison,

I didn’t kill myself to take the easy way out like you’ve no doubt heard from strangers. Your father knows the truth but he probably doesn’t have the strength to tell you it.

Derek attacked me when I was unharmed. When I didn’t die, I knew I was going to turn. Your father was there when it happened, he helped me through it.

You can’t let Derek roam free anymore. He’s a murderer. He meant to kill me. I didn’t think you were ready before when Kate tried to teach you, but now it’s time. You must avenge my death, Allison.

Our code will remain untarnished.


With love always,

your mother.




If Scott knew beforehand where this would lead, he would have never agreed to bite Victoria; to turn on Derek; to lie to Stiles.

Allison doesn’t even see him anymore, and he did all this for her. When the bullets of the machine guns fly through the windows, uncaring of who they hit, Scott realizes how big of a mistake he’s made.

There’s no Scott and Allison after this, is there?