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Fixups and Mixups

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Chapter 1.

Horatio was walking down the hallway, he was really frustrated after once again having a fight with Calleigh about a case for apparently no reason at all. He was about to enter the break room when his phone rang, he took it and said, "Hello, Horatio Caine."

"Hello, this is Mac," said Mac Taylor in the other end.

"Hey Mac, what can I do for you?" Horatio asked.

"I was wondering if I could barrow Calleigh for a short while since I'm having trouble on a case and I could use someone of her profession," said Mac.

"I'll send her over on the next flight since I could use a break from her," Horatio said, but regretted his words at once.

"Horatio, is everything okay with the two of you?" Mac asked.

"Dunno, but I'll send her over," said Horatio.

"Thanks, I got to go, let me know when she gets here so I can pick her up from the airport," said Mac.

"Will do," said Horatio and hung up before he went to find Calleigh.

Horatio stood silently watching Calleigh as she fired a gun down at the range. When she was done he walked up to her. She looked at him and asked, "What are ya doing here?"

"Well, Mac needs you on a case, so you have to go to New York at once," said Horatio.

"I've got to what, do ya have any idea how much work I've to do here. I can't just leave," said Calleigh frustrated.

"Well, yet you are, I've already booked you on the plane that leaves in two hours," said Horatio.

"How could ya do that without even consulting with me first?" she said, her voice was annoyed.

"Well Mac needed you, and I'm your boss so I made the shoots," said Horatio.

"And you don't need me?" she said quietly and looked down.

"He needs you more, now go, you need to pack," he said.

"As you wish," she said and started to walk against the door.

"Calleigh?" he said, she turned in less than a second.

"Yes?" she replied.

"Call me or something when you get there, so I'll know you got there okay" he said and looked straight into her eyes, she just nodded and left. He just stood there for a second before he left to.